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  • The man vs the myth.

    Good interview. But if this makes Eric disappear forever it will be exactly what Ray wants. I know he needs some time and distance from the drama however.
    Didn't listen to it but I get the jist that it's probably a bunch of whining about how he's a victim and he's going to take all of his technology "secrets" back to to the bush never to be heard from again.
    Lab #8 gone in 6 months or less? Most likely yes, because , otherwise,that means Mr. Dollard will have to take responsibility for it as well as roll out something interesting.
    Why would he want to do that? It's much easier to collect a check and get blasted in the weeds.

    I suspect that making the lab go away is what he wanted all along.
    A lab means that you have to "produce". From what I have seen, he is more about talk and theory than production of working proof of his numerous theories. What if they are dis proven? The myth and gravy train of would-be helpers would come to end for sure.

    He talks about Bell labs and RCA ( in the new TZ vid) like he has a contract with them or something. RCA as he knew it ceased to exist 15 or so years ago. He sounds a bit out of touch and delusional saying such things.
    Maybe too much hard living in the bush has finally caught up to him making him irrelevant as a contributor of anything useful.

    Leave the man in peace to live his life as he sees fit until the day when someone finds a old weather beaten car back in the brush with an emaciated corpse inside.

    This may seem sad and unnecessary to most of us, but it's a lifestyle choice. You can't save a man from himself!
    There is no suppression, especially when you have nothing to suppress!
    Sorry, Eric, I'm not buying what you are selling, ...not any more...


    • @Jimm

      Originally posted by jimm View Post
      Didn't listen to it but I get the jist that it's probably a bunch of whining about how he's a victim
      You are a piece of trash.
      Aaron Murakami

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      • Support Eric

        If you put the banner in your signature line, please link it to the youtube video - ALL YOUR SUPPORT IS APPRECIATED! Code:
        Eric Dollard Debunks Techzombie's Suppression Hoax - YouTube
        Aaron Murakami

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        • Eric Dollard video proof of how he was with me

          Here is Eric Dollard with me.

          Eric Dollard Video Interview - YouTube

          Does any of this video match the claims against both Eric and I? He is cool as a cucumber. Look at him. Completely chill and composed. You can't see my beer because it is down by my feet so I'll share that one with Eric. lol

          Notice this is after the conference and I'm speaking highly of David Webster and John Polakowski and I even promote the aetherforce website. AND, this interview was about 4 days AFTER I received the emails with the accusations.

          Anyway, please share and like that video! We can't let these psychos get away with painting Eric like they did. What a big man Ray Savant is to attack a United States Veteran with a disability.
          Aaron Murakami

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          • Eric P Dollard

            This is one of the private messages I found here in my 'Private Message' tray from techzombie:


            Mr. Dawson,

            Eric has alot of respect for your work. You're making some awesome stuff work.

            We are expanding the movement and want to feature more awesome experiments. Your work seems perfect.

            Lets communicate via email

            Email address
            Skype address"

            I did respond but have heard nothing since.
            I sent Eric a letter last year with pictures of many devices that I have built and got to work and I should add, criticism of his Extra Coil with reason and pictures and the associated Math and that is probably where he became familiar with my exploits.
            Interest there would have been on 'The Wheels Of Destiny' and similar machines like the David Lowrance Rainmakers.

            Lester Hendershot Generator:
            All major construction work now completed and wiring the device up which should take a day or two as there are some optional connections which I need to eliminate.
            Will advise.

            Thankyou for the audio tape as I very clearly remember Eric in the earlier days commenting on how he was not happy with certain circumstances that were out of his control.
            The tape explained this concern and pretty much sums up the entire problem and the reason for all the discord.
            Thankyou for removing the argument side off to another Forum as I am here to support Eric as best I can and I am one of the few actually building his challenges, particularly with Vacuum Tubes.
            Eric has something in store down the line and will be associated with CIG I am positive of.

            It would be really great if all of the new keyboarders here would observe the common decency rule of reading ALL of the content that has come before in all 3 of the Energetic Forums from Eric Dollard before Posting as some of the current content is just sheer garbage.
            We are here to build and assist Eric P Dollard in his 'electrical experimenter' challenges and too many are just not caring about that.
            Give the guy and us a break!

            Special Thanks to David Wittekind, David Webster, John Polakow and Aaron for all their supportive work for EPD as some of us do know and appreciate just how much effort was involved in supporting this man.



            • im just sick, what what could anyone think of that would be worse than Eric Dollard giving up on us, and seccumbed by drinking and possibly meth??
              (which i dont want to believe)
              however, i have sympathy for all arguments, i dont know what the to think.
              i am just kinda hurt that Eric doesnt see that most of us here are admitted beginners, but instantly saw the value in his understanding, knowledge and experience.
              we know he's smarter than us,does he know that we already admit that?

              I just treasure his words, and to say we are ~shall we say, "not quite as intelligent" is truly heartbreaking

              im confused by both sides, and if this was someone's intention, then success

              no sides anymore, just sadness, disappointment, missing the old times already
              In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
              In the expert's mind there are few.
              -Shunryu Suzuki


              • @ D.G. Dawson

                interesting stuff man, all my wire is spent in my magnifier, but i am interested to see your build, and given the clear schematic, it seems almost too easy.
                also my ipad cant even view Morpher's vids,
                and based on the popular "instructional vid, im compelled to be interested if there can be energy from stationary magnetic lines
                In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
                In the expert's mind there are few.
                -Shunryu Suzuki


                • Originally posted by artoj View Post
                  Hi dR-Green
                  Excellent diagram that helps to show the diagrammatic and mathematical evolution of a simple wave. I have a similar diagram that shows the first 4(decay) of 8 transient wave types, the other 4(growth) (not shown)are in reverse order.
                  Excellent diagram yourself, thanks for posting. Is there a mathematical expression that would allow one to plot that waveform on a graph in some software such as Matlab? Or more specifically, I would like to plot the impulse wave accurately.

                  Originally posted by artoj View Post
                  When designing complex oscillating and resonant circuits these waves are all that is required to understand what is occurring. Other wave types such as triangle waves, square waves, square wave pulse forms are only complex Fourier additions of these 8 wave types. This is the wonderful knowledge Eric has brought from the past for all of us to use as tools to improve our understanding. I recognized these forms immediately as they correlate to my experience as well, something that can only be gained by a long and fruitful understand from decades of building equipment and research where true knowledge has been harvested and used in a practical way.

                  (Quotes from Anti-relativity video)
                  As Eric has quoted many times:
                  "Build Teslas devices just as he described in his writings and you will get all these effects."
                  Eric adds Quote:
                  "I have duplicated nearly every Tesla experiment, in fact I am very famous for being the only person who has ever duplicated Teslas experiments"
                  Importantly Eric Quotes:
                  "It is not because I am smart or I talk to space aliens, what it is, I don't make any improvements on the historic study, it is that simple. I do exactly as instructed and it all works exactly as claimed"

                  This is completely accurate, build as per Tesla and you will learn and understand the meaning of his experiments.

                  Anybody can speculate, the burden of proof is on the speculator not on the claimant as the march of history has removed his defense, only those who are brave enough will teach themselves as Eric Dollard has done. Eric is an easy target for jibes that try to discredit his work, it is easier to accept the current over complex and corporate version of electrical paradigm than to try to figure out a simpler and more engineerable version on your own.

                  Five things to success in a Tesla build,
                  1 Use the materials Tesla had at the time
                  2 Make no improvements at all
                  3 Make you own capacitors and switching devices from scratch
                  4 Your measuring equipment must be also pre 20 century
                  5 Figure out all your parameters with a ruler, pencil, paper and you own mind(no computer)

                  This is how I would approach the situation, only after you have done the 5 simple steps hundreds of times in a 10 year period would anyone be qualified to enter into a dialog with Eric Dollard about Tesla and electrical engineering. Regards Arto.
                  Yes I would agree with that, the experiment is most important, but unfortunately I was useless with maths in school and I only have a couple of years experience with any of this. I'm a musician if anything and I find that helps a lot with the practical and intuitive side, but not so much in discussions about electrical engineering. Nonetheless I think that things are coming along...

                  "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                  "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


                  • For those who would require proof that the energy is transmitted through the earth;

                    Earth rods are set at a distance of 16cm and 43cm apart, observe signal output level at receiver at each point. Coils are approx 7.2 metres apart. The ground is soaked so the signal can also be picked up in the area around the transmitter earth rod even when the receiver is not connected to the earth through another rod; the wire to the receiver consists of many crocodile leads connected together and had been out in the wind and rain so is relatively well grounded that way, also the position of the wire lying on the ground with respect to the transmitter earth rod has an effect (not shown).

                    The 17 turn secondary coil is used alone, no extra coil. 30cm diameter flat spiral coil is used as receiver. Audio output is via crystal earpiece attached in front of the camera's mic. The coke can behind the variable condenser plates is the pickup.

                    Input to single turn primary coil is just under +/-0.7V
                    F = 3670 kc
                    L = 0.66ÁH approx
                    Primary impedance approx = 15 ohms (2Pi*F*L)
                    I = V/R = 46.6mA
                    Power = 32.6mW peak

                    Test tone = C5 = 523.251 cycles/sec

                    Nikola Tesla Telluric Wireless Transmission Of Energy - YouTube

                    What do you know, Tesla was right after all. And so was Eric.
                    Last edited by dR-Green; 07-25-2013, 10:43 PM.

                    "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                    "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


                    • If Eric doesn't retire all together I think it would be awesome to see a lecture
                      on the Colorado Springs Notes,if it isn't to far back in the Lion's den. Hell I
                      wish we could have a do-over and this time just make sure he'll always have a home and full garden of food first maybe lecturing if he feels like it. Try to pass
                      the torch as best as possible.

                      P.S. Member jimm's obviously Techzombie


                      • Nice video Dr. Green, I'll hope to join the club soon.

                        Have a High Z input on it, maybe we'll be jammin' in the future without nasty time delays


                        • @ dR-Green I'm curious, if you were to take the coils over into the grass area, and set them directly over the copper grounds you have there. Meaning, no ground lead, so there is no extra resistance or inductance etc.. along the ground path.. what kind of distance can you get with those? And how would it effect the tuning, etc? Not sure if that is possible for you, to get the transmitter outside.. but I thought I would ask.


                          • Save Eric Dollard



                            You have a * VERY RARE * opportunity to ask Eric Dollard questions LIVE! We'll tell you how,but first, READ THIS STORY - IT MAY BE A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH SINCE DEATH THREATS ARE BEING SHOUTED!

                            If you have been following the "free energy" community over the years, you know that Eric Dollard is considered by many to be the modern-day Tesla!

                            You also may know that he has had many labs sabotaged, equipment stolen,his information has been suppressed, and the list goes on.

                            At this very moment, there is a very coordinated attack against Eric Dollard because he choose to stand up to his attackers and put his foot down once and for all!

                            Aaron Murakami, a long time open source experimenter and publisher of energy technologies did something that no other person would do... he stood up for Eric when Eric wanted to make this announcement public and nobody had ever done that before.

                            Because of this, a very evil and self-serving person who wanted to dominate and control everything that Eric did has done something that is so vile and disgusting that is has left many people in complete SHOCK!

                            This person could not stomach the fact that his plans for controlling Eric Dollard would be met with such opposition by not only Eric, but Aaron Murakami and the rest of the long-standing Free Energy community who are rallying together.

                            Eric spoke out against this person and you can hear this interview here - remember that Eric refers to himself as a human coyote since he has lived in the bush for the last 24 years so in this interview, Eric doesn't hold anything back - so beware.
                            Eric Dollard Interview EXPOSING RAY SAVANT "Techzombie" - YouTube

                            In response, the conspirator himself, who is a distributor of pro-Adolf Hitler material, claimed that Eric was being manipulated with dangerous drugs by Aaron in order to control him and to put him against this evil and self-righteous person. This propaganda campaign is based on none other than Hitler's "Big Lie" where it is believed that the bigger the lie the more believable, as paradoxical as it seems.It is believed that there are enough weak-minded people who will believe a big lie.

                            This person has selectively edited footage of Eric Dollard talking about things in his distant past to make it look like it is the present. The challenge to this person is simple: SHOW THE UNEDITED FOOTAGE TO SHOW THE WHOLE CONTEXT IN WHICH IT WAS FILMED. Thus far, Aaron is the only one to have shown unedited audio and video footage of him and Eric Dollard.

                            Eric asked Aaron to have his copyrighted material removed from that person's website and this person started another propaganda campaign to claim that Aaron was making false copyright claims. That person also claimed that Aaron was shutting down his websites to suppress Eric's work. Little did he know that all the public records show that Aaron's site at Energetic Forum had been freely open sourcing Eric's work for the last 3 years and that is already starting to backfire on him.

                            In response to this, Eric Dollard was interviewed by Aaron again to address these copyright claims and you can listen to that here: Eric Dollard Debunks Techzombie's Suppression Hoax - YouTube Aaron only had Eric's copyrighted info removed from the site and did not have his entire site removed as this person claims. You will learn that the person who is angry because Eric slipped from his grasp really pulled down his entire on his own in order to remove all the Adolf Hitler books and you can see the proof is right here:

                            1. Look at this live site:

                            2. Look at this Google cached site to see what was there before: Banned Books of Truth by wad

                            When you compare the two, the original site in Google cache had Adolf Hitler books and other Nazi books that are conveniently missing from the live site, which he put back up!

                            3. You can see the email of this person who owns and it is in Google cache. After Aaron exposed this person, he privatized his website information to hide the fact that he is really the owner of the site that promotes Nazi books. - Whois Data You can see the email, it will SHOCK YOU so beware.

                            What you see is that the owner is none other than the person who acted like he was Eric's biggest supporter when in secret, he was actually conspiring to destroy Eric by every means necessary.

                            He tried to make it look like those Hitler books were posted by a user named "WAD", but that is one of his many user names at a revolutionary site, which just happens to be owned by him! Big surprise! Here's PROOF: That shows that Ray Savant IS the owner of

                            Here is what Aetherforce's own team members are saying: President of Lab, Treasurer/Secretary of Lab and Apprentice of Eric Dollard their comments about these phony allegations that Eric is a drug addict (if you click the links - you can see their own quotes in full so you know they're not taken out of context):

                            "The entire 2 years I have known Eric I have never seen him do meth or have any behavior that suggests he is using meth." - John Polakowski, Eric's apprentice Eric Dollard

                            "In regard to Eric currently using meth, I have never seen him use it or had any indications of him being on meth in my experiences with him." -
                            David Wittekind, President of Eric's labEric Dollard

                            "I want to add my 2 cents to this idea that has been thrown about where Eric has been accused of being on meth. In the two years that I have been in contact with a very open and honest Eric Dollard, he has never said anything to make me believe that he was continuing to use meth after the Landers station was taken from him. I do not believe that Eric is currently using meth." - David Webster, former officer of Eric's lab Eric Dollard

                            Here is a comment from Aaron Murakami - "Not only was Eric not on Meth, he was cool as a cucumber while he was up here with me and this video proves it: Eric Dollard Video Interview - YouTube"

                            When you have the very members of Eric's organization who were portrayed in a video as being on the same team as the perpetrator openly stating that there was none of this drug usage, Aaron's claims are not only corroborated, Aaron and Eric's statements in the interviews are indisputably proven to be 100% true and accurate beyond a shadow of a doubt.

                            What can we do about this vile despicable creature of evil who is a radical Islamic cyber terrorist also known as "Muhamed" or "Tech Zombie"? Forward this email to every single person in your email contacts and post it far and wide all over the internet!
                            Together, we CAN stop this CYBER TERRORIST from going any further with his plans to destroy Eric Dollard. Aaron is receiving threats by email, phone, text messages, etc... The FBI Internet Crimes division already has all the information necessary to take action against the perpetrators.

                            When you watch the youtube videos linked to above (ALL 3 OF THEM), MAKE SURE TO LIKE THE VIDEOS AND SHARE THEM FAR AND WIDE! Together, we will make a difference for Eric Dollard so his work is not sabotaged any more!

                            SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - On Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 from 11am to 2pm, Eric will be sharing some important information with you and you will have an opportunity to ask him questions live! To be invited to that special live-on-air broadcast, make sure you join the invitation list here: Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage

                            THE SAVE ERIC P. DOLLARD CAMPAIGN!

                            Aaron Murakami

                            Books & Videos
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                            • Don't give up

                              [IMG][/IMG]Hi Eric

                              I've been following your work for quite a while and I must say: "You are an inspiration."

                              I've also been following Aaron, Peter, John and Tom bearden's work.
                              To me, you are all in the same category of people, people who work for a better world.

                              I'm with you all the way Aaron and no a--hole is going to change that.

                              Eric Dollard Debunks Techzombie's Suppression Hoax - YouTube

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                              • Eric Dollard live Chat

                                Wonderful , looking forward to Tuesday, despite all the loonies doing their level best to disrupt things.