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  • Gold PLUS.

    Originally posted by David G Dawson View Post

    Electroculture : Justin Christofleau : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

    This may be a little off topic but this book is GOLD from 1926 and shows what has been supressed in means of using natural electricity to grow food.
    An 11' circumference Cabbage and what are you going to do with it?
    Shows all the means by which the true electricity can be gathered and should be able to be made easily from available material.
    Was looking at the cooling fins of a Magnetron out of a Microwave as the main box and working from there.
    Would like to know how they closed this Company down and what methods were used.

    This is really not off topic because I happened to read George Van Tassel's 'When Stars Look Down' and his Electroculture story and here he relates to a Condenser being made from Lettuce leaves and a Cabbage is not much different so there is your use for the Cabbage.
    Use Aluminium as your metal as this will tend to delay breakdown of the leaf.
    Using botanical material in Condensers will open up a huge library on natural information as the responses recorded will be most revealing.
    I have a Library of Electroculture information here if anyone would like the material.


    Thanks for this link Smokey, i am a bio-dynamic farmer, and indeed this is much more than gold.

    Warm Regards Cornboy.


    • before I forget, I was running some calcs on a WC (walton-cockcroft) series and adding a choke filter to the output. the transient spike that occurred creates a MASSIVE current spike, now depending on resonance and frequency the current would exceed 200A! all from starting with a line voltage of 400V sine-wave not square. I need to run a few more calcs and back out the conversion but it was an interesting thought of dumping the initial DC pulse into a choke and seeing the transient, that led to the thought of dumping the pulse into the TMT and what would happen. since the WC by nature is DC the only pulse is the initial transient, a fascinating thing.

      not really ground breaking but a different approach to Eric's work then the way I have been looking at it. then again others may have already been looking at it this way, seems so simple now.

      once again more later...hopefully with some charts and calcs for those interested.


      • 50/60 Hertz Mains Power

        John, David,
        If you wouldn't mind passing this one onto Eric would be most appreciated.

        50/60 Hertz Mains Power:
        Have finished Christopher Dunn's 'Giza Power Plant' and note that the resonant frequency of the King's Chamber is at 438 Hertz and directly relates to the hyperfine Hydrogen frequency (HHF - 1420Mhz).
        The explosion in that Chamber may have displaced that frequency but only slightly.
        The explosion I relate to those that were left behind after the Annunaki left the Planet that they attempted to resonate the Hydrogen power plant but had it all wrong with an eventual buildup up of Hydrogen and an explosion resulted.
        Of interest here is the association of Mains Power frequencies to the King's Chamber frequency:
        50 hertz x 8 = 400 hertz
        60 hertz x 8 = 480 hertz
        55 hertz x 8 = 440 hertz and resonant with Hydrogen and the frequency (HHF) that nobody uses.

        Working with Jerry Bales here and his accidental discharge with the antenna Tubes and now wires which he relates directly with the HHF.

        I expect Tesla to have known about all of this but was probably talked out of using the 55 hertz and was forced to use one either side and thus the loss of any benefit to the Human sytem with all our generated power being out of synch with the body's aura like being on permanent drugs and with the consequent ADHD type afflictions.
        It is well known that the ADHD that effects young children in a school like environment under fluorescent lighting could be avoided by not using those types of light that readily display the Mains frequency.

        I should mention at this point that NASA Tidbinbilla had about 5 diesel generators to generate their power and all operated at 60 hertz.
        It was later decided to go onto the local 50 hertz Oz Grid but before doing so, they installed a Frequency Converter to change from 50 to 60 hertz.
        I remember asking the question as to why but the response at that time seemed illogical.

        Eric earlier mentioned on the Forum and also in his letter to me of talking about the 220v/380Y, 50 cycle system and am most interested in what he has to say about it.

        Looked at the 'Cosmic Ray Detector' detail that Eric presented and will attempt to do that this week.
        Hope all is going well with the experiments.



        • Hi David,
          I have contacted Christopher Dunn, Stephen Mehler and Graham Hancock regarding my work on the Kings Chamber and The Pyramid, Stephen replied and was very interested in my understanding and conclusions. It seems my work is a whole new way of interpreting the Kings chamber, I know most investigators have not spent 15 years in study of Quantum Arithmetic, so I do not expect most people to even understand my work. Dale Pond from SVP is one of the few who can truly know how I worked out all the fine parameters. The resonant frequency of the Kings Chamber is related to the Earth frequencies. Please refer to my Blog on this, Regards Arto

          The Earth Pulse Hydrogen Resonator | Artojh's Renderings

          The Kings Chamber | Artojh's Renderings


          • Quantum Math

            Hello Arto,
            Thanks for that but you are way ahead of me in the Quantum Math department.
            I read your papers last night but did not appreciate what I was reading so have some work to do in that area.
            Find Quantum Math confusing and don't believe I am alone here.
            Did find this from Dale Pond and may help:

            Quantum Arithmetic, unpublished notes by Dale Pond

            This Quantum Math appears to have been developed by one individual (Ben Iverson) but is it the original Math actually used by the Pyramid engineers and would have thought that the Vedic Math might have been a better tool as it is also ancient.
            So we are not using conventional style empirical measure but something from 'number law' (?) and prime numbers.
            Did Eric Dollard have a view on Quantam Math?
            Your views and from others on this subject would be appreciated.
            Sometimes it takes time for certain operatives to sink in and this is one of those.



            • Hi David,
              To appreciate why I would even suggest that it is ancient numerical system is because its development has its beginnings in actual ancient Egyptian papyrus and Sumerian tablet decipherment. Ben has written about 20 books on QA, you will need to read them all and be brave enough to throw away calculus and man made mathematics as a crutch. Ben had spent about 40 years working with QA, starting in the early 50's and utilizing the first computers and programs to workout its fundamental principles.

              It is not mathematics per say but just plain Arithmetic, natural number law any child can understand and intuitively knows but gets beaten out of them by our educational system. Its foundation is whole numbers, didactic fractions, Prime numbers and Pythagorean triplets. There is no short cut to its understanding and its usage, if you choose to start this most amazing journey you will grasp some of natures most interesting correlations, that will include understanding a musical and harmonic language of numbers that are free from mans empirical measure.

              I can say some things about QA that I have discovered on my journey, as an
              example you can solve complex problems that have 2 to 10 unknowns and this can be done without the use of a calculator. The problem you are trying to solve must first be translated into whole numbers and they must have a certain prime relationship before you can put it into the QA number set. Getting past these mental barriers are very much up to the individual, much personal baggage and preconceptions must be left behind, only those who seek the bigger picture need apply.

              I am working on ways to utilize QA into Electrical Engineering, much more work still to be done but I have found a path that was inspired by the work of Eric Dollard. You will all know when the first circuits are designed with QA only, this cannot be done by just a few who walk the long and lonely roads of personal discovery. we all must pitch in to lighten the load, this is why I am on this forum. Regards Arto

              PS I didn't use QA to work out the Kings Chamber frequency, only the
              measurements of the KC. The acoustic resonator of the KC is a standard
              formulation that is used by instrument makers and acoustic engineers to define resonant frequencies of rooms and instruments.


              • Cosmic Ray Detector (CRD)

                I sometimes kick myself for missing the obvious.
                Eric's latest on the 'Cosmic Ray Detector' (CRD) and I finally wake up to the fact that he points out the photocell is either a 930 or a 931 with a questionmark and I don't think this is an error.
                Immediately we have a problem here as the 930 is a single photocell and the 931 is a multicell photomultiplier and opens the door to something I have been missing.
                Why would you use a single cell for the CRD when you can go multi?
                Have now made an effort to find more information on the photomultipliers and find the ones I had names missing are Valvo XP2008s with scintillators and the EMI are 9558B and 9658F.
                Others are IP21 and 931-A but don't have a 930 but do have a 921 and 923s which have the same S2 photo-surface and these have a slightly smaller window area.
                A scintillator is a material that exhibits scintillation the property of luminescence when excited by ionizing radiation.

                What I also missed was 'techzombie's and GSM's Posts in reference to Eric's question 'What can this circuit do'?
                Thankyou both.


                Conversion of atmospheric electric energy

                You may both be correct but Eric is not hinting so I need to do his capacitor tests and wait for the next step - interesting.
                Will do both the 921 or 923 and the 931-A and see what the difference is with respect to voltage and capacitor value and try the others for best performance.
                I do have a disability you know, bringing up a wife and five children with triplets in the middle and only now beginning to think above the trauma of life and family.
                It is well known that brilliant young single men go rapidly downhill in their fields of expertise after gaining marriage and having children and is easy to see why but I don't want to give anybody any misgivings about any of this.



                • Photomultiplier Handbook

                  Photomultiplier Handbook:


                  Was looking for a data sheet on the IP21 and came across the above.
                  Getting this creepy feeling that what we are looking at here is one of Moray's Vacuum Tubes and this one is the amplifier where he used many to build up the energy (29) but we have it in one Tube or at least 10 steps of amplification and in these grids we have secondary emission taking place and with one I have here, the amplification is 8,000x.
                  Think I now know where Eric is going with all of this and apologise for taking so long to wake up although I do believe I have mentioned this before with respect to photomultipliers, just didn't consider for the Cosmic Ray Detector (CRD).



                  • Ground wires and earth conductivity

                    Eric has said a lot about transmission of power through the earth. I found a very interesting write up on the ground wires for the nearby Sylmar ABB station.

                    "The grounding system at Celilo consists of 1,067 cast iron anodes buried in a two foot trench of petroleum coke, which behaves as an electrode, arranged in a ring of 3,255 m (2.02 mi) circumference at Rice Flats (near Rice, Oregon), which is 10.6 km (6.6 mi) SSE of Celilo. It is connected to the converter station by two aerial 644 mm2 steel-reinforced aluminum (ACSR) cables, which end at a strainer"

                    "The Sylmar grounding system is a line of 24 silicon-iron alloy electrodes submerged in the Pacific Ocean at Will Rogers State Beach[4] suspended in concrete enclosures about one meter above the ocean floor. The grounding array, which is 48 km (30 mi) from the converter station and is connected by a pair of 644 mm2 aluminum conductors"
                    Pacific DC Intertie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                    What I also find interesting BUT, suspicious is the fact that power companies want to build a conversion station in Germany. Reportedly, there is a big protest against this station. They are not particularly big or ugly. Why the protest???
                    Is through-the-earth power transmission a forbidden step to forbidden transmission? Can it tap into telluric currents? What about lightning?

                    The earth receives about 8,640,000 lightning strikes every day. The average power of a lightning strike is 1.21 gigawatts.
                    America uses 10,663,013,700 kilowatt hours a day.
                    A gigawatt is 1 billion watts.
                    Use is 10,663,013,700,000 WATTS (U.S.)
                    Supply is 10.4 million, billion watts

                    Supposedly, the sun charges the ionosphere and the ionosphere discharges to Terra to equalize charges. How would that affect the return path on a 500 Kv transmission system?


                    • Originally posted by Danny B View Post
                      The average power of a lightning strike is 1.21 gigawatts.
                      America uses 10,663,013,700 kilowatt hours a day.
                      A gigawatt is 1 billion watts.
                      Use is 10,663,013,700,000 WATTS (U.S.)
                      Supply is 10.4 million, billion watts
                      Here an important factor is the time dimention.

                      Not sure how you get about 1.21 gigawatts ( and in what time dimension ), but with fundamental assumption of 3x10^8 V ( 300 MV), based on 30 kV/cm breakdown of air with 1x10^5 cm length of the discharge ( 1km groud-to-cloud distance ), without consideration of humidity and temperate, and 2x10^4 A ( 20KA ), on average per lightning strike we get 6x10^12 VA. These numbers may change little looking at different sources, but the order will (most likely) stay the same.

                      Note we have not set the time dimension and now, we have to consider it.

                      And here we have to make a basic assumption, that most of the power being transferred via a lighting strike is being transferred for at the flash time frame ( the moment we see it). Although, knowing from Tesla ( and Heaviside too), there is energy dissipated through before the breakdown of the dielectric, and in our assumption, put in a such way, it is just is a conservative measure of the power ( but hopefully not by much ). Note that here we even do not touch the question current distribution in time but take it on average.

                      So now the flash time fame ( moment ) is about 5x10^(-5) s ( 50 microseconds ) so in a lighting strike ( with extremely rude approximation ) we may have 30x10^7 VA/s or about 8.3(3)x10^4 VA/h or 83.3(3) kW/h. Note that this is, with the basic assumptions. Now we have about 100 lighting strikes per seconds ( hitting the ground ) so, 100x3600x24x365 approximately 32x10^9 per year. Rounding up ( in the spirit of fast approximation as Tesla regularly does in his Colorado Springs Notes ), about 3x10^12 kW/h per year ( or 3x10^9 MW/h, or 3x10^6 GW/h, or 3x10^3 TW/h, or 3 PW/h - reading petta-watt-hour ).

                      I hope this make sense for those interested in having precise calculations.
                      Please correct if you see some logical or technical discrepancies.

                      And just a huge speculation here, could there be a connection between the rotation of the Eath and all of the energy being channled to the ground ...


                      • Phototubes & Grounds

                        Cosmic Ray Detector - Do not use the 931 multiplying phototube, a single cathode to space is what is wanted in the place of a Tesla tube. Like a 930.

                        Ground Wires - Earth returns for a gigawatt power system is a stupid idea. Therefore, the D.W.P. Sylmar Converter no longer works to ground. It is bi-polar, two wires +- 500kv, or 1000kv line to line.

                        The polarity is reversed now and then to eliminate "electrolytic creeping" into the insulators. The line current is 1000 amp.

                        The 30 mile ground line with a 1000 amp DC current turns Los Angeles into a giant electromagnet, an obvious NFG. The stray magnetism & currents were phenomenal and could eat away at pipelines and ship hulls.

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                        • Cosmic Ray Detector & GLOM

                          "Cosmic Ray Detector - Do not use the 931 multiplying phototube, a single cathode to space is what is wanted in the place of a Tesla tube. Like a 930".

                          OK, understand and will keep the PM for Moray.
                          Don't have a 930 but do have 868 or 927 with similar characteristics.
                          Something had held me back in doing the tests and was contemplating building a power supply for the PM.

                          Bought a can of 310 x 8mm Carbon rods sheaved in Copper as used in the old movie projectors but note apart from having the brightest of lights, also have an unhealthy UV component.
                          Wonder how the eyesight is of all the old operators?
                          Carbon has the highest melting point of all of the Elements at 3600C but you never get to see the molten component.
                          Have been 'told' to buy Carbon but still not clear why.
                          Have used Carbon successfully in Plasma arcs where there is no visible light and this is to do with both high voltage and frequency and have a notion that there is a magic here when you get to both the right voltage and frequency and that's all I have to go on at this point.
                          The more individual Carbons the better and the Copper sheath allows for a positive contact.
                          Tesla indicated that Carbon was a doorway to the 'Warmth Aether' and that is what I am working to.
                          This is an 'Ion Valve' type device in the making.

                          "Charles Steinmetz was able to improve on the carbon arc by using magnetite (an iron ore mineral) instead of carbon. The magnetite released iron vapor into the arc. Like many other metal vapors, iron vapor results in a brilliant arc with a characteristic color. Iron arcs are typically a purplish shade of blue-white".

                          Also managed to buy a Techtronix 585 Oscilloscope multi-tap power transformer with its associated EHT supply and you just cannot buy that quality technology anywhere today.

                          Some people don't understand this GLOM thing but it is a necessary component of our type of research as we really don't know what we may require and I have collected quite a few vintage bits including many Ultrasonic testers and one from Kelvin & Hughes of Scotland that was similar to the original unit used for detecting the unborn child in the Mother's womb.



                          • This should be good

                            Heading to Idaho tomorrow. (went last year too)
                            I am no mathemetician, physicist, nor electricity pro.
                            Trying my best to be in same room with the best.
                            There is so much information, I must gloss over parts.
                            I am no Tesla. I just hope to see the light.
                            I AM a machinist, fabricator, hard worker.
                            I made the coil spark replication of Babcock.
                            I made the ball bearing motor of SBARC.
                            I picked the pancake coil of Borderland for my present project.
                            Picked up much equipment and materials.
                            The time ran out before I put the double coil together.
                            I felt proud of my effort.
                            The recent depth of the reading material here makes me
                            feel very small.
                            I will try to post progress as scientifically as I can.

                            I support your efforts Sir. Keep up the good work.

                            I have been looking to network with others in the southern ca area
                            for some time with little luck.
                            Not many people I know want to talk about anything like this!

                            Faithfully yours, See you there!


                            • Capacitors & High Voltage

                              Capacitors & High Voltage:
                              Once again we see the problem with Vacuum Tubes in today's 'make it small' ideology where we can't buy caps for high voltage around the 0.1uF to 1.0uF range.
                              Most I see offerred are anything from $30 and upwards for a single item.
                              All I was attempting to do here was Eric's tests for the 'Cosmic Ray Detector' in using caps in the range of 0.1uF to 0.5uF but with voltage ratings of up to 10kV.

                              I have actually been collecting these for many years and have now a good selection but maximum voltage is about 2 or 3 Kv so you need to series or parallel for the right combination and in such is the problem.
                              More kV and less capacitance so where do you go?
                              What is the most common and commercial useage for high kV caps today and the answer is in Microwave Ovens where the caps used are around the 1.0uF mark and AC rated at about 2.1 kV and I have just bought 4 for $24.

                              Lots of contention here now in ratings for caps between AC and DC use but have personally always used a 40% figure for a DC cap for AC use but now needs refining.
                              Cornell-Dubilier quote caps from 100 to 1,000 volt DC with AC ratings of 70 and 200 and 50 to 1,000 volt at 30 to 250 volts.
                              So a figure of about 1/4 to 1/3 at 1,000 volts as a safe operating level so this will make my microwave designed units DC capable for about 2.1 x 3 = 6.3 kV or 2.1 x 4 = 8.4 kV.
                              Keeping in mind that the ratings are further reduced the higher you go in voltage so will use 5kV DC as my maximum for general use.
                              However, the manufacturer actually tests these units at 10kV on AC for 10 seconds and DC for 30 seconds and there again is a 1/3 time ratio between DC and AC.
                              And again there is an indication that the units can be used above their design ratings but only for very brief periods.
                              Hope this all makes sense in attempting to find caps that fill a particular gap in the use for high voltage with Thyratrons without costing an arm and leg.

                              Started the tests but find the switch I am using has loud bangs coming from its insides with internal arcing but would like to know why the loud 'bang' noise.
                              Building a double pole Knife Switch out of scrounged parts will resolve that problem.

                              Do not consider using motor start types as they are two electrolytics back-to-back and are only designed for short period starting use and with continual use will get hot and explode.

                              Hope those that have gone to the conference will offer a summary of the events here on this site as some of us are just too far away to have even considered the possibility.



                              • There are capacitors and there are CAPACITORS

                                Hello Smokey,

                                There are more parameters to consider than just voltage alone.
                                The MW caps are built for high power, but not as good as Mica when it comes to leakage. Most , if not all, have a built in bleeder resistor to compound the problem.

                                As per Tesla, "a dielectric of high quality" is required for that device.
                                As I mentioned before, the collector plate needs high energy bombardment as illustrated in his patent to be of much use.
                                Even the coating in those phototubes won't be enough, but it is an interesting idea.
                                I think solar panels will win the competion, hands down!