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  • I made a spreed sheet from the notes a ways back, going to them I have some numbers.

    The last entry on the extra was 98 turns of #6 AWG and 2 turns of #10 AWG. Dia of 8.25' and a height of 8.33'. that gives a wire length of 2591.68' and is 378,935.91Hz & at 1/4 is 94,733.98Hz


    • Eric Dollard's conference presentation

      Please vote on this ASAP - Eric Dollard wants to know what you want him to talk about at the conference:

      There are 2 options.
      Aaron Murakami

      Books & Videos
      RPX & MWO


      • Eric's Presentation

        I would like to ask that Eric be allowed to give his presentation without interruption from the audience.
        And that he allows for a question and answer period post his presentation.
        Think the reason for this is obvious to those that have viewed his other videos.



        • Cosmic Ray Detector 'CRD'

          Bogdown Constructions has now managed to elevate itself out of the mud and has determined how the 'Cosmic Ray Detector' should function.
          The 'Receptor' requires that it be of an active nature in that it needs to be excited by voltage to the required level and in the first instance, the Geiger Muller Tube needs to be excited to its required voltage of 1300 volts.
          An external power supply already built will be used to provide this voltage.
          PhotoCells or PhotoMultipliers can also be used as the 'Receptor' and these will also be experimented with.
          For those interested, this may be of use:

          Cosmic Ray Telescopes

          Have learnt not to rush and consider all aspects before building but the answer will always appear after the required research is completed.
          The CERN which is also a CRD cost 2 Billion $$s to build and does the same thing but mine will ring bells!
          Thanks Eric!



          • Keep that up smokey and you will make them all over there at CERN jealous. Not to mention yours has bells. Now, how can we put a whistle on there too and really mess em up. o_0



            • Cosmic Ray Detector CRD

              Cosmic Ray Detector CRD:
              The Bells are ringing, considered a successful build from the details Eric provided!
              Works well after some time was spent in adjustment to get the switch working between the bell donger arm and the bells.
              Eric says this would be a good one for Schools to teach the kids and suggested someone should do this and make up a kit as it brings back the 'Electrical Experimenter' in true form and teaches about both Cosmic Rays and Vacuum Tube technology.
              Prefer this build than those of a solid-state nature I presented in my previous Post on the 'Cosmic Ray Telescope'.

              Overall view of setup which requires a 12volt power supply feeding a home-made 6.6Kv EHT power supply and kilovolt meter feeding the 1300volt Cintel Geiger Muller Tube - 21" long.
              The Tube consists of a Tungsten wire down the middle as Anode and a Copper Tube around the glass inside as the Cathode but you don't need it to be this size.
              The gas is thought to be a mix of Oxygen and Argon.

              EHT for Geiger Muller Tube with meters showing about 280volts - it doesn't need the 1300volts for this device:

              Overall View showing the HT side - Variac, home-made +/- 600 volt power supply for the CRD:

              +/- 600volt power supply internal view - voltage doubler and gives 1200 volts total:

              Side View with 0A4G firing:

              0A4G on CRD firing and lamp glows dimly when active and meter shows voltage at about 140volts DC:

              Front View:

              Lots of bits required as you can see but a test of my logistics and a refresher for me (again) back into Vacuum Tubes.
              Considered a successful build.
              Let's call this by another name as a broadband Aetheric energy detector.
              Thanks Eric!

              KV capacitors still not here from China for the PFN for the 'Tesla Transformer Pulse Generator' and about to reorder.
              Will now be working on the 'Regenerative Magnifying Receiver' with the 2C22/7193/DET20/CV6.
              And Jerry Bayle's hyperfine Hydrogen frequency Tubes.



              • Cosmic Ray Detector CRD

                Cosmic Ray Detector CRD:
                Interesting now to watch this device working as it will be a first using Vacuum Tubes and will have a body interface.
                Can touch the long GM Tube in about 5 places with a finger where the 0A4G will respond and useful as a setup guide but of greater interest is an area just behind the 0A4G from the level of the Cathode dome to about 5" height and this is above the Cathode 'Receptor' wire coming from the GM Tube.
                Firing is very intense in this area as is a good test to see if it is still working as its operation appears to vary considerably during the day.
                AT 11:00 it is very busy with repeated firings but then settles into the afternoon and evening and is very quiet and you suspect it is inoperative but not the case even with repeated 'tuning'.
                Have set up reference levels of both power supplies and will probably chart all of this activity onto the data computer through a high impedance FET interface.
                A requirement would be a voltage regulated power supply to provide a constant source reference using a 2C53 or similar but at some later date.
                I think you can relate much of this activity to the Sun and daylight progressing just as do the generating storms and lightning but as these reach a climax at about mid-day to 2:00pm, that is when the activity declines into evening and night as also do the storms.
                You can pretty much track this activity on your Weather Radar during a 24 hour period and I think you would have some sort of correlation between the two.
                Would there be a correlation between sunspot activity and the intensity of local storms and would, at this point, believe so?
                Interesting and probably something of a novelty but has the base for improvement and become a professional monitoring device.
                Next one would be Eric's earthquake monitoring setup and he will probably set this one up permanently now he has a Lab as a break from his prime focus.

                Eric, do you have a Vacuum Tube earthquake detector schematic that you may like to pass on?
                Would think that this device would be able to detect an earthquake anywhere on the Globe as it would be a Telluric measuring device and have properies similar to the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter.
                Have built the 'Regenerative Magnifying Receiver' using the 2C22 and perhaps I already have one?

                1 Kv capacitors have arrived and setting up the PFN in both the earlier displayed ferrite type and the normal coils in line.

                Messing with Iron Pyrites and the Zinc in an attempt to gain a voltage producing device like in 'The Radiant Energy Tube' considering an electret type using these and other Crystal Set type metals but note that an electret was never ever considered as it was more the rectification properties that were of interest in the early days.
                Can both phenomena be combined - rectification and voltage supply and don't see why not?
                Moray again?
                The Chlorine gas is an oxidiser and would limit lifetime of this Tube so looking for an alternative organisation.



                • cosmic ray detector

                  I bought the oa4g and tried to build the original circuit Eric posted. It seemed pretty quiet when I had it up and running. It may not have been well tuned.

                  Smokey--your build looks awesome! Would you be willing to post a finished schematic? I'd love to remake mine and see if it gives somewhat similar results! I didn't use the door bells originally. And once mine triggered I had to unplug it to reset it. I'm not sure if that was how it was supposed to function. But it would fire sometimes when I touched it.



                  • CRD, Maker Faire & Glom wins.

                    Hey Smokey, All.

                    Your version of the Cosmic Ray Detector looks like a very nice build indeed. It's really great to see someone successfully build a device suggested by Professor Dollard.

                    Under what circumstances does the bell ring? Does it ring louder or more often at various times or quieter than other times. What conclusions or observations have you made with this device so far? (Oh I now see you've answered that to some degree above, I wrote this reply offline).
                    My own build of the pulse circuit using the 2050 thyratron hit a small road block with the driver circuit, so far I couldn't make it work properly beyond 700khz, but it's the driver circuit at fault here I think.

                    I have been somewhat distracted with a recent "Maker Faire" in my city. I had a fairly standard VTTC driven with an 833a tube, which was just designed for sparks. A spark generator, nothing more. This was just for the public however, this drew them in to look and play with the sparks & zap the children, to their delight. However off to the right I had a "Dollard Display" here I presented pictures of Professor Dollardís coils, the "Truth Diagram" of the Wardenclyffe Tower made by TechZ, the 1920's newspaper article by Arto, a number of other related pictures, along with a portion of edited soundtrack from the "Theory of Anti-Relativity" playing in the background! Thus introducing & directing any interested persons to the website. This was probably a bold and potentially dangerous thing to do I suppose. However we had a successful day indeed. Photos are pending.

                    The 2050 Thyratron circuit will continue as I have recently been "gifted" some glom, a Systron Donner 101C Pulse Generator (20Mhz). - However no manual came with it, I'll have to use a CRO to figure it out. Also, other major winning Glom. A 3.6KVA Transformer, with 4000V secondary, HV Rectifier, with matching Swinging HV Choke, and a 30uF, 5000volt Capacitor with bleed resistor. This is an I.C.P.S. an Input Choke Power Supply, 4000volts DC. (Freaking heavy). This will make for a wonderful (yet deadly) DC plate supply for vacuum tube operation. (Read into this, Cosmic Induction Generator).

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                    • looking good guys

                      Smokey, I'm beginning to see why your called 'smokey' running the caps in series you have balancing resistors yes?

                      that's about the one PITA to these parts, HV caps with the right tolerances, a good source though not cheap is old laser EQ, high tolerance and good construction. for those who may not know, HV caps are not all the same. tank caps will lower WV (working voltage) as a function of temperature and current load, to where they may only handle in the hundreds vs KV bleeder resistors are a safety component and as much as I don't like the bad juju of them in a circuit, I also don't have deeeeeeeeeeeeep pockets for HV caps that wont go BOOM!

                      I've got another project underway, a buddy has a glass furnace and I'm going to build a couple ceramic glass/copper caps and see how they turn out, bulky and big for sure but hopefully they will handle HV, if so then it's a cheap homebrew and fun. contamination due to oxidation is the biggest hurdle.


                      • Cosmic Ray Detector CRD

                        Good to see someone else that has attempted a build.
                        My schematic is the same as Erics plus his mod of a 100 ohm resistor plus a 1 mH choke between the 8uF Ecap and the join to the HT and the other 2uF Ecap and ringer coils.
                        My choke is a 10mH which has a ferrite slug for tuning which I have melted the candle wax to keep it from moving - just what I had available at the time.


                        Modification here plus much more on the 0A4G and methods to tune and understand:


                        Eric is an excellent teacher - gives the basics but allows you to do some of the attached extra learning required which is what makes him 'excellent'.
                        However, Eric is not perfect and has missed out on some vital Tesla bits which I have attempted to correct but this will take time and will only be verified by my own benchwork - later on that aspect.

                        The idea is that the ringer bells and the donger arm are used as the switch on the Cathode leg of the 0A4G which I mentioned earlier and
                        Eric agreed to using that concept and this is the reset mechanism for the 0A4G and works well as I can have continuous firings within a second and the reset is instant - not much bell ringing really but you do at least get a 'ting'.
                        Using only one very small Neo magnet on the dual coil header mechanism to keep it making contact on one side of the bells and this also works well.
                        Will take another set of pics to show the latest organisation.

                        Love your 'gifts', sounds good and that's where you find what you need for any of this.
                        Each day I am in the Lab will set up the CRD and make observations as I work.
                        Yesterday and last night was dull, going from one ting every 5 seconds to one every 30 minutes and have set up reference power supply levels for daily comparison.
                        Got the feeling this is very Sun or day/night motivated and looking at another smaller supply for the GM Tube as I really don't need the EHT type.
                        Keeping a watch on this very closely with the Weather to see if we have some correlations.
                        Later on this.

                        One of those things I have problems with is capacitors in series and parallel - the brain just doesn't want to think about which way is what.
                        No, I am using the 1Kv HV Ceramics in parallel - 0.022uF x 4 gives me the 0.091uF still at 1Kv.
                        Have had considerable success using Ceramics at high voltages and was a cheap solution to the problem at hand.
                        Have finished the PFN and will post a pic later - using square formers which were already wound and pulled off what I didn't require to get the 73 mH.
                        The PFN I have is a type E from the Guillemin paper Page 205.

                        Have actually used Ceramics in a series arrangement with a Don Smith flyback device and they worked well after many hours - this is the one I will use the Thyratrons to downconvert on which I feel is OU.
                        Developing a theory on Ceramics in series - when you have them in series you probe with a Neon or Xenon and tell me what you see?
                        Have a feeling that a series HV Ceramic arrangement leads to a greater attraction to the ambient energy and have already basically proven this fact with the Don Smith spark gap and Bruce Perrault Ion Valve type devices.
                        Test device was 10 x 20 kV x 100 pF in series - more on this later.
                        Old capacitors had both DC and AC voltage ratings marked and a 1 kV cap at DC is good for 600v AC and why I use Ceramics that are rated well above the voltages I would be using - no smoke yet.

                        Capacitors confuses everyone - don't like nF.

                        Capacitors in series for reduced capacity with added Kvolts.
                        Capacitors in parallel for added capacity with same Kvolts.
                        1,000,000 pF = 1.0 uF = 1,000 nF
                        100,000 pF = 0.1 uF = 100 nF
                        10,000 pF = 0.01 uF = 10 nF
                        1,000 pF = 0.001 uF = 1 nF
                        100 pF = 0.0001 uF = 0.1 nF
                        10 pF = 0.00001 uF = 0.01 nF
                        1 pF = 0.000001 uF = 0.001 nF

                        Good to here that you are all still around and being busy with projects in the pipeline - sometimes feel I am all alone and nobody is home but will try to keep the home fires burning.

                        Would be nice to also hear how Eric is going and what he is up to as this is why we are all here.

                        'Smokey' comes from a now deceased Aussie Country & Western singer called 'Smokey Dawson' who got his nickname from hiding behind the back shed as a kid where he was puffing on cigarettes.
                        British and Aussie tradition when you join the Navy that you pick up a nickname and mine came on the first day of joining and stuck.



                        • Eric Dollard Projects

                          Eric Dollard Projects:
                          Have uploaded several pictures of the various devices.
                          Cosmic Ray Detector showing latest organisation and the one Neo holding down the coil armature to one side and the 10mH variable choke near the 8uF blue and very very old Electrolytic capacitor which is estimated to be over 50 years old and was measured after much use as still being OK:

                          This is the new Pulse Forming Network (PFN) for the 'Crystal Set Initiative' as earlier described.
                          The series Ceramics are also as experimented earlier with respect ambient energy and they are a part of the circuit which I will describe and show later:

                          Suggestions here for simple Tube bases for use in experiments - the use of lamp socket bases, plastic cores for tapes or wire and large plastic screw lids - Tubes are 5684/C3J/A Thyratron, Hytron 0D3, Sylvania 0A4G and the 2C22/7193/DET20/VR195:

                          What is significant here is the variation of 0A4G design used by Sylvania where it looks to be the same as the Hytron 0D3 voltage regulatpr (VR150/30) in using the same tube Cathode style as a voltage regulator and does not use the dome shape Cathode with the Anode poking up the middle as in my earlier CRD picture of the RCA type.

                          This is a 4 pin Cetron 868 photocell (similar 927) for the CRD and the 2C53 Thyratron mentioned previously.

                          The 2C53 can also be used for pulsing and is a special military style of voltage regulator which was featured in a power supply as a regulator that I posted some time ago.

                          CRD today is much the same as yesterday with some hits where there are 3 or 4 within a second but about 15 or more seconds apart at about 12:30pm.
                          In firing, the 0A4G will show a small violet bloom just above where the Anode wire emerges from the glass tube surrounding it and then you see the violet gas firing all over the dome cap of the Cathode.
                          I notice in the Sylvania you can see down into the Tube at the Anode enclosed in a similar manner to the RCA.

                          With reference to Eric's work, I would like to see him follow what I am doing here in showing completed projects with explanations and photographs, pretty much a learning tool for everybody.
                          I would assume that whoever goes to help him in his new Lab will set up a Computer interface and this would then be an easy possibility.
                          John and David, is that at all possible?


                          After looking at the top picture, I don't need all those wire strands making up for the intermittent fulcrum contact which is like a clock bearing, pointed tips into a cavity and can cut out most of the wires and just leave two or three and this may allow for something more than a 'ting' as it may be loading down the arm's movement.

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                          • Gestalt HEAVY Dollard Paper

                            Hello gestalt,
                            Would you please be so kind and have a look at this paper as I am unable to save and the imbedded pictures fail to appear.
                            Using Firefox here when IE fails but both see the same:

                            'Metrical Dimensional Relations of the Aether by Eric Dollard'.

                            Funny that no-one has left any comments, may be too deep but most probably what we should be reading?



                            • Fun Read

                              Hi David, I am not sure what the problem is here, I can read it OK online, really good read, I will be adding some data to this particular aspect of Erics work, hopefully to resolve the numeric inconsistencies that the modern model proposes. Tesla was onto the the hierarchical system that was trying to steer the scientific model into the camp of Einstein, just so the real truth about how the model of the ether suggested by Tesla and others would operate. Everyone must wonder why all of Teslas ideas were of such concrete assurances of success, he was coming from an understanding of a clear mind about the true analogy of these complex interactions of acoustics/hydraulics/rotations and other analogous systems. This is what is missing in our universities, they preach doctrine not give you the aspects to make up your own mind about how the universal machinery operates. Thanks for being a guiding light in these matters David, Regards Arto.


                              • Originally posted by David G Dawson View Post
                                Hello gestalt,
                                Would you please be so kind and have a look at this paper as I am unable to save and the imbedded pictures fail to appear.
                                Using Firefox here when IE fails but both see the same:

                                'Metrical Dimensional Relations of the Aether by Eric Dollard'.

                                Funny that no-one has left any comments, may be too deep but most probably what we should be reading?

                                It's a deep subject, it covers quantum physics and counterspace. not easy subjects to begin with and the lack of any public research or mathematics to really cover the subject leaves it a bit stranded. for the majority the effects of the dielectric are enough and the current system in place needs no advancement for a number of mostly political reasons. the counter to that though is any further development or understanding of the basic fields of Psi & Phi will open doors and advance the field greatly.

                                When I get some more quiet time I'll write up my thoughts & notes on counterspace and QED, I know Erics opinion on physicists, however not all of us follow lock step to Einstein & relativity.