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  • Hi everyone,

    The velocity of frictional electricity (or the speed of electrostatic propagation) as described above is probably common knowledge here. I was wondering if anyone had read or found anything by 'Professor Guthrie' as mentioned in my book above? I'm trying to track down the reference but Google returns absolutely nothing!

    It's not hard to find references from the late 19th century stating the 'Speed of Electricity' as being 288,000 miles per second, the figure appears to be based on real test data from Wheatstone's rotating mirror setup.

    Here's another typical article, the 'faster than light' velocity was common knowledge back then:

    But then suddenly we start seeing articles like the following appearing:

    It appears that the real test data of Wheatstone has at some point been washed away by the 'scientific authorities' as stated above. If another test had superseded Wheatstone's tests and arrived at a different conclusion, then I could believe it - however, I cannot find any reference to any other test - so it appears that Wheatstone's original figure of 288,000 miles a second still stands, for the propagation of frictional/static (not current) electricity.

    What do others think?


    • It perturb me: 288000 miles per second, while you put a voltage on two wires the signal travel at 2/3 of c in copper or 1 meter in 5 nano-second...

      What is the difference between the frictional/static electricity and the example above ?


      • Me too - it's hard to just ignore something that was once apparently so well established.

        Eric has said before that to understand electricity properly, you need to go back to the past masters and study, and experiment. What I'm trying to do here is to gather all the facts as best I can, before repeating the experiments myself. I'm still interested in finding more info on Wheatstone's tests, particularly the one where he arrived at the conclusion of 288,000 miles per second.

        What is the difference between the frictional/static electricity and the example above ?
        The best I can come up with at the moment is this (and anyone feel free to chip in, I'm not saying I'm definitely correct or anything):

        Here's your example, At the instant an input voltage is applied (a step change in input voltage from 0 to, say 10 volts) a wavefront will propagate towards the 'output'. Because you have just closed the circuit, a current will immediately begin to flow through your parasitic capacitance, giving rise to a magnetic field. So you now have a magnetic and electric component, which complement each other, and this limits the propagation to c. The velocity factor (in your case 0.666) is caused mostly by the parasitic capacitance of the cable (it varies typically from 0.666 to 0.95) so your cable will always appear electrically shorter than 'free space'. Note that in this example, the circuit *has* to be closed - so at the receiving end, you must be passing a current (say, by measuring the voltage across a resistor, or by using a light bulb). It also means that the energy will always dissipate, so you must keep supplying it, and the losses will mean that it gets warm. I guess you probably knew all this

        Lets say 'd' is the distance we are trying to signal in both these diagrams.

        Here's another way of signalling using electricity - static electricity, electrostatic induction and free-space capacitance.

        The charged rod (--- at the left) is brought near to the long insulated conductor, but not touching. Through electrostatic induction, the leaves of the electroscope diverge (so work is done) and will happily stay diverged at long as you keep the rod there (and minimize all leakage/moisture). It is important to note that there is no 'closed circuit' here, and therefore no steady-state loss (ignoring any possible leakage). I'm going to go out on a limb now, and say that the signalling across distance d in this case has just been achieved at a velocity of 288,000 miles per second, which is the velocity of electrostatic propagation, i.e. the re-arrangement of the 'charge carriers(?)' within the conducting material over length d.

        'Conventional' physics would say that in the above example, an instantaneous current (displacement current) will flow as the 'charges re-arrange', even though there is no closed path and we are dealing entirely with free-space capacitance.

        I'm trying to get away from the idea of electrons being responsible for all electrical effects. It's hard work and I feel like the more I try, the less I understand electricity!


        • MIT course 8.02x Electricity And Magnetism starts today

          "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

          "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


          • Originally posted by Franklin2006 View Post
            I'm trying to get away from the idea of electrons being responsible for all electrical effects. It's hard work and I feel like the more I try, the less I understand electricity!
            I like your example. Abandoning the idea of electrons is most advantageous but then it requires a paradigm shift in how we think about electricity.

            "Steinmetz mentions this in his introductory book Electric Discharges, Waves and Impulses. To quote, “Unfortunately, to large extent in dealing with dielectric fields the prehistoric conception of the electrostatic charge (electron) on the conductor still exists, and by its use destroys the analogy between the two components of the electric field, the magnetic and the dielectric, and makes the consideration of dielectric fields unnecessarily complicated.”" (source)

            The best way to think about it in my opinion is as corpuscles of Aether. Dollard explains:

            “Every electron is a motional terminus of a quantity of dielectric lines of force, these lines contracting and stretching like rubber bands, giving motion to the terminus electron. The thermionic electron contracts, pulling the electron, the cathode ray stretching, pulled by the electron. In the former case the lines of force are dissipated, in the latter case the line of force are projected, both cases the electrons assume ray like motion, with non participating lines of force filling the voids, directing the electrons. Hence, it is the electrons travel in straight lines, that is, rays.” ~ (source)

            “Thomson developed the “Aether Atom” ideas of M. Faraday into his “Electronic Corpuscle”, this the indivisible unit. One corpuscle terminate one one Faradic tube of force, and this quantified as one Coulomb. This corpuscle is NOT and electron, it is a constituent of what today is known as an electron. (Thomson relates 1000 corpuscles per electron) In this view, that taken by W. Crookes, J.J. Thomson, and N. Tesla, the cathode ray is not electrons, but in actuality corpuscles of the Aether. “ ~ (source)

            Tubes of force also work, or perhaps even strings. The way I think about it is the propagation of dielectric lines of force occurs in counterspace, or a hyperdimensional-space. The way we conceive of volumous space breaks down. This is why the supposed light speed limit is so easily overcome. Physical space is fundamentally an illusion, quantum entanglement is strong evidence for this.
            A collection of Eric Dollards latest posts and writings on my website: Gestalt Reality - Eric Dollard


            • Cq Cq Cq De N6kph

              This is a general transmission for all channels bearing the designation "Eric Dollard".

              Thank you to everyone that has donated to my existence. Now I no longer need welfare money. I must remember however that donation cycles are aperiodic and at a point in time decrease to one over epsilon (37 percent), on their way to zero.

              The cost of replacing the Mojave Research Installation at Landers is in the multi-millions. Not much chance to get back up before the next California "Big One". Is it not strange that others get grants for ill conceived "Warning Systems", but I cannot get a dime? Only in America!

              The money that has come in will be spent two ways. Foremost is the overhaul of the Corolla and its radio system, bringing this back up to military A-1 status. What remains of the income is to be allocated toward monthly living expenses for the year ahead.

              The cost of assembling any form of research laboratory is astronomical, even if the parts can be found. I have no more R.C.A. or Bell to go to anymore, nor are there any Navy Ships left. All gone!

              I have been provided with a building in the remote Nevada Wastelands. Here I can work on my Car and deal with storing and preparing food. Not much gear exists to do any major research thus that done there will be more mathematical. The main emphasis will be on Music, Waveform Production, and Polyphase Stereo Systems. A large analog computer needs to be constructed to facilitate this, about 3 to 4 eight foot tall relay racks of custom made Western Electric Gear, all still to be found, and paid for. No land exists for antenna research, a serious constraint. Hence Telluric & Seismic research remains discontinued, but Models of Wardenclyffe will be designed here.

              It must be remembered that I am a Feral Human, the one that got away, a Human Coyote. A Coyote is not something you would want to invite into your home, nor does it want to come inside. Such a creature must remain outside, free.

              I have lived in my 1980 Toyota Corolla for 24 years. It has traveled over 650 thousand miles, much of it over brutal terrain. Such living precludes the possibility of having material possessions. Therefore it is best not to send objects to my Lone Pine address, mail only. Also, the bulk of mail now is a bit difficult to handle and competes for living space in my car, thus some parts of it get lost now and then. I try to answer everyone if I can, the best I can.

              I will say here and now that no "Free Energy Fuse Box" exists, forget it. I regard Energy Synthesis as a purely mathematical idea only. I cannot provide you with Free Energy, and it would only burn up the Earth anyway. Forget the concept of Energy, throw it over the side with Bin Laden, let them rest on the bottom together as Imaginaries. Energy is obsolete.

              Tesla Technology bears no relation to Faster Internet. It cannot feed the growing bandwidth appetite of Baby-Lon. Are you rioting in the streets for faster service? Throw your "maggot pod" overboard, into the drink where it belongs. Also I have no interest in pumping more R.F. into space, there is already more than enough. Urban life now is just like living in a S.A.C. radar installation, baked while you sleep.

              Finally, material is appearing in my name now that is not me. I do not like this. Also, I am not seeking to be a Guru. I just want to be left alone in the bush. I have little interest in Human involvement anymore, why should I? Moreover, America is at the dawn of a new "Golden Age of Fascism" the like of which history has never experienced. Also why is it that Humans love to kill and destroy? Why is it that Humans love to kill or torture Coyotes? What is a Feral Human to do? Tell me!

              Remember that John Lennon was assassinated by one of his "Fans", All the disciples of Jesus were murdered, and the lieutenants of Hitler gave us a holocaust. Anyone left is shredded by the media. I desire no public life whatsoever and looking at my "imaginary" on the Internet is disturbing to me. Remember, I just want to be left alone in the bushes, not become a modern Messiah.

              Again, Thanks for this recent wave of support. At least now I can move about more freely and engage in a limited range of Electrical Research in the near future.

              73 DE N6KPH

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              • Dear Eric (the desperation of Adam Bull)

                Dear Eric,

                I too have seen the virtual eric's posts and have been found as concerned as you. Some time ago now I sent you my book, me and my girlfriend sent you over $1100 between us, and I forwarded your name onto the 10,000 or so internet followers I have between my facebook and twitter accounts.

                As far as I know the rotary electrostatic convertor designed by you and Chris Carson was a working device and was capable of synthesizing electricity from the square root of -1 in a manner not undesimilar from the experiments of steinmetz.

                Having followed you in the shadows for some 4 or 5 years and sacrificing much of my life to get your name and your plea heard, I am happy for you that you have finally made some progress.

                The Alexanderson system and the square cube system of impulse and o.s.c or sound based tectonic feedback oscillators in my opinion resemble an ancient way of creating transient electricity in the same manner that lightning does in dirty lightning storms or in other rare earth formations. It is a fact is it not that all of the energy in the billions of trillions of watts conveyed into our oceans comes purely from the wireless force of the moon and other planets and stars.

                What of this wireless power?

                The Leedskalnin system and the MLFTA is in itself breaching conservatory idea's about the energy present in a conductor (specifically when looking at the double energy principle).

                I believe you said that an A.C power line is about 98% efficient. Efficient how? Is it the A.C waveform that is efficient or is it how the A.C waveform and envelope interacts with the surrounding charges in the atmosphere and the ionosphere? (i.e. cosmic rays and aurora borealis reaked havoc until steinmetz solved the issue).

                To me it appears evident then that A.C transmission lines themselves are giant unindividualised "cosmic ray" detectors of sorts, which can convey millions of amperes of current from other solar bodies wireless cosmic rays, completely regardless of the distance between such objects. It also appears evident from this that if the A.C wave and envelope itself is not responsible for carrying electricity, and the D.C wave envelope is unable to carry electricity not because it has any less energy, but because of the way a direct and constant current reacts with the surrounding environment as compared with the A.C wave and envelope.

                This would suggest to me that the higher distance efficiency of high frequency A.C lines is a result of not the A.C waveform, but the waveforms interaction with the surrounding network. Thereby enforcing the concern that the A.C power line is in fact a "power sucker" of sorts. The reason why the D.C system cannot transfer at a great distance is because it has no half wave points where the pressure in the transmission line is 0. Whilst the pressure in the transmission line is between -1 and +1 the transmission line begins to pull in the surrounding charges, so for the next halfcycle point from the half wave point internode there is already existing current from the surrounding network pulled into the transmitter. This would explain why A.C was efficient, and that it was not A.C "saving electricity put in" but the manner in which the transmission envelope caused "new electricity to replace the lost electricity" to be sucked in at the half wave points.

                Given this, the Alexanderson generator, the Tesla Marconi MLFTA, Steinmetz work creating electricity from the square root of -1 and the Leedskalnin generator diagrams and schematics using the square and cube system as you suggest for an induction/mutual idduction apparatus I have sent to you in the book that I have dedicated to you and Leedskalnin and Tesla, I feel that ample evidence for the synthesis of electrical power from vibrational energy has clearly been established.

                I would like to add it is my prophetic concern that the sharing of such knowledge by Professor Dollard is of the utmost concern for a New age of peace. The only way of beating ignorance and fascism in each and every individual is showing each misplaced , misguided and greedy egotist and capitalist that there is another way. That their choices of poor designs, and profiteering are indeed short sighted. I believe truly that Eric is that person.

                Sometimes I think I see this opportunity slipping away again, and that old fear of "losing a gallon of blood". Nobody wants to lose a gallon of blood of even sacrifice themselves. Eric you may be no jesus, but the story of jesus was a metaphor, the son was not like his father - the son was the conscious, the peaceful, the informed the wise, and it was this person and only this wise and conscious individual that could save the ignorant.

                I believe you are not jesus eric but you are the metaphor.

                So much hangs in the balance.

                I hope you got my book. I'd be prepared to come out there and help you fulltime. I am a musician and I have studied your work and related to my thoughts that go back as early as a 15 yr old. It took a long time for me to find you from then, and it has taken about 5 years from finding you to get to where I am.

                I cannot say how much I despair right now. I know you know what this is like. I just cannot bear to watch anymore, I want to help. I have helped. I just know what you can do, and I want this to be heard.

                Is it only me? - that has these ideas and thoughts? Apparently, except maybe for a few people that I have been lucky to bechance friendship, such as David Dawson and TechZ.

                Might we not get ahead of ourselves. I have been accused by a few people of being egotistical or of "overcomplicating" things. Or of trying to push forward a free energy drive when there is not "free energy switchbox" that exists. I would like to add that there is sufficient evidence to at the very least debate the validity of that statement.

                I believe the Richmond Substation can testify to that can't it Eric.

                I really, really, do despair. At least I am not alone.

                Best Wishes,


                • Energy Synthesis

                  Good to hear from Eric and the situation is somewhat improved.

                  Going to disagree with Eric here, which I have done before about 'Energy Synthesis' (ES) and feel amply qualified to do so as others are here on this Forum.
                  If you ever have researched Dr Thomas Henry Moray you will see that ES is available to each and every one of us and why I continue along this line as that is why I am here.
                  I am fully aware that Eric is not into other 'free energy' devices and his unfortunate lifestyle does not support that platform but he DOES know Tesla and George Van Tassel and Philo T Farnsworth and Fission and his Math and Theory is unsurpassed and earthquakes too.
                  Lets try and keep it rational thinking here and ignore Eric's escape clause.

                  Eric Quote:
                  "I will say here and now that no "Free Energy Fuse Box" exists, forget it. I regard Energy Synthesis as a purely mathematical idea only. I cannot provide you with Free Energy, and it would only burn up the Earth anyway. Forget the concept of Energy, throw it over the side with Bin Laden, let them rest on the bottom together as Imaginaries. Energy is obsolete".

                  Why are we using Vacuum Tubes?:
                  "If you take this globe and evacuate it to a full vacuum, you have in effect removed all the gases and their associated aether but the aether now left in the globe is at a higher density (at least this was his postulate) and thus attracts still more aether from the surrounding space at the bottom of the gaseous atmosphere". (Thanks Gene).
                  Exactly what Wilhelm Reich also stated and the reason why the Mobile Homes and Transformers literally explode in the path of a Tornado.

                  Talking of Karl Schappeller here:


                  The Pyramid was a 'free energy' power house using the hyperfine Hydrogen frequency (Bayles/Dunn) and we are about to test that theory as I have presented earlier.
                  Have had a response from Jerry Bayles and putting the facts together I can see what is happening here.
                  My Aetheric Weather Engineering tells me that Lightning is a release mechanism of built up energy and if this is insufficient a Tornado will develop.
                  The Tesla trick here is to use a pulsed Thyratron to bleed off the energy before it forms a Lightning bolt and there is your 'Energy Synthesis'.
                  If Jerry had done the same instead of just achieving the Tornado sound, then he too would have ES.
                  I have been searching for two years for an 'energy downconverter' and apart from an unreliable spark gap, a pulsed Thyratron is an answer.

                  '7redorbs' is correct and I now understand what Eric is doing - he does not want to be a Martyr nor Matriach but needs it to be low key and that I can fully understand just like the roaming Coyote - 'free'.
                  Does not want his prersence glorified nor advertised but wants his peace as he has had enough of Administrative society and just wants to get on doing what he knows best and we need to respect that condition and assist and support him where we can.




                  • Originally posted by David G Dawson View Post
                    Yes, I know what you are describing and my feeligs are that you have set up through the coil, standing waves which will be voltage amplified but no current.
                    Think this is why body and touch capacitance kill the one wire energy.
                    Find this same effect with the Extra Coil but when you go to the variable capacitor which I have set up between Secondary and Extra, you can improve signal strength by the hand at a certain distance.
                    A surface wave like LMD and not TEM, my little 1N34 probe and headphones would tell you more.
                    How do you mean body and touch capacitance kill the one wire energy? Anything around the extra coil absolutely kills it and it would need to be retuned, but my body works perfectly well as the single wire transmission line on the ground end. I've even been able to use my hand as a capacitive plate as coupling to the receiver and vary the brightness of the LEDs via the distance of my hand from the other "capacitor plate", no physical connection at all, only a condenser formed through my hand.

                    I'm not sure exactly what you mean with improving the signal strength with your hand, I'm assuming you don't mean the tuning... What I've found is that I can tune the coil to highest possible output via air condensers and the usual methods, the output will go no higher. But then introducing my hand into the mix causes it to go higher, which apparently isn't a matter of tuning because it's already tuned as well as it can be using the condensers. For some reason it seems to prefer my hand which sounds similar to what you are describing.

                    Also further on the effectiveness of a human body as the single wire transmission line, note what happens when you stand near the coil (isolated) and wave your hand about, and then touch anything connected to the ground end with one hand and wave the other hand around the coil again. You now have a much greater capacitive effect than before.

                    "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                    "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


                    • What happened to Eric's post? It's gone now.


                      • Yeah what happened to Eric's post, I was going to finish reading it, but it's
                        gone. I can only assume he must have deleted it himself. Confirmation would set
                        minds at ease.



                        • After some recent developments, I thought it was best to put Eric's post into a pending status. I need to have a conversation with him about the developments before it goes back up. Sorry about the confusion.



                          • @Franklin2006,

                            The original paper is called "An Account of some Experiments to measure the Velocity of Electricity and the Duration of Electric Light. By Charles Wheatstone, Esq. Professor of Experimental Philosophy in King's College, London. Communicated by Muchael Faraday, Esq. F.R.S. &c.

                            I've attached the paper.

                            PS: Now I see that Franklin006 wants another article. Sorry for that.
                            Attached Files
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                            • Good Advice & Info!!!!

                              Originally posted by David G Dawson View Post
                              Good to hear from Eric and the situation is somewhat improved.

                              Hello David G. Dawson,


                              I believe you made an excellent and astute observation with regards to eric!
                              at present he simply needs continued support and the freedom to continue his interests for whatever. I know I will continue my available support for him as it arises.

                              as always, mike, omward!


                              • Eric's posts

                                Originally posted by Web000x View Post
                                After some recent developments, I thought it was best to put Eric's post into a pending status. I need to have a conversation with him about the developments before it goes back up. Sorry about the confusion.

                                In the past I had a chance to read all of Eric's post on this forum. Speaking for myself, I would not mined to pay money for a hard copy of compilation of all his past posts on this forum. It is much easier to have all the material together than constantly searching for them in the threads. Publishing a hard copy would also provide some continued support for Eric. Any thoughts on this matter, Nhopa.