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  • Ether and its detection - papers -

    These papers maybe intersting and usefull to some on the subject at hand.

    With luck to links will stay active. If not I can do the pdf attatchments.


    • Appeal to Sense

      The following post is an appeal to the senses rather than to the "Academic virus" which plagues the mind of all men. From the Greeks to Newton to Einstein.

      You are no different. You take fit for kings the delusions of madmen and glory in them. True geniuses like Eric are forgotten. I know the pain that is evoked by such thinking. As I have from a young boy fathomed some problems which are not dissimilar from the mechanical and mathematical problems involved in the aforementioned conceptualisations

      I hope that some can see what is intended in this but short summary of my thoughts about Electrical Conductors, The Speed of light Constant and the possibilities that exist.

      Make no mistake I may not be a trained man, but because I have not been schooled is not tantamount to not being educated my good friends, take heed in the great words of the savior of Nikola Tesla's - Mark Twain.

      Technology For a New Future & Non Existing Electrons
      revealed by tricky thinking about electrical transmission lines
      and why metal periodic elements can carry electricity so fast.

      What is it about the so-called moving electrons in an un-electrified wire that make their orbits carry another orbit we call electricity from point A to point B. The thing that carried it wasn't the motion of the scientist's so-called electron going in, but it was the perpetual motion of the pre-existing orbits in the un-electrified copper wire that carried the electrons mass charge at light speed to the other end of the wire. So, the electrical effect of transmission at light speed from A to point B was produced by other things inside the atoms pre-existing motion. So it is fair to say that it was not the just the motion velocity or amplitude of the electron orbit going in the wire, but the pre-existing motion inside of the wire atoms itself that determined the speed , whether it went at the speed of light, or something different.

      In fact if it wasnt for the perpetual motion of those metals electrons inside each of the metal conductors atoms, it would not be a conductor.

      As you can see it was not unfair of me to describe the so-called electrons using a function of motion, because without the motion the atomic functions, then all chemical reactions could not exist or occur. That is why it is always alright to determine each atom by it's motion instead of it's atomic number and mass, because motion has something to do with the way it carries it's properties, and it's properties aren't solely accounting for the motion it experiences. This is proof enough that the electron is an effect of two other causes. One factor is the wire's positive and negative charges in it's atoms orbits perpetual motion, and the other factor is the negative only so-called electron charge that is pushed in. As you can see the electricity is not balanced because the wire consisting of two charges in it's atoms are provided only one so-called negative electron south pole charge. So as you can see, the scientists and engineers failed to provide the 4th pole in the input of the electron in the wire, and so the atoms were unbalanced to what went in, and pushed it out the other end. But if an enterprising man were to build a machine where he had the extra pole, then his motor and generator set would continue to turn like the atoms positive and negative charges do around eachother in the north and south pole individual magnet streams. And then the electrical wire would be the same as the the electricity put in it, and there would be nothing un balanced about it. Then the motor generator would be like the alternating current transmission line, except it would pull in the magnets between the low pressure points directly into it's drive before it has put any of those magnets in the transmission line, so instead of aiding the length of transmission of electricity by sucking magnets into the transmission, this generator itself sucks in the magnets and aids itself instead of it's amplification of transmission by alternating current kind.

      People of all kinds should be able to unite regardless of party or politics.

      Best Wishes,


      • Appeal to Sense part 2


        I like the word rigid when it is trying to describe something that can be understood
        but when it is used for new science, it is wrong every time
        there is nothing rigid about a new conceptualisation, because it changes the way the maths would work about new things that weren't noticed, known, or calculated in the maths before.

        so, because a new piece of information that was not calculated, or considered important in the initial maths is newly presented

        and so the rigidity of the current civilisations maths is really a true reflection of the consciousness and limitation of it in their ideas , models and conceptualisations, and the available information that really determined what they used in the math descriptions.

        the maths, as the fundamental description, the condensed logical basis of any idea, indicates the conceptually broken ideas
        of the concept it is supposed to describe, and without the maths, we would not know we were right in our new ideas of concept! So do not shake your fist at maths. It reveals every idiocy you have noted about it in your concepts of consciousness!

        first it is right to use maths for a way to describe a concept, for clarity

        second it is right to use maths so we can see when we have lost the conceptual way , and when there is a new thing discovered and then made into a concept, the old maths without the calculation shows why the law or tent of science was wrong, and the new conceptualisation or parts of previously missing pieces of information can be added to the new maths, for a new law. One that is more reflective of the science.

        And then that new mathematical law, that was derived purely from the concept of the mode of mans consciousness and idea - becomes the new mathematics, a description of the greatest and largest consciousness idea. So the idea and it's size, is reflective of the cosciousness and the information available to it that modeled it. And the maths merely describes that, until a new model of consciousness comes along with adds a new piece of information that effects the math in a way the previous description of the math failed to show.

        So the maths is a fundamental description of conceptualisations from the conscious mind. The math can only describe the entirity of any conceptualisation such as The Greek's theory of objects finding their natural place, or Newtons theory of gravity, or Einsteins theory of Relativity, or Feynmans theory of Quantum Electro Dynamics. Each new mathematics, with new definitions, are defined by new conceptualisations of how something is working by the conscious mind, and, then the old maths reveals what was not being described by simply existing and being looked upon.

        The conscious mind can see that the maths is not taking into concern the other force that was previously ignored, or not understood, and when it is understood, then it can be defined with the new mathematics.

        This keeps on going, nobody really knows how it works. But they keep on describing it with what they have as a concept. Then somebody turns it into a mathematical equation. And then all the small minds believe and nod at the small equation determining small and limited things, of limited use, importance and reflection by the inferred assumptions of the conceptualisation of which it is built upon - until that is, a new, larger conceptualisation, with new planets, or new orbits, or new inventive experiments which show additional factors in the concept played a part to the conclusion of operation. Each new information results in a new consciousness of understanding, that can put the factors together that result in the observation of the function of the universe and it's currents. This consciousness, this "AHA" or pattern in the mind is then able to tell the mathematicians what it was he saw, and how that thing or force effects the operation and function in ways that were not previously thought to.

        And then that mans consciousness is written down in the strict limitation of the new force he gave, until another conceputlization comes, and then another maths. And so on.

        And that is how our civilisation works in my mind. slightly rushed i have so little time as of late!

        And that is all I have to say about it.

        My regards to Eric and all others that have patience, humble first teacher second. I suppose my point is this sort of thing is not beyond the understanding of man, or his comprehension. But it is something that many hold in ignorance, and I have had the time to reflect on and notice it. It is my hope that others might see the importance of such things,




          Purchase Eric Dollard's Books & Videos - 70% of the sale goes to Eric and EPD Laboratories: Eric Dollard Books & Videos
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            Purchase Eric Dollard's Books & Videos - 70% of the sale goes to Eric and EPD Laboratories: Eric Dollard Books & Videos
            Donate by Paypal: Donate to EPD Laboratories


            • Cosmic Ray Detector (CRD)

              Many thanks for all the information on the CRD using the 0A4G and Photocells and will put that all into practice shortly.
              RCA have many Gas and Vacuum PhotoCells and am fortunate in having many.


              Don't have the 930 (window 0.6") but do have 868/921/923/927 and the closest here would be the two I have just purchased, the 923s (0.4") where the window area is slightly smaller.
              868s which are an older style have the largest window at 1 sq inch.

              This data is also most helpful with regard to TH Moray and we are now looking at Quartz Plate Oscillators as the next step in development of his system.
              Moray presented a speech at a College in the US and gave away some more detail of his device:

              Thomas Henry Moray: Speech at Valley State College, Northridge CA

              From another source there are indications of instability in his system where the Tubes had to be perfect in many ways as they simply would not work. However, my firm belief is that these same similar vintage Tube products are available today where the manufacturing processes had to be finely tuned else you terminated.

              My job is to find out which ones in particular suit the various stages required - Oscillators, frequency downconverters and current amplifiers.

              I had discounted 'secondary emission' as not being required as being a function of thermionics but your notes earlier show that this is also a needed part of a 'cold cathode' environment.
              Appreciate all your assistance here.

              Going to fire up the CSI (Crystal Set Initiative) with the Tube pulser and stand back.
              Will make some oscilloscope pics to show the pulse form near the NET and whatever else may manifest.



              • Thank you again Eric for the time in putting the schematics out.

                looks similar to a hard tube pulsar and bootstrap circuit. what are thoughts on using the MIT Glasoe Lebacqz pulse generator book for reference?


                • Note to Eric. I sent $ 200 about a week ago. Was wondering if it made it to you. I was hoping to drop by and talk. Ash knows me. Tom Childs too.
                  wd_breeden at yahoo dot com


                  • Guillemin Communication Networks Vol. 2

                    Originally posted by dR-Green View Post
                    Is there any chance you could scan the Introduction that Eric mentioned? I thought I saw it posted before but I couldn't find it earlier. Just managed to track down Vol 1 and 2 so I ordered them both before they disappeared but they will probably take ages to get here, so I would appreciate a scan in the meantime if that part isn't too big. Thanks
                    EA Guillemin - Communication Networks Vol 2 (up to pg 135), 1935

                    I've got all the way to chapter III scanned in (+130pgs), will upload in the morning. In the mean time take a glance at some excerpts below:

                    Make Your Own Tesla Telluric Transmission System

                    A good coil to use is the flat spiral shown on the "Tesla Longitudinal Electricity" video. It's on the 160 meter HAM band. Remember that you must have a government license to transmit R.F. energy.

                    The "primary" coil is the magnetizing coil. It connects with a constant potential, thus the few turns the better, one is best. Surface area is equal on all windings and also equal to the surface area on the condenser. Basically all component coils and the condenser should be the same weight. Max magneto motive force (m.m.f.) is what we want here in the primary. The "extra" coil is the constant current, maximum potential is what we want here, on the sphere, sphere capacity small.

                    It is important to note these coils are no longer to be thought of as just reactance coils, now they are transmission lines, and operate by the laws of transmission lines.

                    Hence given is the constant potential primary, a lumped LC circuit of very large b to a ratio (a is the power factor and b is the induction factor- see Heaviside equation), also there is the constant current extra coil, a distributed transmission structure in the form of a coil. Copper weight is the same. Also note b/a is the magnification factor of the circuit.

                    Hereby, the "secondary coil" is a transmission structure connecting the constant current extra coil to the constant potential primary coil. Hence the "Secondary coil" has an impedance and is a quarter wave resonant so as to match the constant current coil to the constant potential coil. That is the radio engineer’s description of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. No new theories or mystical unknowns, a basic transmission line calculation only. Simple. But, you better have an A.M. broadcast station ground for this system to operate.

                    So let's use an A.M. station as an example. 1600 on your A.M. dial. It has a quarter-wave tower, a star ground plane consisting of 120 radial wires each a quarter wave long. A matching unit connects this to a 5 kW transmitter, the "alternator" of 1.6 megacycles AC.

                    Now lets shorten the tower, a "loading coil" must now go in series and resonate with the shortened tower. The ground current has increased. We keep doing this, shorter tower, bigger coil. Finally no tower, giant coil, high ground current. The coil is now resonant to it's own internal electro-static capacity. The price to pay for the high ground current is an extreme potential, e, at the open end of the coil. This is why the "mushroom" hood, or just a sphere. This extreme potential energizes the Tesla "Ray" Tube for atomic work, not radio work. The ground end of out "Loading Coil" is the output NOT the mushroom cap. No one gets this. So we have converted 1600 on your AM dial to a Tesla Telluric Broadcast. No hidden secrets, no profound mysteries, just simple A.C. Ohms Law and a HAM radio license. "Theory of Wireless Power" gives all the coil calculations for impedance and propagation time. But the "tables" have errors. The basic formula is ok. "Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformer" gives a more specific theoretical description of the Tesla Transmission structures, including impulse modes. This paper is more for the radio engineer. Tesla gives a complete description, with photos and calculations, of his system in "Colorado Springs Notes." Also the unit at my RCA laboratory is on the cover of "Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers." No shortage of experimentally confirmed information on this topic, even by Tesla himself.

                    (Note, big pictures were required to make legible all the sub/super scripts used in the above expressions)

                    (Possibly Useless & Repetitive) Notes:

                    [1a] You want the Primary coil to act as an EVEN harmonic [nλ/4 (n=0,2,4,ect)], (say a "half loop" or half-wave) this is to create a constant VOLTAGE condition, as Mr. Dollard has been saying for quite some time and as hinted to by Guillemin in the above excerpt (orange highlighting at the very end). I need to look up Boucherot for any available papers regarding this topic. But, it seems a parallel resonant LC tank for the primary (I assume the primary as a lumped circuit, not distributed) acts as an "open" circuit and thus an almost infinite resistance to the signal source at resonance (this is why you would want an adjustable capacitor on primary), therefore aiding in constructing the "constant voltage" condition, my quick... and probably wrong guess here.

                    [1b] You want the Extra coil to act as an ODD harmonic [nλ/4 (n=1,3,5,ect)], this is to create a constant CURRENT condition...

                    [1c] The Secondary joins these two distinct circuit conditions together. The exact details for which I am unable to provide right now, I will need to study Guillemin's book a little further... but probably an odd harmonic.

                    [2] Interesting Videos to Watch:

                    Bell Labs Wave Machine: Matched Impedance | MIT Video

                    Bell Labs Wave Machine: Standing Waves | MIT Video



                    Garrett M
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                    • Guillemin Theory & Moray

                      Guillemin Theory:
                      Somewhat disappointed in what was being disclosed here but simply a means by which a pulse shape can be theorised to what would be ideally required for pulsing purposes.

                      Quote from MIT Radiation-Lab-Series-V5-Pulse-Generators:

                      To recapitulate, the Guillemin theory provides a means of designing
                      pulse-forming networks that duplicate accurately the pulse shapes normally
                      required on a resistance load. It is then possible to compute the
                      actual pulse shape produced by the t heretical network and, by judicious
                      changes in some of the parameters, to approximate even more closely
                      the desired pulse shape. END

                      I had just downloaded JL Naudin's LMD/TEM test which is a replication of Eric's BSRF (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation) video and guessed that was what Guillemin would be referring to, the LMD side but not so, it's all TEM but probably should expect that as we are dealing with EM here in pulsing Thyratrons for Radar and not 'Tesla's Radiant Energy'.

                      I am building on what I feel is required to replicate Moray and the LMD string here of L & C is an indication of what may be required.
                      What I still do not understand is JL Naudin's strange voltages recorded between each stage which does not follow a logical pattern.

                      The L.M.D./T.E.M.Test

                      Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin

                      Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin

                      Most of the references here are to a Mr Eric Dollard by the way.

                      The last here is 'Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump' which I have built and probably the first that would lead me here to the CSI.
                      Best thing about this was the 'one-wire electricity' experiment which shows that the wire, small as it was, was simply acting as a waveguide and so too as Tesla's Hairpin.
                      Moray used 30 awg wire and strongly suggests much the same environment as the experiments above.



                      • coil winding wire

                        Hi Eric, in one of your talks you had mentioned the dimentional ratio of rectangular winding wire .. 3 wide 1 height .. something like that as round wire was not as good ... what is that ratio? ... thanks.


                        • Guillemin Line / Pulse Forming Networks

                          Originally posted by David G Dawson View Post
                          Guillemin Theory:
                          Somewhat disappointed in what was being disclosed here but simply a means by which a pulse shape can be theorised to what would be ideally required for pulsing purposes.

                          I had just downloaded JL Naudin's LMD/TEM test which is a replication of Eric's BSRF (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation) video and guessed that was what Guillemin would be referring to, the LMD side but not so, it's all TEM but probably should expect that as we are dealing with EM here in pulsing Thyratrons for Radar and not 'Tesla's Radiant Energy'.

                          I am building on what I feel is required to replicate Moray and the LMD string here of L & C is an indication of what may be required.
                          What I still do not understand is JL Naudin's strange voltages recorded between each stage which does not follow a logical pattern.


                          I think you have missed the point of the Guillemin Line, or Pulse Forming Network. There are over 5 different configurations, A, B, C, D, E (E, not shown in Rad Lab Vol 5) & F, of the Guillemin Line, separated into "voltage-fed" and "current-fed" types. There are even more types when examining the whole field of Pulse Forming Networks. Coaxial cable can even be used as a PFN, sometimes called a "charge line", "helical resonators" (i.e. a coil inside a pipe), and other distributed or lumped networks made up of multiple "meshes" or repeating structures.

                          PFN meshes can be constructed for Transverse modes of propagation (L & C, self-interacting near-fields) or Longitudinal modes of propagation (M & K, mutual near-fields). That is, a PFN can be a TEM to LMD transformation impedance/admittance or vice versa, which is what the Tesla Transformer's basic operation is. The PFN's listed in Guillemin's original 1949 patent (US2461321) and the MIT Rad Lab Vol 5 (pgs 175-224) are a mixture of the two types. Mr. Dollard says the Guillemin Type-A PFN is something to look into. This being a voltage-fed two-terminal network, however, the Type-C current-fed PFN is also a two-terminal network, it may be worth looking into as well.

                          Rad Lab Vol 5: Guillemin[1] then argued that, inasmuch as it is impossible to generate such an ideal rectangular pulse by means of a lumped-parameter network, the theoretical pulse that is chosen should intentionally have finite rise and fall times. Mathematically, this condition means that the discontinuity in the pulse shape is eliminated, and that the Fourier series for the generated wave has the necessary property of uniform convergence throughout the whole region. The property of uniform convergence insures that overshoots and oscillations in the pulse can be reduced to any desired degree by using a sufficient number of sections. The introduction of an arbitrary pulse shape leads to a new difficulty, however, in that the impedance function necessary to produce the given pulse shape is unknown.

                          The logical way to determine the impedance function would be to use the basic circuit of the line-type pulser and work backward from the specified pulse shape to the impedance function necessary to produce it. This procedure proves too difficult, however, and instead, the steady-state problem for the circuit of Fig. 6-12 is solved. The alternating-current wave shape produced by this circuit is specified to be similar to the pulse shape desired. It is then assumed that the network determined on this basis will, when used in the basic line-type pulser, produce a pulse shape reasonably close to the desired form. This assumption has proved surprisingly valid in practice.

                          [1] E. A. Guillemin, " A Historical Account of the Development of a Design Procedure for Pulse-forming Networks," RL Report No. 43, Oct. 16, 1944.

                          Theoretically, it is possible to determine a large number of equivalent networks. The methods for carrying out the determinations are all based on mathematical operations on the impedance function of the network. [2] From the mathematical point of view, the impedance function completely characterizes the network, and all networks that have the same impedance function are equivalent. The determination of equivalent networks is therefore primarily a mathematical problem.

                          [2] For a detailed discussion of equivalent networks, see E. A. Guillemin, Communication Networks, Vol. II, Wiley, New York, 1935, pp. 184-221.

                          The first Guillemin networks were designed on the basis of a trapezoidal pulse shape having a rise time of approximately 8 per cent. Both five- and seven-section networks were built, but the improvement of the seven-section over the five-section network was very slight. No more than five sections are therefore necessary to generate a pulse having an 8 per cent rise-time parameter. Elimination of the fifth section was found to have an appreciable, although small, deteriorating effect on the pulse.

                          To recapitulate, the Guillemin theory provides a means of designing pulse-forming networks that duplicate accurately the pulse shapes normally required on a resistance load. It is then possible to compute the actual pulse shape produced by the theoretical network and, by judicious changes in some of the parameters, to approximate even more closely the desired pulse shape.

                          T-Rex: The Tesla Transformer is only a component, such as a resistor or condenser. A simple condenser can force an A.C. wave out of existence, but it can also magnify it to enormous magnitudes. The Tesla Transformer is an impedance to admittance converter. It can also be a phase converter from conventional bi phasic currents to, or from, monophasic currents.

                          A dielectric translation through space is not a wave. Ultimately it is uni-directional, no magnetic field is expected. See the writings of Vassilatos in "Secrets of Cold War Technology", the Tesla chapter.

                          The longitudinal analog network that I made known can do some of what the Tesla Transformer can. Later on I came up with a more advanced plan resulting in a complete lumped component network equivalent of a mono-polar transforming Tesla Transformer but that work is now lost. Mutual Inductance is the major complication, as has been recently discussed here. For the most part a simple series resonant circuit of very large inductance and minimal capacitance will produce the results sought after in a specific engineering application. This series circuit, a form of M/C network must be driven by a constant potential source of negligible internal impedance in order to get full magnification and rise in output potential. It can be dangerous.
                          T-Rex: Also the Guillemen line is IMPORTANT, the rest of the MIT pages on it would be helpful here. The Guillemen line is a "single wire" longitudinal transmission structure. Hence it is an analog of a longitudinal wave, or a section of a one wire transmission system. This is known as a "two terminal" network, in distinction to the standard "four terminal" network. Guillemen's rearrangement of the condensers from shunt to series greatly reduced the dielectric stress on these condenser. This allowed for a great reduction of size and weight, important for aircraft.
                          T-Rex: (1) The Guillemin line, or network, can be regarded as an elementary electro-static condenser. It has two terminals, and stores electro-static, or dielectric, energy. this in a manner like the basic condenser. There is one important difference, however, this "Guillemin Condenser" is a "loaded condenser".

                          The common condenser discharge is of a hyperbolic nature, this in Nepers per second. This is not a pulse, it is an impulse. The variation of a pulse is indefinite in time or a discontinuous function, not a hyperbolic one. The hyperbolic function is a result of a rate of change of a quantity which at each instant is proportional to the magnitude of the quantity itself. This gives rise to Epsilon, or base e natural logarithms. It is a law of energy and thermodynamics. The pulse, in distinction to the impulse, represents a constant flow of electric energy, hence constant power.

                          (2) Previously discussed was the loading on antenna and long distance telephone lines. For the most part the networks described were all four terminal structures, with the exception of reactance arms. The output terminals were the distant telephone, or the Aether itself. The Guillemin network is a two terminal structure and cannot be considered a transmission network as normally understood. Now it is a transmission network in a counter spatial form. So as with a loaded electro-magnetic telephone pair, a four terminal network, the Guillemin line is a loaded dielectric network, a two terminal network. In his book "communication networks", volume 2, Guillemin is close to a wave equation for counterspace. The "Type A" line can be considered a longitudinal magneto-dielectric transmission line. This is important.

                          [1] Guillemin's ORIGINAL patent regarding rectangular pulses for Radar magnetrons, using PFNs.

                          Note the date the patent was issued (1949) and when it was filed (1943), Guillemin's PFN work, among other novel radio techniques developed by him and others, were under top secret classification until the end of the war. Interestingly, the whole point of the MIT Rad Lab Series was to disseminate the technologies and techniques developed during the war effort to advance the civilian and academic communities. Aside from the NASA moon program spinoffs, there hasn't been much dissemination of military technology in recent years.

                          [1a] A fantastic read, 1300pgs long though, is the Spread-Spectrum Communications Handbook, it covers some of Guillemin's contribuitions to radio communication, and the broad field of radar navigation, radio encryption and jamming immunity that the US government was developing. I'm sure this fascinating field was where Mr. Dollard was put to work during his service in the Navy.

                          [2] Salva Persion - Radial Type-E PFN

                          Shown is a novel approach to constructing Type-E PFNs, a sort of inverted helical resonator.

                          [3] MIT Rad Lab Vol 5 Chapter VI, The Pulse Forming Network, pgs 175-224
                          [4] NASA - Pulse Forming Network for Particle Path Visualization, 1981
                          [5] WG Walker - High-Power Pulse Forming Network, 1965

                          Garrett M
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                          • garettm4, you're faster then me with that insightful response. Smokey, not ganging up on you, my apologies if it comes across that way.

                            This is where it's going to get difficult for the majority here as the needed materials to understand what Eric is talking about are not easily had. not to mention the distinction of pulse and impulse, much like explosion & implosion or fusion & fission.

                            I think I get what Eric was doing/did. the crystal coil set is step one in grasping the concept of -j. it's also a component that when placed as the pulse forming & output network the pulse form would be a time invariant pulse.

                            many many thoughts to organize before I shove my foot in my mouth..


                            • Guillemin Theory & Moray

                              GarrettM4 and Madhatter,
                              Thankyou for that and most appreciative of how you have put that all together.
                              I had something set in my mind, not being a deep theoretical person and it was only for the LMD string and all I saw was TEM.
                              Funny but I also missed the Patent and can now see what it is all about.

                              Pi is causing me problems and I have an apology to make as some of my data is incorrect BUT only with respect to pi.
                              Have some questions waiting for an answer but not received as yet.

                              Actually went to the Lab and took out 2 stainless steel lids that were solid and rolled them along a tape measure many times.
                              Average pi returned was 3.16 for both lids, C = 524 & 411mm.
                              Also did it with a dressmaker's cotton tape measure with the same result.

                              My youthful experiment was only that I had done the same as the above and nothing at all to do with 3.24.
                              When you are working at about half a meter, it is easy to see any discrepancy.

                              One is a Harmonic and one is pi which are two totally independent phenomena.
                              However, there is still something going on here which I am attempting to home in on as I am trying to put Moray together from the information we have and any help is most appreciated.

                              I did some involved work with the Vesica Pisces for the 'Wheels Of Destiny' and need to re-examinbe that data as I feel there is something there that I have missed.
                              The Vesica Pisces is all to do with Roots.

                              Thankyou for your help and will go away with tail between legs and do some careful reading.

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                              • More on pi

                                With thanks for guidance from Wayne Thompson of 'The Measuring System Of The Gods' I now have my answer for pi:

                                Jain's True Value of Pi

                                Pi does not equal 3.141592
                                A = (14 – ROOT 2) ÷ 4
                                = 3.1464466.....

                                I have always been suspicious of pi and the value we have been forced to use as in determining pi for something to wrap around a cylinder was always that little bit shorter than calculated.
                                There is a book available at the above site but is A$60 but the above gives you an initial idea as to what is involved.

                                NASA, I should have remembered back in my tracking days that pi had been changed to accomodate entry and exit of spacecraft using a Planet for sling-shot acceleration to the next Planet (Voyager) but I never thought too much about that in those days.
                                This now needs to be applied to our Coils but we need to now know exactly which pi to use for that condition.
                                Different conditions - different pi.
                                More on this as it comes to hand.