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  • Here is a transcript of a video where Mr. Dollard discussed the PP-18 and explained why and how it produces anomalous results.

    Unfortunately I am still not able to tell why my attempts to replicate his results have not been successful.

    Telluric3.MP4 - "Eric Dollard's Telluric Research 2007, Part 3"
    Video available from

    Interjections from other persons in the video have been omitted from the transcript.


    All this stuff is so simple, and so easy, and just little simple algebraic equations, simple little motors and things that have been around all the time, not the laws of conservation of energy...

    I've got a little aircraft vibrator box in my car, that was designed to take a 12V aircraft, and turn it into 24 volts for 24 volt radio equipment.

    Now the way this device does it is, it was before solid state reality that destroys all power flow relationships in any kind of power system because it's unidirectional!

    So what this does is it has a pair of vibrators on a common reed.


    So like the vibrators in an old car radio except it's a pair on a common reed. So it's got 8 pins instead of 4 or 5.

    Now what this does, it's very simple, simple little device that has two electrolytics in it.

    Contacts are on the A side.

    The two electrolytic capacitors are hooked in parallel and connected to the 12 volt battery in the car.

    The series inductance charges the capacitors to 12 or actually 14 or whatever.

    The vibrator at that time charge rate, after they're done, it's constant about 100 cycles a second vibrator, goes to contact set B.

    Contact set B takes the two electrolytic capacitors and connects them in SERIES, now you have 24 volts, and connects them to the 24 volt battery.

    So what you've done with this device is I have a 24 volt battery, and I have a 12 volt battery, hooked in parallel, with out a blast, because it's an exact 2:1 DC transformer, and you can't operate a transformer unless you involve the dimensions of per second.


    And it gets the per second okay, by the vibrator.

    Now if you take an inductance coil, like in a motor, an induction motor, and you take that inductance coil and you vary the inductance with respect to time...

    And that's what an induction motor does, because of the rotation...

    An inductance is in the dimensions of length squared divided by time. And that gives you the dimensions of resistance.


    So if I take an inductance coil, and I make the core hop in and out, I will get the same phase angle, the some phase angle a proper phase angle, same frequency as the AC that's going through the inductance coil but what will happen is, is I will either extract energy from that vibrating coil or I will deliver energy to that vibrating coil in the form of a resistance, you see what I mean?

    You know because energy is entering or leaving the field. It's a loss. Resistance is negative. Inductance is a negative, lag. Other side of the equation you have capacitance... Okay now just because all the textbooks took the negatives and erased it, they didn't ... wrath of Steinmetz, I'll use the negatives, positives, oh yeah yeah yeah, change old signs around... okay...

    So the other side you capacitance... a varying capacitance with respect to time... gives you the dimensions of conductance, which is one over resistance, ok. That actually turns out to be the energy generating component.

    If I have a system of electrical networks, and one of them is an alternator, okay, that's a conductance, that's generating in the system.


    The motor is dissipating, it's the resistance in the system. The transmission line is the inductance and, has to have all four elements, I have the energy creation, energy destruction, energy storage, energy return, it's a complete loop.

    So what this device in the car is doing, it's varying capacitance with respect to time and creating an energy component synthetically, through its dimensions, a piece at a time.

    And what that thing does, okay, is I can take the car and unplug it from the station, turn off the military radios which are a big drain, leave the scanner on, which pulls 100 milliamps.

    That vibrator, and that oscillating back and forth battery (???) will keep the scanner running indefinitely with draining the car battery. And sometimes I can't turn the thing off.

    That's all there is to free energy. It's that simple.


    I built a whole system to be studied in lab at Santa Barbara. I spent months, man, to build these networks to try to duplicate this effect and bring it out, so this could be so faint that you wondered if you might not be fooling yourself ... and of course they all went off to La-La Land and you know, abandoned the whole project, and you know I went back to the dumpsters.



    • To David and all - Q & A

      David Dawson: Ok, you figured the Farad dilemma out.

      Please do NOT use acronyms - I do not get it with them, nor do others. Spell the whole thing out.

      The 2C22 circuit is to make a regenerative receiver. Start with a normal tuned circuit and feedback coil, get the "hang of it" here before trying the Tesla Transformer, which will present difficulties.

      As for underground vs overground delay, put one signal into scope vertical, other signal into scope horizontal, diagonal line in phase, ellipse out of phase.

      Remember, mutual inductance between network coils make things different, usually for the better however.

      The network values for the recent video are 0.2 microfarad & 88 millihenry. Be sure to use half values at the ends or distortion will result.

      PP-18 aircraft radio power converter. I cannot get it to do what it used to do. Do not know why this is. However, I still do get extended time constants, contact adjustment is critical for this. I suggest for independent mercury reed contacts driven by variable time functions for each.

      Chris Carson died before we could finish analysis of his efforts. That unit was very hard to construct!!!

      Indeed, sparking was taking place when the PP-18 acted as a "perpetual charged condenser." That means cross phased on time for SPDT contacts.

      Remember the 1B22's are very rare and valuable. Do not Foxtrot them up! Keep pulse currents small and short.

      I did make a very sophisticated switching unit for Peter Lindemann, Mike Knox and Chris Carson at S.B. but it vanished like a fart in the wind. So what is new?

      The ringing Geiger Counter is a sales product. Remember Japan! Steve McGreevey has new box so you can hear the severe U.H.F. digital world you like to live in. It is horrifying how much power is swirling about and pecking away!!

      Ron Cole setup is no more than a simple Tesla Impulse Generator, so use Tesla's name, not Ron Cole. A Guillemin Condenser, the name for his networks instead of regular condenser may make for interesting elements.

      For the Tesla Transformer Pulse Generator, put a 50 ohm resistor in series with the 0.1 uF input condenser, it will extend tube life.
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      • Mr Dollard,

        What do you mean by " cross phased on time for SPDT contacts" ?

        It is interesting that the PP-18 no longer seems to do what it used to do. Extended time constants are consistent with my own experience.

        It is my hypothesis that our projects here operate in a domain where the apparent rules of reality are no longer quite as reliable as one tends to believe they are.

        It may well be that a "free energy device" is only possible when its existence is known to very few.

        Its existence would, according to this hypothesis, demand too great a shift from the ambient thought framework.

        This would also represent an explanation of the mysterious events which have dogged your work.

        It is very much a film from the "computer reality" but you may nevertheless find the following to be of interest:

        If this hypothesis is correct then the bringing about of "abundance" on a large scale would require a different approach than the design and engineering of a single device.

        It would also perhaps explain the secrecy which has always surrounded the deeper aspects of the so-called "occult."


        • EP Dollard Response

          EP Dollard Response:
          Thankyou for your responses and will work on those as we proceed.
          Hope the Conference went well.

          The acronym you are probably referring to is not one at all but the very name of a Chinese Company that was manufacturing Delay Lines at Passiac, New Jersey and called AD-YU.
          They eventually went before the courts to explain why they were giving away information to China that was considered to be of a National Security interest.
          I am very aware of the acronym problem and you will note that I specifically DO explain anything that is made brief.
          I am ex spacetrack NASA Tidbinbilla, Australia and we (the DSN - Deep Space Network) were given the very job by DSN/Intell (4040) who were the very first remote control chip manufacturers involved with this huge task, to keep all the acronyms the same and be meaningful at the same time.
          Without the Space Industry we probably would be back with 1990 computers.
          We started in a huge room about 50 meters long by 20 wide with 3 full rows of 19" racks with about 12 operators (about 30 subsystems) and in the end, after about 12 years I was the last man standing at the RF front end and all the rest was being handled by two others in the control room - Computers and where it all began.

          This is a picture of the opened top of the AD-YU showing the L & C organisation and have done some in circuit measurements with the following results:
          3 randomly chosen strings:
          500/281/258pF - 913mH
          262/976/531pF - 811mH
          643/318/933/525pF - 1.429mH

          Confirmed an in circuit measurement of my own 5 place PFN (Pulse Forming Network or NET) with the following results:
          mH 168/192/193/69/73
          Do not know why the two at one end are low as they were made equally but may suggest something out of the ordinary may be occurring here?
          uF 0.053/0.029/0.029/0.029/0.052
          As you can see the two outside Cs are about double the inside and is in accordance with your suggestion to 1/2 the outers.

          The bottom ceramic cap string line is from the Don Smith 'Impulse Discharge' experiments where I also believe a phenomena is occurring due to the caps being in a series string when stressed under an extra high voltage - caps are 20kv 100pF.

          Steve McGreevey:

 - Natural VLF Radio - Sounds of Space Weather - The Music of the Magnetosphere

          We already have the Crystal Set/Radio Initiative (CSI/CRI) working and considering now for it to be duplicated into the final TX/RX configuration using my Extra Coil and not yours as we differ on the fundamental reasoning.
          Results on this when I can get the time.
          Thankyou again for your answers and wish you all the best.



          • TEM & LMD NETworks

            TEM & LMD NETworks:


            Communication Networks - Ernst A Guillemin:


            This is the book Eric is referring to with respect the related organisations.
            It is of significant interest to me in building the 'Spherics Tetrahedral Device' (STD) as it means I need to know in which direction to rotate the invisible vortex motor and I also need to know if I should be leading or lagging where phase is concerned.
            My direction is indicated by a Weather Low Pressure System in the Southern Hemisphere by rotating CW as that is where the energy is being generated and not in the High.
            LMD is significant in its relationship with light where we see something happening before it actually does as related to PI/2 * c where 'c' is the speed of light.
            Notice that the TEM Eric calls the Low Pass Filter and the LMD the High and the two together are Wide/Broadband and this is significant in that we will attempt to be opposite to what current/today technology represents in what is termed 'fine' tuning where all the Cosmic noise including the Aether is eliminated.
            This is as applied to an ambient energy extraction device which we are currently working on from many angles.

            Later - unfortunately the PDF is only to Page 135 at the beginning of Chapter IV with the full version containing 581 pages but gives you an idea of what's ahead.

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            • Neuhof

              Cross phase is a power line term where two different phases are connected giving a short circuit condition.

              In this case it is when both contacts in a SPDT switch contact the central terminal shorting the normally open to the normally closed contact.

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              • A Time Reversal Capacitor of 1 Farad & Negative Resistance

                A Time Reversal Capacitor of 1 Farad & Negative Resistance:
                A precursor to understanding the principles involved here would be to review Eric's 'Extraluminal = Tranverse + Longitudinal' video:


                A brief comparison between the two:
                TEM - Low Pass Filter - Time Delay or Lag Network - zero to infinity
                LMD - High Pass Filter - Time Advance (PI/2*c) 'counterspace' or time reversal - infinity to zero - an ambient superconductor
                TEM+LMD = Broadband or Wideband - Extraluminal

                I need to explain this initially in the solid state format but have advanced into Vacuum Tubes later in the article.
                What I am going to attempt here is to associate Eric's video with 'negative resistance' (NR) which is called an ambient superconductor and holds the same phenomena as the Longitudinal Magneto Dielectric (LMD) wave string.
                Those that know me will understand what I am presenting here as it has been the collective work of many years endeavouring to understand what NR means and after watching the video you should see the same words being used to explain like 'TIME REVERSED'.
                Below is the 'Negistor' article from Marcelo Puhl explaining the NR phenomena and uses words as Eric did in his video:

                KeelyNet on negative resistance - 04/07/00

                On Page 3 at bottom is the Farad capacitor link which is the next two Pages featured at this URL:

                American Radio History: Documenting the History of Radio TV and FM broadcasting

                This is the reference from the 'Radio-Electronics' of March 1985 under 'Designer's Notebook':

                This is a simulated Farad but is of that value never-the-less and you might like now to consider Thomas Henry Moray's device where he was using Farad capacitors but not ones from the shop which are only of a few volts.
                Have been searching for this type of information for years and it has now fallen into place and answers many questions.

                Vacuum Tubes:
                The above information is related to transistors and we now need to apply that same phenomena with Tubes where considerable information is available on negative resistance (NR) with respect to oscillators and dynatrons etc.
                For those new to Tubes, have added this URL in an attempt to make it easier to better understand their properties where 'rp' dynamic plate resistance - 'gm' transconductance and 'mu' amplification factor are concerned where:

                mu = gm * rp:

                The explanation you must read

                Eric presented an article on 'very high transconductance' Vacuum Tubes and mentioned the 6AS7G where this Tube has an 'rp' of 280 ohms and you can see from the chart in the URL, the best is from a 12AV7 with 4,800 ohms.
                The lower this figure is, the better the bandwidth.
                Can you now see why the 6AS7G is 'out of the box'?
                This is real 'broadband' (negative resistance) and why the audiophiles use this as the preferred Tube for headphone amplifiers.
                As an aside, not all the odd harmonics are beneficial in an audio perspective but requires experiment to obtain the 'sparkle' and 'chime' mentioned in the article BUT I believe that all of those odd harmonics are most welcome where energy is concerned.

                Negative Resistance in Tubes was really only first recognised in the Cunningham/RCA C-324-A (24A) which was the very first 'screen grid' Tube which appeared at the end of 1928 - first indications however, dated back to 1918.
                This is the Tube I believe Tesla used in his Pierce Arrow (1931) and have already made implications that he was personally involved in its introduction.
                Nothing here about amplification magic nor over unity but just a TIME REVERSAL and a very broad bandwidth or working in 'counterspace' but what it does do is PI/2*c - 'c' being the speed of Light.
                This is what the Crystal Set/Radio Initiative (CSI/CRI) is all about is a time reversal and working in counterspace where you are able to achieve phenomena which is 'out of the box' and what the Alexanderson antenna system was all about at RCA Bolinas.
                Using Tubes that are not amplifiers like the 6AS7G and similar is also working in this area and the 'guitar studio' document, clearly shows the implications where you widen the bandwidth and it is then that you receive the pristine sounds of real life music.
                What this is actually doing is increasing the bandwidth and including the higher end odd harmonics and this is where the magic begins and the simple reason why you use Vacuum Tubes and NOT solid state for audio amplification.

                I now get back to my Female analogy of energy in that what we currently use is only the positive side, the Male and is now why we need to look at the contractive and Female side.
                This is analogous to the Muslim religion where the Male predominates and the Females are supressed and do not have balance in their lives and why we see this so called terrorism in Male explosion/expansion.
                No longer look at fine tuning, narrow bandwidth Male but to the broadband Female where energy is concerned.
                Male is flat in the horizontal and expansive and has an energy that is dispersed over a wide area and where fine tuning is required to drag in that energy where Female is broad in the vertical and contractive and contains a huge energy resource that is contained in a small area.

                Hope this is making some of what we talk about being more acceptable to the reader as where we are is entirely new and requires correction from our corrupted education.
                No apologies for the long Post as I needed to get this all together and where better than here.
                All the best.

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                • Dear David Dawson,

                  Spherics Tetrahedral Device - was of particular interest too one of my flywheel based projects recently, delivering the purpose of generation stability in a single spacial dimension, teemed i might add with various groupings of fellow symmetrical tetrahedral flywheels too offer little more than stability and inertia in the typical fashion, however in my readings i have noted a few anomalous uses that others have experimented with and i understood as being atypical too either traditional function. without getting into the scifi ufo stereotyping of their uses, can you point me towards a page you have used for inspiration in your work


                  • Free Energy Design Criteria

                    Free Energy Design Criteria:

                    I had made my mind up on day one to remove myself from physical rotation (motors/generators etc) and that a passive vortex device was the base criteria needed and this simply to eliminate the maintenance/noise/fuel costs.
                    This for a house power plant eliminating poles and wires.
                    Spherics came along at 'Overunity' whilst I was designing the organisation as I had already considered a 4 pulse coil design and the need to pulse each coil at the 120 offset as I had made a point of buying old TV Neck Ferrites (a dual coil + bifilar wound) and was most fortunate in acquiring the AD-YU delay lines required to do this.


                    Plus all the vintage GLOM (General List OF Material or BOM - Bill Of Material) I could put my hands on like multivibrators, Tubes, ignition coils and flybacks for high voltage.
                    Vacuum Tubes were the essential pulse ingredient here as solid state was also eliminated in the original design criteria as bandwidth was required with harmonics present.
                    Everything today was 'fine tuned' and was considered that the very opposite phenomena was an essential requirement into OU - TEM vs LMD.
                    Eric's thyratron pulser met these demands as I had already come to this conclusion when experimenting with the Don Smith 'Impulse Discharge' design and why Eric Dollard's input on TEM & LMD is most beneficial to me for ALL free energy designs - that I needed thyratrons to do the down conversion into a useable AC.
                    Batteries and Inverters were also eliminated in the base criteria - simply a total change in thought as to what we were going to use.

                    People are here asking Eric for a free energy device to do what I am engineering and it is all contained in the information that he is providing and why I presented the TEM/LMD/Negative Resistance association.
                    LMD = PI/2*c

                    I cannot stress more that people need to pull themselves away from keyboards and actually do something at the bench - Eric's 'electrical experimenter'.

                    A document coming shortly on 'Impulse Discharge' as this is the second experimental road into OU after the 'Spherics Tetrahedral Device' (STD) and a third is Expansion/Implosion in the Fran De Acquino Tower Device and that is also being attended to and a 4th in Bruce Perrault's Radiant Energy collector.
                    And last but by far not the least of significance is Eric's 'Crystal Set/Radio Initiative' (CSI/CRI) which is also here with intent to modify and be Tube pulsed with a duplicate receive coil arrangement.

                    All five are on the bench for experiment with adaptations but progress is slow as I also cover other research fields including Rainmaking after TJ Constable and FLAT EARTH and Sun Distance.
                    Which device has the most potential to fill the house power criteria? - the 'Spherics Tetrahedral Device' (STD).

                    If anybody would like further information, it is available at Yahoo Groups 'dltorsiondevices' or you can connect at my Email:
                    Only dedicated individuals also at the bench please as my time is limited and wondering how it may be possible to reverse time as in an LMD arrangement.

                    Further information will be presented here as it is actually using some results of Eric Dollard's information which has been one of the connecting threads for all of free energy but only a very few are awake to that fact.

                    Summary for an 'Energy Synthesis Device':
                    No physical rotation.
                    No Solid State - Vacuum Tubes preferred initially
                    No Batteries or Inverters
                    No noise, or use of Fossil Fuels
                    Low maintenance
                    No power outages like during storms etc
                    No poles or wires
                    No long wire or similar Antenna except for a smart design using LMD principles which I am working on
                    Safety paramount
                    Practical size



                    • Mr. Dawson,

                      Have you been able to produce an 'Energy Synthesis Device' at all, without regard to the design parameters that you specify?


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                        • live call in 1 hour

                          Originally posted by Aaron View Post
                          TOMORROW NOON PACIFIC DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME - LIVE CALL WITH ERIC DOLLARD - have questions? Call in and ask him yourself - Conference Call Dial-in: 1-857-232-0155
                          Conference Code: 582590
                          Live call in 1 hour.
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                          • Originally posted by t-rex View Post
                            Cross phase is a power line term where two different phases are connected giving a short circuit condition.

                            In this case it is when both contacts in a SPDT switch contact the central terminal shorting the normally open to the normally closed contact.
                            From a theoretical perspective, why would the simple act of varying capacitance NOT be enough to produce surplus current flow... why would additional current flowing through the condenser, or other conditions, be necessary?

                            Editing to add:

                            There are a variety of ways to construct a parametric variation device.

                            One may optimise for the highest possible number of parameter variations per second.

                            One may optimise for the most rapid possible parameter variation.

                            In the case of the PP-18, one may over-charge one or both condensers to above 12V. One may under-charge one or both condensers.

                            One may even produce parametric excitation or resonance in the PP-18 through careful choice of timing and the input inductance. (This seems unlikely given the design parameter of minimum ripple.)

                            And yet, I was under the impression that the 'energy surplus' appeared at the moment of parameter variation: when the e.g increase in capacity produced a positive conductance (G = C / time).

                            The positive conductance in turn resulting in a reduced voltage potential (across the varying capacity) or increased current flow -- V = I / G or, rearranged, G = I / V.

                            Yet if "cross phased" switching is required to produce any significant effect then it would seem likely this description is not complete:

                            From my point of view "cross phased" switching ought not to change the time rate of change of capacity (and therefore conductance), except in as much as the breaking of the arc might occur more quickly than a mechanical switch break.

                            In other words, if "cross phased" switching is required then the appearance of positive conductance would seem to be only part of the picture.

                            Other phenomena are evidently also required, acting in concert, to produce either or both of an increase in dielectric or magnetic induction.

                            This increase in either or both dielectric or magnetic induction, in turn, produces the second-order increase in electric induction which produces, according to your theories, Joules.

                            Indeed since dielectric parameter variation does not change the quantity of dielectric induction, at work would seem to be most likely an increase in magnetic induction, producing Volts.

                            But I see no clear path to understanding where this might come from in the domain of dielectric parameter variation.

                            Therefore, is it understood what the precise moment is at which the apparent energy surplus appears?
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                            • in regards too the PP-18 voltage doubler,

                              its just occured too add too list possible list of working principles, the posssility that it is all common earthd, and the inductance is sucking in electrons from the chassis , ive noticed that such big lumps of iron after often as good as a ground earth for increasing current flow in circuits, personally i find this more likey from personal experience than the plasma being the mediator for this current flow - and if it isnt wired up too allow this possibility, it could be


                              • I seem to be having trouble posting.