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  • I think the discussion on the displacement current becomes very simple if we just as Maxwell did assume there is an aether that behave like a bounded charge in an insulator a dipole electric and magnetic.

    If you look at Lenz law of magnetic induction you can see that the magnetic field induces a magnetic current in the aether and these magnetic dipoles that displace cause a circular electric force around the field that is the EMF.

    In the capacitor the aether particles are the electric dipoles that displace causing a circular magnetic field in the capacitor.

    So only particles are the origin of the field or the ends of the field lines and these particles are either aether particles or electrons protons etc.

    It is not necessary to say that fields can be the origin of fields but it is ok if the field has a material reality. The electrons are than the endpoints of marterial fieldlines of aether particles.

    I know the problem is that this Maxwell aether is supposed not to be there but that is Einstein crap. Miller has measured it again and again high up in the mountains not deep in concrete buildings. Clearly the aether is affected by heavy matter like concrete but when Miller measured high enough with canvas around the instruments in stead of concrete he measured an aether flow again and again. Even Einstein said that Miller was a problem. After Millers dead his results where wiped of the table by some commission saying that the statistics where not strong enough. Of cause everyone wanted to believe that Einstein was right than but Einstein himself was much less convinced.

    Dayton Miller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I hope we will witness the rectification of the biggest scientific error ever.


    • Now Eric seems to say that this displacement current is in fact a longitudional compression in the electric fieldlines with no accompanying magnetic field?

      So this means that Eric does not believe in Maxwells law of dielectric induction???

      But he does say there is a transversal electromagnetic wave along the wires and that requires Maxwell dielectric induction? What does Eric say on electromagnetic waves?

      I still don't get it after all this time.


      • Originally posted by orgonaut314 View Post
        Now Eric seems to say that this displacement current is in fact a longitudional compression in the electric fieldlines with no accompanying magnetic field?

        So this means that Eric does not believe in Maxwells law of dielectric induction???

        But he does say there is a transversal electromagnetic wave along the wires and that requires Maxwell dielectric induction? What does Eric say on electromagnetic waves?

        I still don't get it after all this time.

        Of course, I don't know for sure what Eric thinks, but it is correct that longitudinal waves do not have an accompanying magnetic field. The magnetic field actually is a rotational movement of the aether. So, whenever you have a magnetic field, you have some kind of vortex and/or rotation.

        A very interesting phenomena is the so-called "near" and "far fields" around an antenna, which are not properly understood by main stream science:

        Near and far field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        In the quantum view of electromagnetic interactions, far-field effects are manifestations of real photons, whereas near-field effects are due to a mixture of real and virtual photons. Virtual photons composing near-field fluctuations and signals, have effects that are of far shorter range than those of real photons.
        They have to invent virtual photons, which by definition do not exist, in order to straighten things out!

        What I think really is going on is that the "near field" is a real, transverse surface wave, while the far field consists out of "particles" or "photons" which show that strange wave-particle duality phenomenon:

        Wave–particle duality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        Wave–particle duality is the concept that every elementary particle or quantic entity exhibits the properties of not only particles, but also waves. It addresses the inability of the classical concepts "particle" or "wave" to fully describe the behavior of quantum-scale objects.
        However, since we know these "photons" are electro-magnetic in nature and thus *must* contain some kind of vortex, we can attempt to visualise how these things actually look like, which may be something like this:

        Now there is one problem with the current understanding of the electromagnetic fields, as described in the Maxwell equations in their currently accepted form.

        For any kind of wave to propagate, one needs both inertia (modelled by the magnetic induction, or a coil) and elasticity (modelled by dielectrity, or a capacitor). So, for describing electromagnetic waves, we have a model for both components. However, the description of the inertia *only* contains the rotational form of the inherent inertia of the aether. And that is why it seems there cannot be longitudinal waves. No wave without inertia!

        In other words: if we accept the existence of the aether as a real, gas/fluid like medium, we have a basis for describing longitudinal waves, BUT we don't have a proper model for describing the inertia needed for sustaining longitudinal waves, because our models *only* account for *one* kind of inertia, namely the magnetic field, which describes *only* the rotational component of the real inertia present in the aether.

        As an analogy, the current theory is akin to allowing *only* gyroscopic mechanical oscillations, because of ignoring the possibility of translational movements, which are perfectly possible.

        It is beyond me why such an obvious mistake has not been corrected, but the fact of the matter is that it isn't, which is why "science" has come up with the crazy ideas incorporated in "quantum mechanics", as I wrote about in this article:

        Tuks Unsorted KieknWatTWordt Stuff - Questioning Quantum Mechanics


        • In this article the displacement current is also criticised.

          Transmission lines where only understood with transversal electromagnetic waves so Maxwell was a genius it says. His displacement current led to the correct understanding of transmission lines and EM radiation.

          But there is a problem with this as the electromagnetic wave along a cable has a front where the field changes very rapid. If there would be a magnetic field at this front created by the rapid changing field that is a displacement current than the wave would be ahead of itself. So it is very problematic to say changing fields cause fields.

          The solution seems to be that the field causes the currents and charges. Than in fact Maxwell should have said. There are electromagnetic waves explaining transmission lines and giving Heaviside the tools to construct working transmission lines. These electromagnetic waves have boundaries on charges and currents. The wave itself is simple a dual thing with electric and magnetic parts.

          Now what happens inside a capacitor is answered as it is just another transmission line. Read the article he explains better.

          So no there is no extra magnetic field in a capacitor but for the field caused by the transversal electromagnetic wave.

          So we do give Eric credit for opening our eyes that charges and currents ar no sources but boundaries as Maxwell did not get that yet.

          Still noone sees the longitudional energy in a cap and when we look at the Tesla coil I think there are two transmission lines. One going vertical between the loops and one along the line. But Eric says the vertical transmission line carries a longitudional wave and not a transversal. That makes all the difference.

          But electromagnetic theory is not as simple as they teach us. Even today we discover Maxwell to have build a fictional mathematical current because he got it the wrong way around. Lot of confusion everywhere.


          • What I wanted to say too is that nobody understands the near field but it gets clearer when you realise that the electromagnetic radiation is freed from its boundaries in currents and charges when it is transmitted.


            • Displacement Current : - “ Is the result of a capacitor either accumulating the charge or getting rid of its charge”. “Charge = displacement current multiplied by the time in which it acts”.

              It is still yet to be determined if there is a magnetic field associated with it or not, experiments yet to be fully carried out. There may be a situation where there is no magnetic field.

              This was all explained with the most recent conference call. With Aaron and Eric - Really good content here, (thanks Aaron)!

              @ upgradd,
              Thanks for the detailed reply.

              I’ve briefly looked at the EH-antenna circuits, [not too deeply as to avoid confusion and mind contamination], while they are likely NFG in normal radio TEM transmission and receivers, the active line from the transmitter goes through a tuning coil, then the P coil, with a capacitive cylinder attached the end. So there will be some reflective-wave component from the terminal capacitance. With who-knows-what if any coupling going on to the other grounded cylinder.. So it’s not a normal transmission mode, neither completely Tesla (telluric) like, nor transverse like. It’s kind of a failure of both! If a similar EH [receiver] was constructed, it may pick up something, but the efficiency would be low.
              "Doesn't matter how many times you kick the coyote in the head, it's still gonna eat chickens". - EPD


              • Sputins, please check your pm.
                Aaron Murakami

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                • Originally posted by Sputins View Post
                  Displacement Current : - “ Is the result of a capacitor either accumulating the charge or getting rid of its charge”. “Charge = displacement current multiplied by the time in which it acts”.

                  It is still yet to be determined if there is a magnetic field associated with it or not, experiments yet to be fully carried out. There may be a situation where there is no magnetic field.

                  This was all explained with the most recent conference call. With Aaron and Eric - Really good content here, (thanks Aaron)!
                  Well I have enough information from Eric without the conference call and I have no idea how to get that info too. What is measured inside a cap can be explained by the transversal wave entering the cap. The displacement current that Maxwell introduced turned out to be fiction (that field is not there so Maxwell used the wrong picture for a cap). These measurements where done with superconductors and will probable not get better.
                  My understanding is that Eric says we have an ether and that acts like a superfluid. The transversal energy is close to the plates but there is also a longitudional strong component. When you look at the sun the transversal component soon dies out and the longitudional component makes it through dark space. There are more people saying this. Eric used the example of the ocean where transversal waves are on the surface only.

                  So it all comes with the universe as a super ether fluid or not.


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                    This video will blow your mind when you see the scope and magnitude of a project he was involved with and is in the process of replicating again.

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                    • AVEC & Patrick Flanagan on Scalar

                      AVEC - The 'Aether Vortex Energy Converter':

                      Still working on the Steven Mark TPU and the AVEC is a similar styled device but improved and modified from the SM original.
                      Once again this information is dated back in 2010 and I don't see anybody jumping up and down in having a working replication that is powering their everday energy desires including their house.

                      Directory contents of /pdf/Aether%20Vortex%20Energy%20Converter/

                      Why no working replications?
                      Firstly we don't know if the design is bogus or not and secondly most go into a build and make it all so neat and pretty like a picture they have seen without attempting any of the prerequisite experiments to gain some idea if they think it is going to work or not.
                      One of the requirements in the AVEC is as much resistance as possible in the coil windings and I have here Manganin wire (60% Copper) which I will be experimenting with including the plain Copper and Aluminium as well as Silver coated Copper after the work of Otto & Roberto who had a working TPU replication.
                      And this is only one aspect of many to attempt including feeding TV Neck Ferrites in various organisations.

                      And they went and spoilt the entire device by adding batteries at the end and when are we going to learn that this technology alone is real vintage and very badly technically downgraded in the current commercial world and just like education
                      It's like buying prescription spectacles from your local Optometrist who proudly display the cost of the frames at only on special at $99.99 when their actual cost is a mere $5.

                      This is the Patrick Flanagan document on Scalar, dated but relevant:


                      On Page 5 he talks of making opposite calculations to an EM antenna and he is saying the 'hydronic' antenna is out of resonance and once again we see the requirement for voltage and not current that gives the signal the punch required.
                      Longitudinal as against EM and why it is not used is questioned and good to see another angle on what Eric continually refers to.
                      Much talk here of how to do the Math and hope this may help others with the Crystal Set/Radio Initiative (CSI) and need to apply to my own calculations which still go unheeded.

                      Eric P Dollard described Scalar back in the very first Energetic Forum but I still don't quite understand and I feel I am not alone:


                      Anybody feel that you are on the border of just understanding or not and would have serious problems explaining the theory to someone else?
                      I am still hearing people here say they are still very unsure of 'electricity' even after all of Eric's work and I am one that will also agree with that statement and sentiment.
                      The Math doesn't help me in the slightest but reading his many other documents does to a degree.
                      It may be just that it is going to take time and experiment at the bench before it begins to fully sink in.

                      5U4G Power Supply now working well and adding a 50 Watt 1.5 ohm Rheostat with switch and meter for the filaments so that it becomes a variable power supply when used with a Variac.
                      Had to dispense with the Tek 585 transformer as I had misread its abilities and was fortunate in having a Kelvin & Hughes Flaw Detector (the very first device used to monitor the baby in Mum's womb using ultrasound) and this had the required filament current at 10 amps (needed 6) and the reason for the Rheostat - 6.3 to 5 volts.
                      HT was 270 volts CT and this gives me about 405 volts DC with an AC component on top.
                      AC and DC reside together on this power supply as the main feed is from the Cathodes to the pi filter and this is one thing that both Steven Mark and Tesla alluded to in their own experiments.
                      This also has a bonus HT winding of 1050 volts which I will probably also tap out onto the chassis for use and also 2 other 6.3 volt Tube windings (also has a thyratron and cathode ray tube and 23 Tubes).
                      This type of GLOM is Gold and have had it for about 4 years with a question on whether to refurbish or use as parts and the parts bit finally won - NO schematics or manuals available.
                      This is by far the most difficult aspect of Vacuum Tube work in obtaining the correct power supplies and has taken me about the same 4 years to get several together as the requirements are very broad with all the types of Tubes to work with.

                      Eric unfortunately is not responding here and cannot hold that against him and will be snail mailing for some answers with respect to the work I am doing with the TPU, both expansive and contractive and also Vacuum Tubes.

                      All the best with your own experiments.



                      • The most important thing I understand is that my Tesla coil makes an astral wave or a longitudional wave. The wave is interacting with my consciousness and is interesting enough to work further on.

                        My plans are to make a longitudional wave the analogue way. So the same road Eric took to Alexanderson. I think that if I can make astral waves with a smaller line of caps and coils I can make one device with a tube amp that can be carried with me.

                        Now I need to know what docs where explaining how to chose the values for the caps and coils. Anyone has an idea? Do I have to but the last book on Alexanderson networks? There are so many notes and books that is is very difficult to find the right stuff back again. Or does it work with any coil and cap? Or was there a relation between the caps and coils???

                        Thanks for any help.


                        • Theory Of Wireless Power

                          Eric's 'Theory Of Wireless Power' and at the end 'The Oscillating Transformer' would be a good start in your endeavours.
                          Eric says his 'Coil Capacitance Factor' chart is incorrect but doesn't go into detail as to why and is probably meant as a guide and still relevant to a degree.
                          Also there are the 'Propogation Factor' and 'Sheet Impedance' charts.

                          What impressed me were the large Coil stacks for the Alexanderson antenna field and where a man is standing looking as a reference.
                          Two coil stacks there, one shunt, the other series.

                          Why not build an EH or CFA antenna which removes EM from the equations?
                          I don't quite grasp what you want to do.



                          • Thanks. What I am trying to do is use the wave as a means to transmit stuff into my stereo and crt projector to make the image and sound more like real.
                            We have discovered long ago that if you apply Your own orgon to an electrical device it becomes more transparant to the reality of the recording. Noise levels are getting lower. The spacial information becomes clerarer and most of all emotions come through much better. This research has produced information that carbon is a good conductor for emotions and orgon in the recording zo are tubes. Now we did know that and we found ways to make carbon even much better. I discovered that using a Tesla coil through carbon with a tube osciallator boosts the orgon in my devices so I would like to miniature the device to better build it in.
                            I can asure you that a statistical relevant research was carried out by former scientists where people listened for a long time to a modified set and experiences where noted. 9 out of 10 people start to get emotional when they first hear what orgon can do to audio and they have an unbelievable experience. So did I. 1 hears not much only a good stereo. They are not sensitive at all.
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                            • The Camp David Antenna

                              Understand and just hit me what your name here also reflects.

                              'The Camp David Antenna' I found to be most enlightening as I could understand the Math there and made me more comfortable.
                              This is where the picture of the man with coat over his arm inspecting the Series Coil came from.
                              Eric goes into some good calculations here and his 1:100 Scale Model of the Alexanderson Antenna should give you some ideas.

                              Have some work to do with alloyed wires but may build the 6AS7/6080 first as I already have the 6SN7s railed.
                              Got to find out what the connection is with this Tube, the Aether, Counterspace or a Longitudinal signal like in the CSI.

                              Did you read the Patrick Flanagan pdf where he tells you a means of detecting the LMD signal and just like my dual 1N34 with high impedance headphones.



                              • Ok this is a good starting point
                                The Camp David Antenna | Gestalt Reality

                                But there is an obvious mistake in the mathematics, more than one. This one I will pick out:

                                T2 is defined as a sum of 2 terms a0 + a1 = 1 + a

                                Now Eric says T = sqrt(1+a) but T1 is defined as the sum with 1 term a0

                                so a0 is not sqrt(1 + a)

                                The index N from TN is used in two different meanings first as a summing index and than as a power index.

                                With all respect I don't think the mathematics was critical reviewed.