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  • In the update video you asked for ideas for the next conference talk.

    Having seen a few Dollard lectures they seem to follow a common pattern: a long section on the history (with photos of the men involved), and then rushing through the technical details because time is tight.

    Therefore, consider doing:
    * An introductory talk to get people up to speed who are not already familiar with the technology, call it Eric Dollard 101, which would not necessarily need to vary much from year to year
    * A topic-specific more advanced talk that assumes we know the basics

    Another idea would be a practically-oriented "how to build it" talk: walk through finding parts and doing the calculations to build a coil, for example.


    • tomorrow live call with Eric

      The live Q & A call with Eric for anyone who purchase a copy of his Extraluminal Transmission presentation is tomorrow morning at 10am. Short notice, but all we could do with Eric's schedule. That is 10am pacific time zone.

      If you purchased this presentation but did not get the email with login info, let me know.
      Aaron Murakami

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      • Spiral Pi = 3.24

        Took some time but thinking about it all helps as it is 'out of the box'.

        The 3.24 Pi is to do with a 'SPIRAL' Pi as against the regular 'stopped' Pi 3.14.

        Pi is the number of times the radius of a circle is contained in its circumference.
        You now look at Pi differently with a spiral attached to its calculation and is now in 3D vice 2.
        Everything is moving, nothing is standing still, only in corrupted Math and theories.
        So now if you grab your circle and project it forwards rotating at the same time as measuring the revolutions to get back to the start point, you also measure the distance it has travelled forward and in this is your 3.24 Pi.
        Smart ones will now be able to chart or map this distance in respect to the distance travelled forward in the spiral with respect to circumference:radius.
        Hope you can understand.

        So in moving through the complete rotation of the circumference, you have also moved forward a distance of 0.1 times.
        Circle is 6"
        Circumference = 18.8496"
        Spiral Pi = 18.84955592 x 0.1 = 1.884955592 + 18.84955592 = 20.73451151"
        So your circumference has grown by some 1.9".
        Perhaps what we should do here is actually do this with a piece of wire cut to both lengths as above and then sense what we see as being different.
        Is this one reason why we appear to be missing out on some sort of interaction with the aether as we are simply not working in the ballpark area?

        So where did all of this come from?
        From Bruce Cathie and who was it that latched onto this phenomena but Wayne Thompson and put it into black and white for the digestion of everybody who was open to understanding.
        He actually built a motor that was designed on these principles but remains unfinished due to dirty deals by others only interested in money making.
        The reference here is Bruce Cathie's book which I have open here in front of me 'The Energy Grid - Harmonic 695 - The Pulse Of The Universe' Page 10:
        Recent research has indicated that the electron could possibly move through 371.27665 degrees. This being the radius multiplied by 3.24. which I call spiral Pi. The harmonic of 37127665 would be a reciprocal value of that derived from the unified equations. (26934) approx.
        More on this on Page 236/7.

        The electron here would be 'an entrained aether mass' which is caused by an outside influence to manifest itself into being seen (thus mass) as is the case in a Vacuum Tube as a glow in the gas enclosed and as a voltage potential at all of the grids.
        It is the aether that is being conditioned to move as a mass with potential and nothing to do with non existent electrons (or photons).
        More - 'secondary emission' is simply the rebounding of the 'tied' (as in a metal) aether mass back into activity and being released by other aether mass bombardment created by a difference of potential and possibly influenced by thermionics but not necessarily so.

        Page Title

        The Energy Grid - Harmonic 695 - The Pulse of The Universe

        You really need to read these references to grasp a full understanding.
        Think NASA realised the mistake of Pi with their entry/re-entry calculations where they needed to include a direction or spiral movement into the calculation but they didn't bother to make that information too public.
        Working in that same industry for 13 years at Tidbinbilla and I do remember that they had to manipulate Pi before they achieved success but at that time I was as much in the dark as everybody else, just doing a job and being paid for it.

        Putting Pi and 'Spiral Pi' to rest.



        • PHI and the Fibonacci Series

          PHI and the Fibonacci Series:

          This was to my regular Forum and reposting here (Acronyms at end):

          Been hitting me in the head all day about 89 and what is it about this number?
          The NIG/PIG is based on a resonant length with the 90mm Pipe being 2002.5 mm long and do the division and what do you get:
          2002.5/90 = 22.25 and x2 = 44.5 x2 = 89
          89 as the base with 44.5 (Lyle's number) being its half wave and 22.25 the quarter wave.

          Why 89:
          89 x 1.618 = 144
          When I built these units I had done a calculation from a TJC picture and had simply come up with the ratio of about 45:1 and then did some Math and the above is what I discovered.
          There is no written information on this anywhere but is the reason why I call the Negative/Positive Ion Generators 'resonant' units or guns.
          This is a simple way to tune a projecting Tube device is to mess with the 89 figure and as an example a thinner Tube of say 40mm would need to be 890 mm long for a 1/4 wave or 1780 mm for a 1/2 wave.
          Ok, now I understand - it is Jerry Bale's antenna that caused the Lightning type spark that I am thinking of and wondering now if it is not related to the above.
          Will have to check.

          Interesting here to do the full Math:
          22.25 x 1.618 = 36 - 1/4 0f 144
          44.5 x 1,618 = 72 - 1/2 of 144
          Does this work with another number say 156?
          156/1.618 = 96.4 with 1/2 = 48.2 and 1/4 = 24.1
          Then 24.1 x 1.618 = 39 and 48.2 x 1.618 = 78
          Yes, it does!
          Is there a name for this phenomena?


          Following Post:

          Why 144, it was a natural choice as it follows 89 in the Fibonacci Series after 55 and then, of course, I realised that that is what the Fib Series is all about PHI!

          The Fibonacci Series is all about PHI!

          It is a natural progression through the numbers which follows the natural path of Nature.
          55 x 1.618 = 89 etc.
          However, go read up about the Series and they show the Golden Spiral but they do not directly associate Fib with pHi, I wonder why not?
          Wiki gives you a load of meaningless Math but not once does anybody associate it in black and white with PHI like I have done above!
          Example 8 x 1.618 = 13 and I knew the answer before I checked on the Calculator as 5 was the preceding number in the Series.
          My old number information showed 144 = LIGHT and that is what has always been in the back of my mind.
          Code 144 from Edward Leedskalnin as well.

          Weather engineering devices - NIG Negative Ion Generator & PIG Positive.
          TJC - Trevor James Constable - 'The Cosmic Pulse Of Life'.

          Jerry Bayles:



          • Versor Algebra Chapter 1 Section 5

            Here's the next section for Eric's Versor Algebra book:

            Versor Algebra as Applied to Polyphase Power Systems – Chapter 1, Section 5 | Eric P. Dollard Official Homepage



            Aaron Murakami

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            • Versor Algebra Chapter 1 Section 5 - part 2

              Aaron Murakami

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              • Versor Algebra Chapter 1 Section 5 - part 3

                Aaron Murakami

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                RPX & MWO


                • Greetings all. It's been a while since I've posted. Spent the last 3 weeks in France, Switzerland and Italy living in a tent and just got back on Sunday evening so (practical) things had been on hold for a few weeks while I was making preparations and what not. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the latest conference call because I think I was walking around Venice at the time, but thank you for the message Aaron. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more than the human infested circus I was in! Also thanks for posting the new material. Normal service on my end should be resumed as soon as possible

                  "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                  "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


                  • Versor Algebra Chapter 1 Section 6 - Part 1

                    This Section 6 concludes Chapter 1. We will post Chapter 2 there are only 2 Chapters which will probably be sections in the final edited book.

                    Aaron Murakami

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                    • Versor Algebra Chapter 1 Section 6 - Part 2

                      Aaron Murakami

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                      • Versor Algebra Chapter 1 Section 6 - Part 3


                        Aaron Murakami

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                        • Versor Algebra Chapter 1 Section 6 - Part 4

                          Aaron Murakami

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                          • The Eric P Dollard Forum

                            If this is Mr Eric P Dollard's Official Forum then it would be really nice if he were to turn up here at least monthly with some kind of report that let's us know what he is doing.
                            Or at least give it to Aaron or John just to Post here so we can all keep in touch - Thank you!

                            Aaron, thankyou for posting all of Eric's Math but the interest there would be for about 1% of the participants.
                            In reality, the Math should really follow something working at the bench and we have put the cart before the horse.
                            Lack of interest is shown by lack of progressive reports coming from all of his earlier followers.

                            What we most dearly seek is a device that clearly demonstrates 'Energy Synthesis' and something practical and physical that we can all build and put to work in our own homes.
                            This was one of the initial attractions of Mr. Dollard in that he may be able to help in that particular area.

                            As a consequence I have continued with my experiments and am currently putting together Vacuum Tube devices that will allow me to drive the coils of the Steven Mark TPU (Toroidal Power Unit).
                            There is an actual replication of the TPU from Otto (now deceased) and Roberto and their pdf is here:


                            I have done most of the Don Smith/Kapanadze/Tesla/Dollard and similar style of builds and probably all I achieved was a deeper understanding of what was actually required and why I have finally chosen the Steven Mark TPU.
                            The Mark TPU is what I call an expansive TPU or ETPU but what I am also building as a dual set, is the contractive TPU or CTPU.
                            I am stupid enough at the age of 72 to realise that there will always be two ways 'to skin the cat'.
                            This follows on from the 1966 RCA CTC-5 colour TV implosion in Chicago where a young Negro boy was killed by nails in a screw shape form (everything metallic) being propelled violently into the screen of the TV and heading for the area of the Neck Ferrite and its associated horizontal and vertical deflection coils (similar stories from Matsu****a).
                            This is the base where Steven Mark began but for some reason unknown, followed the opposite course in an expansive device, the ETPU.
                            Why he did not follow the contractive or implosive line of reasoning from the initial event, only he will know.
                            I am repeating what I have posted earlier.

                            What I have built firstly is a replication of the CTC-5 power supply using 5U4Gs (5X4G, 5AS4, 5T4, 5Z3) as this is where it is believed the cause phenomena may have initially begun with an ac ripple on top of the DC HT which is at 380 volt and also lowered by resistance to 300 volts.
                            There are two dual rectifiers 5U4Gs working together here and to quote RCA, 'in case one failed' was the sole reason for the two.
                            As always with replications of vintage Radio it is not easy to acquire the parts required and had to settle for the transformer out of a Tek 583 Oscilloscope and will have to use a Variac here as filament volts is only 6.3v and the 5U4Gs use 5.
                            Failure modes need now to be applied to this power supply to see what will manifest with respect to an ac ripple on the DC HT.
                            Learning how to parallel transformers has led me along this path and being severely ostracised in the process by others 'still in the box' and is worthy of investigation as it leads to most interesting conclusions.
                            What would be of interest here is that one of the 5U4Gs drifted off in a weakness with respect the other and set up a distinctly different oscillation in the secondary windings of the transformer and this anomaly was presented to the workings of the TV with an implosion resulting - just conjecture on my behalf at this point.

                            Two other builds are also required and this is for a dual set of four 6BQ7A Drivers for the 3 control coils with the second set now being built.
                            This is believed to be the Tube that Steven Mark initially used to drive his coils.
                            As you already know that I am a follower of Vacuum Tubes for many reasons and one is the fact that a Tube is capable of producing the even and odd harmonics where I believe these are lost in solid state which is also prone to noise and requires excessive feedback to overcome with consequent excessive distortion.

                            This is where I would like Eric to come in and advise if we are on the right track or not as his Tube knowledge would be invaluable here.

                            I have two 1950s style TV Waveform Generators I am using as Signal Generators (Philips GM2891 and a Taylor 94B) and for these as Drivers/Amplifiers have built Eric's 6SN7 Driver as a pair as the Wave Gens are only outputting about 30mV.
                            Beauty of these units is that they are capable of switching the output into either one or other or both of the horizontal and vertical deflection coils
                            which may assist in the development of the 'Energy Synthesis' frequencies and voltages required.
                            They cover a range from 4 to 220 Mhz but may need to be able to reduce this down into the Khz ranges and this is my only remaining modification required.

                            What this method of aluminium rail building is doing is an attempt to show how it can be done simply and in this picture the two extra Valve bases just show how many can be fitted onto the one 6" rail as 6SN7GT Power Drivers.
                            I am attempting to show newcomers that Tube builds can be made reasonably simple using this means of construction.

                            What they do here in the Master Oscillator is begin at the 31 to 250Khz frequency for a 625 Line system and divide down, 6,250khz, 1250 hertz, 250 hertz, 60 hertz and this uses different style dividers and step counters.
                            What is of note here is the use of a Plate to Grid multivibrator feedback system in the 1st Divider which is a little 'out of the box'.
                            All I need do here is extract the khz signal from the Master Oscillator or any of these dividers for an external use and amplify.
                            My requirement was simple in that the Drivers needed to be driven by Tubes and not solid state for the reasons stated above as well as the phenomena of a vacuum and only people like Trevor James Constable realised the consequences of the vacuum.
                            These units have 13 and 23 Tubes respectively and have a preponderance of ECL80/6AB8 and 12AT7/12AX7/12AU7s so well liked by the audiophiles.
                            Both these units are now up and working and were a delight to restore and good to see the glow of all the filaments again.
                            I wouldn't have enjoyed the restoration unless there were some reason to be able to use these units for actual use at the bench.
                            I spent two years working with solid state Drivers and came away most dis-satisfied with the end product and the reason why I now choose Vacuum Tubes to do this particular function.
                            Once a result is achieved with the Tubes will I bother looking at a solid state option.

                            What we also have are the AD-YU Delay Lines in 3 different pair sets and this is always a consideration of driving coils in being able to modify the times that all 3 frequencies meet in the coil mix.
                            The AD-YU arrived without knobs and required a dual set as one turns inside the other and this problem has now been overcome.
                            Have only recently tested the range of this device and find it covers from 0 to 24.21 Henry in 36 steps and not the original 12 as initially observed - one coil set with 3 capacitors each to select and has a variable control for each range selected as well.
                            See this as being a means of achieving the 'kicks' required to open the door to an ambient energy.
                            It is where you hit the other frequencies on which part of the wave is the required criteria here and I have covered this earlier with my 'multiply and divide' explanation.
                            The TPU is no different to Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter (TMT) but uses 3 coils and is expected to go into a multiple concatenated state that amplifies but will rely solely on how it is driven.
                            See pictures on Page 48 of this Forum for the Delay Lines.

                            At this time I am not really interested in what others say or are doing as I have been at this now for some 12 years at the bench and am now going my own way and eliminating all of the distractions.
                            It has only taken me some 72 years to learn how to stick my finger up!

                            I have still seen absolutely nothing out of this year's conference that I am able to use so was a total loss to anybody outside of the USA.
                            Have just recorded the latest audio from Eric/Aaron and will view that later.
                            Later: Found it almost impossible to concentrate on due to the distorted voices and fade in and out and finally left it in preference for other work.
                            Simply prefer a Q & A in a black & white format and I thought that was what the Forum would be used for.
                            Later again: I felt guilty and went back and listened a little more to the audio tape but again, had other things to do.

                            I will put up pictures of the two TV Wave Generators and also suitable Tube power supplies if any interest is shown.
                            What I present here may look rather complex but is only a means to an end to have all the available equipment to do the initial experimentation or as Eric would put it, 'the electrical experimenter' as it is all needed to gain results where a much simplified unit would be made available after conclusion of experiments which anyone could build.
                            At least that is the main goal.
                            The other pdf that may be of interest on the TPU is the initial one between Lindsay Maddix and Steven Mark and explains the base concepts derived from the imploding RCA TV and is available from Scribd ('Stephen Mark's Toroidal Power Unit').



                            • Picture Size

                              My apologies for the first two pics as they were taken with a different Camera and have tried twice to rectify but does not want to change.



                              • Valve Amplifiers Morgan Jones

                                For those interested in Vacuum Tubes and also Amplifiers, this is the reference book made by Steven Mark on the interaction with the Earth's magnetic field when the power to the filaments is first turned on:


                                We are seeking that same 'kick' by creating a symphony of 3 various frequencies into 3 coils and the sole reason for my Tube Drivers.
                                Perhaps Bach had something to do with all of this.

                                This same 'kick' comes in a different form when you are standing in front of a large high power transmitter and you hit the 'ON' button, what you get is a 'Thung' and you feel it coming in through your head, through the body and down to your feet.
                                You always heard the noise but the sensitive ones would also feel it in the body as well.