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  • David G Dawson
    Walter Russell

    Walter Russell and the Aether:
    'Aether Force' - OK, that's good and accepted just like 'Reality Science'.
    Anybody that Posts on this Forum please don't think that your Post has been ignored as it may not be important to any individual today but may be of the most of significance tomorrow.
    I notice this from time to time that Forums are like a sine wave and some moments are cold and the next hot!

    Have been quiet here working around the house so little research being completed other than reading Walter Russell and looking at how to apply his theories and this has already been done by others at the bench in some aspects as indicated at the site below.
    Reason why I have always been attached to the Aether and those that attempt to educate us on this non-physical theory and a most difficult task at that.

    I have been busy uploading some of the Russell information that I have been collecting to here:

    You will find a clearer picture of Russell in what I have presented as his work was not easily understood and you have had to work at it over the years before it begins to make sense.

    More good information here where I see some of our current contributors also present:

    Frequency of the Elements:
    I have been searching for the resonant frequency of the Elements over some considerable time until tonight when I struck a goldmine of revealing information.
    There is nothing but confusion on the web on this subject and probably made so on purpose by those in power and working with unreal 'science'.

    How do you find the resonant frequency of an Element?
    I was given information back in August 2009 which I have just discovered how to verify and was asked NOT to make that information available to others but if verified, will make it open access as it is of a significant nature.
    A simple experiment which I have already done in the past but was not able to connect to a particular Math phenomena and hope to be able to do that today.
    Once again, 'back engineering'.

    An example is Hydrogen which I am currently working with and the help of the designers of the Pyramid and Jerry Bales and a few notable others.
    The resonant frequency of the King's Chamber is 438 hertz (a Hyperfine frequency) and that is directly associated with Hydrogen but we are working with two different parameters here - one is a resonant frequency of the Element with respect to energy and the other is a resonant frequency associated with Alchemy/Chemistry - difficult again to draw borders.

    The Russell 1 and 2 documents covers the Hydrogen generation or whatever gas was your choosing and this was all done by spatial angles (occupying space) of the twin cones position and refers to Russell's theory and drawings like this:

    Les Brown Pyramids:
    Going back to the Energetic Forum on Page 5 you will see Post #9 with reference to Les Brown from 'MonsieurM' and this relates to Nature's radiating spheres.
    This is a short video from Les Brown explaining the phenomena:

    Les Brown and the basic Law Of Nature. Walter Russell Motion. - YouTube

    So what we now have is another reality Math in the CUBE ROOT OF PI which is 1.3313 with respect to the distance of separation of the circles on the pond.
    He goes on here to explain that the 5th circle's diameter is equal to the 1st circle's circumference and so it goes on where #6 circle = #2 etc.

    Several years ago I set up Les Brown's Pyramid trangular structure in an attempt to transduce Zinc (battery terminals) into Lithium but I did not succeed and this experiment was left in position for about 3 years.
    Les was the man that got zapped by a large Pyramid he had constructed where he was attaching a wire to the Pyramid apex from a ladder and found himself thrown violently across the room.
    I put my failure down to not understanding the full theory and the parts are still available for review and this is where Walter Russell comes into the picture with the more expressive theory.

    Spatial Angles of the Elements:
    I have asked myself on many occasions as to why with the glass bulb of both Tesla and Dollard, one part of the glass will soften to a point where you can probe through the molten glass with a copper wire as I believe Eric Dollard did.
    If we now look at Walter Russell and his above chart, we can see the spatial angular displacement of the Elements and whatever is the predominant metal within the glass bulb structure will be telling us exactly (probably 'roughly') where the molten glass will appear.
    This is not an exact science but will be most indicative.
    Where two elements are combined as in water, we need to work with both angles of Oxygen and Hydrogen and this will probably be the base experiment as to where they will be collectively and we can then apply this to a Joe Cell.

    Development of the Resonant Frequencies and Spatial Angles of the Elements:
    At the suggestion of 'Monsieur M' I will be now developing the relevant frequencies from the work of Walter Russell where we need to reverse engineer the entire Periodic Table but I dont see that as being too difficult at all and to my knowledge, nobody as yet has done this.
    Once the table is designed, it will be a simple matter to set up the 2D table-top cones to verify the results.

    Walter Russell has already given us the angle of Flourine as 44 and from the chart above you can see that Carbon is 90, Oxygen is 60, Nitrogen is 75, Boron is 105, Beryllium 120, Lithium 135 and planar Helium at 0 and 180.
    This is what he was referring to when during the experiment he wanted to adjust for Oxygen and he believed he knew where it would be spatially.
    These at this stage are only rough but just gives you the idea of what is required here.
    The left side of the chart is Female/Blue/Negative and the right side is Male/Red/Positive.
    This will be the same for Octaves #1 thru #6 but is then a little more complex as the Element numbers increase but not that difficult to draw lines.

    According to Russell, the Inert gases should not be a part of the Periodic Table.

    I hope all of this can be understood as we are breaking new ground here in an understanding of the true situation with respect to our Elements.
    There is more on this with respect to the nature or make-up of the Aether and will follow up as I dig deeper.

    Taking a break shortly from the maintenance work and will be back with some results.
    Have just purchased 50 NOS cold cathode Vacuum Tubes, Ericsson RTZ 1021 for $A7.50 which are bipolar working and have an excellent pdf on their construction and use and looks to be a 'special' Tube.
    What will I be doing with them? - at this popint - no idea!

    I have another Math base coming up in the next Post which is also just as enlightening.


    PS: The word 'HYPERFINE' does not appear in any of my Dictionaries and Greek 'HYPER' means "prefix signifying over, beyond or excess" i.e., something out of the ordinary.
    This is why I am intent on reading Jerry Bales work as he is notable in this particular area.

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  • wings
    Originally posted by lamare View Post
    BTW, got my hands on another project. Re-publishing Patrick Kelly's work:

    Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as fuel

    A DVD with all of his work is under way to my home and I will also get (some of his) domains. Since there are also translations and people need to be able to continue making translations, I need to set up a proper publishing system. I am thinking of setting up Overview — Sphinx 1.1.3 documentation , which means I have to convert all of Kelly's work into a new format.

    And I published a theory about how Meyer's "car on water" actually works:
    Theoretic foundation: the electret effect

    Lamare have you seen this "water exclusion zone"
    Pollack G.H. Water, Energy and Life - YouTube

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  • garrettm4

    Thanks for the advice and the references! I'm actually not all that bothered by Einstein and orthodox theory, just need to know their practical limits with certain situations.

    Also, I found another book that might be of interest:

    Finally get to see some usage of Maxwell's scalar potential and lo and behold its with longitudinal waves, maybe TE Bearden was on to something.

    In this expression, we can interpret the terms on the left as energy flux and the terms on the right as stored energy. In each case, some of the energy and flux is in the fields and some in the particles. In this case the kinetic flux (or the acoustic power flow) is given by [...] and represents the energy flux carried by the particles, and the Poynting flux represents the energy flux carried by the electromagnetic field. In longitudinal or electrostatic waves, the Poynting flux vanishes, so the energy is carried by the particle flux alone.
    I'm curious if conservation of energy need exist with a longitudinal transmission, since the absence of a Poyntine flux would preclude that electrical energy need not be conserved as there is no flow of normal EM energy between the two points as opposed to normal radio. Say you have two or more receiving units, would each receiver impose a linear increase in demand at the transmitter like Eric and Tesla say? Or would it work like normal radio whereby whatever small amount of freespace transmitted energy that made its way to the antennae is used without any load to source feedback, but instead have less transmission loss / propagation time delay? Also, directivity of a longitudinal wave remains quite the mystery to me.


    Plasma Waves 2nd Ed, D Gary Swanson

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  • lamare
    Originally posted by madhatter View Post
    look into the papers of V.P. Oleinik. unfortunately most papers get scrubbed or are exceedingly difficult to acquire.
    I could make you an account at my server, so you can upload them to If you like, I can make you your own subdomain, like Send me a PM with your email address if you are interested. You would need ssh software, like winscp or something similar.

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  • madhatter
    look into the papers of V.P. Oleinik. unfortunately most papers get scrubbed or are exceedingly difficult to acquire.

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