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  • The purpose of the 3 phase oscillator is make a sequential signal to drive mosfets with high voltage into Tesla coils. The idea is to build a field above an Alexanderson Antenna sequentially. The oscillator for below is synchronous but not sine. I do not understand how this can be done and Eric Dollard would need to explain. I don't understand difference in Alexanderson's generator ? a solid disk ? reluctance alternator ?

    Alexanderson alternator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ( As a side note other uses. 3 resonating coils positioned at the base vertices of a tetrahedron form a rotation of a cone. The geometry of the harmonics are interesting spirals in the geometry unlike single phase. I guess that conversion from 4D to 3D is similar to what is seen in nature involves rotation. )

    It is entirely possible to change the frequency (22.1 Khz) of the 4017 3 phase oscillator. see attached photo below.

    I believe this photo of Tesla final output section for radio transmitter used for naval communication. There are 6 flat coils from 2 or into 2 ?
    I think about this as 2 cascading 3 phase. He probably wired the generator for 6. The speed of alternators today are a little faster.
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    • Originally posted by jpolakow View Post
      Yes I have been able to get the dark band with just one coil set. Also I I'm able to do it with just the secondaries (I dont have any extra coils yet).

      Yea I was also getting those weird "travelling" striations of thin dark bands. I'm not sure what they are.

      One thing that confuses me is that to get a dark band, it would seem to imply the dark spot is at a nodal point of the dielectric field (i.e. a zero value). For the secondary at least, the peak value should be at the end of the secondary. Then the minimum value or nodal point should be 1/4 wavelength away in space right? For the low frequencies we are using this is a significant distance so I'm not sure why the dark band appears there.

      I'm currently getting ready to build a dielectric field probe to get to the bottom of this.

      Any ideas?
      I don't know about it being a 1/4 wave distribution in space. As I understand it it's along the coil/conductor, because the wire is wound into a spiral and not laid out in a straight line. So I would think that the 1/2 wave point would occur as you say at some point in space (presumably 1/4 wavelength away because... ), but the 1/4 wave is the transmission line portion on the bench, "condensed" along one axis in space if you will because it's wound into a coil. Assuming the lead-out pieces of wire on the bottom of the secondary to be included as a part of that transmission line, then it would make sense that the node appears at the half way point between both coils.

      But a standard 1/4 wave antenna supposedly has an inverted image antenna beneath the ground plane/underground or whatever, so I don't know whether with a TMT/coil the inverted peak would "physically" be 1/4 wavelength away from the ground point, or if it would literally mirror the TMT distribution itself, as an imaginary mirrored coil. Maybe if it takes the form of an image coil then the coil on the other side could be adjusted to some optimum distance, so the inverted image coincides with the physical coil.

      As for probes and what not, the simplest approach I can think of is to put fixed rods/stands next to the coil at 3 or more different distances, to which the probes can be fixed, then by adjusting the position of the probes along the coil and taking measurements at all the relevant points it should be possible to build a nice 3D image of the field around the coil(s).
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      "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

      "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


      • Originally posted by AstroNod View Post
        Hi All ,Astronod here .

        New Video , Horseshoe mode . Tesla Cosmic Induction Generator Experiment #7 - YouTube
        Tesla / Plasma Globe op top one coil .
        With the Blue white flame comming straigt out there is a nother beam around the Flame . could be the beam is comming form the top of the glas back to the center small sphere/`electrode`
        It heat up the glass fast .
        Perhaps some one know what is going on , is it cathode ray or anode ray ? however this is AC at about 7.09MHz .
        It looks lovely .
        Love to hear some feedback .

        Happy experimeting !

        That plasma beam is very nice and very interesting! Shame you broke it. You should have watched videos of people playing with plasma balls and aluminium foil on youtube first, it doesn't take long to burn a hole through the glass when it's focused to a single point. Luckily it doesn't seem that the interesting beam was the problem (?) in your case so it would be good if that can be sustained for relatively long periods without burning holes.

        "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

        "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


        • Cig

          As you all know, I've steadily been making progress with the Cosmic Induction Generator. Things have been going well. Recently financial difficulties have slowed things down somewhat. Help support the completion of the Cosmic Induction Generator by donating to my IndieGogo campaign!
          Please help support my indiegogo campaign: Cosmic Induction Generator


          • Magneto Dielectric

            Hi all , here astronod .

            Dr. Green .. if you did had a good look and listened well ... to my video`s
            the 1 st plasma globe did fall on my tune cap....
            the 2 nd plasma i had a THICK wire stick in the hole to the center electrode the wire did made direct contact to the glas there is metal shavings curleys in the center electrode hollow to pervent that burning trought the glass .
            That i did with just one coil sett up and the beam was RED . what is not on video yet . i was just too exited to do it with one coil after i got my 2nd sphere here i bought of a woman who` s son died young it was his.
            Well his plasma Sphere went to oblivion. mighty RED mother universe.

            the ALU foil on the bottom have nothing to do with IT , that just a dielectric pick up i made a bigger one just cut a alu foil in a circle same size of my Coil to diameter , from there to the center electrode with small wire into the metal shaving curleys.
            with that ya can see the magnetic field lines bigg time in the sphere .

            quote :You should have watched videos of people playing with plasma balls ??
            What made you think i didn t do that ...

            Indeed the beam is no problem .. well if i run it to long it will crack due to the heat , its normal glass and no special heat resistance glass like the big natrium lights ect.

            I just read jpolakow start a new money maker for 13 grands .

            quote of the Campaign :

            You would like to see a demonstration of the Cosmic Induction Generator at the Energy Science Conference. Even if you can't attend the demonstration will be captured on video.

            Yes you need to pay 400 UDS to get in , i show you mine for 0.00USD on you tube or if you like come and see it.. also for Free even a beer is free

            -You would like to see the Cosmic Induction Generator finished, and living, organic, plasma forms be demonstrated.

            Yes Yes Yes . I will try to finish it before anyone else would get that far i hope someone will be faster than me .

            - You would like to see Eric Dollard's research continue.

            Ehhh didn` t people donate 25 grands already for that?


            -You would like to see other designs of Eric Dollard replicated

            Yes and i still wait for the Time Travel Device + T rex wild life photo`s

            -You think there is phenomena not completely investigated by modern science, and you would like to support its investigation

            Yes Yes I should Buy some books of master E Dollard maybe i will ... it might make Aaron Murakami also happy ....

            -You would enjoy and feel good about being part of something larger than yourself, that aims to vindicate the work of Nikola Tesla.

            Someone call NASA and ask if Nikola Telsa can come on the Phone ! :rofl

            To James Baker . Yes Sir no problem i just got a new Load of light bulbs and some rare tubes . this weekend i will blow up some for light bulbs on video.

            I got a now 2 setts of coils all SEMI CIG . will be on video soon how to make it and tune 2 coils just the same .

            Next week i got a new load of Plasma Sphere`s So i can show you all the RED beam of one coil and maybe 2 beams on 2 coils push pull .

            PD7Z QRT 44 all the best .

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            • Originally posted by AstroNod View Post
              Hi all , here astronod .

              Dr. Green .. if you did had a good look and listened well ... to my video`s
              the 1 st plasma globe did fall on my tune cap....
              Oh I see, didn't hear that. It looked as if the wire you stuck on the side had done it. When my plasma ball fell it just smashed into a million pieces.

              "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

              "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


              • Radiant Light & Life Forms

                Greetings, AstroNod Here , Made new Video where you can see a light Bulp POP Radiant Light Bulb POP & Life form Talk - YouTube
                I light up Also a Old Style Regulator Tube .
                Yesterday When i was broadcasting on a social network while i was doing the experiments turn the light on and of with the lag see my self back 20 a 30 seconds later due to internet ect . i did see one white life form comming out form the right side of the right coil top about 10inch there it became visual.
                it floated for 3 a 4 seconds and it was gone moving away from the coil .
                I did not record it the cam was also at bigger distance i have it normaly like close up . High likely IR cams web cams with out `IR` filter ect might be best to record those effects normal photo cam might work but you must have much luck .
                In the middle of the video you see and hear the bulb pop after i did come with a stick with some alufoil to the glass. it begone to crack then i retune due to resonace than the light bulb start to burn the wire supports than little later glas pop out and plasma flame come of like plasma speaker .
                I wait for the new tesla plasma spheres to show you 2 blue beams magneto dielectric and one red beam .EMF

                Hi ya Dr. Green no problem we are on the same wavelength ... Magnification ..Big time please . hope you like the video there ya see slightly tipsy with a aluminium foil on the radiant light bulb start of the end....

                To jpolakow sorry man that was a bit odd i wish you all the $ , noted you and the team got 2 x 5000watts transmitters if that won` t induce some lifeforms what would be needed than .
                Good luck With the Extra Coils Would be nice have them ready and fit into the TMT CIG as one beauty before the Tesla meeting in summer . God Speed

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                • The globes started out as a way to see flux lines. Which it did temporarily.
                  It unexpectedly became short lived, it began to vaporize some material inside globe adding some usefulness
                  at various k range. It may be possible to condition a globe this way then use it at a distance that is attenuated.
                  The vaporized gas can be hazard.

                  On the cosmic inductor is there possibly a 400 hertz beat note or harmonic at one setting ?
                  The question comes from article here the spectrum even though not at level 9
                  22.5 Khz the difference between side bands a harmonic of 400 Hz ? distances much greater than 160 M
                  And if this OU value exists and shows up what other indications coincide ?

                  Teslini talasi

                  On the voltage max yes I agree. My experience is the lead length kept short and on either end should be the same. When you have longer or shorter than Vmax the lead length are sensitive crazy to slightest small change in length.
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                  • Cosmic Induction Generator

                    I did this interview with Eric Dollard last September - about the Cosmic Induction Generator. Just put it on YouTube today. Please support John Polakowski's Indiegogo campaign!

                    Cosmic Induction Generator Interview with Eric Dollard | A & P Electronic Media – Digital Publishing by Aaron Murakami & Peter Lindemann
                    Aaron Murakami

                    Books & Videos
                    RPX & MWO


                    • Thanks for the interview, it was quite interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing the full potential, or at least a glimpse(higher power), of the CIG in action.
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                      • Tesla Semi C.I.G. & Tesla beam tube

                        Hi All i shot a new video yesterday and put it on you tube today .

                        Tesla Semi C.I.G. & Tesla beam tube Tesla Semi C.I.G. & Tesla beam tube - YouTube

                        Wonder Why that video took so long Aaron just posted here about 7 months later .

                        High power or not if you study the CIG sett up` s in the past what was under the table how to drive it ... with high power switching tubes .
                        Impulse / Semi spark does give at the output a special effect what normal direct AC drive won`t have .

                        in my last video i show a stabilisator tube play around with the stV100/60 Z II telefunken and AC high voltage only with spark ther is a special effect in the tube also the plasma in the top side look like a spark to just small but its there .
                        when drive it direct without spark it will not show .

                        so something to think about .

                        I wonder how long it will take to tune up that 5000 watts XMTR to a GIC and get it to work with AC direct drive . (one or 2 coils in serries original TMT)
                        Without become a fried chicken.

                        Pehaps Aaron should build a Gray tube tesla CIG

                        De PD7Z


                        • Hi Astronod,
                          I sent you a PM, please check your inbox!


                          • Tesla coil measurements device

                            Hi All,

                            Small update what slipped my mind a vieuw times :

                            When i hook up one coil like the extra tesla coil with a ground plane of aluminium foil under the coil than there is a E.M.F. configuration . the wider `secondairy` TMT coil does the same.
                            However with a small signal into the coil via the primairy and between the telluric output and the ground plane there you can place a detector like 2 red leds anti parallel . over the the LED you place a RF volt meter or a RF probe with dc voltage out , scope probe is good to .
                            The voltage would have a swing slightly however the variation is random .
                            The voltage on my probe swings about 0.5 volts on about 2 a 3 volts steady input power .

                            I will make a sett up and record the voltage swings and compare it with the solar data and or static build up between earth and clouds ect .

                            Please all out there conduct this experiment and note/record what you will see.
                            you can have a a dielectric top on the coil to perhaps it will amplify the swing data .

                            James B. i did send a PM back .

                            All the best.

                            De PD7Z
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                            • Tesla C.I.G. & BURNED OUT TESLA BEAM TUBE

                              Hi All , the new Plasma Sphere is in the house .
                              Made a short video with a extra dielectric pick up on top of the coil nothing is connected directy to the coil .

                              Tesla C.I.G. & BURNED OUT TESLA BEAM TUBE - YouTube

                              Later on in the video you see the bigger voltage regulator burned out !

                              its a lovely Tesla Beam tube , till about 50 watts above that the mica will burn and the glas will become weak .

                              Tonight i make the one coil EMF sett up with the plasma globe become RED !

                              Stay tuned .



                              • One small step of progress here. As you might remember I was having trouble with my 6sn7 driver. Not much power came from the driver to the Tesla antenne. Now AstroNod suggested a balun because the impedance of the tube was 2k Ohm and the Tesla coil had 500 Ohm.

                                This week I had some time to make one. I used a ferriet thingy from an AM radio and used 100 double windings. I needed a large amount of windings or else the selfinductance of this transformer would leak to much at the tube side. It needed to be over 10kOhm at 3 Mhz. It is now 1,5 mH.

                                Now the balun was finished but I could not get the Tesla coil in resonance with the air capacitor, not even with minimum capacity. Turned out that the balun had 720pF parasitic capacity. I spread the windings better and got it to 200pF. Now I can get the Tesla coil in resonance and the driver has a mu of 10. Finally this driver works

                                One question. I can put a 2 Watt through the Tesla coil now but how much are you guys using to get a neon bulb to light up? I only have the secondary coil right now. No extra coil yet.