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  • Eric's new book

    The scans of the notes for Eric's new book were posted in part before already - right in this thread. More to come.

    That is just the text that references equations 1-8 and there are a LOT more. Will be posting some about once a week or so.

    It's been a monumental task to have all those notes transcribed and especially the equations. We'd like to release the whole book in PDF downloadable format as a fundraiser for Eric here in a few weeks.

    Although this is being posted free here - please understand the amount of work that Eric put into the text and equations, so when the book is available as a paid download, please buy a copy and support Eric.
    Aaron Murakami

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    RPX & MWO


    • Tesla Cosmic Induction Generator Experiment #6

      Hi All ,

      made a new Video with more experiments to show the energy between the coils .

      Next sett up is get the power transfer to one coil to the other via the primairy.

      Tesla Cosmic Induction Generator Experiment #6 - YouTube

      enjoy .



      • Tesla Cosmic Induction Generator Experiment #7

        Hi All ,Astronod here .

        New Video , Horseshoe mode . Tesla Cosmic Induction Generator Experiment #7 - YouTube
        Tesla / Plasma Globe op top one coil .
        With the Blue white flame comming straigt out there is a nother beam around the Flame . could be the beam is comming form the top of the glas back to the center small sphere/`electrode`
        It heat up the glass fast .
        Perhaps some one know what is going on , is it cathode ray or anode ray ? however this is AC at about 7.09MHz .
        It looks lovely .
        Love to hear some feedback .

        Happy experimeting !



        • Extra Coil

          This from dR-Green's excellent Energetic Forum 'Eric Dollard Type Coils Compendium':

          Hello Ernst, dR-Green,
          Excellent questions and responses.
          See you are having difficulty with Eric's Extra Coil as I also did but made the accidental error of using the same length of cable as in the secondary and the Extra comes out as a 'square' coil exactly as did Teslas.
          As far as I am concerned it worked due to the fact it followed exactly what Tesla used at Colorado Springs - both secondary and extra of the same length.
          If you use' Eric's calculation here you wind up with too many turns using too fine a wire and I think the concatenated effect gets lost in L and C.

          If you can give me your working frequency, I can calculate an Extra for you using my method - if you don't like it, you don't use it.
          I built one to Eric's calculations and it simply worked poorly.
          Also hooked both onto a 30 meter antenna just as a loading coil for a Crystal Set and Eric's again performed poorly compared to my design which used 14 awg wire and was only 30 meters long as against his 76 meter for my frequency (1557 khz).
          Also built two others using both a larger and smaller wire but the accidental original was still the best.

          dr-Green has presented an RF Current Probe which I find most interesting as it represents a means for detecting the Longitudinal wave - I will probably build this to match the Gauss Meter that I have currently on the bench.
          Detecting both the magnetic and electrostatic field.

          Reading back in 22nd March 2009 at the joecellfreeenergydevice Group you were referring to Tom Bearden's 'The Final Secret Of Free Energy' and you had built a relay device as per the Fig2. - how did this device perform and did you find out its limitations?
          Your description was exciting but as usual there was probably a catch that did not quite meet the expectations.
          Did the Imhotep one and this was good as a demonstrator but not long lived as the constant relay operation was a negative.
          Glad that you also agree that there were two opportunities for ambient energy entry via the spark gaps and in this we see a DC Impulse Discharge which can be tamed via a plasma gap as in a fluorescent Tube or a similar device as Avramenko used in his Plug - a Xenon Tube or even a better tuned or designed spark gap that allows a plasma path in the gap.

          Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin

          The AFEP v1.2, Single-Wire Energy transmission test by Jean-Louis Naudin

          Free Electrons Pump v1.0 by Jean-Louis Naudin

          A Key here is not to use one capacitor but a string of high voltage ceramics as it appears to be another source of ambient energy entry.
          Example is 10 x 100pF in series to give 10pF as in a Don Smith setup.
          Currently working on this phenomena of collecting electrons as this is what this device actually does from the environment.
          Not happy with the electron bit but looking at its use with the 'Crystal Set Initiative' (CSI) or The 'Tesla Magnifying Transmitter' (TMT) as a source of ambient energy other than a ground.
          You will recal that Tesla appeared to stumble at Wardenclyffe and ventured into a very serious grounding system but if you look at Avramenko's Plug and this ceases to function when grounded - but did he stumble or was he more interested in something else?

          So in this device we have an alternative energy source other than the ground and I suggest, did Tesla miss this phenomena as this is what his capacitive dome was doing, being a source for collecting free electrons in the atmosphere with no need for a grounding.
          Tesla, of course was more interested in the Telluric transmission of both energy and communications than seeking an alternative energy source and this is probably the dividing line here.
          Naturally have built the Avramenko's Plug and was very happy with the end result and an amplification was achieved when a 900 mm square aluminium sheet antenna was used along with the small telescopic antenna which proved a valuable amplifier for collecting energy.
          The Xenon was excited to the point where its operation became continuous other than a pulse.
          There are others like Plauson who was also collecting 'free electrons' or was it more to do with the Aether than electrons?

          Next step for me is to reverse the CSI/TMT into an Avramenko Plug and will advise as to how we go.
          I believe you were quite correct in your direction to reverse the function of a Tesla Coil.

          So how is it that we have so many 'free electrons' available for our use and in this can we say that they are what remain from the Aetheric interaction/transformation with the Ionosphere (producing Light) and those electrons become displaced through that exchange and are freely available for collection?
          Don't want the sparks but more the available energy that is there for harvesting and now looking so very possible.



          • Hi Smokey/David,

            Your post confuses me for a number of reasons. So let me start there...
            - Shouldn't this post be in 'Eric Dollard Type Coils Compendium'? Why is it here commenting on things going on over there?
            Reading back in 22nd March 2009 at the joecellfreeenergydevice Group you were referring to ...
            I have no such recollection. Are you confusing me with someone else?

            Ok, then to your post.
            You want to offer help with 'extra coil' calculations. That is great, really, but I am not interested in just one coil, I am interested in the calculations. I know the CS set-up (of course) but if you think you have found an important key that you would like to share, I'm all ears.

            You will recal that Tesla appeared to stumble at Wardenclyffe and ventured into a very serious grounding system...
            I don't think he stumbled at all. If you read the CSN you will find that there he was already paying much attention to very good grounding. I believe he never intended it in any other way.

            Let me leave it there for now, because I really think you have me for someone else.



            • SDR possible use in Telluric current

              The Linux software for radio receiving ( SDR means software defined radio ) written in GNU open source. It should be possible to record radio type signals from both above and below ground to a data file. By comparing the two files of data from above ground and below ground using a simple algorithm. The sorted data would sent to a third file and played back to an FFT fast Fourier graph without any appreciable delay, the output could also be sent to a chart recorder.

              USB TV dongles sell for under $10 USD on ebay. The Linux box is also inexpensive which leaves one item, The up-converter for low band that works with GNU software.

              on a separate note I found an intersting wave detector. Possible use for cosmic or tesla.
              PA2OHH in the Netherlands . By first screening the electrostatic field using flat cable then using a ferrite rod antenna inside.
              This smaller version worked better than the conventional aluminum housing possibly the surface area of ferrite exposed than the area or geometry of the slit.

              Unwinding an AM radio ferrite loop stick so as to remove turns to get close to 160 Meter 1.85 Mhz.
              The marine Navtex signals propagate as groundwaves during the day.
              The author says that currents are induced in the aluminum but cannot be induced in the flat cable.
              By comparing the two it should be possible to use the difference between the two shielding methods.
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              • Avramenko's Plug/Tesla

                My apologies, mistaken identity.



                • Here is an animation to visualise various possibilities regarding concatenated (and tandem) mode resonance, based on the info in the Bell Labs video on similarities of wave behaviour. It assumes the secondary to be "low" impedance and the extra coil "high" impedance relative to each other, and so the reflection between the coils is inverted and returns 180 degrees out of phase, and the free end of the extra coil is an "open circuit" so that reflection is also inverted. There's then a "2nd generation" reflection of the extra coil reflection which is non-inverted since it's journey from extra coil to secondary is high to low impedance, although some things seem to cancel each other out so these reflections are questionable. A non-inverted reflection at the top of the secondary wasn't included because apparently whether it's an extra coil or an open circuit, the wave is inverted in both instances, based on the assumption that the extra coil is a higher impedance. There's also a possibility, or perhaps impossibility, for the concatenated mode where both coils are in phase (or perhaps the extra coil lagging by 360 degrees), which is represented by the wave propagating along both coils simultaneously in what could be called parallel, but I guess in order for that to happen there would have to be some induction involved, thus the extra coil is "grounded" to the secondary but working "independently" from an alternating ground potential. In which case the centre horizontal line doesn't necessarily represent 0 volts.

                  Resonant Modes And Reflections-01 (TMT) - YouTube

                  Also a video of LEDs powered via telluric transmission at various (short) distances as before

                  Tesla Wireless Power Transmission Colorado Springs Style - YouTube

                  "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                  "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


                  • Just curious... Just a quick thought...

                    Originally posted by dR-Green View Post
                    There's then a "2nd generation" reflection of the extra coil reflection which is non-inverted since it's journey from extra coil to secondary is high to low impedance, although some things seem to cancel each other out so these reflections are questionable.
                    Have you tried facing the coils toward each other horizontally? Vertically? One near the grounds? Both near the grounds? etc. These simple experiments might give some insight into the "questionable" cancellation effect.


                    • Energy Synthesis

                      Been busy with many 'Energy Synthesis' and like associated projects but more associated with the design and development of a device that is able to power the home.
                      QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) is available with plans and schematics for a working 10 kW unit but is motor powered and would prefer to do it without the rotation:


                      QEG is base on Tesla's US Patent 511916 - Electric Generator.
                      Frequency of concern here is 1.3 Mhz and in the same working area of the Crystal Set Initiative (CSI) and output frequency is 400 hertz and here we see the same as the Meyer-Mace Generator with a similar ferroresonant ability.

                      Rotation means a mechanical workshop, bearings and shafts and ongoing maintenance and difficult for most to meet the criteria required to build.
                      A Non rotating device would meet the ability of most without the cost burden and that is where I am focussing.
                      Currently reading about 'one-wire' electricity along the lines of the Avramenko Plug and Dr Stiffler and came across this article from George W Damm on Tesla's Longitudinal Wave and the Wardenclyffe Tower:


                      "In my opinion, he had learned how to convert transverse waves to longitudinal waves and vice versa".
                      Now apply that to your CSI and what is it that you have?
                      Think the ratio here is 10% Transverse and 90% Longitudinal from the Extra Coil and that is what the dual 1N34 pickup head is telling me.
                      See picture on Page 25 of above document.

                      Currently looking at means to amplify single wire amplifiers in serial line strings as a Watts increase as this is along the lines of Dr Stiffler and also Thomas Henry Moray.
                      Radar PFNs (Pulse Forming Networks) were helpful here.
                      I already have the front end and storage capacity working for this device and now looking at the amplifying aspect to achieve the Watts required.
                      You will notice that the QEG uses a string of high voltage capacitors as a part of the 'tank' tuning and these are adjusted for a maximum response.
                      This is also what I discovered with my device was to use a string of 10 and not just one as the ambient input is amplified at each capacitor.
                      Also of note is Dr Stiffler's Spatial Gate (SG) which appears to be an energy or voltage gain device and looking at that in association with spark gaps and Ion Valves.

                      My Database: Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC)- Dr. Ronald R. Stiffler

                      There is information on the Net that says there is no ambient energy gain from a spark gap - this is incorrect and should be corrected.
                      The QEG uses one and so do I for good reason and that guy Tesla used one too.
                      More information coming as we progress.

                      Just finished building a Gauss Meter (Hall Effect UGN3503U) which works well and was supposed to be used to measure a 'Magnetic Beamer' of Boyd B Bushman US Patent 5929732 but when one of the Magnet sets managed to get propelled into space, I realised that I had made a Scalar Beamer - wasn't thinking clearly.
                      All five Magnet Poles are the same but at 90 to one another.
                      More on this one later as it is part associated with the Scalar work of Slim Spurling in an attempt to better understand a Scalar Field and its effect on water.
                      I have been able to detect a Scalar Field from a Caduceus coil at a distance of some 70 meters using Dowsing Rods but would dearly like to know exactly what a Scalar Field is and how it materialises and flows.
                      All we know so far is that it is not a Wave from Eric but exactly what is it and how should you see or measure it?



                      • David, I may be able to help.
                        Here are some other photos of the 3 phase generator at Wardencliff.
                        If there is interest in basic solid state I will look back on my old hard drive
                        to share a few working designs. It is simple easy to build. also bit of history.
                        I used a 4017 as a sequential driver, the other design used op-amps.
                        I need to transfer these to the free LtSpice.

                        The first 3 phase
                        1891 Generator Electrotechnical Exposition - YouTube

                        The Wardencliff 3 phase generator
                        200 kilowatt, 3-phase direct-connecting Westinghouse alternating current generator - Tesla Community

                        the 3 phase Y-connected
                        Three-Phase Connections

                        In case you want to play with design and use the virtual instruments to speed design.
                        an ltSpice video instruction on using inductors an example but the open source spice would be easier to allow matlab.
                        Using Transformers in LTspice IV - YouTube
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                        • I put together a 3 phase oscillator. It could be simulated with LtSpice.
                          It can easily be made from inexpensive parts.
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                          • Telsa Power Transfer mode

                            Hi all , here John from the netherlands .

                            Made a new you tube with basic power transfer mode .


                            with 1 coil the plasma globe will the flame turn orange red not bue like the CIG config .

                            sorry its not on the video due to the crack in the globe just before i want to record it .

                            I already distroy 2 plasma globes
                            SO make your own mind 2 coils push pull semi CIG BLUE and single coil RED .

                            Here a short video of a light bulb mechanical base is molten :


                            Waiting for the new Wild life Pics of master T rex

                            Show more video` s this comming days .

                            Good luck with the Experiments .

                            De PD7Z
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                            • Hi AstroNod,
                              Please post a video with the Tesla radiant light bulb in operation!


                              • Hi Guys,

                                I am reading the four quadrant book and there is mentioned this book from Eric.
                                'Symbolic Representation Of Induction In Space'. I have not found it anywhere.

                                While trying to understand the topic Eric is talking about I also read some work by Rudolph Steiner about counterspace. Steiner had experiences that led him to believe that it was possible to experience from the infinite in oposite to experiencing from the individual perspective. He made his projective geometry and I suspect there is a lot of coincidence between Eric's work and Steiners work.

                                Also Steiner wrote that counterspace is the dimension of life and the life forms. We somehow have to practise to let go of our thinking in space and try to see the world from an infinite aetheric perspective that is beyond the brains.

                                But the brains are the keeper of this space time and the hearth operates at a much higher time frequency so trying to feel if something is operating right might bring us further.

                                Very interesting that Eric says Tesla's three fase motor describes a figure in space and counterspace and thereby consumes less energy. Steiner encouraged intuitive dancing to try and experience these complex waveforms

                                Anyway hope I will understand quarternions and how the relation is between them the way Maxwell used them and Eric uses them. I've read some documents of people using quarternions different from the way Maxwell did and discovered new fundamental nature laws or relations between electricity magnetism and temperature.

                                Did I almost forget levitation