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  • Originally posted by madhatter View Post
    I suggest for those interested in picking up a copy or going to the local library and checking out Lee Smolins' "The trouble with Physics"
    YES! That book is one of the best books I know that tackles the problems in science without resorting to any sort of bashing or baseless claims. It correctly identifies problems with the hierarchy of academia, among other things, without resorting to conspiracy theories or the like.

    Eric has a gift for the hands on approach and is very intuitive, I wish him the best and hope that he's able to fully develop the mathematics of his theories. Just don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, just because my background is in physics doesn't make me the bad guy. I know Erics not aware of everything that goes on, but there was a very nice mathematics professor here a couple yrs ago that took it upon himself to sort and organize Erics writings into a 'book' I helped as time allowed, I don't think it was ever finished as we ran into discrepancies and un-defined operations. Not wanting to assume anything it was left, I know Eric wanted more info on counter-space algebra so possibly that is being used to finish the work.
    That is the main problem with Eric. He seems to have a good basis of electromagnetism. He knows how to make circuits that do what he wants them to do. But he doesn't know how to elucidate that. In other words, it's hard for him to explain what he does in a concise manner. Hence, his theory seems flawed and incoherent, and the scientists dismiss it as pseudoscience.


    • I finally have apparatus to measure the current through the primary coil. I already know the secondary isn't tuned optimally, but with the meter I can also see that maximum current (and presumably voltage) through the primary doesn't necessarily mean highest Telluric output, because while the primary can be pushed up to nearly 1 amp (through adjusting the primary capacitance), best output is in fact at around 500mA input. So there are tuning adjustments to be made. Unfortunately the same meter isn't suitable for measuring the output of the secondary to earth because the range is too high and it doesn't respond at all, so that calls for more ebaying.

      On the subject of dark spots in fluorescent tubes, a similar thing can be seen along the same axis as the wire winding on/around the extra coil, in other words the section of the tube that is closest to the coil or terminal. It would seem at first that the metal on the ends of the tube are helping each end to light and so leaving a darker spot in the middle, but when the tube is moved the dark spot always stays centred or aligned with the extra coil or capacitance mast, NOT relative to the tube itself, which shouldn't be the case if the effect was caused due to the metal on the ends. The tube is held relatively far away from the terminal to exaggerate the effect for purposes of taking a picture of it, taking it closer makes the dark band narrower and the surrounding areas brighter.

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      "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

      "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


      • Einstein bashing

        Einstein was credited with many other inventors work and he was a yes man.

        Science today has reached way beyond that. If the media is going to lie about those things, how are we to know what is true or false about the man.

        The old guy did his best and if he got out of line the big wigs would threaten him, drug him or you name it.

        The real world is something most of the people who think they know so much, have no idea. It is some kind of fantasy world where everyone in charge is Mr Clean and looking out for everyone in the world to see the truth gets first place.

        You may know many terms, but the real world is far different.

        I hope you do not take this the wrong way, it is just the plain truth.

        I have one more word "Indoctrination" Just like at the witch trial centuries ago people thought they knew.

        This is how I see higher learning with it's lopsided dogma. The truth is many captive scientist don't like it either but they are told what to say and think, then books are written about the dogma and you read it as if it were the absolute finite only truth.

        If you are a professor or high up, this message is for you.

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        • Gold

          Super Natural Power of Music interview:

          1:52:36 – “Gold is one of the few metals that has direct electrical contact to the Aether”.

          “That’s why it’s used in electrical contacts. It’s hard to reach a situation where it doesn’t have a surface conductivity, it will not form an oxide to block off electrical contact to the environment. This suggests its use with some kind of antenna surface”.

          Looks like the capacitive reflection terminal should be gold plated? Hmmm.
          "Doesn't matter how many times you kick the coyote in the head, it's still gonna eat chickens". - EPD


          • A short contribution on ether. Here is Einsteins article on ether:

            When you read it you realise Einstein needed the ether to explain the local interaction of space on matter in gravitation.
            However special relativity did not allow the ether to have motional characteristics. This means he says special relativity also needs an ether because there is an electromagnetic field, a local interaction a mu and an epsiolon in electromagnetics but this field (ether) can not be a rest or at motion to anyone. So he takes away the motional aspect of the ether.
            That way he solves the problem that experiments did not seem to measure any motion of the ether not even a relative one.

            So Einstein needed an ether. He did not contribute the effects of special relativity or general relativity to space and time like most physicist seem to think.

            These Einstein fields however are a potential energy that stores kinetic energy in a non motional way. It is a complete mystic field. It does not explain how this non motional energy can suddenly cause the motion of say an electron.

            Thomson reasons that energy can only be stored as kinetic like it is stored in a heated gas. So perhaps the electromagnetic field is a kinetic field of ether particles perhaps a vortex with a pole.

            Point is that Thomson does not need the mystic field of potential that is making motion out of no motion in a mystified manner. Thomson just needs motion.
            Also this point by Einstein that the ether has no motional aspects seems to be contradicted by Tesla who detected a lot of motion in the ether.

            Einsteins mystified ether also lets no one affect the ether except by large gravitational fields. He never managed to model how his ether caused the electromagnetic field. If he had succeeded in finishing his work we would not have to stare at the cosmos to find a space time warp we would have experimented with electronics. But no one ever finished Einsteins work and electromagnetism was left to the quantum physicist who did not even understand the ether Einstein was talking about and never made a connection. 't Hoofd nobel physics winner is working on an ether again, one of the few. I know what I'm talking about I had general relativity in university. Time to take our heads out of the potential ether and look at the interaction of electromagnetics with a real motional ether. Just like Tesla did.

            And Maxwell. He shut the door even more by not modelling the scalar wave, the shock wave, the longitudional wave in electromagnetism.

            The Maxwell wave can only exist in our earth field close to the planet where the ether is opened up like a lcd panel because of the electrostatic field between the earth and the ionosphere. In deep space you can not see light. Only the unknown scalar wave exists there.

            In this interview Armstrong clearly states you can not see the stars in space without the use of optics.


            • In other words the connection between charge and mass was never solved but Einstein worked on explaining charge from the working of the same ether that caused gravitation.


              • About the versor. If you forget about the space time tensor but go back into mac Farlane and quarternion type of tensor you see another kind of space modelling in space and counterspace. To the sine and cosine are added the hyperbolic functions cosh and sinh. They represent a circle in counterspace. For Maxwell to include the scalar wave (that is not a wave you moron ) he would have to use a counterspace model and he would have found that this counterwave is the longitudional wave in counterspace. It takes a new algebra of space that Eric is working on.


                • Rare find

                  Thanks Orgon

                  I am glad to hear someone give an all around low down this way. I thank you for your efforts and I am re-reading your essay on the inter-relational aspects of all these men with their wonderful contributions.

                  Every voice adds to our understanding of existence.



                  • Cig

                    Many thanks for the information and pics on the CIG.
                    Some things to remember with respect to maintenance when dealing with vintage equipment.
                    Dry solder joints are a classic - most of this stuff was put together at a workbench by somebody with a soldering iron and just now and again a dry joint would appear.

                    Carbon resistors when subjected to age and continual heating tend to read high ohms and this will include those used as RF chokes, a resistor with a wire wrapped around.
                    See those connected as chokes to the anode of the 1625s, I would be checking those for correct value.
                    Found this out in a 1950s IT-17 Heathkit Valve Tester and wondered why I always read low from a previously tested item from someone else's tester.
                    Also in a Yaesu FT-901D Transceiver where the HT was low and due to 1 Watt resistors reading double what they should be - be warned!
                    Attention to detail here may improve your output considerable.
                    This would refer mainly to the 1 Watt types and higher where they are involved with Plate voltage etc.

                    As you found out in your own faultfinding venture (well done! and could see you were excited by the effort), contacts are always going to be a problem and most current carrying contacts like in relays will have a Silver contact.
                    Under load conditions the Silver will oxidise and this makes a good contact where current is concerned but aged contacts always need to be cleaned as I feel there is something else there like a vertigrease that builds up over time and needs to be removed by a wet & dry paper.
                    Silver degenerating back to Carbon by radiation over time - Walter Russell.
                    Much of this coming from using vintage Multivibrators and designing power windows for automobiles.

                    Think I mentioned this before but a smear of Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly on Vacuum Tube pins and bases does wonders.

                    Gone are the days of fun stuff like repairing those old transceivers.
                    Good to see you using Neons for indicators and Xenons also useful at the higher voltages at about 400v.
                    Also have a Neon with a fast diode connected (SF37) where your fingers and body capacitance help in the sensing.

                    In no-man's-land here working out the theory like Eric and about to get back into production on the CSI and reading Eric's Post #796 way back in the PWHTEPD forum on 'Crystal Sets Gone Wild'.
                    Looking at the 100 Watts being generated from your local Radio Station.

                    Have this notion that there is an option to having a huge ground plane requirement that Tesla himself was not aware of and just getting this together now.

                    Peter Markovich and his A-Tree (Apparatus To Rectify Ether Energy) realised how to overcome this handicap as he studied Tesla at Colorado Springs before building his device and it looks a bit like a TEM/LMD time interaction to gain the DC volts out.

                    Peter Markovich: Apparatus To Rectify Ether Energy (ATREE)

                    The Cosmic Ray Detector CRD is about to have a ding-dong bell connected as I found it most difficult to obtain a good switch using the wall phone bells and was not reliable.

                    Still going through all the Posts and will be back shortly.



                    • Another Eric Dollard audio recording

                      Originally posted by Tenaus View Post
                      Although I am not familiar with the paper you mentioned, I'm sure when Eric is speaking of "versors" he isn't talking about the actual versors, which were used in the late 19th century and were an algebraic form of quanternions, which aren't used today in any respect (or used in electromagnetism, for that matter). Instead, Eric is once again confused by terms and definitions. He is actually talking about Phasors, a method which Steinmetz pioneered and a method still used often today. With all Eric's praise of Steinmetz, one would think he would realize what we call this math.

                      Eric has made the same mistake with his definition of dielectric. Since before Maxwell, we've defined generally a dielectric as "a material which is easily polarized by an electric field". Eric, however, only listens to Steinmetz and thinks the dielectric is what modern physics calls the electric field. In fact he is so bigoted about this belief he ignores Heaviside's, Maxwell's, Tesla's, and other's use of electric field, most of whom made much greater contributions to electromagnetism in theory than Steinmetz.
                      Eric answered this in an audio recording I did a couple days ago - Q & A on FB questions, the evolution thread, etc... will post on youtube when I get a chance - been swamped.
                      Aaron Murakami

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                      • Very well, I will wait to see what Eric thinks about this.

                        Whenever we're both available, I wouldn't mind speaking to him about it.


                        • Markovich A-Tree

                          Hello Aaron,
                          Going to take you back some years to your Post here in 2008:


                          I made the Markovich Post earlier and was doing a follow up when I came across your explanation above.

                          My question to you is - do you have anything further to this as it pretty much meets what I already know about spark and plasma gaps?

                          One extra point with Edwin Gray is that there are two diodes omitted from the RHS of his schematic where the coils are located, matching the two diodes on the LHS.
                          This is not well known and was omitted from the Patent on purpose.

                          Strange just how slowly we all move on any significant finding as that was some 6 years ago.
                          Have put the A-Tree on my project list as it complements the 'Crystal Set Initiative' (CSI).
                          I purchased several switching delay lines some months back on a hunch that two electrical paths meeting after different time delays were able to produce a DC voltage and Markovitch has confirmed that observation.

                          Peter Markovich: Apparatus To Rectify Ether Energy (ATREE)

                          I don't think I have ever read such a distinct and matter-of-fact document relating to what the ether really is as in Markovich's 'II. Apparatus To Rectify Ether Energy' on Page 2.
                          Have added this one to the project list as it complements the 'Crystal Set Initiative' (CSI) and is based on Tesla'a Magnifying Transmitter.
                          All the best.



                          • Seismic Warning System

                            In my Markovich Folder is a sister device from Joseph B Tate and this is his 'Ambient Power Module':

                            Joe Tate: Ambient Power Module

                            However, halfway through the document you will see his US Patent 4628299 and this is for a 'Seismic Warning System Using RF Energy Monitor':

                            Seismic warning system using RF energy monitor

                            This is exactly what Eric is also doing with the telephone system and opens the door to an optional method of achieving the same result but using more of an air effect other than telluric or both.
                            Reading the document gives you an idea of what is required to master this device and its operation.
                            I am not going to debate which method is the best or most reliable but shows that the method of detection is available via various means and one may be easier and simpler than the other.
                            What suprised me most here was that Tate has supplied a Source Code for setting up the digital electronics.

                            And yes I know it is solid-state and you hate that and so too do I to a degree but it might just mean that there is more to all of this than we first imagined with the prospect of sensing a seismic event just by using a local antenna.
                            Something to do with the Aether interaction and it not only occurs below ground but above as well - a reflected field supressing the EM?
                            The Patent shows that a Radio Station signal will be reduced considerably whenever an impending seismic event is due.
                            The antenna used is a 'broadband, horizontal, very long monopole antenna' and this turns out to be 30 meters long and exactly what I have strung up here in a half hour.

                            What bothers me most here is that this is a working device via a Patent but is still not in use by the Authorities and could be built by any University Student into electronics and programming.
                            Bottom line here is to allow destruction and not bother to prevent it and then you go in and clean up - just how stupid is that really? - this is society today in action unfortunately.

                            I actually built the Tate device but was not impressed but have learnt much since that effort and will be attempting again.
                            Hope Eric gets to see this and would like to hear his comments.



                            • Interview with Eric on, starts in part 2.

                              Groovy People Radio Part 2 | intellectualradio | Bambuser

                              Groovy People Radio Part 3 | intellectualradio | Bambuser

                              "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                              "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


                              • Geomagnetic storm's affect on power grid

                                There is real evidence even proof that when the flux around the earth is compressed that other electrical components show up and cause transformers to overheat. page 114:[/URL]

                                They call this Geomagnetic Induced Current GIC. This is what is responsible for the distorted wave as distinguished from normal wave. ( finally something tangible ! )
                                There are GIC model derived can explain the inclusion of the other waves during the half cycle. These artifacts should give some indication of what to shoot for.
                                A small Transmission line or (antenna system) driven the same should be affected the same. Since this has been simulated then working back from there is possible and design criteria would be available.

                                Note that pure sine wave is preferred in order to isolate the GIC. A square wave and it's plentiful harmonics would complicate the composite GIC.
                                However the multi harmonics is useful in other tesla type devices like health. The focus here on using the GIC (solar sunspot cycle ) to develop instruments .
                                Hopefully it is related to telluric current.
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