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  • Questions needing Answers

    Why are we working with Eric P Dollard material and devices?
    Mine is a simple quest for 'Energy Synthesis' (ES) and probably all of the others will also agree and also to learn more about Tesla from the Master and with an eventual replacement for 'alternative electricity' that we don't have to pay for.

    Would like to ask Eric about Carbon and what he knows of its ES ability as it was noted by Tesla as being the doorway to the 'Warmth Ether'.
    I keep collecting the stuff here and a good source is the old Movie Projector rods made from Carbon/Copper sleeve.
    Thinking of following dR-Green and Sputins, think Madhatter and Geometric Algebra were also moving along this line and going into a full blown CIG but using Carbon Anodes as in the original RCA 805, 813 type of Tube.

    Would very much like to prove my Extra Coil theory but would like a profound response from Eric as to where the CIG is going to lead us.
    Seeking direction here from the Professor to assist us in knowing what is possible in the future by following his lead.
    It is not only the Quadrature learning curve we are involved with here but also the carrot at the end of the stick - where are you leading us?

    Did some comparison tests between the Hertzian and Telluric propogation and was disappointed in that I saw no discrepancy and appear to be in an area where the EM signal is being dumped here into this locality by antenna design - Dipole.
    This is supported by the simple 1N34 dual probe being used to easily pick the signal off the wire fenceline of the property.

    Was going to install a 27' Alexanderson antenna but at the point here where we are looking at downsizing and now looking at something smaller that is capable of being transported easily and here we need to look at the Alexanderson system and see if that is not at all possible and can Eric assist in that area?
    The Cross Field Antenna may be such an answer:

    Crossed-Field AM Radio Transmission Antenna - 1/50 Wavelength Long; 100 kW

    There is now considerable detail on the Inet on this antenna and would like to suggest that there are possible sychronicities with the Alexanderson system.
    I know you are out there in the desert paddocks fiddling with the idle long line telephone systems but can't that be downsized into a convenient 10' cube or similar?
    Talk of counter spatial or reactive elements and utilising both the distributed networks of Tesla and the lumped networks of Alexanderson - surely all of this cannot be reduced into a cube like the size of the CFA?
    Nobody appears to understand how the CFA works and suggests strongly an association with both the distributed and lumped components and where the LMD and counterspace is very much involved like the Camp David and the Log Periodic Antenna.
    The sole idea of utilising the 'counterspace' is working within a small area - the long line stuff can be achieved within the cube in 'counterspace'.
    Am I making sense here?
    Perhaps we are in need of a Fractal Antenna?
    Tesla did part of it in a simple extended coil and now the Alexanderson 'counterspace' bit needs to be added in a convenient cube size.
    As I see it.



    • EPD Channel?

      I'm guessing he doesn't have a clue that any of this is happening right now because he doesn't have the internet, or even a computer. The only way he can know is if someone calls him up or writes a letter to tell him.
      This is a slow way to get from A to B on many levels, sort of like turning on your favorite TV channel to watch the test pattern!


      • Very nice work there Sputins!

        Originally posted by David G Dawson View Post
        Did some comparison tests between the Hertzian and Telluric propogation and was disappointed in that I saw no discrepancy
        Did you tune both receivers with a local oscillator to make sure they are in phase before starting? Also keep the overground antenna a decent distance from the TMT otherwise you'll just be picking up the signal from that. If everything in the area is saturated then you might have a problem.

        Originally posted by cyborg View Post
        This is a slow way to get from A to B on many levels, sort of like turning on your favorite TV channel to watch the test pattern!
        Slow but adequate. The periods in between is where you should do your homework.

        "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

        "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


        • Originally posted by David G Dawson View Post
          Eric P Dollard:
          If this is your official blog site - it would be really nice if you could come in now and again and answer our questions as I see them all being ignored.
          I know you hate this medium but what recourse do we have left - snail mail?
          I have 2-4 more tests to do on the new coils and then I'll be sending Eric some mail. If you want I can print out your CRD posts and put them in the envelope if you haven't made other arrangements.

          "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

          "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


          • Sputins, it's beautiful, looks really nice to me, I know very little about
            tubes/valves, but the scope tells the story, lovely wave form. I wish my health
            would allow me to do more work and study, but thems the breaks.

            Can I ask what voltage would you be expecting to get from the Tesla
            transformers when driven by this ?



            • Sputins,
              Excellent work!
              A good feeling when it all comes together - you don't get that feeling with solid state - no glow!
              Dewey Larson has explained very well our involvement with technology where nobody is really interested and just want to go along with the flow - Adam Bull has expressed the same disallusionment with people and society who seem to be fixed in a state of being on the Planet but not being a part of it.
              They simply don't want to know and this can only be called a part of the sheeple program - its working!

              Am collecting parts here for the Tektronix Oscilloscopes (mine is a 564B & RM503) but having difficulty sourcing the Compactrons - Nuvistors are OK.

              Yes, you may be correct in that I am too close to the coil and will set up for the new test as that was my intention and why I Posted and appreciate your observations.
              And again the TTPG is for the CIG but will test it on the CSI without the cap, just for interest.
              Thanks for the offer with respect to detail to Eric but had a letter to him also in mind and will do so as that way I do get some direct answers and will give him a Christmas present as well.
              I think he enjoys responding to letters as he can include some of his invective in those about all that he does and doesn't like and makes for interesting reading.
              Will be including detail on a 'Negative Inductance' ( NO Capacitor) antenna which I will Post here shortly and think he should consider this with respect to long line antennas.
              Horrors of all horrors it includes two transistors but these are Moray transistors and they use no external power and feel this is an answer to some of the antenna problems we need to dig deeper with.
              This may also be able to be used with Vacuum Tubes and will be building as it just sounds to be too good to be true and feel a sychronicity here with the TMT/CSI.

              CRI - Crystal Radio Initiative
              CSI - Crystal Set Initiative
              TMT - Tesla Magnifying Transmitter
              FTL - Faster Than Light

              Uploaded with

              Have finished building the 6SN7 'Triode Driver' in parallel mode and will now try that on the CSI - this will be the 5th Dollard device.
              (Eric P. Dollard Page 14 Post #399)
              Used two 6" long x 1" x 1/2" aluminium angle and placed the valve bases across those with two bolts low on the frame for rigidity and works well.
              Used two bases, 1 for the Triode Buffer if required or something else and those are the parts required at top right.
              The 'L' angle is good as you can fit a pot if needed on the sides but looking at going to a 2" x 1/2" and this will give much greater depth for components.
              Always a problem obtaining a chassis but this is an easy way out and no large holes required to be cut out and air conditioning is great.
              When I insert new Valves into bases I always use a petroleum jelly smear on the pins as this frees up the workings after being idle for so long and makes insertion and removal that much easier.
              The RCA box is home built - any Tube that I know I will be using has a box made up as they nearly always come unboxed - easier to stack and safe to handle.
              The four and five and even the 7 pin bases used for the multivibrators are of the 'grab' style, easy in, hard out but the Octals are 'pressure' style and just need the lubrication.

              Another pic showing some of the Tag Strips available for Vacuum Tubes:

              Uploaded with

              Just noticed I have an error on the board which needs to be corrected before power up.

              Have managed to buy more 6AG7s (Power Output Pentode) in military guise of the metal can type but there is always a catch and comes with a heap of 6AC7s (sco RF Pentode) but may be a good candidate for Moray.
              This sco, mco and rco means short, medium, and remote/long cutoff and gives you some idea if you want fast or slow.
              Typical example is not using an rco where you have AGC or similar involved.

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              • Breadboard builds

                Everybody's breadboards are looking good. Having output is even better!

                I think I'm going to build one of those intriguing looking CFAs.
                If it works, I have some applications to try it out on.
                I wonder if it receives as well as it is supposed to transmit? Since this spec has been glossed over, I suspect the receiving results may not be as stellar.
                They are simple enough to make, though!


                • Planet X

                  Planet X, A Brown Dwarf, Second Sun, BlueBonnet:
                  Knew this would eventually come out with some better insights as to what is about to happen:

                  Planet X/"Nibiru"/Brown Dwarf Twin Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis

                  Had to blame the erratic Weather on something and what better than Planet X.
                  Like the man I talked to the other day who said the Weather was not normal and most irregular and could only agree.
                  This may be the reason why the Sun is quiet and the other influence in our skies is taking hold but as yet we cannot see its surface or even know how active it really is.
                  I keep saying that I don't see a connection between the Sun and current severe Weather like another named Blizzard for the US and an Atlantic Storm about to hit the UK and Europe and the sheer intensity of Haiyan rolling through the Phillipines.
                  Would very much like to know how Piers Corbyn (UK) is predicting the Weather as I doubt it is from the Sun but is probably from a Cosmic Ray Detector (CRD) and this may be why Eric Dollard is interested in such and you will also note that he states the exact same in one of his videos that the Sun has gone quiet and is 'dying' - might be a little more to it than just that.
                  Jupiter, as our current second Sun could also be changing its energy patterns.

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                  • Negative Inductor Antenna

                    Wrote a little earlier on this but here is the real data on the Negative Inductance Antenna - NO CAPACITOR and no tuning.
                    "the antenna becomes broadband and the necessity of tuning the antenna to an individual frequency is obviated".

                    Feel this is an extension to the TMT and is what the CFA is bordering on as nobody appears to know how these Antennas work and would suggest a counterspace and LMD component and much as to what we are all currently working with.

                    Two US Patents are involved from a Thomas K Albee on a 'Broadband VLF Loop Antenna System':

                    Broadband VLF loop antenna system - The Bunker Ramo Corporation

                    'Submarine Antenna Communications System' (3 to 300 khz):


                    Note this is all VLF and also in the lower area of our investigations and could probably be extended into the 1.8 ~ 2 Mhz band.
                    When you look at the Figs 3 & 4 of the second and you see more than a 10x amplification factor in both volts and 'Q' you must realise you are on to something.
                    Will be building this, the first gives component values but not the transistor types and would be suggesting Germanium but then again, this is open to experimentation just like the back to back transistors to emulate a 'Tunnel Diode'.
                    2N2222 is always a good general Transistor for these types of projects.
                    I firmly believe there are considerable extension today to the work of Tesla and this is one of them and is still not understood what is manifesting.
                    Still searching for more to the Moray 'front end' where no external source power is being utilised.



                    • Smokey, thanks for the tips on inserting or removing the valves/tubes. Also good idea with the "L" brackets. The only metal boxes I have are computer cases, in fact I seem to have become a magnet for old computers and monitors lately, there's literally no room to turn around in the lab except for a small corner which has been kept clear to finish off the tests on the new coils. Now that those are done I will need to do major work on getting a bench in there and sorting everything out.

                      Anyway, on the weather, the last time I spoke to Eric he told me to check this out Solar Flare Alerts | About Solar Flares | Warnings | Solar Flare Storms - If I remember correctly he said it's all about to go crazy. I think he'd recommend heading for the bushes...

                      "Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

                      "Once men died for Truth, but now Truth dies at the hands of men." - Manly P. Hall


                      • negative inductance antenna

                        The negative inductance antenna is not all that mysterious.
                        Basically it's a trick that NEGATES the phase of the inductance.
                        A capacitance is a negative reactance that varies inversely with f.
                        A negative inductance is a negative reactance that is directly proportional to f.
                        So, if the phase is kept at zero the antenna is broadbanded by being resistive
                        over a wide spread of frequencies without a LC resonance characteristic.

                        Other other hand, the CFA is sort of fractal antenna that works by combining the Fields in such a way to produce a third.
                        It's very small, 1/200 of a wavelength, so it world be great for applications where more conventional antennas are too large...if it works on transmit AND receive...

                        I'm going to scrounge up some stuff now...


                        • orginal CFA patent

                          Here is a pdf of the CFA patent. It's an outline at best.
                          I read discussion that there may not be sufficient capacitance to produce enough displacement current to aid in strong field generation. Some quick calculations seem to verify that assertion, unless the device was driven at very high voltages.

                          However, the patent implies that the CFA can be driven with the power splitter described in the papers by a standard 50 ohm transmitter. no mention of high voltage RF at all.

                          I have a couple of disks now, so maybe i'll make the cylinders from mesh screening.
                          The "dipole version" with dual plates and cylinders has best chance of success, IMO.
                          Attached Files


                          • GLOM CFA NIA Flares

                            Just a word on GLOM.
                            Old Computer power supply boxes are real good for Tube chassis as well as low DC power supplies - used these originally on the rotating rainmaker machines and their Amp ratings are quite good.
                            Old TVs - Flybacks, neck Ferrites plus Copper, both rapidly becoming things of the past and have a huge pile here and was 'told' to collect these items and you also get some high power Horizontal NPN Driver transistors or Tubes like 1S2, 6BK4, 1B3GT etc - Tesla here, high frequency and voltage.
                            Yes, my Lab also is chock a block but somewhat organised and causes you to stop at some time and organise better, it's called housekeeping and also 'learn to fix what gets broke'.
                            Things above, people are just throwing away and collect on the sidewalk and you go street shopping at collection time - it's free!
                            Getting back into my Thyratron downconverter shortly and all of the above is used in those and why I am interested in Eric's help with the Thyratrons - a learning curve.

                            Good to see the interest in the CFA (Cross Feed Antenna) and thank you for your description on the NIA (Negative Inductance Antenna) as you appear to have a very quick assessing ability and a need to hear more of that here.
                            Good luck with your build and one I also have on my project list and will probably also do as well as the NIA.

                            Jerry Bales is wrapping magnets around Hydrogen vessels and manipulating the electrons in their orbits and collecting the energy when the electron snaps back into its normal orbit - just a theory at this time but feel more plausible with a Plasma.
                            This could be called an 'Oscillatory Chamber' - Philo T Farnsworth type stuff (the concept of this device is in development) but picture this with a Plasma and not electrons and a possible 'Counterspace' interaction where the entire unit runs cool - we need to elevate ourselves above the resistive heat of the electron and go cool and cold with a Plasma which is already being achieved now with the Ion Valve.
                            Moray keeps telling me 'its in the Ions'!
                            More on this when I get a chance to develop further and not what I would call 'Fission'.
                            The reason why I have a large 5C22 Hydrogen Thyratron here for such experiment and also why we see anomalous results with an Impulse Discharge like in a multivibrator device or even a relay - The Tesla Instant.
                            I have a cube in the picture with continual lightning inside the vessel and your energy needs are easily tapped off and this is a result of replicating Nature's way of doing things and the entire unit runs cool to cold and exactly what you get during a Thunderstorm - a massive drop in temperature.
                            We need to keep in mind that Tesla saw thermionics (filaments) as not what was required as this was the electron activator and not what we should be using and here we have all these evacuated vessels and some with gases and nobody bothers to experiment with them outside of the intended thermionic side.
                            Suprises ahead!

                            Thankyou for the Solar Flare URL.
                            Have a status here on my desktop which is showing 'Active' at this time but the Solar pictures don't appear to be telling you too much as I have some difficulty in relating to what is being presented.
                            Think the development of the CRD is important at this time as Eric has the ability to understand what is ahead for us all and a need now to monitor the severity of the event or at least to be alert to the changes now taking place.
                            The URL and video on Planet X is not to scare everyone, just a heads up and a be prepared for what is ahead for us all.

                            I see the 'Negative Inductance Antenna' as another 'Cosmic Ray Detector' but here we have the stand alone principle where we only need an outdoor antenna and NO energy source is required.
                            This could be amplified through the twin 1N34 probe head into a speaker and here comes my second Crystal Set schematic which I have already presented here:

                            High Power Crystal Set, August 1960 Popular Electronics - RF Cafe

                            First one was a dud and have a 3rd option waiting in the wings.
                            My association with transistors is to use them where there is no requirement for an outside energy source which is a major problem with the Tubes where considerable sized power supplies and Mains demand is required.
                            Don't believe this was a problem with Moray as he was not using external energy sources but managed to manipulate the voltage gains in the Tubes by other organisational means and also what I too am seeking.
                            What Eric is doing with the CIG, I don't think you would even contemplate using solid state (SS) as your specifications would always be way above what was available.
                            With Tubes for an experimenter you get a warning of trouble and not so with SS, just an instant death!
                            Can you take your transistor out of the circuit easily and place it on a Tester like you can a Vacuum Tube?
                            With the UK Telequipment (UK Tektronix) yes, you could but this was an interim measure and a bit like the Nuvistor but was soon phased out and became a permanent solder job.
                            Thus began 'the throw away society'!



                            • chrystal set and transistors

                              The high power crystal set will probably not be audible through the speaker unless you are in a metro area close to the transmitter. there will be too much loss in the transformer, I would suspect. Ditch the the transformer/speaker and sub it with high impedance headphones or maybe try a very tiny transformer and speaker like what might be used in an old pocket transistor radio.

                              Bipolar transistors such as npn, pnp can be readily rested with nothing more than a multimeter with a "diode check" function They will read like "back to back" diodes from the base to collector and base to emitter. You will have to switch the lead polarity depending it's a pnp or npn. The collector to emitter should read open*.

                              *some power types have a built-in b-e resistor usually 50-100 ohms, so the b-e wont read like a diode. Some also have a built-in inverse polarity diode across the c-e , but you won't notice that unless you reverse the c-e polarity during the "open" test.

                              These tests will tell the story of transistor health for 90% of the cases.
                              Of coarse a go/no-go test is no sub for a curve tracer or even a dc gain tester, but you really don't need those things unless you are interesting in the nitty-gritty of the device specs. The data sheet will get you in the ballpark for most applications.

                              There is additional protection circuitry that can be built to protect transistors in TC service. The problem is the "experimental" nature of the beast, where there is a good chance that an experiment will cause a sudden change in SWR and impedance which can be very detrimental to solid state devices.
                              Tubes don't like it much either but the damage is not quite so obvious so quickly!


                              • Triode Driver

                                Triode Driver:
                                6SN7GTA Triode Driver in parallel works well first up and loud in the headphones.
                                Has extended reception distance out to about 5' but no lamps lighting and can even still hear the local Radio Station in the background.
                                Went back into Eric's information and come out somewhat overwhelmed by all that he has presented and need to sit back and further digest.
                                Using Eric's 110volt HT but notice the specs say 90 volts for 1st Triode and 250 volts for the 2nd and remember him saying he did not have the specs and was working from memory.
                                Wondering whether the 110 can't be extended somewhat and not sure why the volts are staggered as a Class A1 amplifier.
                                In a TV, both the horizontal and vertical deflection oscillatores are specced at 450 maximum volts and would expect in practice, this would be down graded to about 300 to 400.
                                Tuning of the the Function Generator showed the frequency to be very close to secondary design which was encouraging.

                                Went back through the pages to 40 here but could not find your Driver.
                                What are you currently using to light your lamps?

                                Will go back to some basic earlier tests and refine my system as I need to review what I am doing.