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    Purpose: To discuss Faraday's and homo or unipolar generators (dynamos) and motors in general, and enlist volunteers to transcribe the audio from the 1988 Borderlands video of a young Dr. Lindemann and Michael (? - sorry already forgot his name and I just watched it an hour ago) that was "embedded" in Aaron's presentation. Their discoveries of how to make an AC unipolar generator, and that electrically the two connection points are a dead short, were truly groundbreaking, Peter! (And GREAT beard!)

    I would like to get several people who purchased and downloaded High Voltage N-Machine to take a few minutes of that embedded video and transcribe the audio, and then we can put it all together into a PDF - maybe with some screen shots from the video... It would be great not only for preservation but as basis for the further research that Aaron has "kickstarted." Nice job, Aaron, and thanks for the great discount on this video.

    Saint Nikola from 1891 Notes on a Unipolar Dynamo in The Electrical Engineer:
    It is characteristic of fundamental discoveries, of great achievements of intellect, that they retain an undiminished power upon the imagination of the thinker. The memorable experiment of Faraday with a disc rotating between the two poles of a magnet, which has borne such magnificent fruit, has long passed into every-day experience; yet there are certain features about this embryo of the present dynamos and motors which even to-day appear to us striking, and are worthy of the most careful study.


    Three years ago I posted these two videos of small Unipolar motors on Vimeo:
    12 seconds
    and 9 seconds:
    The copper wire curved around the Neo magnet is superfluous - an abandoned brush around the circumference. Two D cells in series with positive on the circumference and negative on the axle cause the clockwise rotation seen. I don't remember if we're looking at the south pole or the north pole face of the 'magnetized thru thickness' Neo.

    At about 3 seconds in the 2nd video, you can see about a 3/8" blue spark, which I believe is a clue to Aether, first because it's blue and second because there is no way that 3 volts will jump that much air.

    Thanks also, Aaron for the posthumous shout out to Bruce DePalma who did some amazing work with rotating bodies. He found that Aether/Akasha/Space (and he also, correctly imho, identified it as Primordial Sound) is isotropic, and all that is necessary to "get at it" is to introduce anisotropy - oscillation - rotation - sound. Symmetry Breaking. He stated that the only limitation to how much current/power could be drawn off a Homo/Uni-polar Space power generator were the contacts.

    If Gerry Vassilatos is correct - that Tesla got the Aether to flow by reducing the current to zero (or close) - and Bedini and others (Frolov) have pointed out that it can work the other way too - that we just reduce voltage to zero or near it and just use current, then these Unipolar dynamos are well suited to that, and maybe it's not necessary to raise the voltage up as you creatively did, Aaron. Amps is amps, after all.

    DePalma used or at least suggested using mercury wells for the peripheral contact. Saint Nikola (Tesla) had an interesting approach - to put a conductive belt around the periphery of two magnet/discs - causing both to turn either CW or CCW and connected on the circumferences with the conductive belt.

    With the shafts or axles of the two magnets electrically isolated from each other, and connected in series via the belt - he only had to connect one pole on each axle. See his 1889 patent here:

    I have 2 8' and 1 6' electric baseboard heaters that I'm trying to hold off turning on until 10-1-17 or later. (Cheap Scots genes.) At 220 VAC they draw about an amp per foot and kick the electric meter to warp 1 I swear. On my free energy To Do List is to test DePalma's assertion that it's only the contact efficiency that limits how much current can be extracted directly from space, and power one of these amp eaters with a Unipolar. Amps is amps and volts don't matter. Maybe.

    Tesla in his Notes mentions Scotsman George Forbes. See his Unipolar Dynamo patent here:

    Reconsidering all this, I'm really excited again - especially with what Peter and Michael found thirty years ago in '87 or '88. That the current can be extracted at two points 90 degrees apart on the circumference, AND, maybe more incredibly, that the AC waveform is the same coming off 90 degrees on the shaft! I think Faraday, Forbes and Tesla would all three be impressed with this find - both the 90 degree phenomena and getting AC - making Unipolar go BI-polar.

    I will close with a bit more from Tesla's NOTES:

    Considered as a dynamo machine, the disc is an equally interesting object of study. In addition to its peculiarity of giving currents of one direction without the employment of commutating devices, such a machine differs from ordinary dynamos in that there is no reaction between armature and field. The armature current tends to set up a magnetization at right angles to that of the field current, but since the current is taken off uniformly from all points of the periphery, and since, to be exact, the external circuit may also be arranged perfectly symmetrical to the field magnet, no reaction can occur. This, however, is true only as long as the magnets are weakly energized, for when the magnets are more or less saturated, both magnetizations at right angles seemingly interfere with each other.

    For the above reason alone it would appear that the output of such a machine should, for the same weight, be much greater than that of any other machine in which the armature current tends to demagnetize the field. The extraordinary output of the Forbes unipolar dynamo and the experience of the writer confirm this view.

    Again, the facility with which such a machine may be made to excite itself is striking, but this may be due — besides to the absence of armature reaction — to the perfect smoothness of the current and non-existence of self-induction.
    Emphasis Mine.

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    It would be good to discuss Paramahamsa Tewari and Bruce DePalma 's versions of this technology. A "compare and contrast" exercise. Is there such a document?