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    For those who don't have time to read the background info - the question is about accurately measuring salt - specifically NaCl - in a liquid.

    Background info - most of it is in post 3 of the "produce on salt water" thread, at:

    The bits relevant to this thread and question is copied below:

    The main problem is the high level of Sodium Chloride compared to other minerals in sea water. The goal should be to develop a process that reduces the levels of just Sodium Chloride to a level which isnít excessive and requires the plants to waste energy combating itís effects.

    Iíve read of two methods which might work. One involves evaporation, where you leave the sea water out in the sun. At some point the sodium chloride forms crystals which can be removed, leaving a solution which is more concentrated with less water but with a lower concentration of Sodium Chloride. As the solution is at a point where the Sodium Chloride is no longer able to stay dissolved in the solution. Thatís the theory, wherever itís that easy to separate out the Sodium Chloride leaving the other minerals intact - is another issue.

    The other one involves making a concentrate from sea salt. You place the sea salt in a cotton bag and then dunk the bag (with the sea salt inside) into a tub of water, leaving it there for 3 minutes. Then you hang the bag over a bowl and allow the liquid to drip into a dark glass jar that is placed inside the bowl. The resulting liquid is called Mother Liquor, and can be used to treat over 600 illnesses and diseases.
    The question is basically as I stated at the beginning, to accurately measure salt - specifically NaCl - in a liquid.

    But more specifically - how can one determine at home, the NaCl content of a liquid. That has resulted from the two processes - as stated in the quoted text above (in paragraphs 2 and 3).

    Or if there is just a way to remove just the NaCl, without affecting the other minerals.

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