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Tap H20 to Acid/Alkaline H20: kills plant disease

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  • Tap H20 to Acid/Alkaline H20: kills plant disease

    Wow, talk about organic .. use just tap water.

    Video: DIY Acid Alkaline electrolyzer for plant disease
    Tap water is separated into Acid Ph and Alkaline Ph water
    Kills Bad Fungus (mildew), bugs? etc.

    Can this be done really slowly with small solar panel?
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    I thought acid rain was bad. Maybe its not really acid rain, its DOR rain with nasty factory chemicals in it... and this acid is helpful on acid loving plants I take it? I have some pretty fungusy squash right now I used col. silver on but I dont think its going to work well. I should consider this approach.


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      It's called kangen water

      see this too:

      I decide to find the technical background from electrolysis healing water. Here is what I found.
      - The price is high for electrolizer to pay the price of platinum titanium electrode, to avoid metal contaminating the water during electrolysis. As such many product also use thin layer of Platinum which can only last 6 month of normal operation. If the core is not another inert metal, then the core will contaminated water.
      - some suggest salt to add chlorine inside the water, but most hydroxy experimenter believe that chlorine is also released in air thus can be dangerously lethal.
      - acidic water / oxidized water build at positive electrode said to have good sterilizing effect. Is best to cure exposed injury, fungus in plant, cleaning bactery.
      - alkali water / reduced water / hydrogenized water build at negative electrode said to have good boosting effect. Is best for reverse aging, bigger fruit and healthy life.
      - some site said bigger electrode is bad, while hydroxy experimenter find it best to use larger surface and use PWM to control the current.
      - most of the efefct caused by OH- and H+ in the electrolysis process. hydroxy experimenter mention that H+ and O- also released as gas in small amount in normal electrolysis process, where most is H2 and O2 (can be controlled according to hydroxy patent). May be a separate O2 and H2 output is better.


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        So its just a matter of watts / time. How long does it take to get what degree of separation of Ph. I would think a solar panel would work. What I would think of doing though would be taking the output of solar panel and putting it through transistor/coil to nebulize the current and increase the voltage. So basically a panel through a joule theif or aromaz circuit, to the water in question. I however have been unable to get aromaz circuit to work with 24v 50ma solar panel. Maybe it was working but I couldn't get the light to light or coil to sing loud. Those circuits need amps to be effective though...

        Cheers for the info! I will be trying this as soon as I happen across a suitable container.

        I was thinking about having 2 pipes in a tub as the electrodes, and have the water sucked down the pipe after current is applied. Only take a small amount, and refresh what you took, and then you have ph-on-demand water. The water suction nozzle doubles as electrode. Thats my thought on how to get specific parts of the water out. ... Could copper pipe work? or would copper mess up the water....?



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          I think it do not require as much power as usual HHO generation electrolysis. So I guess doing straight DC electrolysis process is ok. The important part is not bubble but water separation between the negative part and positive part. Most of the patent for alkaline water mention the use of special membran to separate the acid part and alkaline part. I think the problem would be to prevent water from going trough between separator but still maintain electricity to pass trough but at the same time do not make the the separator it self as electrode.

          Remember that your goal is NOT to create bubble. The goal is to separate the water output to positively charged and negatively charged. Which is wy it has name of hydrogenated water (alkaline), oxygenated water (acidic).

          I think your cell power is more than enough. Don't concern for the pH. Just try to use it for watering the flower. the alkaline water part has to improve the health and the acidic water part has to kill bacteria.

          From many application it do run on demand where the device is placed aafter tap water output and the device process it in real time.

          Some patent do mention outputting water to separate pipe (Y pipe) with different polarity on each output, one output is positive and other is negative.

          For positive electrode use the most non corrosive material you can find. Copper, and normal steel will corrode easily.


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            Right, stainless steel all the way.

            If I come across some good stainless and a container I can modify I will try to make this... Most of my plumbing projects came out poorly though. I will post my results when I get them... I hope its sometime this month

            I havn't read any patents yet, can you reference one for me please? I was thinking of something like a fish tank glass rectangle, with a tall glass triangle or box in the middle, separating both sides of water with a small clearance at the top to allow conductivity. Drains on both sides.

            Man I wish I could blow glass, that would be a good skill to know. Make all sorts of stuff...

            Thanks again for this topic


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              I think those tank idea may work well too. I wish I could remember where I see it. Definitely not from biontech or conquestinc website.

              Is there a transparent PVC tubing ? Or maybe small aquarium tubing is enough.


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                What metal should be used for electrodes? ..
                How about 99.999 silver rounds/coins?

                For those that can obtain it, sea water could be used instead of
                distilled water with bit of sea salt?

                Read "Winstonís Comment:" where Winston uses up to 25%
                seawater in his irrigation system.
                It's below the main story, A Country of Women, here.

                nice easy setup. Water Ionizer DIY
                Remember to be kind to your mind ...
                Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."