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    Creating a Personal Seedbank | Rural Spin
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    I have a personal seed bank,
    been collecting seeds for 20 years now,
    there is some fantastic information on long term seed preservation done by someone that studied it his entire life
    his website seems gone, but has a copy

    after reading it, I ended up vacuum packing my seeds in canning jars and store them in the freezer,
    so far I have perfect germination (even 20 years later)


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      I have read multiple articles on ELF, Extremely Low Frequency seed exposure and am very fascinated and shocked at the results. it seams the ELF alters the DNA in a good way (un like Monsanto) that is beneficial to the seed to not only aide in germination but also producing a much better and healthier plant with larger fruit with larger yields that taste much better.
      not only that, the exposure to ELF extends the storage life considerably of all seeds but i might add that certain low frequencies caused different types of plants to peak in all areas whether it be storage,germination or growth to maturity.

      the research was conducted by some Russian scientists or culturist i don't remember which.

      It seams this technique along with the post from you would result in a complete win for everyone.

      Also for the people indulging in self sustaining towns or societies this would be a good back up plan in case they were sabotaged from threats from local Gov, Federal Gov or even Corporate America destroying their main foods supplies from Vitro clonal propagation. Vitro clonal propagation is where you can take one leaf from the plant and make thousands of clones from one leaf thus preserving your foods supply. all this can be done with just a few hours a day and clone tens of thousands of plants of healthy non GMO food. this very technique can maintain the entire town's food supply and three other towns to boot thus giving MONSANTO the middle finger.

      just by freezing a bag of leaves from the plant would preserve your supply for many, many generations to come.

      I personally have designed a self sustainable community on paper that can house 80 people that only need to work a few hours a day to maintain their life in a very comfortable way. all that is needed is money to get started then in one year the community will be producing so much it could support a small town from the excess abundance of food clothing ect. i hope i live so see it happen.

      Thank you for the link. if i can find the ELF link i will post it.

      PS. if you really want to gain knowledge read up on Luther Burbank, one of the most renown botanist of all time. also botanist Frederick Campion Steward ala vitro clonal propagation.

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        I have had a hard time cloning from a leaf from just about any plant I have tried. and especially not from a frozen leaf. if you have tried this and can get it to work, I would love to know how