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  • Deer Alarm

    So I found this homemade alarm that uses a motion sensor and washing machine water inlet solenoid valve to set off a sprinkler when deer come around the garden.

    Deer alarm

    So I built it with what I had around and while testing it stopped working. The solenoids are 110v 8W and the motion senor is 110v 2.5amp not to exceed 140W. The sensor was one I had around but not used much but its the part that isn't functioning anymore. Do you think I burnt it up somehow running the solenoid? I don't want to buy another to do the same.


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    I got something similar with a cheap Light with an Motion detector. I bought it for about 25 Bucks, it worked few days, and now, it only lights for the time what i adjust it after i did unplug it. I assume some of this Detectors are simple crap, i got an old one from a more or less reliable company and it worked for years. You could try to unplug and replug it and see if it works again for one time. Or just test it with a light if it still switch it on. I dont assume, when you adjust on that, from one of the screws at it, the brightness it will fix it again. Maybe it does, dont know. I did take mine appart but no idea what can be wrong at it. Not much parts on it and the sensor of course is again made that you cant fix it really when its damaged.
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      Thanks Joit

      I'm hoping many will tell me its most likely the sensor. Currently the sensor passed no current through the switch. So it is not "seeing" or the circuit is fried, but I wouldnt think the 8W solenoid would do that.


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        Yeah, i dont think too, its because of the solonoid, more that the sensor is simple crap. Mine switched an about 60 W bulb and still got damaged, even that some are rated for 1000watt. Not sure if its only the Potentiometer there what got wet or burned or any other bad contacts. I got at mine the light from Streetlights and thought its maybe to bright that it really works. So i put a bit tape on the sensor that it doesnt get direct light. That worked for about a week and then it was gone.
        I was thinking about to buy a new one, but as usual, they maybe dont match into the Lamp because its all a unit. But they are actually cheap when you want a new one, you get one for about 10$.
        motion sensor | eBay
        I also dont think that your motors produce to much backspike that it can damage it. Another guess from me would be, that your motor takes to much current when it switch on, but at 8W, not really.
        Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.


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          Thanks again,

          Yeah I will probably go get another sensor and cross my fingers. If it fails again, I'm done with it.