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Looking for advice, to develop my concept; into a workable theory.

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  • Looking for advice, to develop my concept; into a workable theory.

    I have notice some very interesting blogs; regarding agriculture ideas; here on this form.
    I have been working on a drought concept relating to my radio biology concept; that I am working on.
    I have been working on developing and finding research papers toward developing root structures / balancing homeostasis of the organism of plants after a drought.
    (some of the areas; I am seeking advice in are.)

    1) Developing a Dipole pattern; that can correctly simulate the roots of plants. Using some form of A/C; and a form direct current.
    2 Gaining advice, in understanding A/C theories; that relate to soil simulations.
    3) Requiring information, or names of books; in regarding conductive material that would work underground to improve crop function.
    4) I would like to know; in what ways longitudinal or P waves affect plant> homeostasis.
    5) finding research papers;done on the electronal functions of the motor senses of the plant relating to before a drought experience, during drought experience and after a drought experience

    (I suspect, that a feeble static oscillating current; maybe in a Fibonacci pattern; Could prove its self useful. In changing the abnormal Rhythmic tissues of the plant back to normal. The motor senses of the plant; will be encouraged to notice this feedback. With traditional agriculture techniques. The crop, should improve and change back to normal. Which would improve the bushels of the crop)

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    for 3:

    check out
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