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3 Battery Generating System

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  • Hello to All,
    Today and tomorrow will be good cool weather and chance for me to get some generator building time.

    I'm using 3/4" plywood as stators holding the coils in place. The plan is 5 coils on north side of the rotor (with 6 x 2" x 1/4" mags) plus 5 coils on south side. Total of ten coils. I think the plywood 2'x4'x3/4"was $16.88 each. I got 3 of them.


    The larger circles will be cut out to make it easier to install/remove coils. The smaller red circles is for something else. I will replace the wooden dowels I used with aluminum rods or bolts with the pvc spacers.

    Still need to order another spool of magnetic wire for next coil.

    More to come as money and life allows.
    Dave, Is there any other way to stop the wabble of rotor without extra side rotors? I've not much room for them.
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    • Not sure

      Originally posted by kryszal05 View Post
      Hi All,

      I am also still in. Just have a busy period in work and didn't have really time to build anything. I am interested in small version as well, because could not afford for big one right now.
      I know Dave doesn't like when people build from any scrap is on the hand, but maybe smaller version will forgive not best quality materials.

      I have modified motor to Matt's specs so far and prepared OSB boards for generator's side walls.

      We just need 18 guys more


      EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to ask. This 8" rotor should be the outer rotor size or magnets centre?
      Does my last posted picture answer your question? Forgive me for not understanding your question. I'm a little thick in the head sometimes.



      • Originally posted by i_ron View Post
        Sorry Matt, I stepped over the line there. You have both referenced it and when David calls the present system obsolete I just thought it was a valid topic. It was on the forum around christmas time or the new year.

        I know you like to keep everything secret whereas i am all for open source so a difference of opinion there for sure but no need to stop your valued posts.

        I still think an off line working group would be the answer.

        I have deleted the post... if you will delete the quote in your 3892 then it is gone

        Its obsolete because with my knowledge of the 3 battery system, my motor, and now I can make a generator that accelerates self run. But its not stable and it not ready to share. Worst of all no one deserves to see it. No one has even tried to merry the whole thing up and make it run, except wanttomake. And if I was to guess, maybe wrong, he's out of money for the time being.

        Fact is I am looking hard into solid state but its just theory and then I gotta wonder, Did DAVE tell this guy. Is this guy reading emails and listening to my phone calls. What the F*ck is going on. You pushed for the gen now you have it. I gave it to you the other day. Build the coils and be happy.

        Until some things get built I am done with ya'll. No one on this forum is capable of being able to even replicate the stuff I am playing with. Then I am not even allowed to help with the outdated stuff cause no one builds it.

        I wish you guys just try to get up to speed. This sh*t works I have no doubt.

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        • Nail head

          You are right there Matt I'm low on funds. A person that was supporting this build just talked to me today. They want to sit down to see how they can start funding me again. They are preppers and want something if the lights go out. So do I.

          But I still got some cutting done today on the stator boards.

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          • Hi all, just for fun and those that like the twilight zone.
            Matt, you say "what the f*** is going on", I take it you are not aware yet, that reality is not what we were taught.
            It is malleable, try to lighten up a bit, it's just a ride, albeit a realistic and persistent one.
            Carry on.
            peace love light


            • OT

              [QUOTE=Matthew Jones;311637
              What the F*ck is going on.


              Sometimes I can read between the lines with the best of them!

              We are all connected.

              But the world changes,

              We have a cherry tree by the back door. Thirty years ago to step outside the hum of the bees was deafening. This year there were maybe as many as 6 cherries on the tree and not one bee. The ground was ankle deep in failed fruit stems.

              Since Fukushima the whole Pacific ocean is dying

              Since military weather manipulation California is toast.

              Take Hawaii


              Is the end getting closer?

              Perhaps we need to put aside our differences and share more that we had originally intended.

              Take Care,



              • Ya that all sounds real glorious, the sharing stuff I mean, but that seems to only hold true until the bill comes due.

                No one helps financially. Never.. Stuff starts hitting you for 30-40 grand a year that whole COMPLETE sharing thing seems pretty drab.

                And besides when something not of use to me anymore I do share it, and still very few even try.

                ADD BROMIKEY TO YOUR IGNORE LIST He is a saboteur bent on the systematic distraction of every good topic on this forum and since he has been here most working threads have shut down. He is the enemy. If you have blocked him already add this to your signature and encourage others to block him as well. His onslaught of rambling in large text and his constant attempts to misinform at the excuse of being stupid should no longer be tolerated.

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                • OT

                  This is a repost from Norman Wootan on EV Gray.

                  But it does suggest a solid state model.

                  I think I can see what you have been trying to tell us but not really telling us about isolating the load from the supply, this is an old idea that we talked about in the 1950s, but it does work. Let me explain:

                  Let's say we have a coil with both leads going to the common terminals of 2 two-way changeover switches. From the load terminals of the two-way changeover switches let's say that we connect the applied voltage supply on the left side terminals, and we connect the load to the right side terminals.

                  So in effect our coil leads are connected to the common terminals of the 2 two-way changeover switches, and then the coil can be switched on to the left side terminals to the applied voltage supply, to get a pulse, and then switched to the right side terminals to the load, to put the resulting collapsing field spike into the load.

                  Every time we switch the changeover switches to isolate the coil from the supply voltage, we supply a voltage spike to the load and by doing it many times a second we have a useful OU output to the load.

                  Here is something from my notes that I came across while investigating more about collapsing field technology some years ago. I don't know the name of the author or owner of this document.

                  CFT- (Collapsing Field Technology) - Updated 2008

                  In electrical systems, the term "back emf" actually refers to the equal and opposite force field accompanying the "forward emf", in any "symmetrical" electrical system.
                  In magnetic systems, the corresponding term is "forward and back mmf", rather than "forward and back emf".

                  All rotating motors actually turn themselves from the broken symmetry that is created inside them. The present engineers have been trained that they must pay to put extra energy into the system, just to break its symmetry. That of course is totally false. Otherwise, a rotating electron (with its continual spin) would not spin.

                  In a normal motor, we are trained to put in a coil (say, there in the back mmf region) and then we pay to put in a sudden surge of EM energy to that coil, so that it momentarily overrides (cancels) the back mmf force. In short, we momentarily make the system asymmetrical, so that its net back mmf is less than its forward mmf.

                  That means that now the motor retains at least some of its excess acceleration and excess angular momentum added to the flywheel and shaft in its previous acceleration (forward mmf) zone, but we are "paying" (the electric power grid) to have this occur.

                  Anyway, once that broken symmetry between forward and back mmfs is there, with the back mmf deliberately reduced to less than the forward mmf, the motor will self-rotate because of its own system asymmetry.

                  The fact that this effect has for over one hundred years been viewed as a problem to be designed out of electrical systems, perhaps because of greed, and no on had seriously considered it as a source of abundant free energy. Everyone knew it was there, but no one recognized its potential.

                  The standard, as manufactured, electrical generator systems can be modified inexpensively to the Over-Unity / Asymmetrical design concept.

                  By the addition of a second set of commutator brushes and / or the addition of a second slip ring assembly in the present electrical generators,
                  Over-Unity output, or asymmetrical rotation is achievable in hours.

                  These additional elements are to collect / scavenger, the collapsing fields (C.E.M.F.) of both the the armatures and field coils of present electrical generator sets.

                  Present design throws away this tremendous amount of electrical energy in the collapsing fields.(C.E.M.F.) You pay for it, why not get the utility of it?

                  Everyone who makes use of electrical circuits have always considered the collapsing field effect to be a nuisance because, when using a mechanical relay coil in an electronic circuit, it would cause a current to be pumped back into the circuit, creating havoc. One solution to the problem of C.E.M.F. was to install a diode across the coil leads and when the power was removed, the C.E.M.F. caused a current to flow which passed through the diode and to be dissipated as heat in the coil itself and not in the circuit.

                  On the armature / exciter element just install a second set of brushes or slip rings the exact amount behind behind the driver units, needed to collect the C.E.M.F., of the armature field collapse, to take it out of the system for additional output generator utility.

                  On the field coil system, just install a second set of brushes / slip rings the exact amount behind the original primary field coil system needed to collect the C.E.M.F. of the field coils collapsing fields for utility, when taken out of the unit as additional generator output utility.

                  The additional new C.E.M.F. outputs can easily be phased to the original output system load wiring.
                  These modifications more than doubled the generators output power at small modification cost / time, and no increase in operating costs.

                  This general design modification allows for most any currently manufactured electrical generator set to be an over-unity design; and with some additional external modifications a self-standing over-unity configuration can be obtained on most commercial electric generators by any competent electrical engineer. Why pay for fuel / power that you have available in your generator system already?

                  Again, just collect (scavenger) the C.E.M.F. of the armature and field coil"s collapses for far- over unity operation of these devices, and with external circuit additions, stand alone, fuelless electrical power is available to everyone, in the form of an off the shelf, self-substaining, asymmetrical, electrical generator.

                  The same modifications can be made in most manufactured motors as they can be made into generators easily.

                  Just scavage the armature and field coil collapses , control it with an external circuit, and you have a stand-alone over-unity electrical generator.


                  Below is a stationary "motionless electromagntic generator design, based on the Alexander patent, that has been built experimentally; No far out 0 point vacuum explanations needed;


                  The best form would have no moving parts.
                  Looking at at the common transformer, and how it works, supplies the answer.

                  In any kind of transformer, electricity is transferred between the two coils by the magnetic field. When a coil is initially powered up or switched off, that coil creates a magnetic field which causes an initial rush of electricity, usually called a 'voltage spike.'

                  In conventional electronics, this voltage spike is suppressed to protect the other components from damage. In collapsing field technology (CFT), that voltage spike is harnessed, not suppressed.

                  If I take a DC signal generator power supply, and connect it to the primary of the transformer, I can make a generator of sorts.

                  I'll turn on the DC signal in the primary coil windings for just an instant, and then turn it off.
                  In the secondary there is a flux linkage following of the primary signal that is some 90% of he input power.

                  But we can recover also, the secondary's field collapse for an additional 90% of input power.

                  Thus, any transformer secondary will produce about 180% of the input power in this mode, with a gradually applied quarter sine or sawtooth wave shape. input DC signal.

                  But wait, we are throwing recoverable power away in the primary coil winding's field collapse. By applying the DC power input signal and then , when the input power is cut off, switch the primary winding's field collapse to the output also, the primary field collapse contributes at least another 90% to the output, for a grand total of about 270% gain, in this design.

                  The DC power signal must only take primary winding up and then let go (open ) at the top voltage.
                  Thus, the primary can be switched to the output to recover it's field collapse, that is in synchronozation with the secondary's field collapse.

                  Simple electronic switching can accomplish all of these functions, at little power usage and low cost.Therefore, the gain of a transformer over-unity generator would probably be about 250% output power to input power, and no mechanical motion needed.

                  Many old motors and generators could be adapted to the transformer design, given above.

                  The armature must be fixed permanently stationary and the air gap between armature and field coils filled with iron filings. The air gap iron filings, or iron powder filling is to make the best use of the primary's ( armature ) full flux power.

                  This makes for best transformer action and the highest power gain possible with this conversion design.

                  Cooling, through holes, can be left in the air gap if necessary in these units. The external switching electronic circuitry is the same as common transformer design, above.

                  All we have done is to turn the motor / generator into a reasonable transformer.

                  What is happening in this design is that for one"up"( power signal ) in the primary coil, we get the "up" ( field build ) in the secondary coil and the " downs" ( field collapses ) of both the secondary and primary coil as output power

                  Think of the primary coils as coupled "springs" and it will all be clear.

                  This transformer / generator design has been the nature of electromagnetic coils all the time--we just never saw it.

                  And if the unit is actuated 60 times a second, allowing for the counter-electromotive force field collapses, it makes the standard household 60Hz electrical generator.

                  This design concept is the natural last step after recovery of secondary collapses was introduced in generator designs.

                  The same gain principle and results could then be achieved in capacitor systems.

                  The charge (up ) cycle from the secondary plate and the two discharge cycles from both the secondary and primary plates would be the output power.

                  The basic external switching electronics is generally the same as in the transformer designs.

                  These designs are in the basic nature of energy storage / transfer elements---one input allows for the utility of the one input transfer and the two storage collapses or discharges as output power ( about 300% gain )


                  • Initial Concepts Testing

                    Using parts I had, I assembled three batteries, unmodified 12V MY6812B, My Tesla/Slayer TX/RX circuit.

                    • Was able to run the motor and charge all batteries to 13V by cycling them in the battery 3 position
                    • If I drove my Tesla TX across Battery 3 the battery 3 would not charge and would deplete
                    • When I placed my Tesla TX between the two positives of 1 and 3 (parallel to motor)charge time decreased and a noticeable audible reduction of speed on the motor
                    • Unloaded the motor draws .25 A
                    • Nominal current for Tesla TX is .5 A
                    • Charging all batteries took about 10 hours, off and on; the configuration kept a 9W LED illuminated on the TESLA RX (wireless)

                    On my second round of charging battery 3, I noticed a decrease in my RX output and halted to use a wall charger for battery 1 and 2.

                    Conclusion: The battery 3 get's charged, while you are driving load between the positives.

                    Inference: If that motor can drive an efficient generator, that might break the relationship between Input/Output. COP>1
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                    • Close i_ron, I AM saying, we're in TRON, just a ride, be kind to each other, that helps.
                      Carry on.
                      peace love light


                      • Dead Battery is the Poor Man's Reactive Converter?

                        After reading Ossie Callanan's description of his setup ...


                        ... it becomes suggestive that every time someone uses the term "radiant" that I should substitute the term "reactive"?

                        This would make a lead acid, dead battery a poor man's converter for turning reactive power into generative power?

                        Causing a reaction among electronic components isn't anything new. Standard electronics theory poses this to be a problem rather than an asset waiting to be exploited.

                        Jim Murray has claimed that if we did anything similar to his SERPS technology, by sending back into the grid the results of his technology, then Tesla's forecast would come true.....that we'd be boosting the grid by a factor of one thousand.

                        But he, and Eric Dollard, have both used synchronous generators/motors to turn reactive power into something useful: Jim while he was working for Bechtel Steel in Michigan and Eric at his naval shipyard lab in the city of Richmond, California. In both cases, the utility electric company didn't like what either of those fellows were doing by outsmarting the municipal scammers.


                        • Anyone can build

                          Good morning to All,
                          Have made progress on the Dave's upright generator this week. The objective now is redesigning my plywood model to match Dave and Matthew's model.

                          I'll repeat this again. Those two have put alot of time, resources, thought, and heart into building the 3BGS and upright generator. Therefore I replicate exactly because my eyes and hands have seen SUUL and large reed switches glow purple bright plasma by coil shorting. Yes I got amazed with the heat buildup but this isn't first plasma display I've seen.

                          Now all the needed details are here posted freely. I'm not being negative or belittling anyone. My shop has basic low tech equipment. My funds, time and knowledge is worse than the shop. I want to finish this project to show with basic tools and materials anyone can replicate the same setup Dave and Matthew gave us All.

                          The videos prove I got the 3BGS to balance and power a load at same time. Now to add to that system with the upright generator. I will post more pics or videos as I can.

                          Thank you to All who replicate this system. My hope speaks of success for us All.

                          Dang it thermal dynamics my coffee needs nuked.


                          • Thanks for support

                            Originally posted by wantomake View Post
                            Does my last posted picture answer your question? Forgive me for not understanding your question. I'm a little thick in the head sometimes.

                            Hi wantomake,

                            Everything is fine with you, it's my problem. Sometimes, even in my native language I can't express what I have in my mind. So I am sorry for beeing not precise when asking a questions.

                            Thank you very much for the photos, they explained a lot. But I am not sure when Dave was saying about 8" rotor he meant his basic design, which you are replicating or he said about smaller rotor. What I understand, your rotor is 11".

                            I think I will follow your path and try to build the same size generator, as smaller/different version causes only more questions and misunderstandings, but again for this I will have to find/order new parts.

                            Can't wait to see your progress on photos or videos. I am so excited like it would be mine own machine

                            Thanks for all your help and determination,


                            • Originally posted by kryszal05 View Post
                              Hi wantomake,

                              Everything is fine with you, it's my problem. Sometimes, even in my native language I can't express what I have in my mind. So I am sorry for beeing not precise when asking a questions.

                              Thank you very much for the photos, they explained a lot. But I am not sure when Dave was saying about 8" rotor he meant his basic design, which you are replicating or he said about smaller rotor. What I understand, your rotor is 11".

                              I think I will follow your path and try to build the same size generator, as smaller/different version causes only more questions and misunderstandings, but again for this I will have to find/order new parts.

                              Can't wait to see your progress on photos or videos. I am so excited like it would be mine own machine

                              Thanks for all your help and determination,
                              You are very much welcome Lukasz,

                              I'm glad the pictures helped. The rotor pictured is 10 7/8" exact diameter and the thickness is 1/4" per rotor. That is actually 2 rotors with 1 piece plexiglass between them. The magnets are 2" x 1/4" and it takes 12 of them. The axle hole at center is 5/8". I'm sorry these are all American standard measurements. I believe it is ABS black polycarbonate material.

                              I'll try to get a side view picture posted today for you.
                              Be encouraged and I can't wait t see your excited post after you witness the SUUL and voltage this Dave upright generator puts out.

                              Coffee is needing a little nuking up.


                              • A mechanical switch is a parametric oscillator.

                                Ossie uses a reed switch. A mechanical switch is a parametric oscillator due to the dielectric air gap (in between the poles of that switch) vary their dielectric spacing, and hence their capacitance, over time.

                                This, plus his use of a dead bank of batteries to convert reactive power into usable power makes this a viable method of synthesizing electricity from its constituent ingredients of magnetism, electrostatics and variations of either or both over time.


                                A set of brushes on a DC motor are parametric if their voltages sparking across their air gaps (at the commutator) varies over time. This is the equivalence of a dielectric parametrically varying its capacitance over time. But in this case, its the byproduct of capacitance, namely: the voltage charges on either side of a capacitor's dielectric, which is varying rather than the dielectric's capacitance. The end result is the same: parametric excitation.

                                It is the dead battery turned around (in reverse) which is creating this variation of voltages across the DC motor's sparking air gapped set of brushes in its commutator. This inversion of batteries, paired with batteries #1 and #2, creates a conflict of voltages which vary -- either over time, or else simultaneously -- and is the direct equivalence of a varying dielectric.

                                Although a coil of wire is also capable of parametrically varying its induction over time, it is not overunity. For the dimensionality of a transverse wave's induction is strictly confined to space while the dimensionality of capacitance is inversely proportional to space since longitudinal waves only exist in counter-space.

                                A longitudinal electric wave may only travel in counter-space. Transverse waves travel in space. A longitudinal wave "sees" its distance across the dielectric of a capacitor as being inversely proportional to the same distance it must travel across a capacitor's dielectric in space.

                                While, by comparison, the transverse wave in a wire, or more poignantly in a coil, must travel the same distance in space as it does in space.

                                In other words, we build our circuits in space and so we have space as our reference frame. And transverse (electromagnetic) waves hang out with us in our world of preferred references.

                                But longitudinal waves hang out in counter-space wherein their dimensionality is inverted from our's, and transverse wave's, spatial characteristic. In other words, in space, speed is distance traveled over time, while in counter-space, speed is time over distance traveled. This is why Ohms Law is also inverted whenever we consider the negative of resistance as compared to its more familiar variety of positive resistance, aka: Ohms Law becomes Mho's Law (or, Siemens) when positive resistance becomes negative in a spark gap or in a gas discharge tube (such as in a neon bulb or in a fluorescent tube minus its ballast).

                                This dimensional inversion is what results in faster than the speed of light rate of traversal of longitudinal waves in counter-space in as much as this is an illusion. Nothing actually travels faster than the speed of light. It just looks that way since we're taking our measurements in space while a longitudinal wave travels in counter-space wherein the distance traveled is not the same as it is in space. Instead, it's much shorter. So much so, that the conversion of a longitudinal wave back into an equally energetic transverse wave makes it appear as if the time between the conversion of a transverse wave (existing here in space) into its longitudinal equivalent prior to its embarkation through the medium of counter-space followed by its returning to its transverse format passes a reduced quantity of time from which we falsely conclude that the speed of a longitudinal wave travels faster than the speed of a transverse light beam traveling in space. This illusory inversion becomes accentuated the greater is the distance in space (which the longitudinal wave cannot travel in) since the equivalent distance in counter-space is reduced. This only happens in the dielectric of a capacitor or the dielectric of capacitance in general occurring in other circumstances, such as: across sparking air gaps, or the vacuum of a vacuum tube or in outer space, or across bedrock deep underground.

                                For example, Tesla experimented bouncing a longitudinal wave off the moon and recorded an increase to the speed of light by a factor of fifty, or 5,000%, while Eric Dollard recorded a mere 26% increase over the spatial distance of a few thousand feet back in the 1980s while conducting his analog computer experiments with the assistance of Peter Lindemann and Thomas Brown.

                                Newton's Cradle is a perfect analogy to why, and how, a transverse wave must convert into a longitudinal wave in order to pass through a compressed medium (such as: bedrock), or a tsunami sound wave traveling through the depths of the ocean, or an electric wave traveling through the equivalent medium of compression, namely: a vacuum, before a longitudinal wave converts back into a transverse wave upon exiting the compressed (or vacuous) medium which it traveled through.

                                This apparent increase to the speed of light across the dielectric of a capacitor -- or an air gap across a sparking commutator brush in a DC motor -- also manifests an increase in energy. This, too, is an illusion, (although a happy illusion) for our senses and our meters will not know any different, nor will our electric bill! Since the Laws of Physics (to date) only deal with spatial considerations, free energy may appear to defy Physics. Yet, their vernacular does consider this possibility. They call it Quantum Mechanics rather than the Aether. And there is a body of knowledge already behind parametric oscillations of the mechanical variety with its electrical equivalent lagging not far behind...

                                Parametric Excitation and Oscillation of both the Electrical and Mechanical Realms

                                This leads me to strongly conclude, what I have been (recently) weakly suspecting, that: parametric oscillation or excitation is the *only* method for producing overunity in 'free energy' devices and methods.

                                And since (now) I have a direct relationship equating reactive power with the populist alternative notion of radiant power -- along with various techniques for reclaiming the wasted current and voltage of reactive waves getting out of phase which each other, namely: the poor man's reactive converter of a fully sulfated, dead, lead-acid battery (or, a synchronous generator/motor), then it is safe to assume that the broad topic of 'free energy' is actually a simple matter for anyone to attempt the analysis of.

                                Originally posted by Vinyasi View Post
                                For I have determined that reactive and radiant are one and the same thing. Nothing mysterious here, except that standard theory poses reactive to be a problem not waiting to be exploited, but rather avoided.

                                Ossie Callanan and Dave Bowling may have discovered that a dead fully sulphated lead acid battery is a simple alternative to synchronous generators/motors (or Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's SERPS or Eric Dollard's analog computer caps and coils) for converting reactive power into usable generative power.





                                Energetic Forum - View Single Post - Tesla's Electric Car
                                This latest post at my Tesla 1931 Pierce-Arrow EV conversion demonstration concerns the ridiculousness of insisting on "Energy IN must equal Energy OUT" whenever applied to electricity. Our understanding of electricity is a delusional enterprise when we apply this dictum from physics to it. Electricity does not exist as an entity for it is merely a blend of magnetics and electrostatics over time. The only thing consumed, and not by us, is time. For time slips by; each moment replaced by the next making change over time possible. But we don't consume magnetics. We could destroy it if we overheated a permanent magnet. But that merely accelerates its aging process and is not relevant to expenditure of an electrical energy source. So consequently, the use of magnetics is a renewable/reusable resource. Electrostatics can also be reusable if we don't intend to convert it into current. In other words, if I put a capacitor inline with one terminal of a battery, then that capacitor effectively blocks the discharge of that battery. And if both are placed in an A/C circuit, then the battery merely lends its influence as a voltage source without being allowed to expend itself. This is known as D/C saturation of an A/C circuit. Since I'm getting my current from magnetics, I can afford to merely get voltage from electrostatics. These two sources are reusably free over limitless time. So long as we think of electricity in a vague sensibility, we allow electricity as a conceptual singularity when in fact it is a blend of these three ingredients of electrostatics and magnetics varying over time. These three ingredients are freely available. It's time which is limited. Time is not free since we lose it no sooner than we gain it. Thus, we may consider that time is the only expendable product in any energy equation -- especially since so much of energy mechanics is translatable. For instance, mechanics is directly translatable into electrodynamics. So, energy is not free since it does not exist as we know it. But its constituent ingredients are freely reusable except for time. So, time is the shortcoming to free energy making free energy no longer free since we pay for time lost whether or not we use time. So, free energy does not exist. Yet, free electricity does exist if we ignore time. Thus, free energy is a delusional state of mind to which we are all collectively subject.
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