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  • Searl Effect Generator Progress

    Searl Magnetics has been tooling up to produce working parts to produce a working machine. Was listening to this old interview John Bedini, Tom Bearden - Free Energy - YouTube ( Open Minds, interview by Bill Jenkins - John Bedini explains his alleged free energy devic....), and it reminded me of this. The SEG works very much as the N-Machine or homopolar faraday generators .

    John Searl Solution : SEG Progress

    I ran into interesting notes from physclips about homopolar generator, that it doesn't matter to spin the magnet or not.

    The overall page...
    but more specifically the two questions posed at the end...

    I asserted a while ago (yes I'm very late to this whole game, so this interview was actually new to me), but it triggered two things; 1) that the seg was like opening a hole in a dam that lets a flow happen that it then participates in (this was what bearden said bedini's original motors were designed to do), and 2) the seg in theory runs very cold, and it was commented in the interview that a similar effect happens around bedini.

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    J.R.R. Searl & Sussex University

    There has been much nonsense said about the the spurious nature by the representatives of Sussex University and their involvement with the energy devices of John Roy Robert Searl. I knew Mr Searl back in the days of BBS while I lived in the UK. I found him honest, trustworthy and completely truthful with respect to his inventions.

    He did work with Sussex University in their 'School of Engineering & Applied Sciences' with S. Gunnar Sandberg and he is THE PROOF. I doubt if even Mr Searl has these documents. Please feel free to pass this information to as many as may be interested.

    ...and YES Searl's magnets are similar to Floyd Sweet's magnets in that they are mainly DC magnetized with a superimposed AC waveform. see the attached document.

    You're welcome
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      No Responses?

      I have provided the research material from the Sussex University and Mr Searl and there has still not been a single 'thank you' after 44 downloads of the document or even an inquiry as to how to achieve a working model or the correct magnetization of the Searl magnets or Floyd Sweet magnets for that matter.

      It leads me to consider 3 causes for this absence of politeness or inquiry:

      1. The average browser of this thread is incapable of understanding the mathematics and/or engineering principles contained within the document I posted which should be understandable to anyone with a High School grasp of basic Physics and Electricity.

      2. The average browser of this thread is merely an 'information junkie' and as such is about as much value as a 56k modem in a fiber optic environment. That is to say, no use at ALL.

      3. This website is akin to ALL others of its like in that very little experimental proofs are disclosed, with the exception of Imhotep's excellent work. It would seem that the primary function of this website is to garner finances from the sales of its documentation and videos. I can give an excellent example of this in Peter Lindemann's video 'Secrets of Cold Electricity' in which he spends almost 70% of the time reading verbatim from Gerry Vassillatos's book 'Secrets of Cold War Technology: Project HAARP and Beyond' (or was it 'Lost Science'? I think the former is more likely). Then he gives the rather glib comment that anyone with a couple of vinyl LPs can build themselves a replica of the Testatika Machine. I notice he or anyone else for that matter haven't done that yet.

      Both Gerry Vassillatos's books are available from 'Borderlands of Sciences' and 'Adventures Unlimited Press' but don't expect working drawings to build any of the devices mentioned. ALL you will get is a standard journalist's summation of the devices and unproven speculation on how they might be built or function.

      Personally, I will stick with my premise that the PROPER way to extract Ambient Energy is through Electrostatics (formally called Electrism), Nikola Tesla's experimental proofs and articles, the work of Edwin Gray/Marvin Cole, Stanley Meyer, Bruce Cathie, Robert Adams and my own experiments. I leave the brilliant but somewhat unproven and esoteric ideas of Eric Dollard for those who wish to idolize him and hopefully build 'real' devices from such 'knowledge'. As it now stands, theoreticians are as useful as their theories which is again to say NOT AT ALL unless they culminate in a workable device as engineers such as Tesla and Gray achieved. Until that happens they are as unproven as Einstein or any other Quantum conjecturalist!


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        I know I personally have a hard time reading most of it, either due to handwriting legibility or poor photocopying, so I stopped trying. And for your information, the average browser of most threads are information junkies.


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          Originally posted by ainvision View Post

          1. The average browser of this thread is incapable of understanding the mathematics and/or engineering principles contained within the document I posted which should be understandable to anyone with a High School grasp of basic Physics and Electricity.
          Yes perhaps. But perhaps there is an even a more simple explanation and that would be that the theories do not hold up when put into practice! For example Searl has been working with his idea for how many decades? But unless I missed it I have yet to see so much as even a model that is a real 100% operational operating unit.


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            @ ainvision,

            THANK YOU!

            I have been watching the SEG for years and this is the most complete information regarding the SEG I have ever seen. If this document is accurate then this is critical need to know information here, even the formulas and manufacturing processes.

            I have always believed that there was a great deal of truth in Mr. Searl's claims. If a few of the more capable people on this forum could verify the information in this document, such as the formulas and/or described methods then perhaps all would benefit.

            ainvision, give it time. Most people here are casual observers and others here are probably used to seeing all kinds of worthless so called 'information' about the SEG. Very easy to assume this was more of the same and to be ignored. I almost ignored it myself.

            Thank you sincerely


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              The interesting factor here is the mixing of electret creation techniques with magnet creation techniques.

              So we have a static field with a dc field effectively.
              Dr Judy Wood covers this technology here:
              Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference, 2012 Holland on Vimeo

              I think this is the province of university research rather than private research unless you have the funds of Naudin.
              Still, a pulsed DC electromagnet with a superimposed HV field might provide an interesting experiment.


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                Thank you for posting. I am an electrical engineer and have no problem the math, theory and manufacturing notes presented in your attachment. The issue with here, is that the replication of Searl's work is a significant undertaking from a time and cost standpoint. So when reading this paper, I ask the question, are there short-cuts, which may not have the efficiency Searl's design, but at least can prove-out his concepts.

                First example, heading in the direction of an SEG, would be David Hamel's Magnetic Gate (Spinner). Next, the work of Paul Brown with conventional magnets on a rotating disk, and then Godin & Roschin and Paul Murad who implanted magnets small rod-like magnets into rollers.

                The genius of John Bedini's SSG and Imhotep's version of same, and Jean-Louis Naudin replications, is their simplicity and use of common off-the-shelf (for the most part) materials. So, I ask, can we retrace the design maturity curve of the SEG? Surely, John Searl didn't start with a final design, even if it came to him in a vision.
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                  Well, - just a thought - . We all know how to magnetize a steel nail. ie make a winding around the nail and use a battery to create an electromagnet which retains magnetism on switch off.
                  Why not try a bifilar double winding around the same nail; one winding with say 12 volts DC, the other with HF HV or just HV or even alternating mains, and see what the residual magnetic effect does.
                  At least it would be a starting point for experimentation.


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                    What about the original segmented disc. It seems to be fairly simple. Does anyone have any further information on that design? There was an article published in the Electric Spacecraft Journal in 1991. I believe that may be the original design that broke away from the motor shaft.‎


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                      If you have not read the 97 page Paul Brown document, do a search on for "Paul Brown - Zero Point Energy, Kinetic Magnetism, John Searl Effect Levity Disc Generator." This document has a number of letters written by the late Paul Brown, PhD, to John Searl regarding his efforts to replicate his early work. You find information on the segmented disk design.

                      I have attached some additional papers which attempt to build a theoretical model for a levity disk.
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                        Thanks Morningstar. Have you done any experiments in this area? I have seen an article that makes a general comment that there is a electrostatic component in the device. I would imagine that if that is the case, I am sure it is due to the close proximity of the triboelectric materials used in the design and the spinning motion. I am referring to the first design with the stationary ring on the outside. For instance; if iron was used for the segmented disc wheel and was imbedded in Teflon or pvc (more negative) and the outer ring was aluminum (more positive) wouldn't there be an additional transfer of static charge to the coils at the rim?


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                          Really useful

                          I've actually found this thread extremely useful because it highlighted a previously neglected field of study by me - namely when is a magnet a magnet?
                          All preconceived knowledge about N and S poles and even Leedskalnin spin go right out of the window with Searl technology.
                          It opens up the intriguing prospect of delivering a free energy machine with no-one having a clue as to how it works.
                          We could be looking at Hendershot's secret for all we know.
                          We certainly know that mixing static with dc and other waveforms is part of the Hutchison effect for example.
                          There are suddenly more questions and an almost endless list of experiments to perform.
                          So this stuff is now high on my "to do" list.
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                            Hi dmann: Your on the right track. Please look at this attachment. What I've done is to reformat some of Dr. Brown's handwritten notes from the 97 page document referenced in my post No. 11 to assist my own understanding of the early SEG. Using Br. Brown's notations:

                            Principle 1: Rotating permanent magnets which charges a capacitor which then is discharged into the same coil to provide a additional rotational kick against next magnet on the disk. This is akin to the capacitor in Rotoverter developed by Hector Torres to capture BEMF.

                            Principle 2: Ionization of the air in the gap between the rotator (disk with magnets) and the stator (coil and capacitor). Same concept as a Wimshurst generator developed by James Wimshurst between 1880 - 1883, although his design uses contra-rotating disks. These devices are high voltage, low current in nature.

                            Principle 3: A homopolar generator as first demonstrated in concept by Michael Faraday in 1821, and later using a disk in 1831. These devices are high current, low voltage in nature.

                            I think the efficiency ratings were ballpark estimates to help him flush-out his ideas.

                            The genius of Searl is that is he combined several well known, proven, electrical engineering principles into the SEG. Notice he combined (Principle 2) a high voltage, low current device with a (Principle 3) high current, low voltage device, albeit with compromises, but he was, I believe looking at overall system performance.

                            The rollers in later SEG designs were layered with dielectrics so you have the magnet and capacitor combined into one, but all the principles of the early SEG apply.
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                              Thank you for the responses

                              Thanks again, now on to some theory and crude experimental procedures. The Searl magnets can be created in a similar fashion as the Floyd Sweet magnets are in a very old video by Tom Bearden. This is NOT the video Tom Bearden provides with his DVD on the Floyd Sweet Device which is at best rudimentary and provides no information at all to help replicate the device. The video you require is the 'historic' (and extremely poor quality) video made in 1987 (Floyd Sweet Secrets) now available at I got it years ago! It shows the actual process of energizing the magnets with both a DC current and AC waveform, the apparatus used, the frequencies used and the technique of preheating and cooling the magnets. Yes, it can be dome in a garage workshop with half decent laboratory equipment (e.g. frequency generator etc).

                              You may also get solid info from many of Stan Deyo's earlier videos and especially some excellent background (circa 1976) in the youtube video 'Tesla: The Eye of the Storm'. The best video of Stan's is the Nexus Conference circa 1977 and a good reproduction of the T. Townsend Brown Super 8 films and an explanation of the Lorentz 'O' force and Stan's use of this to design his hypothetical 'anti-gravity craft'.

                              I've spoken with John Searl several times between 1993 and 1997 and I too am in doubt of his theories and those who were supposedly part of his experimental team. He is a lovely and very genuine fellow but his grasp of proper scientific terminology is lacking, therefore his explanations are steeped in pseudo-scientific jargon, esoteric/ science fiction metaphors and phrases of his own creation. A pity, there might actually be something worthwhile within his theories if you can afford the time to cut through the minutia and psycho-babble.

                              Best of luck with your endeavours and thanks again for responding.