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The electric field of a magnet

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  • The electric field of a magnet

    Last edited by Dave45; 03-05-2013, 10:43 PM.
    Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question

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    Hmm, I haven't read your other posts, maybe I should when I get the time. Can you explain your theory about the four fields in a magnet a little better so I can get a grasp of it. If you have already posted it can you provide a link so I can go straight to it as those threads will take a long time to go through. Personally I see it a little different but I want to understand your concept before commenting.


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      So what you are saying if we dont allow the current to flow we would not
      have any BEMF??
      What if you wind a bifilar coil one wire CW and one wire CCW to redirect the
      BEMF to the side of the motor or device you are running that can use it to
      continue to excell the motor?
      Seems like Matt and other where trying something to that effect on another
      But I would like to see more on the differences bettween Magnets and coils,
      maybe that difference alone can help.


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        looking forward to reading you Dave and contributing if i can
        Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.


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          oh wow
          i have a few thoughts as well and we could be in conflict already but i want to reserve any for later after i read some more as i am open to a new thought as i may be wrong!


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            Originally posted by MonsieurM View Post
            looking forward to reading you Dave and contributing if i can
            I hope I can across as wanting to contribute as well.


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              Yes I believe this is the dielectric field as seen in my avatar on my youtube channel PaulTheAngel's Channel - YouTube


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                let me know if this is the correct vid you are referring to

                Self Assisted Oscillation in a Shorted Coil - Bucking Magnetic Field Oscillation - YouTube
                Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.


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                  Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.


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                    Howdy there Dave.

                    I remember reading "John Bedini's flux gate notes" -- How he perceived the electric/magnetic feild vortexes.

                    John Bedinis' Fluxgate notes - 08/25/99

                    This may be useful, as an idea -- using a magnetic array on the testatica generator.

                    I know that russell repeatedly says -- the Electric, positive feild is contracting, the Magnetic, negative feild is Expanding. Using gender pairs (Male, Female) (Cold, Heat) (Contracting, Expanding) (Inward from within, Outward from without) (Concentrative, Decentrative) (Charge, Discharge) (Centripital, Centrifugal) (Gravitation, Radiation) (Generation, Disintegration)

                    When you mentioned the "CW, and CCW" electric field -- I remembered something leedskalinin said about magnetic current.

                    And also remembered a russell picture.

                    The inner cone, by way of "north" is also contracting in the EAST direction.

                    The "West" and South is direction of discharge.

                    This is very interesting. Russell also called Permanent magnets "Gravity recorders.

                    That top right image -- where the "Positive" is crosswise to the negative bar -- reminds me of an un-polarized permanent magnet, because the two are balanced.

                    Switching over to Howard Johnson -- He mapped out the magnetic feilds, and found that the "North" pole, was not "pure north". The North side of the magnet was composed of one "North" spin half, and one "South" spin half.
                    Of, If you Prefer, CW and CCW.

                    Then I got to thinking then -- what if you had the "less dominant" sides of each north magnet void each other, in a North Stresspoint?

                    And then I remembered -- Bedini already did that.

                    With that -- Look at a different Russell picture. The dead center "color" beam, looks what I would imagine Bedini's "North Stresspoint", or "Scalar Beamer".

                    For this reason, I would suggest that a pure "N" or pure E field would be contractive.
                    The E field on a magnet is also contractive -- isn't that where the "cold" comes from? Cold current, would be SE magnetic polarity.

                    Spark in spiral magnetic field - YouTube

                    If you watch very carefully -- the spark discharge in the tube needs to be drawn in by the E-field in order to get repelled by the magnetic feild, or be at the "center" of the discharge tube.
                    The spark gets SMALLER in the E-feild's "line of sight".
                    The Spark EXPANDS and spirals in the presence of a magnetic component.
                    Similarly -- I've noticed spark gap discharges make a louder "POP" when there's magnetic quencher in place. Louder pop would be better "Expansion"

                    When he flips the polarity of the magnet, the less-dominant spins also affect the spark discharge -- there is usually one side that is more expanded and "spiraled" than the other.

                    Again, I think that the E feild, when "Pure" is a contracting effort -- the Magnetic component the expanding effort. It's when there are "subtle secondary" components to each field, when we have to separate them to individually do work.

                    Leedskalinin talked about seperating the magnetic components from each other.

                    I would suggest, that the NE, the CW, contractive side of the magnet E feild is the "Intake" of the "Jet engine" on the magnet. The CCW E-Field, would be the "Exhaust".

                    Bedini's drawings are pretty good.

                    Look forward to discussing how we could use the E-field in practice.

                    Freezing the rodin coil had nifty results. I think it's ferro-electric, but am not sure. Will post pictures after work.



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                      Originally posted by Dave45
                      Sorry once I get started its hard to shut up
                      And Im normally a quiet person but when you realize whats happening you want to tell everyone
                      Also Agree.
                      When time allows


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                        Hmmm, the differences in our explanations are because of the differences in interpretation and belief. Some of what you say I agree with and some not, I don't see it as constructive to knock anything here so I won't.

                        In my models I usually don't include the spin factor and gravitation because it gets two complicated to imagine although it is there.

                        I will include some excerpts from a book I am writing based upon my understanding.

                        "What is the aether? Imagine a ping pong ball

                        Imagine a ping pong ball with a small bar magnet going through it from equator to equator, now imagine electrically charged poles set at 90 degrees to the magnet poles and gravitational poles set at 90 degrees to the other two. Now imagine that the surface of the ping pong ball has a force field strong enough to keep it apart from the other similar ping pong balls. Just think what a swimming pool full of these ping pong balls sort of floating equidistant from each other and the interactions they would have. Now imagine a wind constantly causing turbulence between them, that's how I see the aether although there may be other forces with poles as yet undiscovered in the ping pong balls too.

                        Now imagine that two balls manage to get close enough together that the opposite poles can now overcome the repelling force of the surface, be it electrical, magnetic or gravitational. If enough of these come together it may become a photon and still more would make the sub atomic particles we know of. Now imagine what would happen in this sea if we introduce random forces such as electrical charges, magnetism and gravity. Quite a complex model isn't it?

                        Now imagine someone places a wire through it and runs current through it in pulses and also what would happen if someone coiled that wire. I think that this may be the way the aether interacts with inductors or something like that.

                        Now you have a picture of my aetheric model. I will introduce some oveunity concepts.

                        Where is this energy coming from? Something anomalous is happening in the coil.

                        If we put a voltage across a coil, current flows but the fact that we can put a capacitor in series on the return and charge it up tells you that this energy has not been consumed in the coil. Most of this energy comes out of the coil and is shorted out on the source and converted to heat. What is consumed, by some means, powers a motor. The same thing happens when we pulse a coil but there is a second output known commonly as flyback that cost nothing more to produce than running the motor. If we collect this and add it to what has passed through the coil we find we have more energy than we put in when we use high frequency.

                        When an electron enters into a wire we create a negatively charged pole. By the Laws of attraction, anything positively charged will be attracted and anything negative will be repelled. When that electron leaves, the wire is for a moment, charged positively by what has been attracted and so the reverse law of attraction happens. It has been proven by experiment that some of this positive charge can be used to charge batteries and capacitors but yet little or no current flows. This is a second source of energy to be found in a pulsed coil. This must not be mistaken for the inductive kickback caused by the magnetic field collapse. Inductive kickback cannot be of a higher potential (voltage) than the power that created it. The higher voltage measured on inductive kickback is actually this second input. It is only momentary spike whereas the inductive kickback lasts a much longer period of time and has current. By creating very short pulses it has been found that these spikes have at least 97% of the energy that charged the coil when charging batteries. If the voltage of the charging battery is higher than the voltage pulsed into the coil, it cannot be the inductive kickback that is charging the battery.

                        If we now add up all the power in the circuit we see something very important has happened. Assuming very low resistance wire is used in a coil we can have an input of 1 watt and close to 1 watt output to charge a capacitor in series in the return wire. We have an output of almost 1 watt inductive kickback plus a spike which can put almost 1 watt of charge in a battery, plus magnetic energy that can power a motor. 1 input = 4 outputs of near equal magnitudes.

                        All this is in many areas of physics and is accepted but not included in standard electrical theory.

                        Now we can theorize and take this a step further. When we put an electron into a wire, we get a separation of charges outside of the wire; we have demonstrated that the positive can be collected. It must be that the negative is there too for us to collect and many have demonstrated devices that claim to do just that.

                        This input of charge from the environment does not need any conductor or media, it is present in a vacuum and because of this it must be radiant energy.

                        I think the aether is a sea of both positive and negative charges in equilibrium; the negative charges are the cold electricity you speak of. A wire with an electron creates a dipole and is then able to separate the charges; some of that charge can be collected with a Bedini circuit. The gray tube demonstrates that we can collect it as a ripple as it propagates outward, a possible confirmation of that aetheric sea.

                        Nothing in this breaks any laws of physics, no new energy is created, we have a second source putting energy in to the circuit and that is the environment.

                        Resistance only allows the charges to escape the wire and return to the environment as does time.

                        It seams logical that the greater the surface area the more energy we can collect, this also applies to frequency and potential. If we can find the frequency that will set up a ripple so that the waves are in time with the circuit, we should get an increase in quantity of this charge. If we create a standing wave on the collector we will then get a flow and that flow can be controlled by potential

                        By creating a charge or dipole we can attract some of these aetheric ping pong balls with their electricl poles into our system and as the dipole is shut off these ping pong balls will shoot back out. If we pass a current through the wire it will cause the attracted poles to line up and move along the wire with the current, as the electrical poles are lined up so will the magnetic ones at 90 degrees to the electrical ones, causing the magnetic field around the wire. The gravitational poles are still random so no gravitational effects are seen.

                        The same will be true if we create a moving magnetic field, it will drag along the aether with the electrical poles lining up but at 90 degrees to the magnetic field. The positive electrical poles will drag along the electrons in the wire causing current flow. I am leaving gravity out of it at this stage as we will need a second force to bring that into play.

                        In either case the "free" thing is a force, not energy, at 90 degrees to the force we created and it will not be of the same type as what we created ie magnetic causes electrical and electrical causes magnetic. What gives us the energy is when we make the force do work, in other words when we make the force interact with matter. The free energy is when the force created is switched off and the aether goes back to its normal random interactions but momentarily interacting with matter. The movement caused by creating our force is what we had to pay for. Hopefully this explains what is happening in a Bedini circuit.

                        Now to make the free energy flow we can do it in two ways, the first is by creating standing waves in the aether by using oscillating circuits and using the potential difference to create a flow in our circuits. The second is actually simpler to do, when we charge a coil we pay to charge it by passing current through it, upon discharge we get more current for free only reduced in power by ohms law. As there is current flow there is a magnetic field created by the alignment of the aether with the discharge being for free. Remember that the only energy consumed was due to ohms law so if we collect the discharge in a capacitor and use it to power the next pulse with a little top up that we have to pay for. It is only the top up, ie losses due to ohms law, we have to pay for and NOT the load or work done by the aether."


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                          imagine electrically charged poles set at 90 degrees to the magnet poles and gravitational poles set at 90 degrees to the other two

                          something like this

                          Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.


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                            Originally posted by MonsieurM View Post

                            something like this

                            Its more like this


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                              Originally posted by Dave45

                              If we look at the galaxy or electric field I would think the inner probe would have a higher potential than the outer probe

                              I agree....vibrational state (potential) would be higher ( a good example is the water vortex )
                              Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.