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Theory behind the Muller/Romerouk dynamo

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  • Theory behind the Muller/Romerouk dynamo

    Theory behind the Muller/Romerouk dynamo

    Now that the Romerouk self-run Muller Wheel is a certainty. Many people will simply replicate it.

    The theoreticians will come out with their theories. This new thread will be a good place for these theoreticians to display their thoughts and talents. Hopefully, such theories will guide the replicators in further improvements.

    God is sending His Angels to solve the Energy Crisis. Amen.

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    One comment

    One Email Comment

    Can you give one example of your theory that can help Romerouk and the replicators?

    If not, do not waste their time.
    One example is easy.

    If the wheel is mounted vertically, the gravitational effect will come into play and improve the performance somewhat.

    If the wheel is mounted vertically, it will be relatively easy to add multiple wheels on the same axle. Much more power can be brought-in. The 225 HP Pulse motor used 9 such wheels.

    Another example:

    Romerouk uses the Hall Effect Switch and tiny magnets mounted on the rim of the wheel to provide control. A much better technique is to use laser positioning. Markings can be made on the rim and a reflecting laser can be programmed to turn on the current to the drive coils. Another reflecting laser can be programmed to turn off the current. That was the technique used in the improved Tong Wheel. The timing can be much more exact and the Pulse Time can be extremely short.

    Another example:

    Romerouk had to manually adjust the spacing of the outer magnets according to the load. A programming technique can be used. This technique was employed by both the 225 HP Pulse Motor and the Liang Wheel.

    Another example:

    The exact turning on and off of the drive coil current is important. Direct technique such sensing the positioning of the magnet relative to the coil is important. Relying on reed switch techniques or similar will not do it. The Newman and Bedini Wheels using reed switches or similar could not always claim overunity. The Adams motor thread by Toranarod contained good explanations..

    Do I need more?

    Once the Divine Revelations are there, the obstacles will be overcome. Amen.


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      I think it's too early to send the theorists in right now. We should wait for replications weather they are succeeded or not. Too much information could slow down the process if not spin it out of control. Slow is fast. lol Ah... I'm going to delete my last thread.


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        Originally posted by quantumuppercut View Post
        I think it's too early to send the theorists in right now. We should wait for replications whether they are succeeded or not. Too much information could slow down the process if not spin it out of control. Slow is fast. lol Ah... I'm going to delete my last thread.
        That is one of the reasons that I started this thread at EF rather than at OU. Another reason is head off the naysayers and trolls.


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          The first proposed theory

          The first proposed theory

          For those who followed my posts, it would be no surprise to see the lead-out/Bring-in theory posted again. In applying it to the Muller/Romerouk dynamo, the following points are noted.

          1. The rotor is in the horizontal position. Gravity will not play a role.
          2. The bring-in energy is electromagnetic. It comes from changing the random alignment of the dipoles to a pulsing order.
          3. The simplest dipole is an orbiting electron around a nucleus. Thus there are trillions of such dipoles.
          4. The basic mathematical treatment is to examine the simple pendulum pulsed at resonance with a horizontal force.
          5. In that simple case, the vertical component of the tension of the string will oppose the weight of the pendulum bob. The horizontal component of the tension of the string will oppose the supplied horizontal force.
          6. The horizontal work done = horizontal force x horizontal displacement
          7. The vertical work done = vertical force x vertical displacement
          8. For small angles, the ratio of horizontal work over vertical work is approximately 2. This implies that 2 parts of supplied horizontal energy will lead-out/bring-in 1 part of vertical (gravitation) energy.
          9. This result provides COP = 1.5 and thus achieves theoretical overunity.
          10. If we can lead-out/bring-in gravitational energy with a simple pendulum, we must be able to lead-out/bring-in magnetic energy with a magnetic pendulum.
          11. Magnetic fields are better to control as we can vary their strength, direction and can turn them on and off.
          12. The pulsed oscillation can be changed to pulsed rotation. The resulting COP can be much higher.
          13. With a loopback mechanism, the device can be started by a battery and then the battery can be removed. (as shown in the Romerouk video).
          14. The above theory applies to all pulsed rotational devices. The Muller/Romerouk dynamo is just one example.

          The trickiest part is achieving resonance. In a simple pendulum, the pulsing or pushing force must be applied at the right time (right frequency) to achieve best results. The Muller/Romerouk dynamo must do the same.

          1. The Muller/Romerouk dynamo relies on unequal number of magnets to coils to avoid or minimize cogging. An outer group of magnets is positioned at the end of the coils to help minimize the cogging. The spacing of these magnets to the coils can be adjusted or tuned. This needs to be tuned with the load on as different loads require different spacing. Many replication attempts will fail if this is not done properly.
          2. The exact turning on and off of the Pulsing is important. In the Muller/Romerouk dynamo, this is done with two Hall Effect Sensors. One to control the first drive coil and the other to control the second drive coil. This will also require much tuning to get the timings correctly.
          3. One technique to facilitate tuning is to use two oscilloscopes and watch the Voltage, Current and Power Waveforms. Even though Pulsed DC is supplied as Input to the Coils, we would see the Input Voltage waveform having a negative component. Some may misinterpret it as an AC waveform. The correct interpretation is that a back EMF is coming back that can recharge the battery!
          4. A simple visual comparison of the Input and Output waveforms on the two oscilloscopes will identify possible overunity.
          5. In some cases, we may even see a standing Output Power waveform. That is the most solid evidence of achieving resonance. Once resonance is achieved, the COP can be much greater than 1.

          I welcome other theoreticians to come out with other possible hypothesis.

          The Second Divine Revelation is further clarified. Amen.


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            Use of constant rotational speed?


            With your theory, can a constant rotating wheel work? If we put a flywheel to help to store the mechanical energy and smooth out the pulsing, would that work?
            Answer: The Lead-out/Bring-in energy theory points to the importance of pulsing. When we push an ordinary pendulum or swing, we provide the push at the maximum amplitude of the swing. For a pulsed rotational wheel, there should be periods of acceleration and deceleration. These periods may be short and close to each other. The Pulse should be applied at the end of the deceleration (similar to pushing the pendulum at its maximum amplitude.

            The flywheel question is interesting. I happened to play with adding flywheels on the Tong Wheelin 2009. The flywheels destroyed the overunity effects. I saw no advantage and discontinued its use in the Tong Wheel.

            Furthermore, if a separate motor were used to rotate the Muller/Romeruk dynamo, the Output energy must be converted/diverted as loopback to drive the separate motor. That process will have significant losses. Demonstrating self-running is more difficult.

            Divine Revelation 2 is getting clearer. Amen.


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              Romerouk gone from the Internet and overunity forum!

              Romerouk gone from the Internet and overunity forum!

              What should we do with Romerouk’s sudden departure? The only working device demonstrated openly is with him. The replicators have not achieved any success yet.

              The answer is simple. Help the replicators to tune and succeed. There will be dozens of “agents” pretending to be replicators and they will pronounce failure.

              The theory says conclusively that this can be done. I have done it with a much lower level of success with the Tong Wheel in Hong Kong. Once the investor put in money, all information on that device stopped.

              I am more certain that FLEET will succeed. The prototype components cost less than US$6 if ordered from Shenzhen, China. The more expensive parts are the two oscilloscopes, DC Power Supply, Signal Generator, multimeters etc. The total cost of these from China would be less than USD1,000.

              If the “powers” can stop Romerouk, can they stop United Nations?

              They also stopped Todd Hathaway, the US Army Energy Expert. They also stopped the 225 HP Pulse Motor in both USA and China.

              If they can stop United Nations, can they stop the planned Seminars/Workshops? Can we run dozens or hundreds of unadvertised seminars/workshops? When hundreds or thousands of individuals have working FLEET (multiple LCR resonance circuits that can self-run and generate power), the knowledge and momentum will be unstoppable.

              Many teams in Hong Kong, including Hong Kong University, can produce FLEET. They advised me to keep things totally secret until ready. They may have a point. I do not care about money or fame. I believe in Divine Revelations. That alone is sufficient reason to go on.

              The Devil will put up obstacles. The ride will not be smooth. With trust and faith in the Almighty, we shall work according to His Timetable. Amen.


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                I saw some interesting comments...

                "...Do you or anybody else here have a sense of what the simple description of the actual OU operation is? RomeroUK's system doesn't appear to be resonant, so this apparently isn't a standing wave phenomenon. It appears that the mechanical input is about half of what the electrical output is. So the RV motor doesn't have to be OU in itself, just very efficient to drive the Muller configuration. But what in the Muller configuration is OU exactly?..."

                "...Was thinking a little about the drive circuit. Don't know for sure, but this design may give a maximum theoretical output of 200%. I saw some suggestion to that effect in some of Muller's stuff, and that appears to be where RomeroUK is once losses are accounted for. In order to get the output power levels to meaningful levels then, the drive levels are going to have to be raised as the output load is increased. Probably only two good ways to do that: 1) increase drive voltage, and/or 2) increase drive pulse width. ..."

                "...Notice how close this technology is to the Adams and the Bedini technology. They should be paying equal attention to the dynamics of their transistor. They might find out that another transistor might not work as well – if at all. Consider that a focused and serious inventor can make his machines work through the sheer power of his mind – and not know it. He can make his setup work, but nobody else can. That guy in Canada, Hutchenson, and Hendershot are good examples. If They are not in the room the equipment operated by someone else just doesn’t work. This is a problem that comes up now and then – and something to keep in mind...."

                If one take the COP equation as output/input... then an ideal COP we normally see is output/input = 1

                Now there are 2 ways to achieve COP>1 . One can say that the input is greater than output, OR, one can say that the input is less than the output. The first case implies energy is not conserved while the second case does not implies so which is in line to my thinking.
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                  In another word,

                  The transistor switches on to energize the drive coil, when it switches off, the coil discharge off into the transistor and the transistor pushes half the energy back to the source. Usually, we recover the discharge by providing a secondary battery, but I hope that some transistor can store the discharge and return it.


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                    The coil pulsing, halls, timing, gravity, lead in and out BS etc has NOTHING to do with the system OU. All the OU comes from the generator cores. The pulsing is only a means to make the rotor spin nothing else.

                    The rotor can easy be driven by RV instead which is a lot more efficient. Not speculation this has been done many times already in the past. In addition ALL the cores become generator cores. The OU is within energy transformation when using high permeability core material. Ferrite is a minimum, Metglas and better permeability high density flux cores for HF switching applications will yield the best results.

                    Muller used black Amorphous sand to get the high permeability he required but today the high density cores are more common place.

                    Backend magnets are for re-guauging core flux and forcing bias into non linear BH region. Process is same as Magnacoaster = Solid State version.

                    High inductance creates current lag (desired) as normal CEMP is absorbed by back end flux and creates a moment of high VARS. A standing wave occurs between the coil and the dump cap which is hit with a real joule potential. Requires power factor correcting which is why cap cannot be connected directed to source with out DC DC inverter chopper. Inverter corrects bad PF as in Active PF correction systems.

                    Core magnetic bias must be extremely asymmetric to allow for Bloch Wall Modulation specially within solid state systems.

                    SR used Metglass toroidal cores in his Kapandze replication. Energy transform can be exited not just from passing magnets but modulated HT. Core becomes magnetostrictive enters magnetic negative entropy and lead back absorbed ambient energy on flux collapse into the coil.


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                      I read in an old ac theory book, that if a core for an inductor has say a magnetic 'pre-loading', in the opposite sense to the induction field about to be applied, that this would result in a higher output - or words to that effect. So that may apply to the layout shown?




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                        Hello bolt1,

                        I don't deny the core generate energy upon re-gauging, but if we also waste half of the input energy, that would put us in unity situation. We must depends on the transistor ability to eliminate that waste.

                        I've simplified RomeroUK set up to solid state. I will do experiments on this setup ASAP.

                        When we send a signal to turn on the transistor, the coil is energized. When the signal is off, the core re-gauge. This send the energy back to the capacitor via a body diode. We will try to minimize as much current as possible but still have good re-gauging. Good setup should charge the capacitor.
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