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NPN Hall Switch help.

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  • NPN Hall Switch help.

    I salvaged some hall switches from some Brushless DC fans (12v 140ma) and i am trying to hook one up in place of the trigger circuit in a Bedini SSG Circuit. I've draw a circuit but i don't think it will work because the positive will always find it's way to negative through the base of the transistor and the transistor will always stay on. Anyone see how i could do this?

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    The hall switch a low so you must use a pnp to drive the npn.
    Look at this diagram of the adams type motor. You wil only use the bottom part. Bedini IDEAS AND MOTORS from The Encyclopedia of free energy,,energy 21 org ,Geoff Egel,


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      Thanks nvisser, i was hoping there was a way to use npn only but i guess its not that easy.


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        Like this?


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          Use a 1k between hall output and pnp base and add a 2k2 from pnp base to


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            I found this site.

            Simple Electric Motors | How It Works: Hall Effect Motor

            Hope it helps



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              Thanks guy's, i found something very interesting while setting this up. I used the circuit in my last post with 550 ohm resistors. I can get it to oscillate without the wheel moving, just like a bifilar Bedini coil with high base resistance. The difference i see between this and the bedini coil is that this one produces very powerful spikes. When i attach my scope across the charging battery or the primary battery, i see huge spikes randomly appearing over the signal. I have to position the magnet and hall ic in the right place for it to happen. The other thing i noticed is that the small spikes (around 10mv above the battery voltage) do not really contribute much towards charging but when the random large spikes appear, the battery voltage starts rapidly climbing. I first saw these spike in a scope shot on one of the EFTV videos. All this time i thought my radiant charger was working well but it wasn't so good. The secret really is in the switch. Once you see these spike, the battery charges many times faster for the same input and the voltage holds well. It's real power when you load test the battery. I'll try and get a video up soon.
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