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Explain CFL Circuite operation please ....

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  • Explain CFL Circuite operation please ....

    Can somebody explain me the operation of CFL circuit,
    I already know the contribution of
    1. AC rectifier
    2. EMI filter
    I don't know how the
    1. Oscillation works(Transistor or FET switching)
    2. Resonance cct operation.
    Basically I want to know the how transistors switching - current path during transistor switching - how resonance circuit works & contribute to the operation.
    Kindly explain me using the given sample cct and give me links for literature or animations.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Wish I could help you more but you've got a very generalized request there. Might take a good essay for me to explain it all, only because I don't fully understand.

    Here's a circuit for you to look at:

    The transistors amplify the energy going in and I assume it does so in the coils by lowering the current and raising the voltage to appropriate level until it can ionize the discharge tube. I like picturing everything as a river when trying to understand new circuits. Current is flow rate and voltage is pressure.. it helps you see how they relate to one another. I hate saying this, but give wikipedia a shot! Hope you get your answer!