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spherical magnet generator??

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  • spherical magnet generator??

    Hi out there been reading through forums and have been starting to build generators and have a few ideas but am in a limited position to test much at this stage..

    had an idea that was given to me.. this is/was how i understand it..

    create a perfectly spherical magnetite core suspended in an alloy or such outer casing via magnets so that it floats in central position....
    surround in appropriate arrangement with electromagnets and coil inductors...
    the coils and electromagnets are switched\wired in a fashion to that when a small charge (small battery/capacitor) is applied and removed with a load attached causes the central magnet (spherical magnetite) to spin which in turn feedback through load coils etc to generate power....or grav fields and more...

    not entirely sure but our planet works simiarly, a spinning magnetic core surrounded with molten lava surrounded in rock earth and water, bombarded with radiation(light waves etc) which in turn conducts through to our ionisphere via lighting strikes thus creating our atmosphere/weather and plently of power along with it................

    please let me know any thoughts and any help is much appreciated

    Also have completed my first SSG motor conversion using case fan will keep updated with testing results....

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    That a good idea

    Good idea But already done before . and have a patent


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      Bedini Window Motor

      John Bedini did one of those in the eighties I think. He's done it different ways but here's the one with the spherical ball. Hey, at least now you have some schematics to follow or improve upon!

      Google Image Result for

      By the way, from what I can tell, most people aren't sure of whats in the center of the Earth! You might be interested in researching alternative views like David Wilcock's republished theory of a "hollow" earth filled with a plasma core. If you're into conspiracies and stuff there's also the hollow earth theory filled with Reptilians, haha, but thats so far-fetched there's no way to verify. David Icke thinks otherwise.

      But yeah, for more stuff on magnet motors try starting with one of the first, the Faraday Motor and check out Bruce de Palma's "N Machine". Just some fun different designs for you to brainstorm with! Its always awesome when somebody comes up with the same idea as an inventor you perhaps admire or who's level you aspire to reach. Means you're just as creative as they are!