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How to turn plastic waste into diesel fuel cheaply

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  • Enzyme

    Originally posted by Reliable View Post
    Halo folks, If we can establish the enzyme added in below link, it could take master Jetji's project to a higher height. Anyone with info??


    • Hello everyone, I thank those who participated in this topic .......... for an idea that I missed Jitsi and my other comrades


      • Greetings!
        Thanks for all members who share their experience and after the years of studying I finally start to build my refinery, tomorrow I will give more details, also thanks to mods that finally allowed me to write on this forum.


        • Personal Protective Equipment

          The world pandemic means that there is a staggering amount of used PPE washing around the sytem. Since the material is probably largely the same, it might be possible to design a rig to focus on this material. (So long as it is three days old before it is touched, it should no longer be infectious).

          Hospitals may have trouble getting rid of it. They might be keen to arrange delivery.

          (P.S. Why they don't wash the stuff in mild disinfectant is beyond me, but they refuse to do so)


          • Greetings!

            I'm finishing assembling of my mini oil refinery for guide idea I used publication WO2005087897A1 (Patent posted at the begging of this tread).
            The dimension are next:
            Reactor 1087 kg
            Reflux tower 300kg ( useful waight170 kg of reflux material)
            Two horizontal condenser, each can be filled with 450 liters of water

            Between reactor and reflux tower is the cyclone, the beginning test temperature are
            Reactor 430c
            Reflux tower 380c
            The condenser temperature at the and should be at 55-65 Celsius degree.
            The reactor will work on plastic, also light fraction will be separated from the heavy fraction, the light fraction will be burned as fuel for heating the rector, after the first test I will show results.