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    4-5 years ago, myself and Jonathan did a blind TRV target. (we did not know what we were TRVing)

    The target was to identify the optimum replacement for fossil fuels for planet earth.

    We got algae, green goo, big pools of bubbling pond scum, feeding it, then killing or almost killing it

    There was much more to it than that, but it all came down to algae, big huge pools of it.

    (now this was some crazy TRV could pond scum power all the vehicles running around the planet? )

    We then did a bit of research on the did not look very promising...our data was saying that algae was the optimum replacement for gasoline and diesel.....but everything on the net was saying that, yes, you could create fuel from algae, but it was economically unfeasible, and the way they were talking about getting fuel out of the algae was not the same process that had been described in the TRV data.

    So, we just filed our sessions away, no biggie.

    I had not really thought to much about it until a month ago when I was looking at the April issue Outside. In the middle of the mag is a small article about a company called GreenFuel Technologies Corp. that was talking about exactly what we had gotten in our TRV data....hmmmmm, interesting.

    THEN, yesterday!
    On the cover of the July 2007 issue of Popular Science there is the headline-


    I immediately went to the 6 page article and found it to be full of information that was just like what was in our TRV data 4-5 years ago. Amazing!!!!

    Even with this article, it is obviously no slam dunk that algae is going to replace fossil fuels.....BUT, the TRV data said that it was the optimum replacement, and it looks like a lot more people are working on making that happen today than there were 4-5 years ago when we TRV'ed it!


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    Thanks for the info, I do like reading TRV.