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Generator with Lenz-less toroidal stator

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    I think the problem really is not lenz.

    Just like we have seen in Thane's videos it is the way you work with lenz. If you use it to work for you the more you draw on it the more it works for you.

    Plus if anyone hasn't figured out the torridial coils use the magnetic field much differently then regular field coils. They do not emit the field. The field rotates within the core and the rotor follows that field. In fact that changes the very concept of an emitted field that normal field coils project from a point of view of going through the rotor to pushing the rotor from two bulges in the stator field cores.

    The problem I see here is that the bulges are not where we think they are. They are where the field coils are not energized. Do an experiment where you try to feels the field of an energized torrid with an external magnet. I bet the only place you are gonna feel the fields are in the areas that the field coils are not energized.

    Thane is using a synchronous motor in one of his experiments. The motor was not of a torrid design so it is entirely possible that this is the reason he is getting odd results. But I think he got the results because the high voltage cores were changing the frequency of the generated heavy current. since motors of that design rely on frequency that they sync to I bet this is the reason it was aiding the motor in speeding up.

    Tesla was working on the same idea but inside of the motor itself. Some of his motors have a dual coils design. If you search for the patents you will see he was experimenting with different coil designs and the positions of the coil pairs. Some were stacked on top of the others and some were positioned in between the phases.

    The curious thing is that he was also concerned with balanced weight between the coils although they had different surface area or turns.


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      I am NOT Suggesting the use of Magnetite!!!!

      Originally posted by wojwrobel View Post

      with all respect to Mr Lindemann I dont think we need any other "new" material than soft iron !!

      All we need is to make our core that will capture lenz force so it dont affect our passing magnet !!!

      closed loop for trapping magnetic field , something like Thane Heins has in hes patents or this patent US2009200892

      espacenet — Bibliographic data

      cheers from poland

      Sorry for the confusion, but I am NOT suggesting the use of Magnetite. That was being proposed by "Radiant1" (Alan) and I was trying to tell him that it won't work the way he is thinking about it.

      For clarity, here is the statement of Lenz's Law:

      "An induced electromotive force generates a current that induces a counter magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field generating the current."

      This relates to what happens when there is a CHANGE in either magnetic flux or a CHANGE in currents. A change in either current or magnetic flux will induce a reciprocal action on the other.

      I have never seen a situation using electro-magnetic coils and cores where this effect does not show up. The only place where I have seen this effect work FOR YOU is in the case of pulsed DC systems, when the currents are discontinued. If the coil is short-circuited upon discharge, all attempts of the magnetic field to collapse simply re-enforce the currents supporting the field.

      This works best in extremely low impedance situations. The best example of this effect being put to good use is in Bob Teal's Magnipulsion Engine, where a very short energizing impulse is injected into the solenoids that can then pull on the iron cylinders for a protracted period of time as the magnetic fields decay slowly. This has been discussed in other threads and referred to as a "Lenz Clamp".

      But Teal's machine is a motor, or more properly, an electro-magnetic engine. I know of no designs where this effect has been used in a generator situation.

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        In order to remove Lenz law from both motor and generator you need to understand how it pertains to both. A motor is a current device, and a generator is a voltage device. The motor is held back because of the generation of a reverse voltage, the generator requires force to turn because of the reverse motor function caused by current. In order to remove Lenz from the picture the motor needs to be run on pure current and the generator should produce pure voltage. Thus remove the generator from the motor and remove the motor from the generator. From there it's a matter of storing the high voltage from the generator then converting it to current for use in the motor.
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          Please refer to this mans experiments that have already been done.

          YouTube - ThaneCHeins's Channel

          Everyone says it can't be done yet he negates lenz's law and in fact uses it to speed up the rotor. It's all right there. Prime mover rotating a set of magnets in front of a generating coil. He uses lenz's law to get more speed out of the rotor by simply using a different sized winding buried inside the heavy current generator winding. I would assume the inner winding is the opposite direction or winding direction then the external winding. Although I don't know the particulars about the coils he designed or prototyped.

          The answer is in those video's and yet not one comment on them. He is doing what you guys are talking about without modifying the prime mover.


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            Hi Jb,

            You will find he is using the two windings from a MOT - the primary & secondary.

            Soon as I tidy my work space, I am going to try and replicate - though on a smaller scale.

            Regards, Penno


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              Maybe use switchable ferrite core ?


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                Originally posted by Jbignes5 View Post
                Man they will give patents to a billion people for the same concept. How can they do that when Tesla patent the idea already.[/url]

                It's about 10% different in shape

                Thanks for the links... interesting concepts for sure.
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