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  • rave154

    good find there, but i suspect the term "fuel-less generator" isnt referring to what we all want/hope it is...but rather it simply means it doesnt burn any "fuel" as in a normal portablr generator

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  • Michael John Nunnerley
    Sorry off topic

    Nice post Karl, just shows what can be done if you put 110% into a project, it is a shame there is no more detail, very difficult to see in the photo exactly what is the arrangement but we can take a calculated guess.

    What are our scientists doing with their time, playing cross word puzzels or just told to keep quiet and take their pay check, maintain a job and live well, the latter I am sure, billions controlled by so few, we live in the dark ages, lords of the manor and their surfs.

    Sorry off topic, but frustrating, need to vent steam.

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  • Karl_Palsness
    Nigarian Girls build Motor Generator - Free Energy Device

    I moved this posting of the self run motor generator to the link below as per PL request. We do not want to get this thread off topic.

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  • Armagdn03
    I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Peter L. for fleshing out your concept so well. I know exactly how hard it is to eloquently convey your idea, while providing enough "meat" for the techophiles, AND remain understandable to the layman.

    You guys did a bang up job, good analogies, good usage of graphs etc.
    I should say you guys are getting good at this! hard for people to keep coming up with excuses now!

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  • John Smith
    Lockridge Device

    Hello all

    Firsly I would like to thank Peter for a most informative and riveting presentation at the recent CDA conference/workshop. Thankyou!! I travelled 30 hours plus to get there and same back again and would gladly have done this just to see Peter's presentation alone!! To have seen it with John Bedini's presentations etc was just fantastic!! So much information in so little head is still spinning.

    Secondly Aaron, I have just aquired what I believe to be 12 volt version of the VW generator in working order to attempt to make a replecation of the Lockrige device that Peter covered in his presentation.

    I was not able to take it all in during the conference and wish to purchase both the previous Secrets of The Electric Motor and the new Part two as Peter called it at the conference.

    Firstly I wonder if someone could give me an idea of the mass and diameter of flywheel required and I will fabricate one in the next few days.

    I will have to wait to get my copy of the new video for the electrical details again as I was unable to take all the details at the conference unless anyone could help me with them again before I get my copy of the DVD as I then would be able to start seeking the parts I will need sooner.

    Thank you in advance

    John S

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  • DoubleD
    Hi Peter
    Thank you for the very informative presentation.
    I have access to an OLD starter generator rebuild shop with Piles of OLD parts and equipment.
    I will be working on replicating this soon.
    I was unable to pre order your dvd's due to $. but will asap.

    I have a few questions about this for you, but will wait until I get to that stage in the build.


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  • kippered
    Originally posted by Aaron View Post
    Anyone plan on gathering the parts to start building?
    I have plans to make an attempt at it. Timing and finances right now might be a little of for me but I will do what I can. I will respectfully wait until I recieve my advance copy of the DVD and watch it again with some discussion here before looking at purchasing the wound rotor DC shunt motor that is likely required.

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  • citfta

    Thanks Peter. My son and I both got a lot out of your lecture about the Lockridge device. We talked to you about my son's idea for an axial flux motor and you were kind enough to give him some advice. I worked as an industrial electrician for about 30 years before I retired. I have seen the large motors you described that have starting resistors to limit the surge of current as the motor comes up to speed. Your explanation of how a motor works is the best I have ever seen. I learned a lot even though I have worked on motors for years. My son and I are currently looking for what we need to try and build the Lockridge device. I am really impressed with John's giant wheel but I think the Lockridge device will be much easier to build. I am looking forward to this thread getting going.


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  • Peter Lindemann
    Participation in this Thread

    Hi All,

    Aaron, thanks for starting this thread on my lecture about "Understanding the Lockridge Device".

    The first thing I would like to stipulate is that this thread is ONLY for people who actually saw my lecture at the Renaissance Conference or who have purchased and viewed the DVD of that lecture.

    If you were not at the Conference or you haven't seen the DVD, DO NOT POST HERE!

    Many people at the conference purchased advanced orders for the DVD. Those initial orders will be shipped first, as soon as the editing work is finished and the first group of DVDs are produced. As soon as this happens, I will put a "Buy Now" button for this product on the Products page at my website, and announce it here and to my Update Newsletter List.

    Until all of this happens, I will not be commenting on this topic in this thread. The main reason is TIME. It took me years to figure out how the machine worked. It took me 6 weeks to write the PowerPoint Presentation, and an hour and a half to present it as a lecture. I simply don't have the time to go over it again and again while I work for a living.

    See you back here in a couple of weeks.


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  • Aaron
    started a topic Lockridge Device - Peter Lindemann

    Lockridge Device - Peter Lindemann

    Hi Everyone,

    This thread is for the discussion of the Lockridge Device concepts that
    Peter shared in his presentation.

    You can order his presentation here very soon:
    Free Energy, Products, Books and DVDs

    This is basically part 2 of the original Electric Motor Secrets.

    This new presentation complements John's talk about his machine.

    It also describes some proposed methods for converting off the shelf
    motors into self-running devices and showing what back emf really is,
    which is not even correctly defined in the books according to the
    books' own references.

    Anyone plan on gathering the parts to start building?

    p.s. The original Electric Motor Secrets thread has been a sticky for quite
    a while but I will replace it with this thread. You can go directly there
    by this link: