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    Got mine ordered also. Thanks Peter. Between this and John's big machine, I'm going to have a busy few months! Just hope I have SOMETHING working by the conference in July or I am going to feel like a real chump with all the information we have received in the last several weeks.
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      Delco Remy Armature Winding Diagram


      Ref the Delco Remy generator used for the Lockridge device, I have found a armature winding diagram for a 14 slot 28 bar Delco Remy armature, that seems to fit the John Bedini description. The diagram is post 1936 and the winding pattern appears to also have been used up to the 1960s. So this may be the windings that will be of interest for anyone trying to do an exact copy or just to give us more info.

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        Originally posted by Peter Lindemann View Post
        Hi Everybody,

        The DVD Electric Motor Secrets, Part 2, Understanding the Lockridge Device is now available at the following link:

        Free Energy, Products, Books and DVDs

        All copies purchased at the Conference and all other back-orders will be shipped by Monday, December 6th.

        Thank you all for your patience.

        Hi Peter,

        When do You estimate an electronic download will be offered?
        I'd buy it as soon as its out!

        Hob Nilre


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          John g,

          Thank you for posting the information on the Delco Remy generator. When we get to that part of the project, this will be very important.


          The download version of the presentation is still a ways out. There is still a fair amount of work to do to reformat the material I plan to include. It is something I want to do soon, but I really don't know how long it will take. There is a lot of interest in a downloadable PDF file version of the PowerPoint Presentation. That might be the first thing that shows up.

          Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

          Open System Thermodynamics Perpetual Motion Reality Electric Motor Secrets
          Battery Secrets Magnet Secrets Tesla's Radiant Energy Real Rain Making
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            I picked up discs 1 and 2 today

            I was at the conference and gave up trying to take notes as it was an info overload, and I knew the disc would be available. Being a local I was able to pick up discs 1 and 2 today. Thanks much Peter for all you told me today. Now to watch the DVDS about 20 times each untill I have it all memorized and can work by theory.

            I have now watched part of EMS 1 and based on what Peter told me today and this forum you absolutely need to get the first disc. Tells how to measure backEMF and how bad motor efficianceis realy are when taking into account back EMF COP. You won't understand Peter's plan of action here and will want to jump ahead without disc 1.

            I just watched the lockridge DVD and I am going to have to get an audio to text conversion software to make a transcription so I can read it slowly from when the first "x" graphs are shown to the end.

            Is the generator "negative torque" or mechanical resistance caused by what's known as the Lenz effect? If so there is a guy on YouTube working on a new generator with torroid coils and he claims there is zero Lenz effect even under load.
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              Kudos to you Peter for fielding such a forum! You are a brave soul and I am so looking forward to having you pointing us In the right direction. The conference was awesome and your presentation was riveting to say the least. Looking forward to it! Also have both of the DVD's ordered and have several starter/ generators of various manufacturers and an ancient delco generator with what looks like hand wound field coils (one of the two came apart and was rubbing the armature. Weird. P.S. When John mentioned cutting the case is that to stifle some of the BEMF? Wayne
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                I recieved my copy of the DVD today - watched it twice ( so far )... I must say you've opened my mind to a new dimention of thinking. Thank you Mr. Lindeman for sharing this !!! I also purchased Mr. Bedini's book which pertains to this subject.

                As fate would have it, I have most of the stuff needed to put this together - 30 years of dust to remove and I'll be on my way !

                Thanks again, your DVD is most excellent ! ( also Mr Bedini's book is very well done and very clear ).
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                  Electric Motor Secrets II DVD

                  Dr Peter Lindemann,
                  I just looked at the DVD "Electric Motor Secrets II" it was the most enjoyable film I have every watched. This DVD will be part of history, no words can express the discovery this opens up for me and for the world,
                  Thank you Thank you Thank you

                  I'm building the self running motor and will update the group as in details of the project.
                  You stand among the greatest, John Bedini and JFK.

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                    I just watched your EXCELLENT new dvd.
                    Thank you for taking the time to get this information out.
                    Back to the shop for me (+_+)

                    Mike Klimesh
                    Live to experiment, Experiment to live (+_+)


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                      Lockridge Device

                      Hi, 1st day setting up the starter with a new housing, went well, more to come Thanks Reggie

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                        Peter, watched the 2 DVDs last night awesome job. Your ability to make the complex understandable is great.

                        I must say if i had not watch the 1st Motor secerts video (in order). I would not gotten near as much out of ths current video. The first video is a must for newbs like me. Great recommendation thanks

                        I have a better understanding of one my friends invention. It does work like the lockridge but much more power. It takes another motor to start it. It was hard for my mind to except what my eyes where seeing, but your video cleared some of that fog. It may be time for me to give this stuff a try, thanks again.


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                          For anyone interested, the 180v DC PM GE motor that Mr. Lindemann sugested in the DVD as a generator can be purchased here - Surplus Center - 1/2 HP 180 VDC 2500 RPM GE MOTOR 56C

                          Other information that may be of interest... the chevy starter he recommended produces 9.5 ft lbs of torque and will draw up to 1.2 kw.

                          The torque requirement to produce the 300 watts from the generator can be found with the following formula...

                          .7376*( Watts / ( 6.26 * RPM / 60 ) = ft/lbs

                          So in the case of the DVD example of 300 watts at 3000 rpm the required torque ( continuous ) would be .7069 ft/lbs.

                          Found by; .7376 * ( 300 watts / ( 6.26 * 3000 rpm / 60 ) = .7069 ft/lbs

                          Actually with normal alternator losses it would most likely be a slightly higher requirement.

                          So the question remains, can the 9.5 ft lb "pulse" be stored in the flywheel to obtain a continuous 1 ft/lb load to charge the cap?

                          Next will be the diameter and weight of the flywheel needed to store the energy....
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                            working the equation backwards

                            A freind has a $15 Harbor Frieght, continual use,water pump motor that is 1/2 HP, 110 Volts, and 2800 rpm max. Working the equation backwards that matches a run motor with a generator motor 110/20 = 5.5 BEMF volts. How do we easily find a motor that is putting out 5.5 BEMF volts at 2800 RPM?


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                              Lockridge Device

                              Day two, Looking good so far
                              Sunday off
                              start back Monday see ya

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                                Originally posted by goreggie View Post
                                Hi, 1st day setting up the starter with a new housing, went well, more to come Thanks Reggie [ATTACH]7177[/ATTACH]

                                Looks great Gorggie!

                                Did you just remove the nose cone and install your new one or were there other modifications you did? The new front cover looks like aluminum, did you make it yourself? Whats the part number on your starter? I'll be watching your progress! Still waiting for my videos.