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C. Earl Amman Cosmic Electric Generator Query

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  • C. Earl Amman Cosmic Electric Generator Query

    While studying about Lester Hendershot, I stumbled onto an inventor I'd never heard of who had a Tesla like device which he tried to patent and was refused patent. Anyway, the device was used to power his house and he also did a demonstration where he powered a car. It sounded like a very interesting machine / device, but there is not much information on it when googling the subject. If you know of this invention, and have more information available than at the link I've provided, please share what you have. Thanks in advance!!

    Please refer to the following link: Tesla, R. Energy Motors

    The article can be found below the John Bedini schematics.

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    Earl's only mistake was entering federal jurisdiction by ...

    ... setting foot in Washington, D.C. At that point, the cartel known as our United States federal corporation could charge him with just about anything that pleased them (in a perverse sense of 'please').

    Alvin Toffler, futurist author of Future Shock, claims that cottage industries will custom make consumer goods for their local neighborhood. 3D printing has arrived to further Alvin's vision. Big business and mammoth institutions to regulate them will slowly die out. Only then will true freedom of thought prevail. Patience is a useful virtue.
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      Greetings it's been awhile welcome back.
      During Max Plank 1918 nobel there was a period of cosmic determination.
      RTG technology however became the most reliable for outer space (see video).
      We can ask if radiation is widely used up there today for unmanned.
      It may seem odd to not find more cool side attempts both variants and converter types however
      Converters for an early RTG and the inherent radiation kept those from public.
      Family or friends may have released some notes, need more background.
      Sorry just another maybe attempt for Earl Amman.

      Those whose generators (cosmic type) in design that leaned toward the cool side are commonly based on
      a broken symmetry. Possibly that schema can be found in the drawings.
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        Divide and Conquer the Synthesis of Electrical Watts


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          I have to thank William Beaty and Franco Bruno Corteletti, on Quora, for a lively discussion resulting in this inspiration on how to resolve the mystery surrounding the Amman technique.

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            I was able to reduce the minimum duration for achieving any significant overunity to a little over 10 milli seconds from the previous duration of simulation at 10 seconds. I was also able to raise the current to 50% units of amperes by comparison to the units of voltage. The previous versions of this circuit simulation merely had a build up of voltage without any current to speak of. So this is quite a breakthrough. But it was done at a cost of the loss of regulation so now it’s explosive power when it’s over unity or hardly any power at all (extreme under unity).


            RMS current…

            RMS voltage...


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              Maybe Tesla's wireless transmission of power didn't send out of itself any power after all (as Eric contends), but rather acted as a reflector which amplified whatever power was already resident within the receiver? And maybe this is the operating principle behind the Amman brothers' secret? And Tesla's Pierce-Arrow EV conversion of 1931?

              Single-Wire Non-Transmission of Power, coming to us courtesy of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe!

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                Taking this spherical archetype a step further...
                Current can be increased by substituting all of the diodes with coils creating a TEM analog computer of eight convective cells arranged in an octagonal arrangement repeated three times in three layers of LMD modules (if we take the perspective of a radial extension outwardly from the hollow center of this archetype).


                A correction to this video is that...
                The current does remain steady. Instead, it jumps up to a new plateau and hangs there for a little while before jumping up to another plateau. This incremental jumping is fueled by the steady rise of voltage which is constantly rising per cycle. This tells me that this circuit is probably capable of becoming a self-regulating oscillation.