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Pancake Spiral Coil Very Efficient Joule Thief Oscillator

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  • Pancake Spiral Coil Very Efficient Joule Thief Oscillator

    Hi all, Thought I would give this its own thread, as it seems very promising.
    It is a pancake spiral coil modified joule thief circuit, using 18 gauge speaker wire.
    When the input voltage was increased from 12 volts to 19.6 volts, I think that increased
    the frequency greatly and achieved a resonant or very close to resonant oscillation.
    The input is much less, compared to using 12 volt input and the charging output is
    even greater.
    I tested many capacitor values and resistor values and I could observe when the oscillator
    was increasing output, while requiring less input watts.
    Experiments will continue, will check to see the charging efficiency, with charge and discharge cycles.
    All comments welcome.
    peace love light

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    I forgot to put in drawing, the coil is a standard 100 foot roll of speaker wire


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