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$ 25,000 dollar debunk the technology Prize

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  • $ 25,000 dollar debunk the technology Prize

    Below are 5 photos the power supply is the base watts used for both coils
    The first photo is a normal iron core coil that is in a pull test to show the force of pull at around 50 watts input
    The second photo show the scale pull of just over 1/4 lbs. pull force at about 1/2 air gap to the ferrous plate
    The third photo shows the coil called the EttCM coil that is in the same watts of 50 and the same air gap of 1/2 inch
    The forth photo shows the scale pull of 1 and 1/4 lbs. pull force that is over 4 times that of a normal iron core coil

    The 25,000 dollar prize can be won by proving that the EttCM coil does not pull at least 3 times that of a normal iron core coil at the same 50 watt input power
    This is the pull force of the normal Iron core coil

    Below is the EttCM coil
    The EttCM Coil pull test is showing 1 and 1/4 lbs. pull force
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    Wow Dr. Wizard of Waz this sure looks like a real puzzle: Do you think anyone will figure out that it is no fake and and it can not be debunked so the whole thing is a trick
    Because it is the real deal, no way can anyone solve the debunk thing and win the prize
    Well: Mr. Question, Yes, This is a real tricky puzzle because it is real and works as shown so no one can ever win the prize but greedy people still want to look and see if
    it is possible because it is just the reverse of the normal thing were you win if you have something like this that works.
    Wow Dr. Mr. or Mrs. Wizard of Waz that is confusing so if this thing is workable why not present it to win a prize
    Well: Sir, Mr. or something Question: All of those people that offer prizes to get your billion dollar technology never pay anyway but they still get to see how your billion dollar technology works and they simple make it for themselves and give you nothing in return
    WOW: So that is the Trick
    No- un suitable Question: There is not Trick: most people that work on things like this never have anything that works so there is nothing worth giving a prize of or
    anything like that.
    So: What is this all about?
    Well: Questionable: It is just a way of letting people see something that is a puzzle that they can not explain.

    Ok: What Waz the Question again? Oh yah.! Oh wait I forgot again.