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Does somebody have a megawatt Overunity device out there

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  • Does somebody have a megawatt Overunity device out there

    The only way to find something is to ask
    This must be a self starting 24 / 7 365.25 machine generator system that has a run life of 100 years
    I was wonder if I am the only one on this Planet that has this type of device or is there others out there

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    You are the only one, oh great and powerful Waz. Now what's behind the curtain?
    “Advances are made by answering questions. Discoveries are made by questioning answers.”
    —Bernhard Haisch, Astrophysicist


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      Welcome to the land of Waz

      DSCF5659.JPG DSCF5181.JPG
      DSCF5187.JPG DSCF5198.JPG
      DSCF5837.JPG DSCF5830.JPG


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        Thank you el topo
        It is so good to know there is more Wizards to hob nob with on this world
        But Caution: Showing more than a photo to non Wizards may make their brain go Flat.
        Like that evil Trolls of the Internets that room these rooms of these types of Forums

        So Thank you for the Photo I can see how it totally Works

        Dr. Wlazlak: - The Wizard, Waz is out of town and I don't know if he will ever return he went to Australia to visit with Engineer Dave the Wizard of that land --- Auzzy Land
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          My sistem


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            Dear thread host

            it would be wonderful if you could help with average persons independence from atmosphere burning and planet polluting
            energy source!
            are you sincere about this option?
            my opinion is only open sourcing has a chance to succeed !

            as patents and applications for FE device ,basically a patent application is handing a man a stick to beat you with or seizure for national ( somebody’s bank account protection ) security risk !

            are not working!

            will you be open sourcing
            or ?
            Chet K
            If you want to Change the world
            BE that change !!