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Tom Wlazlak EttCM Energy to torque Conversion Motor - systems

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  • Tom Wlazlak EttCM Energy to torque Conversion Motor - systems

    This technology is a simple form of converting Permanent Magnetic force into a usable Mechanical device that allows usable output energy development. The Core of the technology is based on reducing the Counter Reaction force to lower than the Action force. This is not an Overunity technology system. The energy developed in this technology is based on 100 percent unity of magnetic / gravity of non-energy force that used ferrous metals as the Potential energy to make the Kinetic energy movement.
    The best way to say what this is - Free Energy - only after it is payed for of course.
    This is a Technology that has been an ongoing project for me sense 1969 I am one of those really devoted inventors that don't take not workable for an answer.

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      It seem that Everyone is Confused on what they want free energy devices to do or to look like
      I also see that some take it up on themselves to be complete know it all's Without the ability to understand or design or conceive a working technology of their own. Because Step forward and show it like the attachment as you see above.

      I hope that in viewing the above attachment of the motor device, that is older than most that are reading this will rely on their inner intelligence rather than their outer ignorance that the possibility this is a non-electric permanent magnet power only linear motor Possibility the only workable one in the Would

      If you assume it is not ignorance for you alone is the result of your own ignorance. keep searching for something workable that does not work and you can find what you have looked for a non workable things that you seek look for nothing and you will definitely find it

      It seem People are more interest in the non workable technology than anything workable if you are one of these people
      This is not what you are seeking Please find another person Post that has what you seek

      NOTE: The post below are harassments that have been reported to the owner of this website forum
      It is in the view of the owner no person being harassed by another has any rights to complain about being harassed
      in view of this

      Please Go to Hell -- bistander - you are Stupid little minded Peace of poop I hope your dick falls off if you had one in the first place
      Thank you. Tom

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        Cool! Let's see it work.


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          The original photos that were placed have been removed because of ibstanders harassments do to his ignorance in asking the improper questions
          to the baseline of the technology
          due to this at the bottom of the pages down to layer 6 or more I have in return offered ibstander some personal references to consider
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            Originally posted by Wlazlak View Post
            The Core of the EttCM Technology is a Coil design That allows a lower input power to be converted to a larger output power of 3.8 to 1
            If the input watts of a system are 1 the output power will be 3.8 watts
            But the device that the EttCM Coils run may produce a much higher output to input ratio
            The prototype motor above works using 2 coils. The input is 90 watts and the output is 270 watts in torque
            Note: If there were 20 coils on that motor the output would be 2,700 watts and the input would still be 90 watts - 180 watts plus the 900 watts friction = 1620 output usable watts to run Whatever?
            Again if there were 40 coils the output would be 5,400 watts and the input would still be 90 watts - nice design - - 900 watts friction and 180 watts coil running = 4.320 usable watts output
            Changing the design can also produce megawatts of output power or simply run a Car, Ship, Train, Countries, the World, and so on.
            It is all up to you the People of the World - Take it or leave it - But do it because you want to.
            Prove what you claim. Start with a simple demonstration showing details of measured input power and real output power taken simultaneously.


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              Hi Wlazlak,
              force is not power. So in both cases, there is zero mechanical power output. All the input power is dissipated (converted to heat via coil resistance) except for a small amount of energy stored in the magnetic field at start-up which is then released upon turn-off (likely as a spark across switch contacts).

              Difference in force can be attributed to a number of things. Mass of copper, core size, material, friction, etc. You are working with a motor at stall, or a solenoid actuator (some view as a linear motor). But laws of physics tell us that there is zero power without motion. Therefore zero motor efficiency (useful power out / power in).

              Thanks for posting the photos. It is unclear which direction the pull force is measured. That would be important in further study. I've seen pull force calculators and calculation equations on-line for PMs (permanent magnets) and the same is out there somewhere for solenoids or electromagnets.

              If you're into doing motors (actual energy conversion), then you need actual work output having motion. Please look it up. Basic stuff. In lots of literature, textbooks, tutorial videos, courses, etc.




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                Originally posted by Wlazlak
                1. This comment has been removed
                I choose not to say what I am thinking on the original post
                If One person wants to Suppress the technology than all do not get Free energy technology on this forum from Me
                It only takes One for all to lose

                Mr Wlazlak,
                if you're referring to me ("One person"), you have it wrong. I attempt to suppress nothing. I do expose falsehoods, and try my best to enlighten those with misconceptions, such as equating power or energy to force. If you take offense at being told truth and fact, so be it.
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                  Originally posted by Wlazlak
                  S S Bi stander
                  Looking at you profile I see you give no information of who are what you are
                  What does that mean? You could be a Suppress artist or a killer, Rapist, or any given thing - I know you're not that smart
                  Because you did not read the first rule about this topic
                  Unless you have the means of developing this technology PLEASE - Do NOT RESOND -
                  But you did -
                  In the future be smarter and THINK - because being not smart reflects back - Thats all - unless you want to step in more Poo Poo
                  I see people wanted to see what may have been technology of interest - Good job - You Suppress that from them
                  Well: the lesser of many evils is or is not doing what you do best - whatever that is?

                  have a nice day And again come and see this technology for yourself and don't be stupid
                  Hello Wlazlak,
                  I'm not stupid.
                  I do not suppress anything.
                  I have means to develop technology, although I see no technology from you.
                  What I do is post facts and truth and knowledge. I don't rely on credentials or resume. Except for an occasional opinion, I encourage readers to "check it out", or in other words just consider my statements, comments, logic and arguments, investigate using reliable sources and decide/think for themselves.
                  Unlike most members that I encounter, I like to be proven wrong. I learn that way.
                  So what if I am anonymous? Consider my posts, not some profile which could be bogus.
                  I strive to stay on topic.
                  Talking about me, or you, is off topic.
                  You say you have an interesting technology. That is the topic. Let's talk about that. Or are you afraid?
                  So you don't like me. Ignore me. Some others do.
                  Why did you come here? Just to show off.
                  I have knowledge I am willing to share to help members. Judging from your comments, you need help in the area of fundamental physics.
                  You could make a wise decision and reply, work with me, learn what energy is and figure out if you really do have something of value. Maybe you do, maybe not. I, nor anyone else, can tell from the information you've presented so far.
                  Having you just fade away accomplishs nothing. Gives me no satisfaction. Doesn't help you, or anyone. Take your own advice. Get smarter.
                  Your choice.
                  Good luck, seriously.


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                    Originally posted by Wlazlak View Post
                    The comment below must apply to needing and invitation to see this technology in person
                    If this is the case
                    Please Email
                    And if you want to view this in person an (can prove the EttCM electric Coil design does not produce more output than input power
                    I am OFFERINS --- A 10,000US DOLLAR - prize money to anyone that can prove it does not at least make 3 times more output to the input watts power that a normal iron core copper wire Coil design with the same wattage input for each having the same ohm windings and other same stuff. other rules may apply.

                    Each person to apply must qualify in order to have the ability to test and diagnose electrical motors systems with math skill in the realm horsepower ratios to moving systems output. and again, other rules may apply

                    limited time offer

                    As to date 12 / 29 / 22 people that have ask to prove they have true grit to get the prize ( zero )
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                      Originally posted by Wlazlak View Post
                      This page shows the Countries involved in this technology to date

                      Australia Just stared to receive information on the Core Technology large Mfg. Engineering Corp.
                      England Working on non-electric EttCM motor design 3m molding Engineering
                      United States working with several groups in developments

                      This is all for now

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                        Originally posted by Wlazlak
                        BIG TIME NOTE: This Guy bistander is an Old friend of mine that has done this years
                        It is just playing around with me
                        I don't take it too serous
                        He know Everything I do works He is just likes to jerk me around on these forums

                        If you see us messing around Really it is just in fun between us.

                        Thanks Wlazlak
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                          Originally posted by Wlazlak
                          The comment below did not view this technology as needed
                          without viewing in person and testing in for yourself in person
                          Everything posted is not allowed by the first Rule of this topic
                          All questions must be answered by Emails person to person
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                            Originally posted by Wlazlak
                            In addition to the 10,000 prize money rules
                            you must confess you are Stupid and may perhaps be doing something like trying to act smart on a Forum - LOL
                            really I confess I am stupid and not very smart in talking with any of my friends on a forum
                            Hay; bistander or should I say George maybe not, that would be telling
                            and friends don't tell the real names on a forum
                            But it is all in fun - Right - George

                            Love ya. Tom
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                              Originally posted by Wlazlak
                              S S Bi stander, Again The first rule states Unless you are a Government or a Country, or a large Mfg. Group - Do No RESPOND

                              How Stupid are you NOT? I think we should start a new post ( how Stupid is Bistander? )

                              Your making a good point as people are viewing this page to prove that you are not that smart if nothing else

                              Again Prove that you are a Government - Country - or a Large Mfg. Group

                              Or maybe you just do Work I'm sorry I mend Workable
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