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  • Super lux project

    Work in progress
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    from Tom Wlazlak I see there is a pos. 10,000 c
    what is the BTU output equivalent - if you do not know this is very find - thank you it is very interesting


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      Hello I have thought about what you are showing and can see the possibilities of a high (delta P ratio)
      I have started working on my own technology with Engineers all around the World
      If you need help in the design or fabrications of this device to a workable system and I think you may have something really unique to offer the world
      This may include Funding for this project Contact Me
      Tom Wlazlak - Corinne Technical Design Engineering -- Magnagravity Technologies systems - EttCM Energy Technology systems -


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        I have been waiting for over an hour to be contacted
        can you tell me how long I may have to wait to be contacted?
        If you can't contact me I understand Thank you anyway



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          Hei tom a moment


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            I am very happy that you like the project, I have 1200 projects to my credit, if you want to proceed with this, you do it, I have no laboratory and I am not an expert in the entrepreneurial field. You do it, I trust you


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              Do you speak English? enough to conversate over Emails
              If so contact me that way --
              I have seen some of you photos and it seems you may understand many things not understood be many
              Thank you Tom