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Can anyone in control here, fix this website??!!

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  • Can anyone in control here, fix this website??!!


    Maybe it is just an update, or something wrong with database (My SQL) or some Mods are out of date...
    Is not allowing to go on history back, not going to the next page on Threads...I had to insert the page num on the link in the browser...
    Had to modify Chrome to view it correctly as Certificates are showing NOT SECURE SITE...
    Had to override ALL Chrome Default Settings to be able to see it at least a bit better...not broken up
    Had tried with other browsers...same thing.
    And I am running Windows 10 64bit with all upgrades.
    It will not let me post anything from PC...and so in order to post this, plus other posts, I had to go to my Surface Laptop...where the newest version of chrome has not been set yet!!

    It will be a great deal if any of you into the Web Developer Backend, could move to a much better PHP-APACHE FORUMS software like MyBB...or SMF!!

    Obviously this newer version of VBulletin stinks!!

    Hope someone can see this message in the Administration!!

    Regards to All

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