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Bruce Cathie on Robert Adams Pulsed Electric Motor

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    Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post
    And Guys...

    We have Hijacked this thread to Kregus, for our own discussions, which have nothing to do with his Main Topic...this is NOT NICE!!
    And, since we can no longer delete our own posts here, I believe we should move to the related Thread "Motors and Generators" from BroMikey...

    I owe you an apology, Kregus, for posting non related topic...sorry I can not delete all!


    Oh no, this is not a different subject in my opinion, this is at the heart of all these motor generators. Thank you for disagreeing UFO so gracefully and yes the MIGHTY WHITEY did strike again but let's not forget how many Russians, Spaniards, Chinese,African inventors have all done the same thing EXCEL to the head of their class, let's not forget those from INDIA who are also born to create. The only reason I relish THE Mighty Whitey is because I can understand them. People post video's all the time from south America and other but they do me no good at all because I can not understand them. This is not about 1 race being more creative than another that is making everyone so angry showing their race war programming. It's about me being able to understand. The Mighty Whitey slogan has always been sort of a joke with our brothers at war who depend on all our brothers to keep us from falling. One is not without the other.

    Anyway if you guys are thru crying about color I will be back today sometime to answer UFO to the best of my ability about what Thane is actually saying or shall i just leave it at
    "Thane said some thing hard to grasp at first"

    And again the ADAMS motor GENERATOR seeks to bypass and cancel lenz and is at the heart of this discussion. We can't keep dancing around to find a spot to fit in, we are here. Besides nobody explains anything right so if we can iron out the basics we will then have a new perspective to proceed from.
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      Everybody's theory is that the power is gobbled up as it changes form, such as a magnetic field being generated then gobbled up or a smaller coil as a resistor, all gobbled up. Freakin stupid.

      Here is the basic theory. When in reality people can not explain this correctly. Here is YOUR picture from school.

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        Now study this and answer the video question about the work/energy principle. The question is, if the joule heating and the ohms law is satisfied what is doing the work on the rotor? This is Thane's question to all of you. See the 7 min mark of this video. Pictures can be expanded.

        This is how I know it takes time to sink in. Let it. Unless you have an answer then who is telling the truth?

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          Now here is the 2nd part QUESTION


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            A proper response would not include statements such as

            Thane is an XXXXXX

            Thane is a XXXX

            I don't believe that

            You've got to be kidding?

            That is a false theory

            He is right and all of the science team is wrong?

            Any responses as such would be considered inferior by comparison to the instructional video.

            A proper response would include a similar teaching with audio video tools, pointing out any errors and where the error is.

            Thane has some good questions nobody can really answer thus far. Like I said the Mighty Whitey strikes again.


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              Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post

              Another "Correction" to what you wrote above Bro,..

              You do NOT need to turn OFF entirely or Completely the Magnetic Field, (by turning OFF Current and Voltage to Coil) to avoid Lenz Effect...or to avoid Cogging, or to avoid Sticking Points...

              Everything is based on a BALANCE of the Magnetic Field FORCES called NEUTRALIZATION, where we get no cogging effects, no sticking effects...with just pure Permanent Magnets...AND If I can do that with Permanent Magnets...Then, OF COURSE, I will be able to do it with Coils substituting the perm so simple!!

              Just a MINIMAL reduction of V&A to that Coil will get the Motor Effect then RESTORE BACK to Equilibrium, Balance or Neutralization.

              My pleasure.

              I really enjoyed this response.


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                Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post


                If you get NO CURRENT, NO VOLTAGE to this Wire or Coil, Magnetic Field would NEVER, EVER, be "created" and that is DIRECTLY the Two ESSENTIAL Components to generate a Magnetic Field in a Coil!!

                Okay good start but this is satisfied in ohms law. No one is disagreeing.All accounting is done using ohms law and the field magically appears for free?


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                  Originally posted by Ufopolitics View Post

                  ..."PULSING" the Coil with a randomly generated PWM (Pulse) regardless of Rotor Movement will NOT DO IT EITHER...
                  This Pulses MUST BE TIMED according to the rotor positioning, at such PRECISION taken to the Micro-Millimeters of Error!!!

                  And, of course, yes, generating a random Pulse, will get you to "hit the nail" every certain timing (also randomly)...and then you will observe "some anomalies" that will make you believe, you are on the "right track" but you are not even close!!

                  You are the only one throwing out the term RANDOM and it is clear you have not covered the short videos. Attacking science for lies and falsehoods is a good thing. Nothing sacred there You stated Thane is lying so you won't even review the material. This is programming to have a made up mind before evidence is covered. We are thru here. As I suspected. To each his own. Next Thanes devices won't work either. See how silly this is? I expected more from you UFO.
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                    Negative work contradiction. A proper response or rebuttal has not been properly made. One liners such as Thane lied is adolescent, ethnicity should not be the issue. .

                    Answer the questions. Secret identities will be excepted if the rebuttal material is antiquate. Let the people judge. Where is the challenger?


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                      It doesn't really matter what anyone thinks of Thane, his work tells it all. If you choose to follow him it's up to you alone to analyze, prove or disprove his "teachings". The only way you'll learn is when you see the answer as if it were your own idea. It's good to be curious about aspects of a device you may not have studied, build it, study it... analyze it and find the truth for yourself. If at that point it all fits then promote it... to blindly follow someone without actually doing the work is a disservice to yourself and an annoyance to others that have already done the work. Follow yourself, create things based on your own thoughts and ideas. Failure brings clarity, truth and knowledge far quicker than "wanting to believe" someone else has the answers.


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                        Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

                        Okay good start but this is satisfied in ohms law. No one is disagreeing.All accounting is done using ohms law and the field magically appears for free?

                        Ohms Law has absolutely NOTHING TO DO with Magnetism, or Magnetic Field(s)

                        Ohms Law is just a relationship established between Three(3) Parameters, V,A & R...and how they correlate, either directional or inversely.

                        Magnetism Formulas are Faraday Law, for example.

                        Therefore, You can not use a Law which does NOT include or comprehend a specific Field, then say "it is not here, so it is free"...that is very wrong (saying it in my best way)

                        Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci


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                          Thanks UFO


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                            Here is an example of motoring neutralization thru switching, this understanding may help in you build of a practical free energy Adams motor/ generator


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                              Yawn... you build it... I have more important things to do with my own projects. It seems like you spend so much time trying to convince everyone that this has some relevance, or maybe your trying to reinforce what you want to believe or wish to be true (maybe because in the back of your mind you already know the truth but deny it because it's not the truth you want). Over the years, Mikey, I've watched you latch on to someone you wanted to believe so badly that they had the answers, you would bad mouth everyone that questioned it... One after another... What happened to all those devices? Did they work? How many did you get working? What makes you think this one is any different? Have you built and proven it? You ask for more than one liners but when Bi lays out the truth in 2 posts you discard it and go back to the same ole routine...

                              I find it interesting when people state that energy can be created but in reality their explanation is simply a play on words. Like Turion's explanation earlier that a "transformer" can create energy on the secondary basically because it's not directly connected to the source... I wrote the word transformer in bold letters above for a reason... Once you realize there has to be a source of energy for any device to function the sooner you can look at constructive solutions and move forward. A device cannot make it's own energy... Can a car create its own gasoline? Thats basically what your trying to do... Once realized, the search is turned to productive efforts in finding an input source to run your device. It's everywhere - we need to learn how to tap into it... There are no magic coils that create their own energy....

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                                Originally posted by dragon View Post
                                It's everywhere - we need to learn how to tap into it... There are no magic coils that create their own energy....

                                That is correct. It is all hard science rearranged. Take the BEMF and making the coil FEMF. It is that simple, right under your nose. Forward emf or FEMF is a delayed form of BEMF redirecting the normally wasted energy to assist the rotor action. My coils do that. My coils are a little longer and use series connected wire as a temporary capacitive storage of energy that is released 45% later AFTER TDC. A few microseconds later. BEMF then no longer exists.

                                Think of all of the power wasted in BEMF
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