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  • Solar Tracker V wanted

    Hi, just want to put it out there, I am looking for a Solar Tracker V from the good old days when they were being made in all shapes and sizes.

    I bought one already from a user on this site (40A12), and have come to the conclusion that it's the best way to acquire one.

    Any old Solar Tracker V will do, from 3A12 on up. Used, busted, or never-used, I am in the market for it, in fact, I am probably all that constitutes the market at the moment.

    C'mon, Aaron, the world is waiting for Solar Secrets to play out it's purpose! Keep crankin out 3A12's, super proud of you there, but please don't overlook the implications of the larger models! I would buy an 80A12 in a heartbeat and BAM electricity bill for a full household GONE! Not only that, but safety for when the grid goes down with hardly any maintenance, and an indefinite supply of free energy, yes, free energy, that once established becomes virtually FREE for all time, no battery replacement required!

    I don't know why this isn't a bigger deal, and am perplexed by the lack of availability of Solar Tracker V's that can do the yeah...I am your market if you have one lying around gathering dust, in the repair pile, scrap-heap, you name it, I want your old Solar Tracker V!

    James M.

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    That's right, I'm still interested in buying your old Solar Tracker V! They say, build it, and they will come! Well, I'm here - I'm waiting...


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      You should really look into the "simplest solar tracker" on YT. Guy has a piece of cardboard with 4 small solar panels that will power a small geared down motor of same voltage. Wire both sides backwards to each other with protection diodes between the panels to keep from back feed. When one panel sees more light than the other, it will turn the motor in that direction. Absolute genius for for a simple controller and cheap too. Just make the front piece the right size to block the sun when in alignment. No gps, no computer control, no extra power source.

      edit. I found a 175watt 18.5v panel on the way back from ESTC and want it to find the sun direct. Have a few small panels and will drive the motors with it. Keep it simple is the best policy. Same as should be used in Free Energy devices for the public. Easy to make. !!!!!
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        Wow! Really cool, sorry for the late response!

        I was actually referencing the charge controller, and I now just realized how inconvenient of a title "Solar Tracker V" is for a charge controller which really has nothing to do with solar tracking, at least in any conventional sense!

        I appreciate your reference to an actual solar tracker, don't get me wrong, that is awesome! I love simplicity and tinkerability which is one thing that really drew me to this group in the first place - it seems to be a common thread throughout its members!

        I would recommend looking into John Bedini's methods for solar, especially his Linear Amplifier circuit which was essentially the peak of his developments in charge controllers (as far as I know). If you could use the solar tracker from YT along with a John Bedini style charge controller you could keep some Lead-Acid or Lithium-Iron-Phosphate batteries alive indefinitely and have...Bada-boom - Free Energy!

        Thanks for your response and please keep it up, keep it goin'!


        P.S. Nothing beats analog!
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