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The German 1966 Friedrich Luling Magnet Motor finally explained

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    I dare say your just as aware as I am UFO of the reaction should you dare suggest OU is achieved -never mind publish in detail. All is not sweetness and light . Anyway I have put such information as I had available regarding matched magnets on a common axis. Anyone who wished could have downloaded the pamphlets and the simple experiments suggested would demonstrate the advantage.

    Just for your interest and amusement UFO I'll clamber up into a dark corner of my attic where the used experimental machinery rests -whilst being pillaged for future adventures-. I ended up making a kinda hybrid all those years ago– lol I've long ago stolen the alternators and most of the magnetic rotors . I'm afraid I lose interest once I've satisfied myself the contraption works rather like you are doing with this Friedrich Luling machine I imagine - your interested in vindicating the man and by extension - his machine


    -- still let me describe – The magnets on balanced axis it seems is common ' one way or another' with the machine you are replicating and the Hatem machine and all the replications I project in the hope that some of the information where common, is useful to you. - Or anyone else reading for that matter
    The next step in my progression was suggested by none other than P J Kelly, yes that guy of book fame. and it was to combine the magnets on a common axis set up - with the Rotoverter I'm sure you remember that group UFO before they got blown out of the water?
    So there was a few requirements and it might pertain to your project too . First DC motor drive although it seems at first a good option – It Isn't ,It absolutely runs away for reasons explained.
    The squirrel cage motor then each researcher has resorted to, me too! – within the parameters of 'slip' It very much self regulates to the frequency of supply.
    The system has to be brought slowly up to speed in order to ensure the magnets stay in mesh. The same is going to apply to your machine I dare say.
    Hence you see the single to three phase speed controller Just as mindfreer used in his demonstration.
    You probably see also the change over switches – variac and capacitors - Their job was to change the prime mover over to Rotovertor technology whilst running at high speed. - on the fly if you like – I'm not sure if you remember that group or the basis of their technology it was to run motors in a resonant condition – It was tolerated until a self runner was produced and demonstrated – Then the threats and the fires and all the rest started. – Pity all was set fair till then.
    Odd to think there's pretty much a generation unaware of the work done back then and the involvement of the Panacea online university. A little of the the video training long removed from goo tube I have joined and copied over to b-i-t-c-h-u-t-e I'm sure your well aware of all this UFO but youngsters reading here – probably not .

    here's a taste of that work - you'll have to put b-i-t-c-h in yourself - the words banned it seems https://www.*****

    You probably remember they issued a written training manual too – showing the principles of OU and experiments step by step to show any folks interested - how to – help yourself but naturally dont expect to many of the links to still work - t.p.t.b didn't like this group one little bit.

    Kindest regards Duncan
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