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Rare Don Smith Documents and Pictures Rediscovered!

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  • Rare Don Smith Documents and Pictures Rediscovered!


    A few months ago, I came across a YouTube video that claimed to have replicated successfully one of Don Smith's devices. I further found out that the video description and some of the video comments had links to a list of three Google Drive folders. One folder contained many pictures relating to Don Smith's work, and I found some pictures I'm pretty sure most people have never seen before. The second folder had some Microsoft Word and pdf documents in Russian and English on various inventors, and Don Smith off course. Likewise, a few of the documents on Don Smith appear to be very rare online, since I've never seen them before. The third folder just had some of Nikola Tesla's patents translated into Russian, nothing impressive compared to the other finds I stumbled into.

    Also, I had found out around the same time I discovered the Google Drive folders, there was a Ukrainian Ph.D. candidate, I. M. Solovey, who decided to replicate parts of Don Smith's work around 2011. A circuit resembling a hybrid of a flyback transformer and a slayer exciter tesla coil, which Solovey claims could produce 210 VAR (0.3A at 700V), while the power input draw at 4.2W (0.3A at 14V). Solovey's experiments with the circuit made him conclude, "The results of exploratory studies confirm the existing scientific thought that the process of input and output routing/transmission of electricity using high-voltage high-frequency electromagnetic field (radiation) phenomena require further deep theoretical and experimental studies." Solovey published a paper on his circuit in 2011, which was later on translated into English, which got into the hands of Patrick J. Kelly, who recorded videos on the Solovey subject, and put a translation of the Solovey document into the latest editions of his book "A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices".

    One South African claims to have replicated the Solovey circuit, and has gotten similar results. The South African's results were also published somewhere on the website, along with a translated version of the Solovey paper about a year earlier.

    Below are the pictures I found in the first Google Drive folder, which appear to originate from a physical writing of some sort.

    DSRES (1).jpg

    DSRES (2).jpg

    DSRES (3).jpg

    Solovey's Power Amplification with a simple Tesla Coil (Video Description has Link to PDF):
    Solovey's Power Amplification with a simple Tesla Coil (Direct PDF Link):
    Solovey's System Advanced (Video Description has Link to PDF):
    Solovey's System Advanced (Direct PDF Link):
    Google Drive Folders Link:

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        Here are additional Don Smith information: Best Wishes, Hermes