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Donald Smith Devices too good to be true

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  • bro mickey questions

    For ultmate answers download the greatest resource ever for your calculating methodolgical mind.Patrick Kelly's free energy pdf. Do not say another word until you have sampled this epic publication.


    • Thanks Gedfire

      Originally posted by Gedfire View Post
      For ultmate answers download the greatest resource ever for your calculating methodolgical mind.Patrick Kelly's free energy pdf. Do not say another word until you have sampled this epic publication.

      Thanks Gedfire

      I have read all of that material for years and this thread has far more to offer than that. I thought maybe you had a specific gadget.

      The Tesla coil works by taking a short coil being pulsed, coupled to a long fine wire coil, then another (possibly reverse wound or not) Tesla coil collects the high voltage through the air arc discharge or a hard wire. This second Tesla coil steps it back down.

      End of story. This is the DON Smith (Live in person) explanation of how his device operates.

      What is so hard about that? You don't have to take the day off work to give a simplified answer, yet very few are teachers on these forms. I understand completely how baffling all of this data can get

      Many Many Many Many many setups are pasted ALL over youtube for the past MAN MANY MANY MANY years of experiments with little or no results of over unity.

      Now, what were you talking about? You haven't said anything.

      Show me Ged. Do a search on youtube and you will see all of these High Voltage experiments since before you were probably born

      Zero, just sparks. What's your hurry?

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      • agents matrix

        Stop posting nonsense and move on.u r wasting my time.


        • Thanks Ged I hear ya.


          Plaz with two Tesla Coils

          Originally posted by Gedfire View Post
          Stop posting nonsense and move on.u r wasting my time.
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          • Plaz to OVERUNITY

            Plaz to coils


            OVERUNITY PLAZ........

            He is getting 80 watts of CFL's lit off one SLAYER exciter running on 12volts @under 1 amp, so go figure

            Old news. Very exciting work



            • Don Smith 1996

              Don Smith #92 MWO in operation




              1 hour and 26 minutes Don talks about a TESLA coil with center tap. In 1996 this was very old news.

              At 1 hour and 55 minutes Don is asked it they could see inside of his brief case so the secret device inside could be scene. Don said NO!!! that it was worth hundreds of billions of dollars and was the proprietary component that actually made the difference in making it work. In other words DON has withheld critical information.

              So buying DON's books is worthless for finding out why the posted experiments are incomplete.

              Of course Don was probably given an offer he could not refuse.

              Or told he could become part of a concrete footing like Jimmy Hoffa. Don't make to big of a wave or you will wash up on shore with the rest of the pacific ocean life, now dying.

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              • Tesla Don Moray Gray Unlocked

                Originally posted by Gedfire View Post
                You aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreee correct my friend.All this has been said by myself and other many postings ago.But its awareness.Just gotta wait until the others catch up.

                I even posted what is believe is Dons patent for that same sub device.Its just a disguise used by Don.Its all otu there.BUT its just to build and have a working one.Here is one of DON'S real secret posted here AGAIN:

                Patent US7940534 - Resonant transformer systems and methods of use - Google Patents

                Toroid or solenoid.No problem.Self oscillating? No prob.

                The idea that Don used for the sub device is from :Rumkorff:

                Those coils where all self resonant adapting to load etc.

                Also Joule Ringer uses the concept:

                Notice the Tesla coil Don shows in his books do not show the self oscillating section.That part where there is a cap across the points.The oscillator.That CAP is what collects the excess energy and dumps it right back in the circuit.Its does not get better that that.I personally feel I have unlocked the secret to Don's Device.Its just that it was in plain sight all along.
                upgraded the stuff with semi conductors.And added metglas,nanoperm etc. and better caps and diodes.Nothing strange here.

                Thats it.All that everyone thought was hidden.Oh automobile horns, buzzers of the electromechanical variety are all self oscillators operating at resonance.

                Control the output voltage and you are in business.Gimme some time .....Yes and that device Don drew.Only he left out the self resonant connections...

                More later.

                Ged the Sage
                Explore the above.Its exist.Save it.Make it.


                • Good Stuff

                  Originally posted by rosehillworks View Post


                  and the basic secret in the attachment below:

                  What tesla's diagrams used by Don never showed: the self resonating aspects of the high voltage induction coil.The cap captures the excess energy and dumps it back into the circuit for the next cycle.

                  Properly tuned the circuit could very easily act like a battery back popper.
                  I have run an experiment similar to what you have done by putting only one end of a 10 pound spool of copper wire into the spark of an automotive coil that I was driving with a capacitive discharge circuit, the spark of the ignition coil was stretched as far as I could stretch it and still work, the results of that experiment were quite surprising! I reached over into my parts box that was close to me, and picked up a neon bulb, and to my surprise as soon as I grab the bulb it lit up in my hand! I was not touching the coil or anything else.I also found that if I brought one finger close to the coil of wire it would draw an arc from my finger, it would also draw an arc from my finger if I held my finger on top the plastic spool that the wire was wound on. Thanks for the information about the self oscillating ignition coil circuit![/QUOTE]

                  Sorry I did not get to reply earlier.Hey continue on your search my friend! Give us an update.


                  • Endless Don Smith devices

                    One more Don Smith device

                    The man here found out many things by experimenting. A motor/gen??



                    • Originally posted by johnny m. View Post
                      Hello to all....What if Dons technology is everywhere.Maybe you you have some in your house right now....His son told everyone they are making existing products better a lttle at a time with Dons technology....What if in Dons Bonus video he really does show you how to make one.....Remember the video where the guy makes him draw the device.Its the sonar device.That device with the feedback is a type of flyback transformer(switching power supply)FLYBACKTRANSFORMERS DO NOT ADHERE TO OHMS LAW.....PERIOD!!!!They produce overunity.Just as the power supply Don holds up at the beginning of his bonus video.Yeah that's the overunity....The power supply hiding Dons technology.Thank you Don
                      Exactly which property of a Flyback Transformer does not adhere to Ohms Law?


                      • Akula Device demo

                        Here is one Akula device that works like the Don S. circuits. The voltage is stepped up and then back down again.



                        • Whyme Video HV

                          HV experiment powering 2 lights


                          Here is a larger 12,000 volt transformer.


                          • Originally posted by QEG View Post
                            Exactly which property of a Flyback Transformer does not adhere to Ohms Law?
                            I think he means compared to a 60hz iron core transformer where the voltage/current- step up/step down is proportional to the number of turns in the primary and secondary coils. Of course that still doesn't mean a fly back transformer is over unity, right?
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                            • B&L device - my build - their specs - self runner

                              Hello @ ALL,

                              got tired of all the back and forth almost a year ago I believe
                              so I guit posting.
                              the shortly thereafter I heard of the brazillian B&L device and got ahold of their patent info and decided to build it for my own use. I saw there was a thread on
                     so I joined there to see what was happening. to make a long story
                              short I knew how to build their unit AND DID! no one else could or did!
                              much to my annoyance the members repeatedly kept stomping on my face and NOT believing any thing I had done or showed photos of. same old forum back and fort BS. my name is just a DIRTY WORD to the majority of the members so I just took my success and left and quit posting.

                              attached is some photos of my unit that works. hope you like it.
                              if not just another OH WELL to me. you can go and do the same as me. all my posts and photos are still there if you go back thru the pages!


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                              • Clarence
                                I hope I did not offend you over there, If so I sincerely apologize .

                                with much respect and Gratitude.

                                Chet K
                                If you want to Change the world
                                BE that change !!