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Donald Smith Devices too good to be true

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  • Originally posted by Guruji View Post
    Are we seeing same schematic???
    I was talking on this one posted again.
    Hi Guruji,
    Do you see the cap in red ? Whats that ?

    Also read the things I've posted along with the schematic. The NUB video is one example of this tech. If you read up the other threads which are discussing the capacitive transformer, things become self evident.

    This is not peanut one bulb lighting. And we're not in Kansas anymore. (Colloquially not literally. Please don't be offended if you're from Kansas).

    Guruji, when you say you're following some fancy circuit, please share with the forum what the basis of that tech is and why you think it's better.



    • Solid State Radiant Energy Capture Devices

      Originally posted by soundiceuk View Post
      The story so far:

      (The "cream" rises to the top, just like UFOPolitics' threads are doing now)
      Hi All, Soundiceuk is right ,the cream rises to the top,
      anyone see any similarity between this and UFOpolitics device?

      Makes interesting reading.....

      Take a peek at:Catching_Radiant_Energy -

      Best regards,



      • Originally posted by harishsingh View Post
        Hi Guruji,
        Do you see the cap in red ? Whats that ?

        Also read the things I've posted along with the schematic. The NUB video is one example of this tech. If you read up the other threads which are discussing the capacitive transformer, things become self evident.

        This is not peanut one bulb lighting. And we're not in Kansas anymore. (Colloquially not literally. Please don't be offended if you're from Kansas).

        Guruji, when you say you're following some fancy circuit, please share with the forum what the basis of that tech is and why you think it's better.

        Hi Harishsingh so do you mean to put another bank in parallel 8k bank??
        Maybe now I'm understanding what that red cap is.
        So for a 2k bank what caps should I do to lower it to 50v say?
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        • Hi,
          The Miniature Induction coil is by John Iwaszko made sometime in 1983. I coudn't edit that post for some reason.

          Some of you may find this info valuable. The relation between frequency and Energy is given by Plank Einstein equation.

          E = h.f

          Where h ~ 4.137 * 10^-15 eV.sec

          I don't like magic numbers because they hide things that ought not be hidden and this is another bad example of present day physics.
          But it may be useful to have a figure in mind to work on component values.

          FREQUENCY and ENERGY R C L Resonance Phase Diagrams IDEAL .wmv - YouTube

          About the capacitive transformer,

          You might want to play around to match the energy that is available to you from the resonance system.

          The type of capacitor and losses will play a large part in the calculation.

          Understand that Joules required to power the capacitor bank = 0.5*C*V^2.
          The joules available is limited by the discharge rate of the buffer capacitor(s).

          And on the output side of the bank peak voltage is a function of frequency.
          Capacitors in AC Circuits - YouTube

          Generally speaking, if you want more wattage just add more parallel branches. So again the type of capacitor will determine the final result.

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          • Originally posted by xilo View Post
            1. electromagnetics
            2. electrogravitics
            3. electrostatics

            when two same fields interact they give rise to a third effect

            2 magnetics- electricity
            2 scalar- electricity
            2 gravitational electricity

            gravity is free and unlimited
            ions are also unlimited

            Don smith also uses electro gravitics to produce power but in a subtle way.

            ether has 2 components
            they cancel each other and they are perpendicular to each other.
            and thats why its resultant is zero

            gravity is a manifestation of ether which is transformed into gravity due to north and south poles of earth and since earth has an iron core it acts as a huge bar magnet or a huge solenoid.

            other planets dont have poles or have weaker poles thats why gravitational field lesser or negligible example is moon.

            Levitationsmaschine-Cetin BAL - GSM:+90* 05366063183 -Turkey/Denizli

            g field of solenoid and toroid

            Hi Xilo do you have an english translation of that Anti Gravity machines pdf?


            • FWBR simulation

              HI All !

              Every one seems busy in replications so thread has gone cold.

              However,if some one knows of a good FWBR with filter simulation software please post a link.



              • Still here

                I am still here, but I have been kind of stranded as of late.
                Sorry I can't help with the simulation software.

                One thing to keep in mind is, man wrote the laws regarding the conservation of energy, not nature.
                Nature writes it's own laws regardless of what man thinks or does.


                • Originally posted by Utopia Now View Post
                  Hallo SoundIceUk,
                  I think you are a very positive Guy I wish you well and also wish you Luck in your Relationship.
                  Thanks for your support

                  Originally posted by GSM View Post
                  Just been helped out of bed from yesterday, as explained in the e-mail I sent you before checking here. I had not seen your posts, so coincidence I mentioned the Ion Valve.
                  Glass blower ! Surely some sauce or beer bottle would do if cut with a fabricated end cap and pumped, because a full vacuum is not essential ?

                  You have not let anyone down.

                  Actually you have shown the calm 'never give up' attitude essential for contributing towards positive findings, for miracles do take that little bit longer to make real !

                  Hope all is well with you .............. Graham.
                  Thanks for your support

                  As long as the glass used in the bottle is an insulator then yes it could be utilized. Some thinner glass won't insulate very well.

                  Pyrex or Borosilicate glass minimum 2mm thick is recommended.

                  The sealing of the fabricated end caps can be done using "Rhino Glue".

                  I am sure there is a professional process that would easily surpass this method of sealing.

                  No one has built one of Bruce's circuits to obtain much useful energy.


                  No one has anyone replicated the ion valve and swapped it for the detector diodes yet.

                  The circuits are the keyholes and the ion valves are the keys.

                  - TEAM ION VALVE - were hot on there way to replicating the basic ion valve which was very loosely covered in the 1st Edition. We had direction from Bruce via myself.

                  There was a lot of confusion about its construction. Even I was confused about the construction and operation.

                  My own confusion didn't help matters.

                  I am now quite clear on its construction and operation and planning the best way to release this information in a clear and concise manner.

                  Hopefully the guys with English as there second language will be able to translate when ready.

                  Thanks to Donald L. Smith & Bruce A. Perreault I am almost in a position to bring this information out into the open.

                  This isn't Don Smith, alpha fusion is far beyond what Don Smith was doing, so I will refrain from posting about this in this thread.

                  I would be happy to be proved wrong, but after observing this thread since about page 60, watching all the youtube replications and running a dedicated Don Smith forum since February, I seriously don't think you are going to get what you seek with the Don Smith device.

                  Don Smith's work is extremely insteresting, a quality part of alternative energy history, but I strongly believe too much time and money has been spent on this project already and for me I have moved on. I still follow the thread to see what's happening.

                  Of course if Dynatron, Stoker_X1, Mr Clean or anyone else can show me otherwise I will gladly eat my hat.


                  • Originally posted by Steve220 View Post
                    I am still here, but I have been kind of stranded as of late.
                    Sorry I can't help with the simulation software.

                    Thanks Steve!
                    Good luck!



                    • I am ok.

                      I hope you can find the filter simulation software that meets your needs.


                      One thing to keep in mind is, man wrote the laws regarding the conservation of energy, not nature.
                      Nature writes it's own laws regardless of what man thinks or does.


                      • Don Smith's Toroid in a box Device

                        Hey Gent's

                        Here's a device show in alot of Don's Video's that I have seen but never seen of anyone tring to replicate it.

                        Here's how I have designed my replication. The coils are a multiple of wavelength of each other

                        So I should not need capacitors. Don' device did not have them. Also I am making the power wire to the battery a wavelenth of L1

                        So the battery should stay charged. I'm starting right now. Let you know how it turns out when completed.

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                        • One thing to keep in mind is, man wrote the laws regarding the conservation of energy, not nature.
                          Nature writes it's own laws regardless of what man thinks or does.


                          • coilings and zpe

                            Vangard note...

                            The following EXCELLENT article on the generation of SCALARS is
                            listed in two ways on KeelyNet:

                            1) TEXT only - listed in the C) ENERGY directory under
                            the filename TRANSLTR.ASC or TRANSLTR.ZIP
                            for those not able to display IBM graphics

                            2) GRAPHIC & TEXT - listed in the F) PICTURES directory and
                            includes the graphics and the following
                            text bundled into a .ZIP file with the
                            name of TRANSGIF.ZIP.

                            ================================================== ==================

                            SCALAR TRANSLATORS
                            Joseph John Misiolek

                            Note: Accompanying diagrams (Fig_A.GIF thru Fig_D.GIF)
                            are saved in 640*350 resolution w/16 colors.


                            Before we begin, for those of you new to the art, a translator
                            is a device which can 'convert' EM energy into SCALAR or vice

                            When coverting EM energy to SCALAR, what you are actually doing
                            is attempting to create a subtructure in which the energy is
                            folded in on itself in such a way that it manifests no external
                            net effects in the manner in which our current test equipment
                            (single stage interaction) is designed to detect, but rather,
                            maintains all of its energy within the substructure itself
                            (hyperspace), in other words, SCALAR WAVES.

                            These types of waves are quite capable of penetrating
                            conventional forms of em shielding (Faraday Cages) while
                            remaining quite invisible to standard (single stage) detection

                            Page 1

                            They are created by deliberately opposing the E and/or B field
                            components of ordinary em waves. Devices designed to encourage
                            this type of wave formation are called TRANSLATORS.

                            A translator which can only convert EM to scalar or scalar to EM
                            is known as a 'one-way' device. There are certain types of
                            translators which are capable of converting freely from EM to
                            scalar and back. These devices are known as 'two-way' devices.
                            Lets take a closer look at some of the one-way devices.

                            ONE-WAY TRANSLATORS
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                            • A one way translator (EM-scalar) is extremely simple to
                              construct. In fact, the typical home or apartment is literally
                              FULL of these devices now! Consider the common two conductor
                              lamp cord used on many lights, small appliances, and radios.

                              This cord is commonly referred to as 'zip cord'. As the
                              current surges through the first wire, the second wire is
                              carrying the return current in the opposite direction. The EM
                              fields whirling about the conductors are in opposition.

                              Up until now, most of you were taught that the fields, while in
                              opposition, 'cancel' each other out. Does this mean that the
                              energy contained in those fields is destroyed? OF COURSE NOT!

                              We CANNOT destroy energy. We CAN cause it to change its form
                              and this is precisely what happens when fields in opposition
                              'cancel' out.

                              As the current oscillates through the wires, an oscillating
                              SCALAR WAVE results. If a direct current is applied to the wire
                              pair, a 'static' scalar EM field results.

                              Wire Pair Translator:

                              Tests have shown that the 'zip cord' described above, while
                              conducting a 60 cycle alternating current, will generate a 120
                              cycle scalar em wave.

                              Here we have the first (and perhaps the most basic) type of
                              translating device. A single conductor folded in half and
                              parallel will produce a scalar wave if it is fed energy from an
                              alternating current source. This basic translator is at the
                              heart of the next device.


                              >>> Figure A <<<

                              Non-Inductive (Bifilar) Translator:

                              Let us now take our simple translator and wind it into a helical
                              shape. We have just created what is commonly known as a non-
                              inductive (bifilar) coil. Such coils are copious one-way
                              emitters of these waves as well.

                              Page 2

                              Unlike the simple translator above which will produce
                              horizontally or vertically polarized scalar waves (depending on
                              their orientation to the ground plane), this type of translator
                              will produce circularly polarized scalar waves.

                              A variation of this type of translator is to wind the coil on a
                              45 degree angle up and down the length of the form creating a
                              series of 90 degree intersections where the windings cross
                              (caduceus coil).

                              These types of translators (which can also be wound at other
                              angles to facilitate the production of different wave types)
                              tend to create 'free' A, 'free' B, or 'free' E fields which
                              have been separated from the em source wave by selective
                              cancellation of the unwanted component fields of the source



                              • --------------------------------------------------------------------

                                >>> Figure B <<<

                                Bucking Coil Translator:

                                Another type of translator that I have experimented with
                                consists of two coils (air-core) arranged so that the fields
                                oppose or 'buck' against one another.

                                All that is necessary for this translator to produce scalar
                                waves is an alternating source of current with the coils wired
                                so that the north and south poles created by the coils oppose
                                each other.

                                The region between the coils where the north/south poles oppose
                                is known as the ZPE (zero-point energy) zone. Although scalar
                                substructures are created in the zpe, this type of translator is
                                not exceptionally efficient due to the flux leakage at the other
                                end of the coils. (The accompanying diagram will clarify this.)

                                This was one of the two types of translators discovered and
                                examined by Nikola Tesla. If you refer to his 1904 lecture in
                                London, you will notice that the demonstration coil Tesla used
                                which was encased in a zinc box (Faraday Cage), had a secondary
                                coil that consisted of two halves wound oppositely.

                                The coils as described in that book would have created a zpe
                                zone between them. The field would have been capable of
                                penetrating the zinc box, (whereas normal em waves would not)
                                and this is most likely how Tesla stumbled onto it. There is at
                                least one other translator Mr. Tesla stumbled onto which we
                                shall discuss next.


                                >>> Figure C <<<

                                Lenzs' Law Translator:

                                In Tesla's Colorado Springs diary (1899-1900) he noted that he
                                was experiencing a problem in keeping the top turns of his coils

                                Page 3

                                from shorting out due to breakdown of the insulation on the
                                wires under the high electric potential he was creating.

                                In effect, the top turns were shorted, closed loop conductors
                                positioned on top of the operating section of the coil. If you
                                ever had physics in high school, you will remember Le
                                Chatelier's Principle:

                                PHYSICAL SYSTEM, THE SYSTEM REACTS IN SUCH A WAY AS TO
                                OPPOSE OUR ACTION.

                                By applying this principle to the interactions of currents and
                                magnetic fields, we have Lenzs' Law. This means the the field
                                being radiated by the operating (un-shorted) portion of the
                                Tesla oscillator, caused a counter field of opposite energy to
                                be created in the shorted turns.

                                The zone between the functioning and reciprocating areas of the
                                coil is a zpe zone very similar to the zone created in the
                                bucking coil translator. This was the second translator that
                                Tesla had discovered. By constructing a Tesla oscillator, and
                                fixing a shorted loop to the top, we may produce powerful scalar


                                >>> Figure D <<<

                                Multiple Antenna Translator:

                                This method of producing scalar waves lends itself to the
                                production of powerful scalar beams which can be used in
                                military (weapon) applications.

                                The basic idea here is to use pairs or arrays of antennae spaced
                                at 1/4 or 1/2 wave intervals, and possibly log-periodic arrays
                                and yagi-type configurations as well, which are fed rf energy
                                and wired in such a way as to cause total or partial phase
                                conjugation of the waves projected from them.

                                The antennae may consist of any combination of the antennae now
                                in use for communications in any band desired. Consult the
                                Radio Amateurs Handbook for antenna types and configurations.
                                The possibilities here are alomost endless and are well beyond
                                the scope of this text.


                                (no graphic)

                                Well thats all for now. Serious researchers are invited to contact
                                me here through the message section of this BBS for information
                                exchange and think tank discussions. Post Mail to Joseph Misiolek.

                                ================================================== ==================
                                Vangard note...

                                To assist in a further understanding of Le Chatelier's Principle

                                Page 4

                                and Lenz' Law, we include the full definition from Van
                                Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia.

                                * * * * * * * * * * *

                                Le Chatelier's Principle

                                Let us perturb a system which is initially in stable
                                equilibrium to a neighboring non-equilibrium state. Since the
                                initial equilibrium is supposed to be stable, the system will
                                return to an equilibrium state.

                                Theorems governing the behavior of perturbed systems are often
                                known as "theorems of constraint" or "theorems of moderation."
                                The best known thermodynamic theorem of moderation is that of
                                Le Chatelier-Braun which in the form stated by Le Chatelier is:

                                "Any system in chemical equilibrium undergoes, as a result
                                of a variation in one of the factors governing the
                                equilibrium, a COMPENSATING CHANGE in a direction such
                                that, had this change occurred alone it would have produced
                                a variation of the factor considered in the OPPOSITE

                                However, this principle suffers from a number of important
                                exceptions. it is therefore preferable to study the
                                "moderation" starting from the usual thermodynamic formalism
                                without invoking a special principle.

                                * * * * * * * * * * *

                                Lenz' Law

                                A general law of electrodynamic induction, stated by H. F. E.
                                Lenz in 1833. It points out that the electromotive force
                                induced by the variation of magnetic flux, with reference to a
                                conductor, in the manner discovered by Faraday, is always in
                                such direction that, if it produces a current, the magnetic
                                effect of that current opposes the flux variation responsible
                                for both electromotive force and current.

                                An outstanding illustration is the drag on a generator
                                armature; if the armature circuit is closed, the rotation is
                                opposed by a torque arising from the reaction between the field
                                and the current in the armature conductors.

                                Power must therefore be applied to drive the machine; and the
                                greater the armature current, the more power is required.

                                The effect known as MAGNETIC DAMPING also depends upon Lenz'

                                A copper disk, when spun between the poles of a strong magnet,
                                quickly comes to rest because of the opposing torque. This
                                arrangement serves as a speed regulator in watt-hour meters.

                                * * * * * * * * * * *

                                Warren York and his group out of El Paso have been working

                                Page 5

                                along the lines of the 45 degree angled SMITH coil for SCALAR

                                Warren has published articles on the work in EXTRAORDINARY
                                SCIENCE and the TESLA journal, both out of Colorado Springs.
                                The addresses of these fine publications is listed on KeelyNet
                                under CONTACT1.ASC or .ZIP.

                                This is to date the finest article (TRANSLRT.ZIP) we have yet
                                seen on the phenomena grouped as SCALARS. The attached
                                diagrams help to visualize what is necessary for you to do your
                                own experiments in this burgeoning field.

                                Please feel free to distribute this article and the attached
                                diagrams throughout the networks and your own contacts.


                                If you have comments or other information relating to such topics
                                as this paper covers, please upload to KeelyNet or send to the
                                Vangard Sciences address as listed on the first page.
                                Thank you for your consideration, interest and support.

                                Jerry W. Decker.........Ron Barker...........Chuck Henderson
                                Vangard Sciences/KeelyNet

                                If we can be of service, you may contact
                                Jerry at (214) 324-8741 or Ron at (214) 242-9346