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  • Originally posted by VasiliyBuslaev View Post
    T-1000. ahead
    Perhaps, too, from the former Soviet Union?

    And in team of Ferrite magnetic polarization (work in progress) - YouTube and so on.


    • Originally posted by T-1000 View Post
      Baltic States, so I thought.
      I've seen your videos before. Thank you.

      Here's a look EL34
      EL34.pdf | 46.6 KB


      • Originally posted by Jack Noskills View Post
        I played with two 1:1 trafos a bit and I was able to connect them so that I can get more power out than it consumes. I used small laminated iron trafos whose output was rated at 20 watts. I get maybe about 30-35 watts out, primary uses less than 6 watts. Exact COP is not important as this is low power, but how to get this result should be usefull information. I am putting this here as it is simple and it should be usable in DS type circuit. If you have two 1:1 trafos you can easily verify it.

        Now look at the picture, the second trafo is connected so that as current in one coil goes from left to right, it creates current in the second coil from right to left. Then I feed both currents to load from the same side. When load is connected current on primary side rises for a moment and then it returns back to same level as before. Now the fun starts if this second trafo is more powerfull than the first trafo, it starts pushing power back. I had nanoperm core which I tried, not powerfull enough but the idle current in primary went down a bit when power was taken. Thus COP was increased even more.

        I also tried series caps between load and trafos, and they further increased output while input went down. I ended up in a situation where 25 watt bulb on the primary side did not even glow while output was about 30-35 watts. After enough series caps primary side started to consume more so I quess I was sort of tuning it.

        The first trafo had high self inductance (coil resistance 165 ohms), meaning that when it is connected to mains without load only little current goes through. This high self inductance is essential to get OU effect. I smashed some chinese made christmas light trafos and took four primaries from there and made 1:1 trafos from them. My 1:1 version was not perfect so it had a bit more this leakage current than the real one. This I was able to reduce with series caps but I think that caps would not have been needed if I could have made just little tighter package.

        If someone has scope, then it would be usefull to check out what exactly happens if you can replicate this. Maybe even a simulator could show this effect as there are no spark gaps involved.

        Dr. Jones, you still got those Gold Medals available ? I wonder if this would qualify, most likely someone must have figured this out already. Has anyone seen this before ? If not, then I have a name for it: TrollBuster, lol.
        YES, they are still available, and I appreciate your asking. Further, I would be glad to help you seek/get the other rewards out there -- I think the total is quite large for the first open source offering to mankind. The key for successful offering to mankind IMO would be to get a large number of good people building this so that it could NOT be squashed.

        I really like that you get in and build and experiment, Jack, and are willing to share to benefit others.
        The new renaissance prize is offered to encourage an altruistic inventor to step forward and offer his gift to humankind, while receiving an immediate reward for the first non-conventional device to go to mankind.
        "most likely someone must have figured this out already." Maybe so, but getting it "out the door" to become a blessing to mankind is the key and difficult step -- there is much distraction and even opposition. Please let me know if I can help. My straightforward solar funnel cooker invention a dozen years ago -- I offered it freely and it has gone worldwide, especially helping families in third-world countries such as Haiti. I sent hundreds of these to Haiti, Kenya, Bolivia, Peru, Uganda and other countries.
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        • Originally posted by T-1000 View Post
          Can you please show it in video? The exact models of transformers would be helpful also.
          The entire things is - you load first transformer with secondary transformer from beginning and when apply load the second transformer goes into half-choke mode. The interesting fact is, it creates out of phase current so the Lenz force should miss phase of primary in first transformer(that's my though in ideal world).

          I cannot do videos, besides it is not very fun to watch one light flash and the other go bright. I try to explain.

          First just one trafo, I put hot line on primary side through a 40 watt light bulb so I can see what is consumed.
          No load connected, light on primary side is dimm, hardly visible. If I could have squeezed in more iron it would be off.
          Then I put 40 watt on secondary side as load. Light on primary side goes to full brightness, and secondary side has little less light. This is normal trafo operation.

          Then I connect second trafo as shown in the picture.
          No load, light on primary side about the same level so it works in the same way as normal trafo which is good.
          40 watt bulb as load, light on primary side blinks and then it returns to level it was. Light on secondary side is lit, not as bright but maybe 30-35 watts.

          Caps are not needed, I just tested them for any effect. I wanted to mention about them as they helped. Use of nanoperm core with different coil as the second trafo resulted in this idle current to go down even more. The second trafo must be strong enough so it can create the power.

          I cannot do power measurements, I busted my meter while ago, hence explanation with light bulbs. Hope you could follow my explanation. I dont have any inverters and stuff, this is as good as I can make it. You can use whatever trafo you can find, only requirement is high self inductance.

          My view is that first trafo gives one push, and then it gets two pushes back one of which is in the same phase/opposite compared to first one. Scope shots could explain, but don't have scope.

          I started new thread, Simple to build isolation transformer that consumes less power than it gives out

          any info anyone can give please contribute there.


          • Originally posted by T-1000 View Post
            Now can the polarisation be turned into phase controlled precession which might induce fractional dissociation ?
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            • power rotors

              fantastic mixture of great idea .wmv - YouTube

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              • Originally posted by VasiliyBuslaev View Post
                Hi all.
                A short translation
                It is an experience to obtain the free energy of the radio tubes.
                Based on the effect of explosive electron emission. The diagram shows a generator of sinusoidal voltage at the two transistors. High-voltage transformer from the TV. The essence of the effect - knock additional electrons from the cathode tube. The tube is connected to the load through the gap.
                In the video: Two long white rod - a high-voltage diodes KЦ109. Tube - ГМ70. Load - 220V lamp, 100Vatt. The power supply gives power to the filament tube. It is about 20V. The battery gives power to the circuit. This mode of operation for the radio tubes - is very harmful. Initially used 6P3S tube (EL-34 equivalent). While picking modes, these lamps are spoiled. With these tubes the effect was much better.
                The author has doubts about the reliability of the use of tubes in this circuit.

                Best Regards
                Hi Vasiliy,
                Thank you for the translation. This will give me something to get going. I believe the radiant is being drawn from the coil arrangement on the flyback and resonant frequency. But thats just me. Thank you much once again.



                • Replication!

                  Originally posted by gsmsslsb View Post
                  I cant seem to get the circuit diagram it doesnt show up as a link for me.
                  Does anyone have another link or any way for me to get hold of it.
                  I think I have all the requires items to replicate.
                  I just need some more details of the coils.
                  I have heavy multistrand aluminum wire for the alu coil.
                  How many turns??
                  If it looks like a car spring I am guessing about 6 or 7 turns.
                  If the copper coil looks like a slinky spring I am guessing maybe 100 turns.
                  About the spark plug I see it says slight vacuum.
                  Is it in a case under vacuum ???
                  Any hints greatly appreciated.
                  Hello my fellow experimenter

                  Since you seem good using intuition

                  I would say "go for it"

                  Play a little and tell us your result, if bad result, look for other ground points.

                  I have not tried so many alternatives of this setup so we learn more if we don't build exact copies, well when we "hit it" the agenda will change. Thinking of poor people without clean water, this will go to them

                  Kind rgds D
                  "Being myself a remarkably stupid fellow, I have had to unteach myself the difficulties, and now beg to present to my fellow fools the parts that are not hard. Master these thoroughly, and the rest will follow. What one fool can do, another can."

                  Silvanus P. Thompson, F.R.S.


                  • Jack Noskills Transformer

                    Hi Jack Noskills,

                    Thanks for sharing the information on your transformer on OU. It looks very interesting. I hope you get the prize!!

                    Best Regards,
                    David Fine
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                    • Jack Noskills Transformer PDF

                      Jack Noskills Transformer PDF

                      Info copied from OU website.
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                      • Originally posted by David Fine View Post
                        Jack Noskills Transformer PDF

                        Info copied from OU website.
                        Any half decent simulator software will show what is happening there !


                        • Kacher stepdown

                          Thanks all for the comments and suggestions.

                          Dunfasto and T-1000 require extensive modification of the JoeFR setup, so i will leave those for later.

                          Concerning resonance in the system, the Kacher runs at 400Khz (unloaded) and 340Khz (loaded).
                          The pickup coil L3 needs a big capacitance to be resonating at this same frequency and that will cause massive damping (low Q, low output).

                          Anyway, i will start with finding a "sweetspot" by sliding the primary coil (like there is a sweetspot for the L3 coil position) and experiment with the output caps and the spark gap (i also have 600V and 1KV arrestors), but that will only increase the loadup time of the caps and could cause the primary of the toriod (230V) to be overrated and damaged.

                          I can also throw in my 2 variable air caps (35-350pF) to tune the L3 and/or the toroid.

                          Presently my Kacher input is about 25V x 1.4A = 35W (batteries heavily decoupled with ceramic caps to assure proper measuring)

                          First objective is to see some light in my 12V/21W bulb.

                          Video: Kacher stepdown 2 - YouTube

                          Regards Itsu


                          • Originally posted by David Fine
                            Hi Mr. Clean,

                            The only way you builders are going to have any peace is if you have your own website for builders only. If you have your own such website, you can carefully regulate what goes on there and who is allowed to stay, etc.. Anyway, I suggest such a place. I would be glad to set such a place up for you and then vacate after making you and/or someone else the moderator there. You could then only invite builders to join. If someone got out of line you would be able to delete their account immediately.

                            The same old guy/guys are going to continue to screw with you here.

                            Best Regards,
                            David Fine
                            hi man actually i was asked to do basically that, but i just couldnt keep doing experiments and watch the site at the same time, so unfortunately i had to give up the role.

                            i really dont want to be forced to have a secret forum because i may not have found this if it wasnt for Patrick Kelly and the Smith vids from DragonsLord76 etc.

                            it would just be nice to be able to find solid facts, and more physical activity

                            In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
                            In the expert's mind there are few.
                            -Shunryu Suzuki


                            • Originally posted by mr.clean View Post
                              hi man actually i was asked to do basically that, but i just couldnt keep doing experiments and watch the site at the same time, so unfortunately i had to give up the role.

                              i really dont want to be forced to have a secret forum because i may not have found this if it wasnt for Patrick Kelly and the Smith vids from DragonsLord76 etc.

                              it would just be nice to be able to find solid facts, and more physical activity

                              Stay here...keep working. There are many of us in varying stages of experimentation who don't have anything to show yet. I learn something new every day.


                              • Originally posted by mr.clean View Post
                                hi man actually i was asked to do basically that, but i just couldnt keep doing experiments and watch the site at the same time, so unfortunately i had to give up the role.

                                i really dont want to be forced to have a secret forum because i may not have found this if it wasnt for Patrick Kelly and the Smith vids from DragonsLord76 etc.

                                it would just be nice to be able to find solid facts, and more physical activity

                                Hi Mr. Clean,

                                We are following Don Smith, dragon,Mr. Clean, woopyjump….and all genuine people, please don’t give success to distracters.

                                For all the experimenters.
                                So far what I have found was “fast recovery diodes in all the places in circuit” always lead you to success. I think it is one of the secrets of path to OU.