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Donald Smith Devices too good to be true

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  • Stoker_1

    This is top class information gathered with hard working.
    Very generous of you to share it all with us.
    Very kind of you.

    You should see what Ufopolitics is sharing, also a great man.



    • Thanks!!!


      Thanks for the link to the DS book and also thanks for all you have shared. It all helps a lot!!

      Best Regards,
      David Fine

      Originally posted by stoker_x1 View Post
      I don't mean to be harsh, but I know that I am.

      Maybe this will help. I'm not a lawyer, but patent laws protect patent holders and DS's family still has rights! I can't sell kits on ebay.

      Also, DS spoke in generalities most of the time. The reason for this is that each unit build was unique to itself. There is no one fits all here. If people can begin to understand that, then they can follow his concept and build a working model. I'm not saying that this generator can't be mass produced. I'm just saying that it can't be mass produce out of someones garage. There are to many ways to mess up with all the variables.

      I could tell you about the many mistakes I made along the way and the frustrations I have faced, but that will not help. Whether we like it or not, it is a process of trail and error. I read a lot of posts where people are literally trying to recreate the wheel. I would not criticize them for doing so as that is how new things are discovered. I would suggest to those people that it would be much easier if they would first build a working generator and then use that model to test new wheel designs.

      Thanks again. I do understand your point.


      • Stoker
        L3 coil


        • Don Smith's document

          Originally posted by stoker_x1 View Post
          Patrick, I didn't know you had anything to do with the 135 page pdf. If this is an altered original of DS, then let me say that many of your comments were right on and very helpful.

          Let us know if this is the document you were referring to.

          Thank you for all the hard work you put into this pdf.

          Thank you for the pointer and your comment, which highlights the problem which made me cut the document down so that it contains only Don Smith's material. The last 43 pages come from me and not from Don Smith and so if anyone reads those pages, please be aware of the fact that they were not written by an expert. In the document, those pages are numbered "3 - 1" onwards while Don's pages are not numbered.

          The current 63-page version of Don's pdf I re-typed from the original pdf as it was of such poor quality and an html version was desirable. The typing telescoped Don's 89 pages into 63 pages as it was exceptionally spread out in the original. His 3-page appendix of standard conversion tables were omitted as they are very difficult to read and they don't appear to contribute anything coming directly from Don (my bad ?).

          In passing, I don't think that there are any direct legal reasons why kits of parts and/or assembled units should not be marketed as the original ideas were placed in the Public Domain, and in addition, any developed kits or assembled units are the result of development and research based on publicly revealed information (much of it originating with Nikola Tesla). However, as has been remarked, the practical tuning issues make any such marketing, unlikely.



          • Your comment was direct and important!

            Hello boguslaw,

            Good to hear from you. L3, your right!

            The one thing everyone should notice is the lack of discussion by DS regarding the output section of the device or what is L3?

            Output can be accomplished in many different ways with many different methods of transforming the output. That is a troublesome part of this device. I had hoped that someone might have experienced some of the anomalies I have experienced and offer thoughts about it. I've not burn out my oscilloscope yet, but have smoked several components. One thing that I have noticed is the extreme fluctuations in temperature of L3. More people need to replicate this device so that we can all get to the end game.

            Thanks boguslaw for understanding my point regarding L3.


            • Wanted Donald Smith Japanese Device

              Hello all,

              I am hunting for any info on this Donald Smith Device.A japanese version.If you know anything about its whereabouts( pics,schematics,notes) do not hesitate to contact me.

              Best regards,

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              • Auto tuning?

                Originally posted by Patrick Kelly View Post
                the practical tuning issues make any such marketing, unlikely.

                I have always wondered if an autotuning system could be incooperated into these devices.The radio on my cell phone has one.....

                Just thinking out loud.



                • Self Resonating Capacitors

                  Hello All,

                  I just visited my attchment box and saw the highest downloads over (100 hundred) for an image from my post was the secret.See attachment.

                  No one answered the question as to what that was.So I went hunting and found:


                  and even more: How can i learn the self resonance of a SMT capacitor ?

                  never knew this at all.Although I did find that my capacitor had INDUCTANCE when I used my LCR on it many many pages ago....Yup they say capacitors and coils are at opposite ends of a continuum.

                  Best regards,
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                  • Great Info

                    Thanks Stoker and Patrick for that PDF


                    • Thanks Stoker.

                      So many questions....


                      • Originally posted by zilano
                        Thank you for revealing the secret


                        • @Broli
                          Why do you jump in suddenly again, you never did really participate in here, just come back, when someone post usefull Informations and insult him close with your Attitude.
                          And suggesting, like, he even could best deliver it to your Home. Selling such Stuff on Ebay or similar is probatly the stupidest thing you could do, when you want have unwanted Visitors.
                          At a Point i would really prefer to remove all this Disctractors, what are still here.

                          There is a lot of Truth in that what stroker said, and a lot Points where i did see too, now better forget all the other Distractions, what been made here at all this endless Pages.
                          To make the Coils right is absolute not simple, even that they should equal in Weight AND Lenght in a Ratio and it looks like, that there is more then only Resonance, but thats probatly behind our all understanding of Physics. Usual you say, its enough, when you can match 2 Coils with their Resonance, but its not only the Case here.
                          You can all find that Infos at the D Smith PDF's when you just read carefully trough it, even a Cap Calculator,
                          Where the Cap, what SLOW-N-EASY did looking for is at 1,6 nF at 30 Khz, 1 nF at 35khz, or 2nF at 24Khz.
                          But still, when the Coils dont match to eachother, you dont will see a lot happen.

                          Something i do a bit wonder about, that Ali speaks a perfect US-English as Pakistani.
                          Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.


                          • This thread has been going for 2.5 years it sure as hell is not my interference that caused it to deliver nothing. When the voice of reason is shunned that's when you know the **** hit the fan.

                            You're right, I would rather shoot a bullet through my brain than be part of this insanity.


                            • Stoker,

                              How can two pieces of wire that have the "exact same weight" be 4 to 1 in weight?

                              How on earth did you get a parallel spark gap to fire? I tried matching my L1 coil to my nst using caps, and still got no spark. Is there a secret to it?


                              • Firstly a big Thank You to stoker_x1 You have made it clear in my mind (well almost - see below) about the length and weight situation and the 4 to 1 ratio. I've seen reference in the past (although rarely) to needing the weight of the wire also be figured in to get resonance. In Ham Radio and others where transmitters need to be matched up to an antenna to get the best output it is common to use a 1/4 wavelength antenna for higher frequences (it would work with lower frequencies also but the antenna would be so long as to pose problems with construction and space requirements). I'm not sure it is 100% relevant but it seemed that 1 to 4 ratio was one of the best to use (although 5/8 was another common one).

                                So a good question to ask now of those who have attempted DS replications is have you done all these things that have now been highlighted? Resonance in all sections of the circuit with wire length AND weight both at 1 to 4? If anyone has done all this and has NOT had some success I'd like to hear from you - but I doubt if that will happen. The DETAILS do make a big difference when trying for resonance and that has always been part of the Don Smith formula.

                                BTW drak, I would agree that something may have been mistaken in the way stoker_x1 wrote the description on weight and length. I believe stoker_x1 meant two pieces of wire have to be the "exact same weight" and 4 to 1 in length. In other words your thinner 16 gauge wire might would be 200 feet long and 4 pounds while your 4 gauge wire would be 50 feet long and 4 pounds. I think...

                                stoker_x1 can you clarify on the weight and length issue. I thought I was clear on that until I started running some numbers. The only way you can have two equal weights AND lengths of wire would be when they are exactly the same gauge. If however you have 4 gauge wire and 16 gauge wire the 16 gauge would either be 4 times as long and the same weight or it would be 4 times as heavy and the same length. But I can't imagine any case where they would be far different gauge and one be 4 times longer and 4 times heavier than the other? I'm assuming you intended for example 4 gauge at 4 pounds (just a guess of weight) and 50 feet with 16 gauge 4 pounds at 200 feet. So same weight but 4 to one length and 4 to one gauge (gauge ratio may not be relevant). Sound correct? I think I'm clear on this but there is just a slight discrepancy in one of your descriptions on the length and weight explanation.
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