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  • Claim made by Zilano back in October last year and quoted by mr clean. Thanks to mr clean. No thanks to Zilano.

    Originally posted by mr.clean View Post
    Originally Posted by zilano
    Hi kurt!

    i havent made any vids till now. i want people to strive and learn and use brains first. coz if u give knowledge as a throwaway replicators can replicate easily but they wont know the idea and the basic behind the dons technology. let people learn. give them knowledge. but let people try it first themselves. i will be posting vids also but this is not right time. lets see no no members replicate with knowledge gained on here.lets see some progress !

    though i have posted my crude circuit. my first attempt circuit which gave 250 v dc 2.5 kw output with 12 volt 120 watt input on here. i fine tuned it and scaled up to 10 kw 230-250 ac 50 hz.


    zilano zeis zane

    Wow buddy, cant wait to see that monster in action

    Interesting read here, link below. I agree with some points this guy makes. - Do you think Smith has a point? (Zero Point ?;-)

    Alas, I WANT TO BELIEVE, but require proof, not just the ramblings of deluded people or known con artists out to make a buck from naive people who become confused with all the technospeak and use of buzzwords like Tesla, scalar, radiant, ZPE, suppression, conspiracy...anything that would obfuscate or be difficult/impossible to track and verify, INDEPENDENTLY, not just from their claims.

    We will continue to search for a means to tap into ambient forces, whether they be gravity, electrostatics (lightning, ions), magnetic flux, zero point energy (zero point field), frequencies from space (cosmic 'energy'), etc...

    But we aren't there yet....too many con artists, too many people clouding the field with bull****, usually to scam others....and worst of all, almost no one funding any REAL research despite the huge commercial potential and the ability to resolve many of the earths current problems.

    Those problems are not ONLY ecological, but also these incredibly stupid wars over control of OIL (never mind the EXCUSES of terrorism, etc..), not to mention the additional entanglements relating to religion and centuries old hostilities in which we have NO business interferring.

    The sooner people begin funding real research into these areas, the sooner a Manhattan type project WILL DISCOVER a working free energy technology and ideally GIVE IT TO THE WORLD to be used, manufactured and marketed as freely as possible.
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    • Getting Back to Basics

      I still can't stop thinking about this amazing video I saw.

      Essentially, a small circuit at 200 mA driving a larger circuit outputing over 1A.

      If you don't believe me, then watch the video.

      That, gentleman, should be our starting point.

      SMOV0006_MPEG_.mpg - YouTube

      Video Description:

      In this video I show the use of a 3 plate capacitor for collecting radiant energy. The normal terminals of the capacitor have diodes forming an AV plug which is connected to earth ground. The metal case of the capacitor is the 3rd plate and is connected to the antenna, in this case a copper plate. There is a circuit running that excites the batteries and when the plate is placed between the batteries it picks up the energy and charges the cap to a high voltage. When the voltage is high enough it jumps the spark gap and feeds the discharge through an automotive ignition coil which the results are obvious. The capacitor is being charged to around 1kv and the conversion into the primary creates 3-4 amps flowing through the ignition coil. The circuit creating the resonant signal uses 200ma at 24 volts and operates at 1.095 Mhz.
      Schematic for the Amazing Device:

      So, dragon thoughtfully provided us these building blocks.

      This should be where we start.

      Building Block #1:

      Building Block #2:

      Building Block #3:

      Building Block #4:



      • Originally posted by Haan
        what is "avramenko"?.
        It's a AV plug.

        See post above.



        • Photos:

          Don Smith - NST to direct Step-down:!568&sc=photos

          ...for the 'silver platter' followers who one day, must explain to our future WHY IT WORKS.

          We cannot build (leverage, commercialize, safely exploit) what we cannot thoroughly explain. Or can we? Should we?

          Something to vie(possibly die) for? Consider this when:
          - taking the next step!
          - complaining when the solution does not come seemingly freely.

          Please, seek truths (and improve on) collaborative notions. Lets face it -- it's all we've got!

          Consider the combined the motives of Keely, Tesla, Smith, Kapanadze, and countless others (in ways they may have not yet considered) to meet larger humanitarian goals -- not selfish ones.

          Thank you -- Zilano and others for your (IMO: obvious) attempts in these moral regards.

          Moving things forward...

          Further digging has turned up some interesting notions:

          Notice the Harmonics and PWM used for AC vs Rectified DC (Seeing Scaler Tx-Rx and Inversion strategies here?)

          Can someone translate to clarify?

          Seek the ions
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          Resonance to all !


          • Hey Dragon, I think the coil charges the plate with HF/HV, which excites the ambient, at that point the electrons are vibrating at hf and leaving voids everywhere, the earth/av plug is providing the necessary electrons to balance this just like the electroscope but the vibration is continuous so they cannot be balanced, therefore they are forced onto the plates of the cap.



            • Originally posted by T-1000 View Post
              Basically if you all would like to have working ou device, no theory would do it - you need to start with Tesla coil assembly right on your table, then find a way to move it from closed circuit into open (capacitive) circuit. Only after this step ionization can be applied as blackhole for surrounding air/earth neutral particles and then after you make it flow into your Tesla coil, take charge out into capacitors! This is first OU condition. The second condition is to have 1/4 wave resonator from 2 coils what got single wire out each and are wound like 2 capacitor plates with second coil having length of 4x on first coil for 1/4 wave resonator.

              So, please post results when you will have this and it will have convincing truth...
              Could you please attach a schematic?


              • Originally posted by Haan
                Hi Zilano,

                please provide a diagram showing the secondary coil and diode arrangement you suggest.

                Also, what is "avramenko"?.

                warning: copper antenna rod must be insulated not to touch any coils. one has to use a high inductor(variable) between copper antenna and the feed to avramenko plug to charge battery.(not shown in the above pic)
                if one finds that battery is not charging optimally then one can add more 4700mfd/12 v caps in parallel or vary the inductance acting as resistance for hv+hf ac.whichever suits best.
                Attached Files
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                • Originally posted by zilano View Post

                  Thanks Zilano...


                  • Originally posted by Gedfire View Post
                    Dear Sir,

                    Is the video up yet? I would pay for the non edited version if necessary.I am now an official Don Smith Video Junkie.Everytime I watch his videos, subtle clues show up and my understanding deepens.

                    My friends at the mines and geology department just handed me a Geomagnetic Map of my area.Now I know other places to go test any device I create.

                    The more I listen to Don's videos, read this forum, especially Zilanos posts, and combing the net for related information has confirmed to me that Don had something going.....

                    Oh, Don said he had hundreds of replicators but only about 6 or 7 had achieved success.He is baffled as to why...

                    Next thing, I was really sad when I heard Don had passed.That he had had several strokes.Now seeing his waist line in the above pic really reminds me that I need to get out that ablounge real quick.No disrespect.

                    Happy replication guys. 3X

                    All the guys asked me for something that work.
                    Ok, here you've it from the hand of Don Smith:
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                    • This video IS online. Just search !


                      • Originally posted by boguslaw View Post
                        This video IS online. Just search !


                        • Ok,ok,ok I would not hold you in that emotions for longer time....I see you you scratch your head trying to find this video and blaming again poor Don Smith about hiding information even after his death....

                          Donald L Smith Inventors Weekend 2001 - YouTube


                          • Hurry hurry pirates ! I found treasure island
                            DragonsLord76 - YouTube

                            Btw. Digest carefully EVERY WORD.
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                            • Thank you bogus,
                              I didn't found it in youtube in the search I made, but I've just the link right now.


                              • Originally posted by boguslaw View Post
                                Hurry hurry pirates ! I found treasure island
                                DragonsLord76 - YouTube

                                Btw. Digest carefully EVERY WORD.
                                Thanks! I am going to downoad this to keep in my archive