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  • Originally posted by joefr View Post
    Not jet because I dont have any sphere. I have some 2200pF 10kV caps.
    I got some nice and hollow spheres (i.e. see link) made of stainless steel in the flower/ gardening shop. They sell them in differnt sizes as decorative accessory.
    Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


    • very nice!

      Originally posted by joefr View Post
      Hi All

      I worked lately on new setup similar to Don Smith - Zilano device. The only difference is that I combined all Step UP and Step Down to single device.
      I used Kacher Bipolar Tesla coil for Step UP. With this config I get with single low voltage input 24V on L1 Primary coil two high voltage outputs on L2 Secondary CW CCW coil.
      I then use third L3 CW CCW thick wire Output coil inside secondary coil for powering load or charging capacitors and then dump to load.
      This setup oscillates at 423kHz without core or with 370kHz with ferrite rods in the middle of the L3 Output Coil
      I can charge capacitor 10000uF 100V to 70V very fast with BEMF from L1 Primary coil. I would be happy to any suggestions how to use this build of of energy in capacitor ( charge input battery ).

      The thing that bothered me in all previous replication is that when I connected the real Earth Ground on High voltage side or Low voltage side of the circuit I did not get any spark or any change in circuit behavior.
      All great inventors say how important is Earth Ground connections but I did not notice any difference.
      With this new setup when I connect the Earth Ground to the negative pole of the battery I get much better output. And I get sparks even on low voltage output coil when I approach Earth Ground connector.
      So it seems this circuit creates big potential difference which I could not achieve with other setups.

      Here is the schematic used:

      Here is the components used:

      Here is the video:
      Kacher Bipolar Tesla Coil StepUP - Step Down_Test 1 - YouTube

      Hey Joe, very nice, Im glad to see you conducting experiments of your own design. I too have experimenting with different setups as you are doing, but not quite the same. I have some very interesting results my self, but managed to burn up every NST that I had. So when I am up and running again I'll make another video and share. Thanks for your advise. Your work is very valuable and informative.



      • Hi Nolan Thanks

        The reason to go Bipolar Tesla coil way is because I burned all electronic NST I had. So I decided to make my own NST with Bipolar Tesla coil.



        • Nst

          Originally posted by joefr View Post
          Hi Nolan Thanks

          The reason to go Bipolar Tesla coil way is because I burned all electronic NST I had. So I decided to make my own NST with Bipolar Tesla coil.

          Yeah!, join the club!. I have burned up 3 of them. Im just ordered this TRANS1035 , its from High Voltage Transformers. It has center tap access too. If this doesnt keep working I'll do something similar to what you have done.



          • Hi all.

            A big sorry to all of being off topic.Just need to clear up some things.

            @Guntis :
            I did not meant to offend you and no one here or on other forums.
            I was only refering to the general point of view based on conventional science
            which we all know, carefully omits some things based on special interests.
            And you can be sure I am not the type of person "To know everything" < no way
            and yes I am modest enough to accept that I am not even close to qualities
            of the only true God. Coz I see myself just as a single grain of sand in this endless universe
            of awe, and nothing else.At least I accept that I know nothing - not even scratched the corner of the true knowledge.
            No one can learn something if first does not accept his/her limitations.
            thanks for taking time to read this.

            Thanks for keeping the things "calm" and for your contributions.
            I am among those who knows to appreciate other people`s insights.
            << BP Ultimate + Shell-V Power + Allies (opec) = the Ultimate Power Aligators to Suck People`s Blood !-! >>


            • Home made HV capacitors

              I was asked for more details on my initiative regarding home made HV capacitors. Well:
              At the moment I still experiment thoroughly because I want to spread mature facts only. I hope to share a basic howto with pics on the principle within next two weeks. The main concern is the max voltage possible as the edges and vertices degrade the calculated max voltage considerably. I need to build a controllable HV DC source as test equipment.
              Apart that we intend to load the cap with severe pulses and due to the fact that the connectors are of very low inductance and low resistance the pulses will shock the entire cap. So stand by I will do my best inorder to help.
              You can look meanwhile for good / cheap sources of laminating pouches (preferred letter size and half of that and you will use hundreds of them) and available sizes of AL foil. Both sides need to be uncoated.
              You get this material as household foil (10m) and for professional catering as well (12m up to 20m). Hairdressers are supplied by another size (i.e. 12 cm width). They use it in order to pretty up our ladies with highlights in their hair.
              Our goal is to make as few cuts in the foil as possible because we need lots of them.
              If you look for a laminating device take in account that the foil will protrude at the side unlaminated so you can't work with the max size allowed by the respective device. Controllable temperature is important because the foil will wrinkle up at higher temperatures (different temperature behaviour). If you use a thickness of 18m or more this danger will be reduced and devices with fixed temperature might be usable.

              So reckon own initial experiments with the material available at your location.
              I will give hints on metric products only. For imperial measures you need to derive own solutions.

              A good news is that the stacks will be repairable to some extend But they will NOT be self healable at all.
              rgds John
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              Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


              • Originally posted by zilano
                Dear Folks!

                only two methods are workable.

                1. magnetic that is hertzian with a mix of scalar. like don smith device.

                every tesla coil produce hertzian aswell as lmd or scalar component.

                2. scalar that is lmd or neutrinos based kapanadze device. (cold electricity)

                hint: tesla tower! or caduceus or bifilar
                aim is to produce lmd waves that are magnified by capacitor plate system for that one can use two cylinderical copper tubes to be fitted inside one another with an inch of gap separating so charge wont jump across two copper cylinders.

                make tesla coil not just normal tesla coil(but scalar type ie caduceus or bifilar or tesla way single wire or wireless power transfer way. read tesla for that)connect inner cylinder of copper with ht terminal of tesla hv and now slide other copper cylinder(acting as antenna for reciever system and apply moray and there you go and u have kapanadze setup.

                one can even use a single copper tube well insulated and wounded with caduceus or bifilar or tesla pancake coil and around it is wounded the tesla primary coil. here copper tube around which windings are done acts as moray antenna.

                frequency is important read tesla for tower frequency( or scalar wave frequency)

                if frequency is below threshold of scalar frequency u r left with herztian+ little lmd or scalar phenomena and goals are not reached fully. so choose scalar frequency veryyyy important!

                scalars penetrate metals and are not restricted by faraday cage.and have a tendency to strengthen and amplify themselves. they can travel far and wide faster than light and and if u trap em at source u have abundant power.( scalars dont follow near field phenomena like lighting a cfl held in hand near a normal tesla coil. they can light cfl in hand many miles away too.


                Nice to see you back.
                What frequency are you talking about? The discussion here now is 4Mhz to 11Mhz. Is that right?


                • Originally posted by zilano
                  well the frequency is in mhz and varies according to each setup. just test it by having transmitter and reciever system when transmitter is boxed and reciever recieves the signal thats the scalar frequency as scalar waves penetrate metal and reach the reciever. for that separate the copper tube that acts as antenna and keep the transmitter copper tube setup(tesla coil) in a metal box and vary frequency. and see if reciever recieves the power keep the frequency fixed and slide in the copper tube over or inside the first tube as the case may be. thats scalar frequency and its always in mhz.


                  Good info...thanks again.


                  • Good to read you Z
                    Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.


                    • Originally posted by zilano
                      one can use signal generator for testing and measuring scalar frequency and reciever can be attached with led's or low wattage and low voltage bulbs from 3v- 12 volt to see that transmitter recieves power through scalar/lmd waves. then one can measure L of primary and attach a suitable cap and fire with nst and sparkgap for final run.

                      one must always use signal generator before applying spark gap and high voltage input with suitable cap.

                      for low voltage enthusiasts one can see results with a 12 volt battery and a relay as an interrupter(spark gap replacement) with suitable 12 volt primary cap for tesla primary.

                      and for those having skills in electronics can easily use signal generators provided by scopes or signal injectors.

                      high voltage is just to harvest more. but results can be seen using low voltages also

                      Now I just need signal generator!


                      • Everybody look at those videos !

                        Экстратоки размыкания - YouTube

                        Работа с RLC-цепями - YouTube

                        without using back emf in such way we can't make any circuit working


                        • tesla moray kapanadze

                          Hi Zilano

                          Thanks for hints. Just one question ?

                          Should Copper tubes have cut across length of the tube or they should be complete without cut ?



                          • Originally posted by boguslaw View Post
                            Everybody look at those videos !

                            *кстратоки размыкания - YouTube

                            *абота с RLC-цепями - YouTube

                            without using back emf in such way we can't make any circuit working
                            good vids
                            Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


                            • Zilano

                              Please forgive me my ignorance but your last setup is one smaller copper tube insulated , then slipped into bigger diameter copper tube and then bend into C ?

                              Do copper tubes have any slot on them or are solid ?


                              • Hello,

                                One thing about power in/out measaurements should be followed:
                                Conventional amp/voltmeters are lieying about power measurements with RF circuits.
                                You need 1 Ohm resistor in seriries with oscilloscope attached across. Then by Ohms law you can measure current and RMS.

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