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  • Farmhand

    Farmhand I have read those few pages and am trying to digest a little more of the book! Difficult to comprehend at times that Tesla could achieve at that level, with none of the test equipment and semi-conductors that we have available. Indeed he's still making most of us look like nit wits one hundred and twenty years later .. sobering
    Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


    • Yeah Duncan, You're right, he was a special man. It's not always immediately
      obvious what he is doing in that book, the old time language makes it difficult to
      understand sometimes and the explanations are quite detailed so can take a lot
      of words to explain a small area of operation. He covers quite a lot of motor and
      generator improvements in there, the book is priceless. The info is solid.

      I've built a RMF converter and it works well. I'm in the process of winding
      another one, it was going to be for HV output from 12 volts but after winding
      the first of four transformers on the core I wasn't happy with the way it looked
      like working so I unwound it, now I'm going to wind it the same as the one I
      have but more evenly and with the core much better prepared, if I drive one
      with the other I should get HV they are 1:20 transformation ratio with two
      sets of two series transformers or they can be wired for 1:10 or 1:40.

      Also one could drive the other, and with the second one wired as a motor with a
      rotor in it, a wired rotor like in the Dynamo Electric Machine patent.

      If I can achieve that I can experiment with 2 phase induction motor/generator - rotary transformer/converter.

      Sorry to go so far off topic.



      • Originally posted by Guruji View Post
        Is there a Bug in that software cause when I tried to download it's telling me that it can harm your computer?
        If you download from Linear Technology the data should be OK. If a manufacturer does not spend the "donation" to MS he will not have MS certified software. Then Windoze warns you with a wagging finger. If you experience this case - ignore it. MS got enough money.
        Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


        • Originally posted by dragon View Post
          ... Could there be many different forms of resonance?... resonance occurs when energy is easily transferred between 2 or more storage devices. Maybe it's not so much in how to tune but what your tuning for.... Question everything and the answer will present itself...
          1. One type of resonance refers to the wave propagation on the length of the wires being reflected at the end. (lambda /4 or lambda/2 depending on earth connection)
          2. Another resonance refers to the LC energy ping pong.

          These are two different animals.

          There is a patent out there where the inventor points out that we can have both at same time without an external correction. But those coils are very big. They are made of flat copper band or ribbon spaced in certain distance. Some kind of special capacitor coils.
          Perhaps Tesla's pancake coils were made conforming this notion. Once again a special case apart from mainstream.

          My post #3455: This patent deals with two kinds of resonance: Lamda/4 and LC. It is very educational and gives some light on resonance types / pancake coils and Don's circuit.

          The possible notion is that if we comply to the length ratio specified by Don (L1/L2) then it might be the first type of resonance. The second one might be welcome but not necesssary at same frequency.
          So we could have HF resonance regarding wire length and at same time an LC resonance regarding L / C values being perhaps the frequency of the NST. The frequency ratios might of importance!

          Just thought food and advice for testing.
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          Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


          • L1 L2 even devision ... Quarter standing wave ?

            Here Don points out again the "general rules" for magnetic coupling of L1 and L2 ..
            And here : Quarter wave or standing wave resonance in the patent ( John Stone talks about ) which is also in this document ... push the > button till you reach it .. i marked a few lines with a green marker and a purple marker.
            These are still only thoughts i have ... still busy experimenting ...


            • getting shocked

              Hey guys, Just like alot of you I have been experimenting in different ways to get Don's circuit working. There are a few people that have a working primary, myself included or at least I thought it is a working circuit. In the few ways I have managed to get the light to light up I was thinking I was getting somewhere considering every time I tried Don's way, I could not get the light to light up.
              Well I now think differently, after toying with Dons circuit, I think it is right even though the light doesnt light up. The reason for this is that when I use my circuit or Blue Serge's circuit I can light up a halogen bulb, but I get nothing with a florescent tube, and I can touch any wire on the L2 coil and not get shocked.
              Now when using Don's circuit the halogen bulb does not light but the florescent bulb lights anywhere within 2 feet of the device and I get shocked if I touch anything on the L2 side, and remember my setup is step down.
              So I really think there is something to this. I will post a video tomorrow



              • some book!

                Farmhand your comments on reactive current has led me to a little more research in the area I have made a tentative link betwixt reactive power on grid based power circuits and radiant power on Aetheric systems. I have also pointed out that using standard instruments neither is measurable. To stretch the elastic to the limit assume heat exchanger pipes buried in the windings of the Tesla Motor.. Its never likely be done in practice but in theory useful energy would have been extracted from reactive current.
                The loose connection is amplified by the variable reluctance parametric converter being demonstrated by PL and EPD re that PDF...(and now with your book Tesla) I have surmised that altering the field into a leading position (in theory at least) alters one of the current phasors into a minus time condition.
                I drew attention to the rotoverter being driven in this situation, and yes you are quite right the rotoverter was never supposed to be a >1 COP machine just an ordinary motor driven very efficiently however as you can see here it has been looped Energy Suppression and attracted unwanted attention. This Tesla circuit with the accompanying text courtesy of Peter Lindermann
                “Tesla is showing the basic methodology. The first drawing on the left (Ib) shows resonating the AC power in a capacitor directly from the generator and drawing off voltage peaks through the spark-gap and dumping this to a second stage load consisting of light bulbs and motors. In the next drawing, (IIb) Tesla shows the same basic process, but resonating a local transformer with a capacitor on the secondary. In fact, in the body of the article where he describes these circuits, he states that example IIb is the most practical and cost effective method of the six examples.

                These circuits were not design by Tesla to "convert Reactive Power back to Real Power". Strictly speaking, they were designed for the purpose of manipulating Reactive Power for the release of Radiant Energy. The QUALITY of the energy coming off the back end of these circuits is fundamentally different than the "normal electricity" used in the LC tank. That is what makes "closing the loop" so difficult. Tesla never showed how to do this (that I am aware of), but we all suspect he figured it out, and used it to power the Pierce Arrow car in the 1920's”.

                It would seem that EPD has also developed a static transmission line system that will duplicate this system but of course he has priority over that.’’ I am drawing an intuitive link between Radiant power and Reactive power, But as you can see I’m certainly not the first to take that step. As soon as ¼ wave resonant is mentioned it shouts all of these things I still cant help but wonder how Tesla had such a grip on it all those years ago!.
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                Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


                • I suppose calling it reflective on my part is much to simplistic... sorry to make you yawn... good luck all...
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                  • Love the work everyone!

                    Especially Duncan, T-1000 and Kajuncreations (hope I spelt that right!)

                    Here is my latest effort.

                    First read this text:

                    Wednesday, December 2, 2009 11:40:06 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern

                    "Don Smith is presently in the hospital and is stable but in very poor condition. Before he went into surgery, the one that the odds were stacked against him that he would live through, he emailed me telling me what components to delete from his schematic to make the device work. He revealed to me that he added a few distractions to deter people who were discrediting him at every turn."

                    Sadly Donald Lee Smith passed away on 22nd November 2010 but managed to share enough info to get people interest in his work even though he could not tell the exact truth for fear of his and his families lives.

                    Here are the final working circuits.

                    Notice the Bridge has no negative connection. Avramenko plug anyone

                    Ignore and delete the other a and b schematics.

                    Capacitor ( 4 ) was missing on a)

                    The end of circuit b) was drawn incorrectly.

                    Please stand by for the 2012 re-illustrated schematics.

                    Lets make it our aim to turn these into working circuits with all components known.
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                    • Original (Meant to distract from the simpler devices and also educate)

                      It does work & it's still doing a good job distracting replicators. Look at how many replicators have been swept away with building the coils.

                      Here are the accurate schematics, just released today!


                      Hopefully we can work out exactly what components will work together in this fashion. We are slowly debunking the circuit.

                      I look forward to Kajunkreations new video.

                      I look forward to these circuits being tested by the replicators.

                      Hope you like my re-illustrations.

                      to all the forum contributors, especially Slovenia and Zilano because without their involvement and gathering the information I probably wouldn't have got so involved.

                      I look forward to seeing these devices popping up over the globe!

                      I hope you enjoy my findings as much as I enjoy yours


                      • It seems to me there should be an Earth ground on 3.

                        Edit: Look closely at the last diagram and you see you have a transformer isolated buck converter...


                        Below is basically the same circuit wound on a toroid -note that this can be done at any voltage as stated by Tesla....
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                        • Yes I'm very sure that you are correct, number 3 should be wound like an NST with earth ground.

                          Can anyone redraw the parts we have figured out already in LTSpice or similar please?

                          Maybe after Kajunkreations video would be the right time to decide what changes to make to the schematic, as he said that he had it working Don's way.

                          At least more people can join the growing list of replicators. It's easily over 20-30 people now.
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                          • Wow!!!
                            If you are right then:
                            1. The tesla like transformer is only a means in order to get excessive voltage pulses by help of resonance. Other means are viable.
                            2. The magic seems to be in kicked capacitors. Nonlinear behaviour of dielectric? Conforming T. Bearden capacitors do not store electrons but electrons living there are being enrgized.
                            3. The kick will be applied via Avramenko plug. It supplies the energizing component to the capactor.
                            4. The capacitance shall be adapted to the required current/charge (Coulomb) - in short - giant capacitance

                            Recall Bedini SSG - pulsed capacitor!

                            5. Not clear what the resistor devider does exactly. There are some notions uttered that the current appears in the secondary of the output transformer. The primary is told to be currentless !?!?!
                            Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                            • Originally posted by dragon View Post
                              It seems to me there should be an Earth ground on 3.

                              You might be right. But then I see a closed circuit through the output capacitor. This could be not acceptable.
                              Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                              • Originally posted by JohnStone View Post
                                You might be right. But then I see a closed circuit through the output capacitor. This could be not acceptable.
                                The 3 plate cap might be a better approach on the output, this way the charge on the plates being used by the output doesn't disturb the collector.