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  • Originally posted by vrand View Post
    Its still there. Do not know why you can not see it.

    Cheers Mike
    Too weird. My firefox wont open page 19 It redirects to page 18. I had to open it with IE. Thanks for the WELCOME!


    • 001Lab Dynatron early comments on his design back in May 2011:
      Google Translation

      Please tell me how many of the items on your reel fits into the description of the Smith and / or what is the difference?

      1. The length of the wires of the primary exactly 4 times shorter than the length of wire in each half of the secondary.

      2. Search neonkoy max. glow in the secondary housing, the conclusion at this point and rollback unnecessary (it is not clear in what mode?).

      3. The resonant frequency of the primary and the secondary is equal to the frequency of pumping strochnika.

      4. Weekend Conder geometrically in parallel, and in fact consistently (there generally is not clear).

      Thank you for your work and the openness of the people!

      1) yes the length of the inductor is equal to the quarters of the coil, ie length of both halves - it must be to agree on a quarter-resonance

      2) Search hgfdbkmyjcnm set quarter-resonance neonkoy not necessary, if the length of the primary equals the length of the secondary, well, if you want to do it, then fold the capacitor with vtrichki and make sure that the ends of the coil - a maximum of

      3) The resonant frequency of LC resonant frequency is vtrichki LC circuit of the primary, the resonant frequency of the transformer assemblies do not have anything to do with the frequency of the primary and the secondary coil itself Smith. TVS simply pumping, ie charges the capacitor outline, which is then discharged through a spark gap in the inductor

      4) Output Conder included so that the total capacity was approximately 8 microfarads and voltage 8.2 kV.

      5) The capacitor is switched on all the secondary

      6) reactor at the midpoint of the coil is mandatory (see diagram that I post), without the choke coil is not free rezontorom
      Well, for starters I think is enough ...


      • Dynatron's Don Smith Design Notes
        Google Translation

        Dushina NA 23.02.2011g.

        Supplemented with the main conclusions of the work and construction of the generator by Donald Smith on the circuit with a split coil with reduced below the photo. May God grant us all the knowledge to look into the book and see fig.

        Testing of purely materialistic version of the generator led to results that have changed my views on electricity.

        Open here to see the principle of this type of generator is based on the properties of standing and traveling waves of electromagnetic separation of neutral and charge cords radiant - the electron in a huge number of those present in the environment, with a high voltage of at least 3000V with the subsequent capture of magnetic traps radiant current nodes of the longitudinal electromagnetic wave mode resonance in contrast to the author's concept of left-and right-spin electrons is my intellectual property and can not be applied to patent by third parties and given to the free use of all of humanity. Donald Smith, according to the technical design of the bank of capacitors C3 as load coils L2 guided by the properties of a traveling electromagnetic wave but sounded a slightly different mechanism of generation. In fact, Donald Smith announced as a basis for the separation of the generator on the charges in his expression of non-ionic charge of the electron and C3. I defined the mechanism of capture and transportation of the magnetic fields of the current node of the longitudinal wave mode resonance at the correct polarization process, positively charged particles loose from the radiant after using the high capacity of at least 3000V of them neutralized the free electron. Since the particles of the radiant is very weak for small sizes interact with matter that they generate little stream, you must still hold it in Windows Explorer. It must be remembered that the isolation of constraining the electrons to the radiant barrier is not. Only with the help of electric and magnetic fields we can manipulate the particles and their radiant shock. Therefore, the energy barriers in semiconductors will be in the case of radiant power to fulfill his role, which can be used in the circuits of radiant power. Resistance is only possible to manipulate the voltage. These are the basic properties of the identified yet radiant.

        Before you begin the manufacture of generator remember the most important rule when working with voltages and currents boobies do not last long, learn the rules of working with high voltage.

        Before you begin to familiarize with the circuitry of the generator should be familiar with the principle of this device. Not understanding the principles of operation of these generators is very hard to get it working and only the wise decision of Donald Smith to create a generator of finished units available on the market makes it possible to build it even a schoolboy. A deal in principle of what he had not been working with the machine much easier.

        To understand the processes occurring in the generator must understand and accept that in addition to the negatively charged electrons even more widespread phenomenon is positively charged particles with sufficiently small size that a stream of particles with almost no loss, as the Tesla, passes through the planet. The source of these particles are stars and the sun in the first place. This phenomenon is called the Tesla radiant. Current caused by these particles called cold. Cold because the particles are too small radiant mass, even against the electrons and therefore can not be transferred to the atoms in the collision of matter no matter how significant the moment either. Tesla called his greatest discovery of the radiant opening. These particles could easily be split with ether, the residue reactions solar reactor. To set a specific origin of these particles requires fundamental research, for our purposes will suffice and that the concept around in the environment is a positive charge carriers is much smaller in size and charge versus the electron. It is obvious that some of the particles passing through the radiant substance or of the effects of electromagnetic fields is stalled and must interact with the negatively charged free electrons and ions partially or completely neutralizing them. Now it becomes clear why indoors where there is no ionizing factor electrons and negative ions emitted by the ionizer quickly disappear, their charge is neutralized by the inhibited part of the radiant. Here, words pop up on the Don "nonionic" (ie, neutralized) electrons, which are separated by its dual coil. Electrons merge into the ground and polarize one capacitor plates, the second positive particles coalesce. In this scenario, incorrect polarity processes in the nodes of the circuit will also lead to full inefficiency of the generator. As you can see the most "wild" to the ears of novice "free energolyubov" Don remarks on the principle of operation of the generator in learning more about becoming quite real. At least for me at the beginning of the study generator is all the contradicting statements of Don pledged knowledge are not taken for granted and perceived as not truthful. But the elegant building maintenance scheme with excellent clear on the purpose of engineering solutions, one bank of capacitors which is, has shown that this generator is in contrast to other mass must be working for with such refined technical solutions would never have been used in the chippie. That was confirmed in the future but not at the beginning of the study estimated the type of charge carriers.

        End of part 1


        • Dynatron's Don Smith Design Notes
          Google Translation

          Dushina NA 23.02.2011g.

          We continue on. Donald, studying the works of Tesla, has studied the properties of the cold current and the methods of its production and decided to swing by this current primary of the transformer (which he called insulating) to cause induction in the secondary winding of the transformer, which will be induced already required us to the current of electrons. When you understand the processes occurring interactions of a positive current and a cold electron current from the back emf induced current in the primary winding of the secondary Don derived formulas to calculate the frequency and output voltage of the secondary. Coordinate output voltage of the generator current of cold with the input transformer or converter by a cold current property very weakly interact with matter by using a voltage divider of resistors of high, which makes it very easy to connect to the source of the cold current of almost any trans or converter. The maximum cold current remains practically the same. The biggest mistake beginners in this field is viewing all possible variants of such generators with vdolblennogo us with school-the notion of a stream as a stream of electrons. In reality, as it turns out there is a current of positive particles. The faster you will acquire it more quickly get working BTG. (Beztoplivny generator).

          A1 pumping standing electromagnetic wave with a high magnetic field strength at the positive polarization of L1 to break in time for the "pull" of the positive charges in the mode of resonance, and creating conditions in A2 by the compensation inductance L2 of the upper half for the induction of an electromagnetic wave in it with minimal loss of power Don has achieved the required strength of the magnetic field induced by the current wave of nodes in A2 to capture the positive charges. In a standing wave as we all know the form of voltage and current nodes, where the current and voltage almost pass by value in each other. Therefore, the current node at resonance is quite a powerful magnetic field. In essence, this powerful magnetic trap in a mode of resonance has a lot of "space" to capture particles. Connecting a bank of capacitors, designed by Don Charging a cold shock to the traveling wave regime to A2 (traveling wave is formed in agreement with the output impedance of the source-impedance load) Don received a transporter for a cold current in the form of a traveling wave in the A2 and the capacity for accumulation of power in the form of battery bank of capacitors C3, a traveling wave.

          In zagashnikah site is working but there is also a flood zamylennye generators. 101 testatiki group of researchers to understand all this, and created his own version testatiki without disks. For the generation of data ihnim begins in excess to the TT, which is the basis konvergatorov, the threshold in the 3000V. On this threshold mentions dynatron. This threshold is shown in experiments on board the Don. Gray has also discharge the capacitor is charged up to 3000V. Ie splitting neutralized the radiant radiant electrons and the electron is in excess of the threshold potential in the surrounding environment, the work item.
          For a more complete load carrier of the magnetic traps traveling wave in the cold shock A2, Don uses the same mechanism as in Gray: - positive polarization of the working body of a high voltage in the period and wave dorazryadny neutralized during the discharge, freeing positive particles charging in Gray mesh and a This generator - A2.

          Scheme of the board with photos of a DC generator or a pulsed cold current (the organization of intermittent sparking process by modulating the source HV) with a current of 3A and above with an exact copy 8000v boards including the connection of the arrester. When connected to a spark gap Tesla output current of the diode at the output of A2 is increased to 20 - 30A. A simple show of voltage to the desired value by applying the relevant parts of the generator output power can be increased up to megawatts. The application of this scheme to pump through the gap of appropriate power isolation trance - even more. The potential of this scheme is amazing as well as the talent of its creator.
          The layout of the scheme and selection of sites made by Don for maximum ease of assembly with minimal configuration for the generator manufacturing a simple man without any knowledge about the way his work so requires accuracy in copying.

          In the manufacture of generator according to the principle - the fact that there is a need to adhere to the size and proportions of the installation and following rules.

          1.Neonnik Bertoni as in the photo board in its parameters and circuit performance is ideal for connecting the arrester on the board as to Smith's "soft" double-pump coil. Circuitry and a job description for independent manufacturing neonnika will be filed at the end. Another type of neonniki not form the necessary impulses will not work. In the absence of such neonnika gap must be connected to the scheme Tesla: - neonnik - Diode - Capacitor - gap - the coil L1. Neonnik or other source of viral load in this case must provide for synchronous operation (operating at full capacity), operation at each pulse of power BH (neonnika) that requires more power from this source up to 150 - 200 watts and voltage of 3500v and above depending of type of your calculations to charge C1 0.2 microfarads to the breakdown voltage of a single pulse. Otherwise, the instability of the discharge lead to large fluctuations in output voltage or pulse output with a frequency of discharges.

          2. Arrester is better to use gas-filled lightning, designed for high current and voltage providing a specified output voltage. In his absence make adjustable air gap from the fact that there is a connection given the large stranded wire coil L1 directly to the conclusion of the arrester. The breakdown voltage in the air on the found data about 1Q to 1mm gap. To improve the stability of the discharge, use invented my way around the location of the discharge gap discharge lamp with one or two sides. Also for the stability of the discharge electrodes should have the greatest possible radius.

          3. The wire from which the L1 is made to be stranded (primary tube 5 to 50 turns (chosen at setup) litz wires 50 enameled wire of 0.5 mm.
          Secondary housing, air, 75mm 2x16 turns of 2mm pitch 5mm)
          and have a maximum conductor cross-section (optimal for the board 3 mm) allows your design to excite the most powerful standing electromagnetic wave (with the length of the wire A2 = 8m, the frequency is 37.5 MHz). The studies were conducted only with the recommended ratio of the lengths L1 to L2 as a 1 \ 4. L1 is the length of wire with the connecting wire to the junction with the C1 and the wire must be continuous with no joints and ration to avoid reflections of the wave.

          4. Capacitors C1 IS2 apply not only to set up a resonance L1S1 and A2-1S2 (crushed concrete from large imbalances of capacity and inductance to eliminate vibration at the resonance frequency) at a frequency of the seventh harmonic (210kgts,) on the frequency of power BH (30kHz), which is not used only to improve the inductive coupling between coils, but for the fullest compensation reactance katushekL1 and A2 for a smooth passage through them of an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 37.5 MHz. Without such compensation the same way you get a standing wave, but the density wave electric field is not electromagnetic with the corresponding result.

          Therefore, capacitors must be calculated on the operating frequency. Otherwise the momentum will lose a lot of power for the induction of A2. that is expressed in a squalid charge C3.

          5. Remember one of the main rules in the performance of this device: - chained pump standing electromagnetic wave in the coil L1 and L2 excluded any reverse current as a quenching in varying degrees, the generation of energy up to a full stop it. The use of equalization resistors on the chain of diodes is not set, nor desirable, and long chain of diodes. It is better to connect them in parallel as the Don but not consistently. If you Teslovskom chain performance gap you have any noticeable fluctuations in A2 frequency 210kgts of the significant increase in power of the spark you need to shunt damper diodes both polukatushki A2.

          6. Diodes in the respective circuits to withstand a minimum of two times of the rated voltage overload, and preferably radio frequency. Diodes used in a small footprint. Like Don. For example the length of the line common to 1000V Diode in a 25-30kv line will be about 50cm. Not only that, this will make a substantial length of the mismatch between the A2 and C3, the bank, but will disperse into the environment most of the trapped magnetic traps radiant traveling wave of the weakening of rassoglasovki for these traps. Just when the diode at a constant current of cold continuous frequency properties fade into the background. And no equalization resistors for the cold current is a fault. Experiment someone diodes in excess.

          7. Bank of capacitors C3 must be installed in the form and proportions as in the photographs in compliance with the lengths of the wires from the coil to a bank and between the capacitors of the bank, this will depend on the degree soglasovki A2 and C3.
          Its design concept shows the organization of the bank charging capacitor C3 in the mode of traveling electromagnetic waves is possible with the full input resistance soglasovke C3 impedance A2. For traveling wave capacitors bank really connected in series. Without all the equipment in detail why not explore in detail describe this process as long as I can not.
          All lengths of connecting wires from A2 to the output pad to expose the proportions of the photo. It seems that after C3 length of connecting wires should not play a role as radiant in the capacitor is electrically connected with the charge of another plate Conder but better to be safe. Critical length of the wires I did not check.

          8. A very important role in the stability of the amplitude of the electromagnetic wave is the output choke, or rather the quality of its performance for the operating frequency (37.5 MHz - I). It must reflect the maximum wave energy must therefore be made by all the canons of manufacture of such reactors at such high frequency and output current on the principle of minimum interturn capacity - a maximum inductance. Otherwise, the amplitude of the waves in A2 will depend on the load with the consequences. Judging from the photo choke diameter 35-40mm, width 20mm winding, 6 layers with 10 turns, wire diameter 1-2mm.

          9. When you connect the output (isolation) trance directly to the output terminals with an appropriate input voltage and power with a simple modulation of meander ext. generator with a frequency source network BH (neonnika) you will get the output square wave AC 50 Hz. This will provide an opportunity to get rid of the inverter and battery after variaka. Generator output behaves like Don said: the battery with constant charge. This board is the most versatile for use, so many loads of connectivity options, including quite exotic at first glance, the options with resistive dividers. As you can see in this generator, all calibrated, subtly and gracefully done. Well done GREAT CARPENTER DONALD SMITH!

          End of part 2
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          • Dynatron's Don Smith Design Notes
            Google Translation

            Dushina NA 23.02.2011g.

            The principle of increasing the capacity of electrical generators in the movements of the Don.

            Take for example the battery to 12V and a capacity sufficient for operating the source at the HV generator start time. Making or buying power, respectively, HV circuit including a spark gap and operating
            in our case at the frequency 30kHz. According Donovskim arguments for increasing the voltage oscillation power fluctuations increases quadratically, as well as with increasing frequency. Therefore, increasing the voltage fluctuations HV source with roughly 12c do2400v swinging and oscillating circuit to the voltage corresponding to the power performance, we will have the power of these oscillations in the ideal of 40,000 times greater than 12 volts. By increasing the frequency of such a 30kHz to 30MHz (for ease of calculation), ideally we will have more power fluctuations still a million times. But this is an ideal. In reality, these coefficients decrease sharply due to a number of reasons but remained as we see enough to spare. To increase the tension Don uses a high voltage primary waves with a frequency around 30 kHz (or rather 210kgts, but more on that later). For frequency conversion from 30kHz to 37.5 MHz so even with the increase in capacity is used spark gap. The basis of the generator Don got the idea of ​​Tesla's patents on the feeding of electricity consumers with increasing power output through the spark gap, including the usual network of transformers while providing a pulsating current flow through the gap and the load in one direction at a complete elimination of the reverse currents. Here I say: Well done GREAT MASTER TESLA!

            Frequency conversion to 37.5 MHz and the resonance pumping up the voltage arrester constrained due to the way in turn is a quarter wave piece of wire coil L1. This is a quarter wave resonance (for a better understanding - unipolar) electromagnetic standing wave pumped by a sharp edge of the pulse with the protector. To reduce losses in the coil L1 from the large reactance at such a high frequency is used as a compensator reactance capacitor C1 (and not to the pump resonance 210 MHz mussiruemogo sites for disposal to the side). So from its high-frequency parameters depends on the quality of compensation and thus the quarter-power vibration resonance. Take this seriously because it is the foundation of the power generator. No wonder Don calls a bunch of S1L1 reactor. The same requirements and the capacitor compensation reactance coils A2 - C2. Not complied with this requirement will make the job of the generator is not as powerful as a battery hrenovenkoy batteries. Since the electromagnetic standing wave in contrast to the electrostatic component has a magnetic coil that is in A2 so even with a large inductive reactance compensated induced current. Singles C1 at teslovskom connect to charge the battery C3 entry of. Pulse at the output of an isolating trans load was 170 ohms at 600 volts amplitude and duration is almost identical to the width that is above and below is equal to 1 \ 10 periods of 50 Hz, which is many times larger than the pulse discharge most likely due to the decay time of the standing wave . So do not forget about the form of the output current to be issued to the generator, and the harmonization of the input isolation trans. Take measures to avoid overloading the output winding of the insulating power of trance, trance or your insulation will burn a blue flame from the data generator for generating a cold current of high power. Dimensions of the coils: R1 - 4vitka on plastic pipe 50mm diameter core - 3mm, stranded. L2 - 40 turns of wire diameter 2.5 - 3 mm, winding length of 25 cm, diameter reel - 75mm. A2 wire is cut in the center of the coil unrolling on either side of two turns and is connected to the terminal block. Connected to the same ground and that part of the scheme. Lengths of A1 and A2 are from the terminal block and correspond to a 4. Measure accurately. Current circuits: 1) Battery - neonnik. 2) secondary housing trance neonnika BB - P1. 3) A2 - Bank of C3. 4) Bank of C3 - loading or self-trance. 5) The output winding insulation of trance - the load. Gap arrester should provide estimates on 8000v C3. Details and components of the generator have a few appointments so maybe there is not our rolls. Set what should be or with the same parameters. Isolation trances connect with compensating capacitors as in other patents of the author. Donovskie calculations and the theory of the Internet is so abundant here do not bring it.

            My box, If anyone has an interest to fund such research and development as generators of various capacities and sizes, and motor-wheels and much more on this subject for the production including anti-gravity submit proposals well in PM. Nicky forums nik11, grafit, nikolai. This information is open to any use other than patenting. The generation mechanism is declared me my intellectual property only to protect against woodpeckers, patentovateley, for that which is vital for the survival of humanity can not be patented and because of this is derived from mass use. In Ukraine, a small company officially releases electromechanical generators with capacities of 1 kW, 10kW, 100kW with an initial start-up from a small battery. In Russia too there are similar developments. But they are difficult for home-made. Donovskie development easier, and safer, and more powerful. Considered here, too, Don generator is quite difficult to manufacture because of the specific ratings of capacitors and diodes in such a large voltage, the acquisition of suitable neonnika. But if you can buy everything you need then this generator is what you need for the house and not only for the home. At the Don is more simple to manufacture and the details of the generator. That it applies where the ignition coil. Is made, check it, lay out the result.
            Don came up with a great way to induction of the longitudinal electromagnetic wave in the secondary with a large inductance with the coil inductance compensation capacitor of large capacity. What reduces the reactance compensated for the induction coil in its longitudinal electromagnetic waves. Therefore, we can and make the TT such a method to issue the energy is driven into the secondary electromagnetic wave and either directly or through an additional coil removal remove her energy. Dynatron see and do. We also have a Smith.

            Experimentation with opposing coils and bifilyarami showed in contrast to the secure version of the coils Donovskogo really harmful to the health of some types of winding, forming a vortex fields like energy centers of biological objects. Bought into the simplicity of Romankorpovskogo option, but "teacher" members of the forum memorized as a fiddler on a method so do not tell you how, then do not say that and that's what you've done before now and nafig no need to do differently instead of a simple and clear explanation of the main parts manufacturing - inductor coil connection and pairing. Thing is. And now is the "doctrine" is not on the initial hundreds of kilowatts and the withdrawal of the TT 200-300W, but this already has enough on the Internet. Although the method of generating interesting and easy it is possible for work. Choose a time to try to understand. Remembered Romankorpovskih "exercises" because no good sorry wasted time. Although in fairness say exploring different bifilyary several enlarged their knowledge that in the future prove useful in the manufacture of gravitsapy.

            Fig1. circuit board with a split coil Dona additional damper diodes.

            Photo1 photo2 and generator

            Such inclusion of land not tested. By Don and the logic device is connected to the center of the earth coil L2. Notice the way of winding the throttle, also seen the number of layers and turns in the layer.

            Pic2. Example of calculation of the resistive divider to match the load (note the current resistance to cold is not so current constraints it will be the same as that with a divider that without it), So do not draw very taken with gourmet site.

            Ris4.Primer connect to more low-voltage load and enable Teslovskogo gap with the same gourmet site. Resistor divided voltage only. For the cold resistance of the current obstacles are not present. 0.047 microfarads capacitance C2. The inverter can connect almost any energized circuit so that current cold walked through the keys and just a primary. In my opinion the best option is the modulation neonnika and isolating trans.

            The necessary tables for the calculation

            End of part 3


            • Dynatron's Don Smith Design Notes
              Google Translation

              Dushina NA 23.02.2011g.

              By neonniku.

              Detailed analysis of the circuitry Bertonievskogo neonnika, experimental verification of the conclusions of the analysis and confirmation of the findings of this Mrbasil information as an output signal that indicates neonnika output voltage is given by the sine of the seventh harmonic frequency. This means that the output winding BB trance operates in samorezonansa excitation pulses at a frequency of 7 times smaller. This work provides a guaranteed neonnika extinction of the arc discharge and a maximum power level that is a necessary condition of the generator. Here you have neonnik and its significance for Donovskogo connection of the arrester. So check out his neonnika whether he needed.

              Basic requirements and adjustment: a scheme to provide neonnika adjust the pulse width of 1 \ 7 povtoreniyai period less set a pulse width of the maximum amplitude samorezonansa output winding, the rate should be about samorezonansa 220kgts plus or minus 30kHz. Similarly, the maximum amplitude of the set and repetition rate, it should be 7 times less than the frequency of the BB samorezonansa coil. Then adjust the R2 1S2 on the frequency of BB samorezonansa winding. After this, a frequency output samorezonansa BB winding circuit is configured S1L1, which should thus be a central part of the A2 stock for frequency control circuits associated with respect to the frequency samorezonansa. Reserve adjustment of plus or minus 20-30kHz on the average of input - output A1 to A2. The final adjustment is made by running the generator for maximum displacement of L2 in the glow of neonok A2 halves or by the maximum voltage on C3 at the maximum rate of charge C3. Since we need to maximize the magnetic field on the A2 is set preferably to gauge the magnetic component of the wave. Neonka will glow and the electrical component. So if neonka shines with might and main and generator does not work then a magnetic component of the wave has the intensity necessary to separate the bundles of radiant-electron capture radiant and magnetic field of the current node. Scheme BB converter can be anything, just to make the necessary adjustments and the required form of output current and powering from the battery instead of a single key to reliability is better to put in two parallels. Low-voltage switches are not used, since they limit the emissions of the back-EMF. For maximum energy of the primary connection to the explosive trance must be inserted in the secondary. BB transformer count on the necessary power for operation from 12V, which will allow to increase the frequency of the output transformer samorezonansa neonnika to the desired value. Desired frequency samorezonansa BB winding without the possibility of calculating the need to achieve experimentally. Not bad to limit current neonnika for more stable operation of the arrester. The best option of course to get ready neonnik with the necessary parameters. As it turns out there is such SNGovskie. Check. Knowledge comes in rabote.Uspehov. And not with zhlobtes infoy on such generators. The way individuals in the knowledge of hard and long. Together it is possible more quickly find the necessary knowledge. Only massive and rapid adoption of the generators will enable mankind to save themselves, the habitat, to preserve personal freedom and hence the opportunity for spiritual growth and human life and not life-managed herds with a handful of semi-animal "gods"-pogonychey. For now, "chosen by God" to do everything all the other nations to turn into a herd of semi-animal-goyim themselves become gods so that the current scientific knowledge of the closed main mass of humanity can provide right now. A striking example of Ukraine. What it was before the collapse of the Soviet Union and what it is today and what's going on here now. Other worlds, such as real as our world and if mankind will continue to fall spiritually, and thus grow in evil that could destroy us and the aliens from the worlds of light, because the person has by virtue of their body structure and interaction with matter, a huge energy potential, not only in the material world but also in more subtle matter. That just now, saying forumskim language zafluzhivaetsya worldwide, as well as clear information about UFOs. 've Seen. Fly boldly, openly. And not all alien.

              Here, a good scheme for different needs:
              RadioKOT> Contest! >
              Built-in universal control board laboratory power supplies.

              Variants of the key management schemes with adjustable frequency and pulse duration.

              Scheme to limit the voltage and current when powering on the 220 ​​instead of P1 220k 22k ​​to put

              Scheme to the data boards Don. C3 - Capacitor bank 8000mkf to 2000V in this performance as in the photo. When charging a traveling wave, they are charged sequentially. Therefore, the resulting capacity to 2mkf 8000v

              End of part 4 of 4


              • Dynatron's Don Smith Design Notes

                Original Russian paper link (Word doc):

                Cheers Mike
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                • Originally posted by zilano
                  Hi Drak!

                  well primary is 246/.03
                  and sec is 4 times of primary.
                  or follow simple rule sec 4 times of primary and primary= secondary/4
                  and compensate with caps.

                  we can override the the lengths and just keep turns ratio or primary and secondary in 1:4 ratio eg. if length of primary 5 turns then sec is 20 turns and if using bifilar then 20 ,20 turns in each limb of bifilar. or 10,10 turns in each limb of secondary bifilar.

                  also we can use formula primary=n turns and secondary 2n. thats is even multiple of turns in secondary

                  it will coz here at secondary we have two tesla coils back to back and their bases earthed so it will resonate at 1/4. and if we dont earth the middle of bifilar then it will resonate at 1/2.
                  when a tesla coils is earthed at base it resonates at 1/4 and if not earthed it resonate at 1/2.

                  Hi Zilano

                  Dynatron followed this method of 1 to 4 coil turns ratio for his air coil design (see his above design notes) with 4 Large turns of primary and 16 CW & 16 CCW turns on secondary with earth center tap.

                  You mentioned in one of your designs where you did the "opposite" of the above, namely 80 turns primary on copper welding rods/ferrite core and 4 Large turns CW and 4 CCW secondary.

                  What is the advantage/disadvantage of this "opposite" coil ratio design compared to the 1 in 4 ratio design?

                  Cheers Mike


                  • Reading up on Dynatron's Don Smith generator progress over on 001Lab and his research on trying to lower the HV and HF output from the secondary down towards 50hz and 220vac from 14kv and 620hz with 200 amps reactant var.

                    Here he tries out a larger size wire gauge, from 2.5mm to 6mm, and found it increased his current output from 10 amps to 16-20 amps:
                    Google Translate

                    Re: Donald L. Smith
                    Reply # 3095 on Jul 22, 2011, 3:44:20"
                    we have almost three nights ..
                    cc graduated oshinovyvat Conder, otpyal wire 2.5 mm2 remade mounting screw and wire 6 mm2 oshinoval ..
                    tire out ..
                    My ampermeter shorter scale, the arrow is tied in a knot.
                    Clamp show 16-20 amps ...
                    We conclude ..- increase wire size and choke it possible to raise current output circuit at least twice ..
                    and only then changed Delov 2.5 mm2 to 6 mm2 and choke 12mm2.
                    maximum difference in one ten ohms, and maybe that do not have ...

                    Cheers Mike


                    • Dynatron's spark gap materials research, trying out brass and tungsten:

                      Hi Zilano,

                      Is your spark gap similar to this? What materials do you find works best?

                      Cheers Mike
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                      • Here is an another way to make the spark gap:

                        SIDAC / IGBT SPARK GAP
                        Terry Fritz
                        July 27, 2006
                        Rev 1.9 minor updates

                        A new electronic spark gap using reliable, simple, and totally self contained sections
                        is discussed. These sections can be combined, in series, to allow high voltage switching at
                        high current with very low loss. By using SIDACs for voltage controlled triggering and IGBTs
                        as a current pass element, each section can fire at a preset voltage and stay on for a
                        predetermined length of time. The effective resistance of each section is extremely low
                        compared to a conventional spark gap - drastically reducing power loss.

                        Read more at:

                        Cheers Mike


                        • Dynatron Don Smith Video's:
                          Google Translation at:
                          Google Translate

                          The first video on a handheld cutting machines.

                          До�ка и турбина.avi - YouTube

                          The second video for connecting a DC motor.

                          ДВИЖОК ПОСТОЯ��ОГО ТОК� И ДОСК�.avi - YouTube

                          Collective observation of the experiment to connect the machine to manual cutting device D. Smith.

                          До�ка Смита и двигатель 2 - YouTube

                          This is the first part of the assembly instructions of that on video. Author dynatron.

                          Assembly Instructions Generator Free energii.pdf


                          Keep up the Good work Dynatron!

                          Cheers Mike


                          • Here dynatron in the video talks about his circuit (in Russian):
                            Anyone can translate into English?

                            Re: Donald L. Smith
                            Reply # 3585 on: August 16, 2011, 6:46:05"

                            Discussion on technology coverage with silver wire core coil isolated in a separate topic.
                            The theme here: Спо�обы и технологии покрыти� �еребром проводников.

                            Video where dynatron explains the basic principle of operation of the circuit, setting the conditions to increase the power solutions.
                            I want to remind the link to the full original file:


                            Donald L. Smith

                            Cheers Mike
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                            • New Dynatron Thread over at 001Labs for Beginners on Don Smith and Dynatron's Circuits:
                              Google Translate

                              Donald L. Smith played dynatron-a Starter
                              On: August 18, 2011, 11:35:33
                              Theme created for registered users do not have special education in electronics or electrical engineering.
                              I hope you will find answers to all questions that interest you.

                              The first part of the instruction dynatron-a Assembly Instructions Generator
                              Free energii.pdf (411.32 KB - downloaded 237 times.)

                              Video explains dynatron where the circuit

                              Quote: Pavel830 on August 18, 2011, 11:27:10
                              Hello Sergey.
                              I wanted to ask, where tungsten spark gap to take? This is something rare, or common (can pull out of some device)?

                              The electrodes used in welding, non-consumable electrode in inert gas.
                              We call it TIG welding. This is a consumable item. Have any welder. When they become a little shorter than it is me, that you can take the gap.
                              Assembly Instructions Generator Free energii.pdf (411.32 KB - downloaded 237 times
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                              • Dynatron's Don Smith Design Notes - Google Translation.pdf

                                Summary of 4 earlier posts

                                Cheers Mike
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